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Topic: Transvestite

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Urban Dictionary: transvestite
transvestite tranny gay transexual shemale transsexual crossdresser emo transgender homosexual drag queen fag trannie transgendered cross dresser drag prostitute sex whore queer tv faggot hermaphrodite homo cross-dresser heshe penis queen she-male binder bitch fl boy cock dyke fags ftm gender girl hooker ladyboy lesbian pansexual rent shim slut t ts anal angel bird
Joe is a transvestite, because he dresses like a girl.
Mary is a transvestite, because she dresses like a guy.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=transvestite&defid=1415879   (373 words)

 Transvestite cabaret helps bring tolerance - World - theage.com.au
Transvestite Samantha de Monaco at Rogelio Conde's cabaret in Havana.
Wrapped in a figure-hugging sequined dress, the statuesque Chantal sways languorously in the steamy Havana night during a transvestite show that reflects Cuba's slowly growing tolerance of homosexuals.
At the Havana transvestite show, Maridalia, a 150-kilogram beauty clad in a tomato-red dress, serenades the crowd with a wide smile and gritty voice.
www.theage.com.au /news/world/transvestite-cabaret-helps-bring-tolerance/2007/01/27/1169788739941.html   (764 words)

  MetroActive Features | Transvestite Community
Transvestite, TV, crossdresser or CD are all acceptable, though individuals may quibble over semantics.
To keep things confusing, both transvestites and transsexuals fall under the umbrella term "transgender," which San Jose sex therapist Mildred Brown, Ph.D., defines as anyone with profound problems or questions about his or her gender identity.
While drag queens and their over-the-top gender-bendings are merely laughable, transvestites quietly push the barbed-wire boundaries of where male ends and female begins.
metroactive.com /papers/cruz/05.28.98/transvestites-9821.html   (3395 words)

 New Orleans CityBusiness -- The Business Newspaper of Metropolitan New Orleans
The transvestites first appeared in March when they raided Magazine Street like a marauding army of kleptomaniacal showgirls, said Davis, using clockwork precision and brute force to satisfy high-end boutique needs.
Two hours after the police left, the transvestites returned to Magazine Street to storm Turncoats just a block away from Vegas, and made off with more than $2,000 in merchandise.
The transvestites, Ogle said, appear to be drug-addicted and fearless in their lust for designer shoes, jackets and jewelry.
www.neworleanscitybusiness.com /uptotheminute.cfm?recid=4912&userID=0&referer=dailyUpdate   (1014 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Transvestite student loo in the pink
Transvestite students at a vocational college in Thailand have been given their own lavatory after being chased out of the ladies' and gents' loos.
The transvestites - who are required to wear male attire at school but are allowed to sport female hairstyles - switched to the men's lavatories, only to run into more trouble.
So the college authorities designated a lavatory solely for the transvestites, and told the vocational school's 1,500 students to use only their own toilets.
www.guardian.co.uk /gender/story/0,11812,1242493,00.html   (324 words)

 Pub sparks controversy over transvestite customers | Headlines | News | Gay.com UK
In a bid to revamp The Hampshire Ram, a pub that was popular amongst the area's gay community, landlord Simon Dawson has put a ban on transvestites and transsexual drinkers from drinking there.
He has also written to gay magazines, informing them that the pub, on The Strand in the city, no longer caters for the gay community and should not be listed as such.
Transvestite and transsexual campaigning group Mayflower is now fighting the landlord, saying the decision is discrimination.
uk.gay.com /headlines/4942   (260 words)

 Transgender In Thailand : In Legal Limbo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The terms "transsexual", "transvestite" and "drag queen" are among those most commonly chosen glosses by Western commentators on this topic.
Since Western transvestites typically seek female sexual partners, it is problematic to use the term "transvestite" to refer to katoey.
Therefore, I believe that specific (and value-laden) terms such as transvestite, transsexual or drag queen should not be used to refer to this population.
home.att.net /~leela2/inlegallimbo.htm   (3141 words)

 Islamic Hard-Liners Disrupt Indonesian Transvestite Pageant
Islamic hard-liners barged in on Indonesia’s transvestite beauty pageant, panicking its skimpily dressed contestants, but failing to stop the show – the second year running that the world’s most populous Muslim nation has staged such an event.
“Transvestites should not be made into a role model,” said the Alawi Usman, who heads the group’s vice-investigation squad.
Homosexuality is considered a sin according to Islamic tenets and many Muslims are uneasy with the way transvestitism blurs the boundary between traditional gender roles.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-news/1432241/posts   (828 words)

 CBC News: Muslims disrupt Jakarta transvestite show
Muslim hardliners burst into a transvestite beauty pageant in Indonesia on the weekend, scattering skimpily clad contestants but failing to stop the show, reports from Jakarta said.
The finals of the Miss Waria contest drew entries from across the world's most populous Muslim nation, where male-to-female cross-dressers are known as "waria," a term combining words for man and woman.
Although transvestites appear regularly on Indonesian television and are generally treated with tolerance, the pageant irked the Islamic Defenders Front.
www.cbc.ca /story/world/national/2005/06/27/indonesia-transvestites050627.html   (229 words)

 Ananova - Turner Prize glory for transvestite potter
A transvestite potter who decorates vases with images of sex and child abuse has won the Turner Prize.
Grayson Perry, 43, collected the £20,000 prize at a ceremony at Tate Britain in London, dressed as his alter ego Claire.
Perry has said he was deeply affected as a child after his mother ran off with the milkman.
www.ananova.com /news/story/sm_845123.html?menu=   (453 words)

HIV infection and risk behaviour among prostitutes in the Amsterdam streetwalkers’ district: indications of raised prevalence of HIV among transvestites/ transsexuals.
Behavioural patterns and HIV infection among drug-using transvestites practicing prostitution in Rome.
Sero-prevalence of HIV, HBV, and syphilis and associated risk behaviours in male transvestites (Hijras) in Karachi, Pakistan.
www.ajtmh.org /cgi/content/full/68/6/716   (3298 words)

 ABC News: Transvestite Pleads Guilty in Man's Death   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Transvestite Who Pumped Industrial Silicone Into Other Men Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter in Ga.
ALBANY, Ga. Feb 4, 2005 — A transvestite who pumped industrial silicone into other men to give them feminine features pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of a man who suffered complications.
Stephen Thomas, 31, will serve five years in prison and 10 years on probation under the plea to felony involuntary manslaughter, which he entered Monday.
abcnews.go.com /US/wireStory?id=471330   (306 words)

 transvestite_directory - Search.com
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www.search.com /topsearches/transvestite_directory.html?tag=se.ts.list.548.1000   (258 words)

 transvestite - English-Italian Dictionary - WordReference.com
Forum discussions with the word(s) 'transvestite' in the title:
Discussioni nei forum nel cui titolo è presente la parola 'transvestite':
Non ci sono titoli che contengano la parola/frase 'transvestite'.
www.wordreference.com /enit/transvestite   (29 words)

 Book Review: I Am My Own Woman
Charlotte von Mahlsdorf (born Lothar Berfelde), transvestite and antique collector, was born in 1928 and lived under two of the most oppressive governments in history: the Nazis and the East German Communists.
One of the things I did not expect from a biography of "Berlin's most distinguished transvestite" is how little consideration is given to her transvestitism.
Throughout the book, Mahlsdorf quietly insisted on being who she was and, for the most part, did so without much protest from the people around her.
www.bcholmes.org /tg/mahlsdorf.html   (634 words)

 Court Grants Gay Mexican Transvestite Asylum [Free Republic]
All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works.
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A federal appeals court ordered that a gay Mexican transvestite be granted asylum in the United States, saying he was a member of a particular ``social group'' persecuted in his homeland.
The three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said the U.S. authorities were wrong to order the deportation of Geovanni Hernandez-Montiel because his history of repeated abuse, including rape by police officers, had left him with ``a well-founded fear of persecution if he returns'' to Mexico.
www.freerepublic.com /forum/a39aa02550498.htm   (582 words)

 Killer in Drag, Death of a Transvestite by Ed Wood - R A I N T A X I o n l i n e
Killer in Drag, Death of a Transvestite by Ed Wood - R A I N T A X I o n l i n e
Killer in Drag and Death of a Transvestite follow the harrowing life of Glen, a.k.a.
Glenda Satin, as he/she escapes across country with the cops and the very thugs who hired him in pursuit.
www.raintaxi.com /online/1999fall/edwood.shtml   (446 words)

 LA Weekly: Art Feature: Noir and Then
Both follow Glen/Glenda (no immediate relation to the title character of Wood's dreadful film Glen or Glenda), a transvestite hit man for the mob, as deadly as his pink angora sweaters are soft.
In Killer in Drag, to avoid taking the fall for a murder she didn't commit, Glen/da hits the road, falls in with a carnival, takes up with a whore with a heart of gold and narrowly escapes the clutches of two corrupt cops.
In exchange for the warden's granting his last request, to die dressed as Glenda, he agrees to tell the story of all that's occurred between the last novel's close and his near-fatal shooting in Hollywood at the hands of another assassin in drag named Paul/Pauline.
www.laweekly.com /ink/99/34/art-ehrenreich.shtml   (1374 words)

 Death of a Transvestite, by Ed Wood, Jr.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Death of a Transvestite, by Ed Wood, Jr.
Some of the twenty-two novels published in his lifetime include Devil Girls, Sex, Shrouds and Caskets, Security Risk, as well as the two Four Walls reissues: Death of a transvestite and Killer in Drag.
Wood died in Hollywood in 1978 at the age of 54.
www.fourwallseightwindows.com /bookwood2.html   (357 words)

 Germany embraces killer transvestite - World - www.theage.com.au
Germany embraces killer transvestite - World - www.theage.com.au
A 90-year-old transvestite flamenco dancer is performing his way across theatre stages in Germany to promote a film about his life as a Jewish resistance fighter who killed Nazis in occupied Poland - and even in the heart of Berlin - during World War II.
The seemingly incredible story of Sylvin Rubinstein, whose hands were as adept at lobbing grenades as they were at clicking castanets, is the subject of an extraordinary documentary film, which is drawing a cult following at art cinemas in Germany.
www.theage.com.au /news/World/Germany-embraces-killer-transvestite/2005/02/24/1109180039798.html?from=moreStories   (702 words)

 Exquisite Corpse - A Journal of Letters and Life
Transvestite, Hollywood Rat Race and Killer in Drag and you can bet these
Death of a Transvestite the fictional account of Glen Marker who worked as a
But in the world of Wood Glen is Glenda a transvestite hit-girl
www.corpse.org /issue_5/critical_urgencies/mccrary.htm   (663 words)

 BBC NEWS | England | Somerset | Gran husband's transvestite past
A 31-year-old organ enthusiast who married a 70-year-old grandmother in Weston-super-Mare, lived a secret life as a transvestite called Sarah.
Simon Martin married pensioner Edna Townsend, amidst a storm of controversy concerning the couple age's gap.
"At the time I genuinely thought I was a transvestite," he said.
news.bbc.co.uk /go/newsFeedXML/moreover/-/1/hi/england/somerset/4722991.stm   (173 words)

 Presidential Lectures: Carolyn Abbate
Butterfly, where a transvestite lip-syncs the part of Eurydice.
When the masquerading transvestite is revealed to be a man, his lover, enraged by the deception, murders him, while the music from Salome plays in the background.
These issues form a bridge from the concerns of Unsung Voices to the ideas Abbate explores in her second book of essays, In Search of Opera.
prelectur.stanford.edu /lecturers/abbate   (2498 words)

 Transvestite fights off snatch thieves like a real man
Transvestite fights off snatch thieves like a real man
IPOH: Four snatch thieves picked the wrong victim when they tried to grab the handbag of a transvestite, who yelled so loudly that nearby policemen heard the scream and eventually nabbed three of them.
ACP Che Sab said the four men were in a Proton Aeroback when they tried to snatch the bag of the 23-year-old transvestite in Jalan Hussein on Monday evening.
thestar.com.my /news/story.asp?file=/2005/9/28/nation/12166729&sec=nation   (364 words)

 sweetney: miscellany (or: ghosts, transvestite prostitutes and arterial spray, oh my!).
sweetney: miscellany (or: ghosts, transvestite prostitutes and arterial spray, oh my!).
miscellany (or: ghosts, transvestite prostitutes and arterial spray, oh my!).
i've been reading Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs, and have learned, among other things, that you can make a CRAPLOAD of money as a transvestite prostitute.
www.sweetney.com /archives/000607.html   (707 words)

 Gina The Woman Within, a transsexual true-life story.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Northern Concord http://www.northernconcord.org.uk/ ‘social and self-help support group for Cross-dressers, Transvestites, Transsexuals, Transgendered and Wives and Partners.
The Seahorse Society of Great Britain http://www.btinternet.com/~seahorse.society ‘self-help and support group for Transvestites, those who see themselves as being Transsexual, their Families, Friends, and others involved with their welfare.’
Transliving http://www.transliving.co.uk/ ‘TransLiving International is a voluntary self-help network dedicated to serving the needs of Crossdressers, Transvestites, Transsexuals, their families, partners and friends.
www.thewomanwithin.me.uk /7350.html   (1043 words)

 MetroActive Features | Transvestite Community   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
There are thousands of Websites dedicated to bringing men who dress as women together for support and companionship.
Interested folks can visit in person at 175 Stockton Street, San Jose, CA (408/298-6900) or on the net at www.carlas.com.
Unfortunately, there are no organized groups for transvestites in Santa Cruz at this time.
metroactive.com /papers/cruz/05.28.98/transvestites2-9821.html   (252 words)

 THEATER REVIEWS / Tour de force of acting brings complex life of German transvestite alive in stunning 'Wife'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Tour de force of acting brings complex life of German transvestite alive in stunning 'Wife'
That, to some degree, is the gist of Doug Wright's Pulitzer- and Tony- winning "I Am My Own Wife," which opened Wednesday in the Best of Broadway series at the Curran Theatre.
The ways in which Wright and his collaborators depict and explore the confusing clutter of real life and the elusiveness of certainty are what transform a good story -- about a real but improbably heroic German who maintained his transvestite identity in the face of Nazi and Communist repression -- into theatrical glory.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2005/05/06/DDGVFCR6192.DTL   (902 words)

 ytmnd - you're the man now dog!
Darth Vader Transvestite Darth Vader Sith Transexual Cross dressing Sweet Transvestite
Sandra O'connor action figure supereme court justice crotch transvestite
Gay Fuel Gay asian pokemon porn herm hermophedyte dyke transvestite
www.ytmnd.com /keyword/Transvestite   (261 words)

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