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Topic: Transnistria

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Transnistria TMR / Pridnestrovie Moldova Republic PMR
Transnistria - or Pridnestrovie as it is called locally - is a country in South Eastern Europe.
Transnistria maintains friendly relations with other countries in the area and, under the auspices of the OSCE, an active involvement in settlement talks with Moldova over its territorial claim.
Transnistria: Although "Transnistria" is the name most commonly used to describe Pridnestrovie in English, the name is wrong on two counts: It is not from our language, and it doesn't describe the territory of our country accurately.
www.pridnestrovie.net /transnistria.html   (572 words)

 Transnistria travel guide - Wikitravel
Transnistria (official name Transnistrian Moldovan Republic; in Russian Pridnestrovie or Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika) is a part of Moldova that declared its independence in 1990, entailing a civil war that lasted until 1992.
Moldovan in Transnistria is spelled using the Cyrillic alphabet, although some people insist on spelling it with the Latin alphabet, which is a matter of dispute.The most common language used in shops, bars and taxis is Russian which practically everyone understands, Moldovan and Ukrainian are understood and spoken too but to a lesser extent.
Transnistria does not have its own international passenger airport (it has a military or freight airport), so the best way is to fly to Chisinau in Moldova and travel from there.
wikitravel.org /en/Transnistria   (1758 words)

 Transnistria coins - money / coins of Transnistria for sale.
Transnistria coins - money / coins of Transnistria for sale.
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Transnistria became a platform for drug and arms trafficking which was done, most often, with the help of Ukraine.
In the self-proclaimed “Republic of Transnistria” there is a 40,000 tons arsenal (arms and ammunition) which belongs to the Russian Federation.
Transnistria claims financial compensations from Moscow in exchange for renouncing or destroying this arsenal.
www.europefront.com /news/267/the_transnistria_republic_and_illegal_arms_export.html   (1423 words)

 > Visit PMR, Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublica / Transnistria / Pridnestrovie
> Visit PMR, Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublica / Transnistria / Pridnestrovie
Most people don't know the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublica, or Transnistria as it is also sometimes called.
www.visitpmr.com   (171 words)

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