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Topic: Treacle mining

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In the News (Fri 20 Apr 18)

  Wymsey Treacle Mine
Nearer our own times, pots and pots of Wymsey Treacle were delivered to Queen Victoria in an attempt to stop her perpetual mourning for Prince Albert and it is reported that it was after supping on the treacle that she decided to have a Great Exhibition.
Recent events in the world treacle markets are leading to a reappraisal of mined treacle, in particular there is a growing dissatisfaction with modern processing which includes the use of genetically modified bacterial digesters.
The Taiwanese shipbuilder Yoko Star is reported to be designing a gigantic treacle tanker and, in Britain, a Railtrack spokesman confirmed that the Company had been asked by the government to explore methods of transporting treacle by rail.
www.wymsey.co.uk /wymsey/treacle.htm   (477 words)

 Humour: Treacle Mines
Treacle Mines are a kind of British folk tales.
They are a joke which was spun over decades, generations of treacle miners told stories about treacle mining in the olde days.
And he even spins the story further: there are the Schmaltzberg fat mines in the city of Bonk in the country Überwald.
www.showcaves.com /english/explain/Humor/Treacle.html   (168 words)

 Treacle mining - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
That Cromwell's army buried barrels of molasses that later leaked and seeped to the surface.
There is a pub called the Treacle Mine Hotel in Silchester Road Tadley, Hampshire, and another Treacle Mine pub in Hereford.
A treacle mine features in the novels Reaper Man (1987) and Night Watch (2002) by Terry Pratchett.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Treacle_mining   (479 words)

 access to mineral heritage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The treacle mine story can be used in a taunting way, suggesting that people living in a certain place are so foolish that they go digging for treacle, or are too lazy to do any honest work, or are so poor that they only live on bread and treacle.
The treacle may be what's left of an abandoned dump of army food dating from the Crimean War, waste oil from an American airbase, or caused by the geological compression of ancient sugar cane forests.
The mines sometimes have spirits which dig the treacle out and the stories are added to by describing the types of equipment used to get the treacle out and the docks where the treacle is exported from.
www.mineral.org.uk /edu/TreacleMines.shtml   (241 words)

 Science Fair Projects - Treacle mining
Several treacle mines have been claimed to exist in Britain, most notably in Bisham (near Marlow, on the Thames), Tadley, Wymsey, Skidby, Ditchford in Northamptonshire and in several northern towns.
"Treacle" originally meant any kind of a thicky syrupy salve, and it is likely that bituminous seeps from coal deposits were used in traditional remedies, so this may have been the kernel of truth that inspired the joke.
There is a pub called the Treacle Mine Hotel in Silchester Road Tadley, Hampshire.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Treacle_mining   (507 words)

 All Things Treacle - Jarvis Brook
The oldest known Treacle Mine in Jarvis Brook was known as the "Badger Sett".
The treacle he discovered was in long narrow veins of sorgo with lumps of solid treacle embedded along the veins; some of the veins were richer than others.
The Badger Sett Treacle Mine, which was still shown on the 1932 O.S. Maps, was eight hundred yards of tunnelling or 38 meers, which was offered for sale when the Malone family was strapped for cash.
www.treacleminer.com /jarvisbrook.htm   (1083 words)

 [No title]
It is made from a derivitive of the ore mined in the Sabden Treacle mines and extracted by a special and secret prossess known only by a specialy selected and trusted few.
The treacle miners had their own method of passing messages to each other; by tradition they wore bowler hats and when rendezvousing with other agents, in restaurants or public houses, would pass on notes by exchanging hats left on the pegs, all communications having been placed in the inside band of the hat.
In this way the treacle miners were able to carry out their tasks until the war, that was to end all wars, reached an armistice at 11 o'clock on the 11th November 1918.
www.ybw.com /forums/printthread.php/Board/mby/main/485540/type/post   (1051 words)

 Publication on writebuzz®: Barry Gee - A Short History of Tamberton Treacle Mine. - Adults: Stories & Scripts - ...
He had been submerged in a lake of treacle for several minutes but, after breathing molasses for some time, he was caught in one of the huge air bubbles that rose, at intervals, from the depths of the lake and was carried to the surface.
Smith explained how 200 years of intense treacle mining had honeycombed the ground under the village and three days of torrential rain had weakened the surface of the earth.
Treacle miners were short, squat fellows with abnormally large leg muscles, extraordinary lung capacity, and extremely wide nostrils.
www.writebuzz.com /channels/work-details.asp?id=3325   (2951 words)

 Reading Berkshire   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The treacle mines have now gone and Readings infamous short-sighted council eventually stopped the cheap and efficient trolley buses and replaced them with a boring and expensive and polluting bus service.
I don't think the treacle in the buckets would be very appetising as I think it refered to a type of clay used in the manufacture of bricks made at the nearby brickworks.
The Treacle mine pub in Tadley is the result of a renaming in the 90s, even so the legend there was real, referring to the travellers burying their savings on the heath in treacle tins and when returning to uncover the same, the expresion "gone mining treacle" was coined.
www.reading-forum.co.uk /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=504   (922 words)

 Treacle - venture partners for innovation
The consortium comprises the Royal Bafokeng Finance, which has a 55% stake in the grouping, fl-owned private equity company Treacle (35%) and Senwes board member and former Telkom executive Papi Magashula (10%).
The acquisition of the Senwes stake is an addition to its other investments which include full ownership of services group Fraser Alexander, a 10% stake in insurance firm SA Eagle, 20% of packaging group Astrapak and 26% of MB Technologies.
Treacle director Jacob Mashike said that at R2,50 a share, Senwes was undervalued “relative to its long-term intrinsic value.”
www.treacle.co.za /news/bafokeng.html   (451 words)

 Devon's Mining History and Stannary parliament
Most of the mining in Devon has focussed on Dartmoor, with tin frequently being found in areas of granite, and other minerals (such as copper) in areas surrounding a granite outcropping.
However the Devon (and Cornwall) mines were severly impacted by the discovery of large amounts of tin and copper in the new world and in Australia and most then closed.
The authority of the stannary parliaments extended to anyone who was involved in the tin mining industry, and as this included people involved with 'tin streaming' (excavating river banks to remove the tin content) which was a popular activity needing little equipment, the laws therefore impacted a large proportion of the population.
users.senet.com.au /~dewnans/Devon_Stannary_History.html   (618 words)

 All Things Treacle - Ancient Mines
This band of treacle miners is probably the smallest trade union in the country.
Often these lumps of treacle rock are difficult to recognise, the lumps often being plastered with mud.
It was in the seventeenth century that treacle mining was at its height.
www.treacleminer.com /ancientmines.htm   (768 words)

 HLR | History | Part III
Treacle mines were common in England at one time, but cheap cane imports did for most of them.
Nevertheless, amongst aficionados, the mined variety is far superior, and the RTMC was enjoying an international clientele with its particularly fine product.
But even if it were, it would take more than a barrel or two of treacle to justify rebuilding the Gaunless viaduct, not to mention the cost of the rest of the line down to Raby.
www.haggerleases.co.uk /history_3.html   (1204 words)

 cyber-sanitorium : The history of Treacle mining   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Demand for treacle soared and Wallace and Gromit smugly walked into the very patent office where their idea had been violently laughed at a few years before.
Upon asking to see the same patent officer, Wallace and Gromit were told he had died in a horiffic train accident where he was beheaded by a tunnel whilst leaning out of the train window waving goodbye for the week to his wife and children.
Sadly, the decline in the treacle industry had an effect on Wallace and Gromit's fragile self-esteem, and a few days ago, they both committed suicide, leaving the chance for appearing in another animated film no longer an option.
nessie.mcc.ac.uk /~mikejt/cs/old/may97/may97/treacle.htm   (429 words)

 Mining food   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The practice of wages 'in truck' was certainly widespread especially in isolated mining communities where the coalowner / landowner also was as good as a mediaeval Lord of the Manor.
Although in the many record offices around the country there are probably many insights into the individual mining families eating habits the Childrens Employment Commission enquired in detail for the first time in all the coalmining areas into the health and welfare of mineworkers.
Many modern miners and especially those working at small private mines tend to eat huge 'greasy sausage, egg and chips' mountains and still have room for more, as well as consuming large quantities of beer, when their workload must be far less than an adult collier of the 1840's.
website.lineone.net /~coalmining/index-page18.html   (1596 words)

 Guardian | Wave goodbye to the daily grind
Another potential benefit is that it may lower the amount of energy consumed by the mining industry.
At the moment, mining companies use mills like giant tumble dryers to break chunks of ore into smaller pieces that can be crushed into powder.
He believes that if this technique were built into the design of a new mining plant, it would save tens of millions of pounds in capital costs.
www.guardian.co.uk /print/0,,329418231-110970,00.html   (810 words)

 Feb 07 Sterling Is Leaking, But Where? David Bond 321gold
This is the sort of thing that mining companies are traditionally loath to discuss in their glossy brochures and press releases, which is perhaps understandable."
Call me and you can go into any of these mines at the behest of their owners, many of whom are the longest-traded NYSE firms still on the big-board.
He is former editor of the Wallace Miner, and holds regional and national firsts in investigative journalism from the Atlantic City Press Club (National Headliner) and from the Society of Professional Journalists (SDX/SPJ) and has edited or written for newspapers on both coasts, Canada and Alaska.
www.321gold.com /editorials/bond/bond020705_wsj.html   (1546 words)

 Stanistan - Uncyclopedia
The economy of Stanistan is driven by the mining of treacle from the vast reserves that exist just below the surface.
Treacle would then be refined into what is commony known as "crack", then sold to tourists, and visiting aliens.
The currency of Stanistan is the Midget Gem, with the fl ones being of the highest denomination and the white ones the lowest.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Stanistan   (606 words)

 Treacle Mining Dissertation Help, Write a Dissertation on Treacle Mining Thesis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Since 1998, our Treacle Mining experts have helped master, doctoral, and post-graduate students worldwide by providing the most comprehensive research service on the Internet for Treacle Mining studies and coursework.
Our Treacle Mining researchers are highly-educated specialists with impeccable research and writing skills who have vast experience in preparing doctoral-level research materials.
Treacle Minings Dissertation Copyright © 1999-2006 www.phd-dissertations.com All rights reserved.
www.phd-dissertations.com /topic/treacle_mining_dissertation_thesis.html   (795 words)

 Unusual Industries - Mosaic Musings...interactive poetry & prose
Because of the independent nature of the average Liverpudlian, or Liverpolitan, as the more refined residents prefer to be called, there was always a tendency for the leading lights in the community to clash with authority.
At one time Ken was accused, quite wrongly of course, of introducing a low quality fruit into the raspberry mines, and there were strong rumours that the entire operation would be closed down as being too hazardous.
It has the world's highest sunshine rate, and apart from the butty mines the mainstreams of employment are the snuff quarries, moggie ranches and gravy wells.
forums.mosaicmusings.net /index.php?showtopic=836   (3290 words)

 Microwave Processing - Using Microwave Technology to Assist in Minerals Grinding Operations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Vast amounts of energy are used every year (3-5% of the world’s total electrical energy use) in the mining and minerals processing industries to grind mined rocks and ores in preparation for subsequent processing and metal extraction.
The energy-saving technique has already attracted interest from some of the key players in the mining industry, including Rio Tinto, who has supported the research since 1995 and plans to use the technology, if further tests prove successful.
The demand for new metals is increasing and this technology could offer the ability to process ores that cannot be treated at the moment, at a time when conserving energy and reducing global warming has never been more important.
www.azom.com /details.asp?ArticleID=2155   (1440 words)

 The Annotated Pratchett File v9.0 - Reaper Man
Treacle is another word for molasses, and most people will be familiar with the concept of "a hole in the ground from which you get molasses" through Alice in Wonderland's Mad Tea Party.
There used to be treacle mines in Bisham (near Marlow, on the Thames) and in several northern towns, I believe.
But the natural treacle was too sharp and coarse for modern tastes and the industry was finally killed off by the bulk import of cheap white sugar in the last century."
www.co.uk.lspace.org /books/apf/reaper-man.html   (4382 words)

 Treacle Mining Term Papers, Essay Research Paper Help, Essays on Treacle Mining
Since 1998, our Treacle Mining experts have helped students worldwide by providing the most extensive, lowest-priced service for Treacle Mining writing and research.
We are available to write Treacle Mining term papers for research—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—on topics at every level of education.
In addition to regular libraries, our professional Treacle Mining researchers have access to online, member-only libraries that contain millions of books, journals, periodicals, magazines, and vast information on every conceivable Treacle Miningsubject.
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 Buy or find what you're looking for
This is a Treacle Pudding and lashings of custard machine to the...
These favourite biscuits are good and gingery with an extra treacle flavour and a crisp texture.
Heat the treacle and butter in a small pan until...
www.lowcostnames.co.uk /search/http/pink+treacle.html   (184 words)

 Gympie Gold CEO Harry Adams - Gympie and the Southland Coal Mine
It has done this by transforming the mine development of its prolific field at Gympie, cracking open an impressive exploration potential, acquiring and developing the boutique Southland coal mine in the Hunter and taking a second listing on the AIM market – and more.
Gympie started the Southland coal mine in 1998 when it started to mine its long-held lease spring boarding from the collapse of an adjoining mine.
At some time in the future we may move to a formal membership arrangement for the Sydney Mining Club so if you have any friends and colleagues to add to our 'virtual membership list' - that is our e-mail list - now is the time to send their name and e-mail address to Sharon.
www.smedg.org.au /miningc/indexdec02.htm   (603 words)

 CSIRO - Prestigious award for finding the big gold
Instead, they behave like plasticine or treacle and deform or flow.
Over time, the build up of precipitated metals forms the ore bodies that are the Holy Grail for mining and mineral exploration companies.
The Jaeger medal recognizes the contribution of Professor John Conrad Jaeger to Australian earth science.
www.csiro.au /files/mediaRelease/mr2001/Prjaeger.htm   (328 words)

Wouldn't you like to experience exploration of abandoned disused Devonshire and Cornish mines in the comfort of your own home or view them before you visit.
Mpeg video of mines, minerals and mineral locations available shortly!
A fascinating race of people which has now spread throughout the world, wherever minerals and metal ores can be found, in the echoing labyrinths of the underworld of mines.
www.btinternet.com /~aardvark.nest   (149 words)

 Learning - The Treacle People
This sweet animation series is the story of a loveable bunch of characters, who work the treacle mines of Northern England so the world is never short of the sticky stuff!
The once great treacle mines are running dry and the treacle industry is in trouble.
The Treacle People was developed for television by Iain and Mike, from an original idea by The Dewhurst Family.
www.channel4.com /learning/microsites/T/treacle/index.html   (259 words)

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