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Topic: Treant

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Monster Mayhem: Elder Treant
Elder treants are the undisputed rulers of treantkind and firm defenders of the forests.
Like normal treants, they combine the features of trees and humans, although it is difficult to discern their facial features with a casual glance.
Elder treants have been known to animate entire groves to seek revenge on nearby communities that use fire indiscriminately and destroy part of the forest.
www.wizards.com /default.asp?x=dnd/mm/20020920a   (1344 words)

  Treant (Monstrous Manual)
Treants are very intelligent and often speak a number of languages including their own, elf, dwarf, common, and a smattering of just about all other humanoid tongues (at least enough to say "Get out of my trees!").
Treants are intolerant of evil, particularly when fire and the wanton destruction of trees is involved.
Treants often sleep for long periods of time (anywhere from a few days to several years) during which short roots grow into the ground beneath them gathering water and minerals from the soil.
mmadnd.chat.ru /MM00287.htm   (647 words)

Treants are manifestations of the life force of the forest that inhabits and "awakens" a tree of any species.
Treants will from time to time enter a state of dormancy, that can last from as little as a few days, to as much as many years.
Treants do not see this as something to be dreaded or feared, rather as a reunion with the life force of the forest from which it was born.
www.angelfire.com /ky3/races/treant.html   (792 words)

 IRON DM Archive
Now, he asked the treant to be present at the wedding, but to be wary of an attack from the Wizardess, who, he explained, had no great love for nature and an excessive number of fire-based spells in her arsenal.
He asked for the treant to imprison the woman within his branches, but he also gave to her a ring of sustenance, so that her days would not be short.
It is possible for the PCs to destroy the treant, but ideally, they will come to a better solution, as the treant is not the villain; he merely holds to his oath.
www.aquerra.com /IRON_DM/holiday2002/R1M1.htm   (3820 words)

 Draft-Treant - Alleria
Treants would have plenty of room for their society there, and inclusion in the forthcoming nation would give a reason as to why none had been encountered thus far in Alleria.
Treant of this breed can be of a height of 10 feet to 18 feet, there was even reports of treant of having height of 25 feet.
As a treant is of many uses to a mage, the corpse of a treant will be recovered at all cost as members of a treant do not wished to see a fellow treant¡¦s body being mutilated for parts useful to mage.
www.alleria.com /forums/showthread.php?t=5934   (6192 words)

 Treant   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Thereafter it moves at a speed of 10 and fights as a treant in all respects.
Animated trees lose their ability to move if the treant who animated them is incapacitated or moves out of range.
Fire Vulnerability (Ex): A treant or animated tree takes double damage from fire attacks unless the attack allows a save, in which case it takes double damage on a failure and no damage on a success.
www.fantaseum.com /kalam/monsters/silfonthus/treant.htm   (305 words)

 Ethermoon Entertainment - Treant
Treants are a sort of avatar of the forest with both sizable intellegence, and the power of mobility.
Treants typically refer to themselves as "Earth Servants", and while possessing an individual identify, are inexorably bound to the forest in both life and death.
Treants are considered to be among the most wise creatures to grace the world, and spend most of their time contemplating philosophical issues.
www.ethermoon.com /sylvan/treant.phtml   (327 words)

 Treant - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft
Treants are powerful, ancient tree spirits and more primitive forms of the wise Ancients that served under Cenarius in ages past.
The Force of Nature ability allows a Balance druid to summon 3 treants to fight on their behalf for 30 seconds (or until they or their master are killed) and has a 3 minute cooldown.
In Outland you (as an Alliance player) introduce treants into the ecosystem in Blade's Edge Mountains, while the Cenarion Expedition seeks to heal lands once belonging to the treants and ancients.
www.wowwiki.com /Treant   (564 words)

 Nature's Wrath
Treants spend days if not seasons in deep thought, pondering the health of their demesne, and wandering their woods tending their charges.
The treant tried to defend itself and it crushed the life from a number of mercenaries, but there were too many.
Initially content to have his forest back, the obsessed cougar convinced the treant to extend his protection to other nearby forests, and so their campaign of guerrilla warfare against humanity began in earnest.
www.wanderingmen.com /our-work/gaming/81-ue/225-natures-wrath   (1869 words)

 Simon Woodside | Legend Monsters   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A treant's leaves are deep green in the spring and summer.
A treant's legs fit together when closed to look like the trunk of a tree, and a motionless treant is nearly indistinguishable from a tree.
Animated trees lose their ability to move if the treant that animated them is incapacitated or moves out of range.
simonwoodside.com /dnd/srd/monsters/srd:treant   (344 words)

 SirHatterGreenGuide - TheReincarnation
Treants and Griffons are more expensive mana wise than any summonable unit in the game, apprentice server and probably non apprentice server.
This makes Treants, with their first two out of three attacks being boostable, the superior Valor boosting unit, (though both have initial ap/pr of 6:1, the treants is in actuality 12:1 with the boost).
The first problem with the Treant, as we mentioned, is that it has a god awful mana upkeep.
wiki.the-reincarnation.org /index.php/SirHatterGreenGuide   (4325 words)

The most vain of the treant species it will often be found in the middle of clearings as it smothers the other tree and plant species, particularly other ash trees, around it.
OT much is know about their social habits, it is uncommon for treant to interact with any creatures due to their different perspective of time, most other creatures move and talk too fast for treant to be concerned with them (in the same way that humans and insects co-exist).
Elves have conversed the most with treant, but a racial stereotype is hard to prove as each treant comes from different tree stock and has many of it's common traits.
homepage.ntlworld.com /tony.brotherton1/tlod/contents/denizens/treant.html   (712 words)

 [No title]
Waterborne treants often create a near-permanent cloud around their groves (created by the treant constantly breathing it and making it spread all over its environment) in order to prevent intruders.
Prerequisites: Any waterborne treant Benefits: The treant can, at will, breath a poisonous gas, often referred to as swamp gas, which causes paralysis and a temporary loss of 1d4 Con when it comes into contact with an unsuspecting creature (Fort DC 18 to avoid).
Prerequisites: Any non-waterborne treant Benefits: When someone performs a melee attack on a treant with the Thorns feat, they automatically take 1d4 damage from their skin accidentally touching the thorns (Reflex DC 10 to avoid).
www.goodman-games.com /Treantfeats.doc   (532 words)

 Warcraft III - Night Elves -> Units - Treant
Treants are created by the Keeper of the Grove when he casts Force of Nature.
Treants will not disappear if you cast Force of Nature again so make as many as you can.
Use spells such as Dispel Magic, Abolish Magic, Purge, and Detonate to cause severe damage to Treants since they are summoned units.
www.battle.net /war3/nightelf/units/treant.shtml   (159 words)

 Elite Opponents: Treants
These treants look like white oak trees that are perpetually covered in a layer of frost or snow.
Animated trees lose their ability to move if the treant that animated them is incapacitated or moves out of range.
Since treants are sort of feylike to begin with, it's easy to imagine that half-fey/half-treants exist without worrying about how they came to be.
www.wizards.com /default.asp?x=dnd/eo/20060630a   (1827 words)

 DotaPortal.Com - Portal to the Ultimate DotA Allstars Resources
Treant Protector has an escape maneuver to help with the 20% more damage taken.
The only real support aspect of treant would be getting double OG with refresher, and if you have enough mana to do that, then you have fulfilled your role as a support, and then are free to tank and deal dps.
One philosophy why some people think that a damager treant is good because they know that once the OG is casted, the clash and the battle is in favor for them to finish, and what a better way to do it is to heighten damage output...
www.dotaportal.com /index.php?act=heroes&id=Hamg   (1841 words)

 Treant - NWN2Wiki, the Neverwinter Nights 2 wiki
A treant’s leaves are deep green in the spring and summer.
A treant’s legs fit together when closed to look like the trunk of a tree, and a motionless treant is nearly indistinguishable from a tree.
Treants prefer to watch potential foes carefully before attacking.
nwn2.wikia.com /wiki/Treant   (228 words)

 TOGRC - Baldur's Gate 2: Item Detail: Lilarcor
As the tale goes, the boastful Lilarcor left his village at the urging of his friends so that the "great hero" could do battle with a devious Treant.
Unfortunately (or perhaps luckily), the "Treant" was nothing more than a craggy old normal oak.
That might have been the end of it, but Lilarcor, not really knowing what a Treant was in the first, didn't realize the truth.
www.togrc.com /bg2/items_detail.php?ID=404   (382 words)

 IRON DM Archive
The Treant will turn to the party and shout, "In the name of the forest, aid me! They are beyond reason!" The monks, of course, are silent.
If the party aids the Treant, he shouts for them to merely subdue the monks, not kill them -- if the party tries, they discover that the monks are "Past Sap" -- somehow, they are immune to subdual damage.
They stop the burning of the forest, now that the threat is gone, and begin to rebuild, with the help of the Treant, Naertdia, who is angry but understands that the magical sap from the trees would have let the powerful creature destroy entire wildernesses with its horrible spawn.
www.aquerra.com /IRON_DM/rbc2002/R3M1.htm   (4980 words)

 Bodi Kibadachi's Treant Fist Guide
The link between Treant Fists and Master Paub comes from Grim Oakfist, the originator of the Collar of Nekisha quest.
When that quest is finished, he says that he gave his last pair of Treant Fists to Master Paub.
Note: Iksar CANNOT wear the Treants, as they are plate based guantlets.
www.castle-grounds.co.uk /eq/treantquest.htm   (1084 words)

 Evil Melee
After the Treant Prisoner makes it to the stonehenge, light blue conned Treant Defenders and Diviner will start spawning in the nearby woods - you must kill these to get the higher level ones to spawn, which con White and Yellow.
NOTE 2: There is a semi-insta spawned Treant Diviner on the North side of the hill, with the stonehenge.
NOTE 3: There is an insta spawned Treant Diviner on the hill NE of the one with the stonehenge.
home.earthlink.net /~joebuck147/id14.html   (1289 words)

 Stories: Jahera and the Treant - Alcarin.com
Slowly, as is a custom with the Treants, Christmas walked on, now and then stopping to rest or to talk to one of the wood's many trees.
During the many hours of their walk, Jahera tried to lighten their paths by placing candles in the Treant's many branches and they spread a warm glow over the dark and cold woodlands.
Up to this date, the custom is kept in honor among the small folk and the story of Jahera and the Treant is told to their children, sitting near the fireplace in the winter, every year.
www.alcarin.com /bards_college/stories/jahera.php   (984 words)

 Heroes Community - [TotE MOD] Treant
The problem of the Treant Mod was also thought over at our modders community on Nival's forum and we have made a similar mod with one bug - no death animation for the new treant.
I decided to go with the Savage Treant from ArchWarlock as alternative upgrade, because the leaves and beard use the texture from the actual alternate upgrade, while Sneps' version uses the leaves from the Ancient Treant recolored in green, so I wanted to favour diversity.
Treant and Treat_Guardian looks appropriate in this resolution, but Anger_Treant appears to be stuck in "Very Low" resolution.
heroescommunity.com /viewthread.php3?TID=24178   (1240 words)

 Battle Report
Kayusama (#5394)'s Treant units slew Manwe (#1016)'s 4,207 Pegasus units.
Kayusama (#5394)'s Treant units slew Manwe (#1016)'s 162 Unicorn units.
Kayusama (#5394)'s 172 Treant are slain during battle.
www.geocities.com /etherian21/mages/kayusama/kayuvsmanwe.htm   (656 words)

 Treant LLC Home Page :: Minneapolis, MN Renovation Remediation Property Rehab Investment Twin Cities
Treant is a real estate investment and development company that identifies unique properties needing renovation, remediation, or enhancement.
Treant uses only high quality materials and craftsmanship, ecologically sound development practices, and promotes the creation of useful space for communities.
Please feel free to contact Treant with comments, questions, or ideas.
www.treant.net   (95 words)

 [Treant Protector] Rooftrellen- A guide to Gardening - DotaPortal
As this guide draws to a close, let me just say that there are many other ways of using Rooftrellen, Treant Protector and each and every person should not limit himself to the use of a single build, but rather explore and experiment until he finds a build that suits himself perfectly
just needs tactics for using treant and general maneuvers, how he interacts with different allied and enemy heroes, and maybe a little more in depth on the skill build.
i think that treant is very hard to kill, thus i usually will not go and target it, i think that even lion has hard to time to kill it despite he got the hex and stun and finger, treant just haf to buy a planewalker's cloak and ring of health to counter it.
www.dotaportal.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=11843   (2136 words)

 DotaStrategy.com - Dota Hero - Rooftrellen - The Treant Protector
treant is a strength hero and only needs enough mana to perform his ulti.
Lol i saw this treant who farmed all game, he wasnt a threat so we let him farm, bad idea, he farmed 2 hearts, hyperstone, radiance, satanic, tele boots.
Treant is a great disabler, and his ulti has a low mana cause for its effect.
www.dotastrategy.com /hero-27-RooftrellenTheTreantProtector.html   (3890 words)

 Treant, Elder :: d20srd.org
Thereafter it moves and fights as a treant in all physical respects.
Animated trees lose their ability to move if the elder treant who animated them is incapacitated or moves out of range.
Elder treants receive skills as though they were fey.
www.d20srd.org /srd/epic/monsters/treantElder.htm   (353 words)

 Category:Treant - EQ2i
The Treant race is one of these, and the oldest.
Spawned in the ages before even the Elves, these beings have been the caretakers of the forest realms, nurturing damaged flora with great arcane powers imbued within their limbs.
For the Lore and Legend quest for this race, see Lore and Legend: Treant.
eq2.wikia.com /wiki/Treant   (120 words)

 Treant Master's Strike - EverQuest 2 Guru
They act in unison with the wild of the world, fighting to revert the land to a primordial state.
Although some races understand the treants' desires for preservation, few can meet the expectations of these ever-living beings.
Taking treants as your foe will grant you special tactical abilities to use against them in combat.
www.eq2guru.com /content/items/treant-masters-strike-id6527.php   (268 words)

 Treant   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Treants at first appear to be massive oak trees, but are actually intelligent tree faeries.
Treants are protected by their extremely dense bark-skin.
Treants feed off of the clean air of the secluded vale as well as draw nutrients from the earth itself.
realmsofkaos.com /thetest/monsters/faery/treant.html   (117 words)

 Petrified Treant CR 9 - d20 NPC Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Treants have a +16 racial bonus on Hide checks made in forested areas in winter, areas with a significant number of dead trees, or in areas of natural stone.
While most fossilized treants are natives of the Earth Elemental Plane, occasionally a petrified treant corpse, old as the bones of the world, will spontaneously reawaken in mountainous or underground areas.
Fossilized treants may be summoned using Summon Monster VII or Summon Nature's Ally VII, at the option of the GM.
d20npcs.wikicities.com /wiki/Petrified_Treant_CR_9   (582 words)

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