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Topic: Transsexuality

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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

Transsexuality occurs roughly equally in both physical males and physical females, and is caused by factors (such as a critically timed hormonal release caused by stress in the mother, or by the presence of hormone mimicking chemicals present during critical development) which interfere with fetal development.
The standard treatment for a diagnosis of transsexuality is to reassign the transsexual to a physical sex congruent with their gender identity, a process involving the administration of appropriate hormones and surgery.
Whereas transsexuality is concerned primarily with gender identity and the correction of physical form to fit that identity, transvestitism is primarily a sexual fetish that occurs after puberty, and the transvestite has no desperation to redress a physical incongruity.
www.transsexual.org /What.html   (2311 words)

  Transsexualism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Transsexualism or transsexuality is a condition in which a transsexual person self-identifies as a member of the gender opposite to the one assigned to them at birth.
Transsexualism should not be confused with cross dressing or with the behaviour of drag queens, which can be described as transgender, but usually not transsexual.
Transsexual people are often construed as belonging to the LGBT community, and many identify with the community; others do not, or prefer not to use the terms.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Transsexuality   (8295 words)

 IJ TRANSGENDER - A sex difference in the human brain and its relation to transsexuality By J.-N. Zhou, M.A. Hoffmann, ...
Transsexuals have the strong feeling, often from childhood onwards, of having been born the wrong sex.
As all the transsexuals had been treated with oestrogens, the reduced size of the BSTc could possibly have been due to the presence of high levels of oestrogen in the blood.
Brain weight of the male transsexuals (1385±75 g) was not different from that of the reference males (1453±25 g) (P=0.61) or that of the females (1256±35 g) (P=0.23).
www.symposion.com /ijt/ijtc0106.htm   (2120 words)

 Anders Marner - transsexuality metasemiotics
Transsexuality, metasemioticity and photographic surrealism is a discussion with a departure in the concept of the swedish semiotician Göran Sonesson, secondary iconicity.
If we consider the transsexuals in relation to the rhetorical dimensions we discover that they may be highly rhetorical in the dimension of integration, since masculinity and femininity are united in the same body.
If the transsexual sees himself as a woman it is a pseudoidentity and furthermore an expression and contentrelation where the male expression is instrumental to the content just as a torso dressed in bra and underpants in a shopwindow showing womens´; underwear.
www.educ.umu.se /~marner/article_trans1.html   (7487 words)

 A New Intro to Autogynephilia
Second, a history of autogynephilic eroticism keeps cropping up in some androphilic transsexuals as well as in many gynephilic ones; this suggests that autogynephilia may sometimes be an effect rather than a cause of gender dysphoria, or an effect of some related phenomenon, such as childhood gender non-conformity that is experienced as ego-dystonic.
It is probably just too threatening for many transsexuals to admit that they have had autogynephilic fantasies, and especially to admit that autogynephilic sexual desire may have been one of their motives for seeking sex reassignment.
Transsexuals who admit that their transitions were motivated by autogynephilic sexual desire may not be seen as real women, and may not even be seen as real transsexuals.
www.annelawrence.com /newintroagp.html   (6684 words)

 The Neurobiology of Gender Bending
According to Hirschfeld, transsexuality was equivalent or relatable to individuals who were "born with genitalia and/or secondary sexual characteristics of indeterminate sex, or which combine features of both sexes" ((6)).
During this period of scientific exploration, transsexuals were ostracized as a group for not molding into the dominant gender binary of the era.
Since transsexuality is commonly associated with homosexuality, it is significant that the findings show that regardless of sexual orientation the BSTc of the transsexuals was within the range of their opposite sex group.
serendip.brynmawr.edu /bb/neuro/neuro05/web3/lbentz.html   (2234 words)

 TransGenderCare.com : Medical/Hormonal :  Sex Difference in the Human Brain
Transsexuals have the strong feeling, often from childhood onwards, of having been born the wrong sex.
As all the transsexuals had been treated with oestrogens, the reduced size of the BSTc could possibly have been due to the presence of high levels of oestrogen in the blood.
Brain weight of the male transsexuals (1385±75 g) was not different from that of the reference males (1453±25 g) (P=0.61) or that of the females (1256±35 g) (P=0.23).
www.transgendercare.com /medical/hormonal/brain_sex_diff.htm   (2088 words)

 Is transsexuality biologically determined?
However of four studied monozygotic (identical) male twin pairs, of which one was transsexual, the other twin was transsexual in only one case, and researchers concluded that genetic factors were most unlikely to be important (Buhrich, Bailey and Martin, 1991).
Typically, a scientific study is quoted which suggests a correlation or link between transsexuality and hormones or brain structure etc. (The actual strength of the link is almost never mentioned.) This link is taken to show that transsexuality has “a biological basis”, or “is biological”, or “is genetic”, or “is due to hormones”;.
Transsexual brain differences would be more likely the result of transsexual behaviour than its cause.
www.mygenes.co.nz /transsexuality.htm   (1052 words)

 Should transsexuality be freely endorsed by Christians?
It is shown that transsexuality is not deterministically enforced biologically or genetically, and has a psychological origin, but change to acceptance of ones chromosmal gender may still take a few years to occur in a motivated subject.
The incidence of transsexuality is about 1 in 30,000 for males and 1 in 100,000 for females (Bem, 1993; Anon., 1997; Gallarda et al., 1997) However the incidence for the Netherlands is given as 1 in 11,900 for males and 1 in 30,400 for females (van Kesteren et al., 1996).
In the case of transsexuals therefore, the fact of adjustment post-operatively does not prove the earlier diagnosis of an immutable cross-gender psyche in the client, merely that change in all kinds of directions is always possible.
www.parakaleo.co.uk /article3.html   (5403 words)

 Glossary: Transsexuality: New Apostolic Church International
Part of this is their rejection of role expectations associated with their own sex, along with a burning desire for social and legal recognition of their right to swap genders.
Thus there is an individually variable rejection of the physical traits of inborn sexuality, usually accompanied by a compulsion to seek hormonal and surgical treatment to achieve, as far as possible, the physical attributes of the other sex.
Transsexual brothers and sisters as well as their families may be assured that they will receive soul-care without any reservation.
www.nak.org /en/faith-and-church/nac-from-a-to-z/glossar/all/transsexuality   (212 words)

 Body/Language: A Post-Transsexual
The conflation of transsexuality and homosexuality produced two effects: homosexuals were perceived as desiring to be the other sex, and, therefore, were denigrated; and transsexuals were thought to be homosexuals who were too homophobic to accept their sexuality, and were, therefore, denied acceptance.
Transsexual cooperation with medical professionals can be seen as the process by which transsexual acquire their goals of treatment and does not necessarily reflect accurately or "completely" the experience of transsexuality.
Transsexuals have struggled for "the right to their existence," for a voice for their identities, for the appropriate medical treatment for their problems, for legal protection, for the right to express their sexuality.
www.ziplink.net /~glen/compaqplus/loneliness.html   (9838 words)

 Alas, a blog » Blog Archive » Compare/Contrast: Transsexuality and Fat
Transsexuals feel “wrong” in their bodies despite enourmous social pressure to accept the sex and gender they were born and assigned.
Increasingly, transsexuals are rejecting this message; more and more transsexuals are transitioning without surgery, or with plastic surgery but without genital reconstruction.
But as transsexual surgery is on the decline, weight loss surgery is on the ascent.
www.amptoons.com /blog/archives/2006/01/30/comparecontrast-transsexuality-and-fat   (7676 words)

 Archetypal Transsexuality, by Rachel Pollack
The suffering of transsexuality, however, is like that of religious ecstasy, or even orgasm -- overwhelming, intense, and ultimately joyous when we surrender to it and let it carry us into the power of the experience.
I have met too many transsexuals who know very clearly that surgery is exactly and precisely what they want, and that the doctors are not their masters but their instruments.
To describe transsexual people as dupes of the medical profession, or slaves to social conditioning, or trapped in rigid ideas about gender roles, is precisely to take away our power, a power so intense that it terrifies people.
www.annelawrence.com /archetypal.html   (2638 words)

 Questions about transsexuality
Although transsexuality is frequently described, both by psychologists and transsexuals themselves, as a single psychological condition, it has often been observed that there are two entirely unrelated conditions which lead biolgical males to seek sex reassignment.
What is even more damaging is that autogynephilic transsexuals systematically if unintentionally undercut any recognition of hsts as an independent condition in the medical community, by reinterpreting their own histories to more closely resemble ours despite obvious inconsistencies, and by promoting a model of transsexuality which erases the distinctive features of both conditions.
The transsexual world controlled by agp transsexuals is not tolerant of hsts because our very existence is threatening to people who have lied about "being us" in order to acquire and maintain their social identities.
www.transkids.us /faq.html   (4462 words)

 AlterHéros - The Natural History of Transsexuality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Since transsexuality is caused by hormonal alteration of the nervous system of developing fetuses, and occurs in perhaps all mammalian species, it would be reasonable to infer that it has been around for a very long time.
The modern classification of transsexuality and the medical intervention of sex reassignment was first attempted in Germany in 1930.
Society is slowly becoming accepting once again of the inevitable transsexual in it's midst, and it may well be that the future will hold even greater help for the transsexuals born into future ages.
www.alterheros.com /english/edito/index.cfm?recordID=38   (1171 words)

 Gnostic Transsexuality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
It's this further direct knowledge of the transsexual woman of the failure of others to know her essence that allows her to maintain a connection to the spiritual in the face of learned "truths".
The transsexual woman, with her gut knowledge of the fallacy of this type of thinking, is much more likely to seek a more enlightened answer.
Even today, a transsexual child is not safe from torture and brainwashing in the form of "behavioural modification" or even institutionalization if she fails to hide her own identity well enough.
www.gallae.com /gnostic.html   (2507 words)

 Transsexuality and More
Transsexual (TS) - one who permanently crosses the gender line by physically altering their body to resemble the sex with which they neurologically identify.
Some misguided transsexual people with no formal medical training have taken it upon themselves to diagnose and prescribe hormone regimens to people they've never even met, much less examined or taken proper medical history.
Everybody needs role models, and this is especially true for those in a minority as small as transsexual people, a group that is marginalized and discriminated against with near impunity.
www.glamazon.net /trans/tss.html   (1015 words)

 Gender Identity and Disability   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
At the basis of the transsexual identity is gender identity.
There seems to be a struggle as transsexuals are trying to move away from the medical model of transsexuality, towards the politico-social aspects, which includes the law.
What has been of particular interest to me is that under the Births Deaths and Marriages legislation in New Zealand, transsexuals who have SRS and are born in New Zealand can choose to be legally recognised as women by changing their birth certificates.
genderwarrior.itgo.com /More.htm   (2371 words)

 Transsexuality on trial. - By William Saletan - Slate Magazine
"Applying the statute as Joe advocates, a male-to-female transsexual whose sexual preference is for women may marry a woman," the court noted, "because, at the time of birth, one marriage partner was male and one was female.
Thus, in spite of the outward appearance of femaleness in both marriage partners at the time of the marriage, it would not be a void marriage.
We should not be trying to change the definition of gender to make transsexuals meet the requirements for a legal marriage.
www.slate.com /?id=2063410   (1702 words)

 A Brief History of Transsexuality
Transsexuality has apparently been around long before it was diagnosed in the 19th century.
The one movie which attempted to capitalize on transsexualism at this time, Glen or Glenda, was a resounding flop, and is widely considered to be one of the worst movies of all time.
Transsexuals came under fire at this time from both the lesbian/gay community and feminist groups.
www.cinematter.com /tshistory.html   (2305 words)

 Study On Transsexuality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Transsexual's desire to change their sex is genetic, not psychological, according to a Swedish psychiatrist, Mikael Landen, from the University of Gothenburg.
Speaking to a Swedish newspaper, Dr Landen said he had discovered three genes present in transsexual males that make them less sensitive to testosterone, the male hormone that stimulates the development of the male sexual organs.
In a study of 400 transsexuals, he found that nine out of 10 were happier after the operation.
the-sisterhood.tripod.com /id28.html   (180 words)

 Dana International: Transsexuality
Dana International was born anatomically male, but from early childhood felt she was female, leading her to seek hormonal and surgical intervention to better present herself as female.
Transsexuality is a very complex phenomenon, and there are different ways of looking at it.
As I am not transsexual myself, I would like to refer you to a number of sources where you can learn more about the subject.
home.online.no /~geskogse/ts.html   (1014 words)

 Second Skins; The Body Narratives of Transsexuality; Jay Prosser
In this stunning first extensive study of transsexual autobiography, Jay Prosser examines the exchanges between body and narrative that constitute the phenomenon of transsexuality.
Showing how transsexuality's somatic transitions are spurred and enabled by the formal transitions of narrative, Prosser uncovers a narrative tradition for transsexual bodies.
In addition to analyzing transsexual textual accounts, the book includes some 30 photographic portraits of transsexuals--poignant attempts by transsexuals to present themselves unmediated to the world except by the camera.
www.columbia.edu /cu/cup/catalog/data/023110/0231109342.HTM   (408 words)

 Activist uses personal life to discuss transsexuality - Pulp
Although Bornstein is "technically" a male-to-female transsexual, the activist has discarded both identities of being a man or woman and settled for neither.
Kate Bornstein is not a transsexul at least in what and who a real transsexual thinks of themself.
She admits to being a transgender and I would suspect she strongly leans in the direction of an autogynephilic.
www.dailyorange.com /media/storage/paper522/news/2006/04/24/Pulp/Activist.Uses.Personal.Life.To.Discuss.Transsexuality-1866853.shtml?norewrite200604241149&sourcedomain=www.dailyorange.com   (375 words)

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