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Topic: Treaty of Alton

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  News | Gainesville.com | The Gainesville Sun | Gainesville, Fla.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Treaty of Alton was an agreement signed in 1101 between William the Conqueror's eldest son Robert, Duke of Normandy and his brother Henry I of England.
Alton Abbey (1895) in nearby Beech is a Benedictine monastery in the Church of England [13]
Alton railway station also serves as a terminal for the Mid Hants Railway commonly called 'The Watercress Line', a restored steam railway running between Alton and New Alresford, so called because it used to be used to transport fresh watercress to London.
www.gainesville.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Alton,_Hampshire   (2686 words)

  Treaty of Alton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Treaty of Alton was an agreement signed in 1101 between Henry I of England and his older brother Robert, Duke of Normandy in which Robert agreed to recognize Henry as king of England in exchange for a yearly stipend and other concessions.
He landed secretly at Portsmouth and was met by Henry at the town of Alton.
In the treaty, Robert agreed to renounce his claim to the English throne in exchange for a yearly stipend of 3000 marks and the concession of all but one of Henry's possessions in Normandy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Treaty_of_Alton   (334 words)

 Treaty of Alton
The Treaty of Alton was an agreement signed in 1101 between Henry I of England and his older brother Robert, Duke of Normandy in which Robert agreed to recognize Henry as king of England in exchange for a yearly stipend and other concessions.
He landed secretly at Portsmouth and was met by Henry at the town of Alton.
In the treaty, Robert agreed to renounce his claim to the English throne in exchange for a yearly stipend of 3000 marks and the concession of all but one of Henry's possessions in Normandy.
www.xasa.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/t/tr/treaty_of_alton.html   (323 words)

 National Indian Law Library, Indian Law Bulletins, Unreported Case, United States and Lumni Indian Nation v. State of ...
After the 1888 Treaty and the placement of the Indians, however, homesteaders began settling around the reservation and drawing water for irrigation and stockwatering from the Milk River, the northern boundary of the reservation.
While the Treaty may have held out the possibility of relocation to a different reservation, after 150 years the Reservation is permanent as a matter of law.
The Treaty reserved for the Tribe the right of taking fish at usual and accustomed grounds in common with all citizens of the United States, and the privilege of hunting and gathering on open and unclaimed lands.
www.narf.org /nill/bulletins/dct/unreported/USvsWash.html   (8633 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Moshoeshoe I of Lesotho   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Eugene Casalis later remarked that the trekkers had humbly asked for temporary rights while they were still few in number, but that when they felt "strong enough to throw off the mask" they went back on their initial intention.
Among the provisions of this treaty was the annexation of a tract of land (now called the Orange River Sovereignty) that many Boers had settled.
The outraged Boers were suppressed in a brief skirmish in 1848, but remained bitter at both the British and the Sotho.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Moshoeshoe-I-of-Lesotho   (1534 words)

 A Brief History of Alton, England
In 1665 Alton suffered an outbreak of plague.
By 1851 the population of Alton had passed 3,500 and by the end of the century it was over 5,000.
In 1852 Alton was connected to London by railway and in 1865 it was connected to Winchester.
www.localhistories.org /alton.html   (604 words)

 Fourth Joint Debate at Charleston. Extract from Mr. Douglas's Speech Made at Jacksonville, and Referred to by Mr. ...
He saw that he was caught in his first falsehood, so he changed the issue, and instead of resting upon the allegation of striking out, he made it rest upon the declaration that I had introduced a clause into the bill prohibiting the people from voting upon the constitution.
I am told that he made the same charge here that he made at Alton, that I had actually introduced and incorporated into the bill a clause which prohibited the people from voting upon their constitution.
In his Alton speech, as will be seen by the extract which I have read, he declared that the clause put it out of the power of the Convention to submit the constitution, and in his speech in the Senate he said:—
www.bartleby.com /251/45.html   (2359 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Alton is a small market town in Hampshire, England, to the southwest of Farnham.
A Roman road ran from Chichester to Silchester and there is evidence of a Roman posting station at Neatham near Alton, probably called Vindomis, and a ford across the River Wey.
It contained a selection of grave goods which included the Alton Buckle which is on display in the Curtis Museum, and is considered to be the finest piece of Anglo Saxon craftsmanship found in Hampshire.
www.maxpedia.org /cgi-bin/mp/m.pl?la=en&sw=Alton%2C+Hampshire   (345 words)

 UN Treaty On The Child -- Phyllis Schlafly September 19, 2001 column.
This treaty purports to give the child the right to express his own views "freely in all matters," to receive information of all kinds through "media of the child's choice," to "freedom of religion," to be protected from "interference with his or her privacy...
Since the treaty is a legal document which, if ratified, would become part of the "supreme law of the land," we can expect liberal lawyers to bring test cases to persuade activist judges to push its reach as far as they can.
This UN treaty requires governments, to the "maximum extent of their available resources," to assure the right of every child to an "adequate standard of living," including "nutrition, clothing and housing." Since these provisions cannot be implemented without money, will the courts require our government to impose new taxes to carry out these treaty obligations?
www.eagleforum.org /column/2001/sept01/01-09-19.shtml   (755 words)

 Talton v. Mayes, 163 U.S. 376, 16 S.Ct. 986, 41 L.Ed. 196 (1896)
And from this fact there has consequently been conceded to exist in that Nation power to make laws defining offenses and providing for the trial and punishment of those who violate them when the offenses are committed by one member of the tribe against another one of its members within the territory of the Nation.
The numerous treaties made with them by the United States recognize them as a people capable of maintaining the relations of peace and war, of being responsible in their political character for any violation of their engagements, or for any aggression committed on the citizens of the United States by any individual of their community.
538, that prior to the formation of the constitution treaties were made with the Cherokee tribes by which their autonomous existence was recognized.
www.utulsa.edu /law/classes/rice/USSCT_Cases/TALTON_V_MAYES_163_376.HTM   (1597 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Treaty of St. Clair-sur-Epte establishes the Dukedom of Normandy with Rouen as it's capital and the Viking Rollo (Robert I) as Duke.
Treaty of Caen between William II and Robert of Normandy.
Treaty of Alton; Robert of Normandy is bought off after invading England.
users.aristotle.net /~aron/vt.htm   (2338 words)

 Wikipedia: Robert Curthose
In 1101, Robert landed at Portsmouth with his army, but his lack of popular support among the English allowed Henry resist the invasion.
Robert was forced by diplomacy to renounce his claim to the English throne in the Treaty of Alton.
In 1105, however, Robert's continually stirring of discord with his brother in England prompted Henry to invade Normandy.
www.factbook.org /wikipedia/en/r/ro/robert_curthose.html   (560 words)

 A Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty for Missiles? Richard H. Speier
Treaties are the laws of the land; their rules are binding.
This is a problem with the NPT—a problem largely dealt with outside of the treaty by the export-control efforts of the NSG and the efforts of some major nonproliferators working with the leadership of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
When the penalties of treaties and global coverage are subtracted from the net effects of a ZBM treaty, its value becomes more one of poetry than of arms control.
www.fas.org /irp/threat/fp/b19ch3.htm   (4558 words)

President Clinton signed the treaty in 1996 and made Senate ratification one of his administration's top foreign policy priorities during his second term.
And they reject the notion the treaty is unverifiable, saying the pact calls for creating an international monitoring system and on-site inspections.
Beaver says it is important for the United States to ratify international treaties if Washington is to continue to have a leadership role in such areas as arms control.
www.fas.org /nuke/control/ctbt/news/991217-ctbt1.htm   (757 words)

 Bridgeport: Transportation
In the treaty, Indian tribes ceded a twenty-mile wide swath of land paralleling the Chicago Portage route and lower Des Plaines river valley to the Illinois river.
The angle of the Archer Road adhered roughly to the planned route of the canal, which in turn was rooted in the 1816 Treaty of Saint Louis (Indian cession) between the Illinois River and Lake Michigan, which in turn roughly paralleled the river-portage route.
Alongside the Joliet and Chicago (or Chicago and Alton), the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fé‚ railroad was built in 1888; a station was built by the Santa Fé‚ at Halsted street.
www.uic.edu /orgs/LockZero/II.html   (3661 words)

 Science & Environmental Health Network - Precautionary Principle
The 32 conference participants included treaty negotiators, activists, scholars and scientists from the United States, Canada and Europe.
The conference was called to define and discuss implementing the precautionary principle, which has been used as the basis for a growing number of international agreements.
The Wingspread Conference on the Precautionary Principle was convened by the Science and Environmental Health Network, an organization that links science with the public interest, and by the Johnson Foundation, the W.
www.sehn.org /wing.html   (664 words)

 The Slovak Spectator - Slovakia's English Language Newspaper
But even if the V Treaty is of the same remedial value, coming across the same recommendations too often would mean far too much involvement of the religion in one's liberties.
recently in line with the basic treaty the justice department drafted another treaty with Vatican specifically related to certain professions, granting catholics (they say all people, but that is open for interpretation) the right to refuse to do certain things in their jobs based on their conscience.
this treaty gives total independence to catholic church in terms of education, the state "can comment", but doesn't have to approve the stuff that is going on there while fully financing them.
www.slovakspectator.sk /clanok_koment.asp?cl=12989   (4646 words)

 Global Network - Allies Fear U.S. Project May Renew Arms Race   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Under that treaty, Russia and the United States are restricted to deploying one limited ballistic missile system to defend a small area of their countries.
The administration now is negotiating with Russia to alter the treaty to allow for the construction of a missile system to protect the entire country from a limited attack by a state with an emerging missile threat, like North Korea.
Alton Jones Foundation and author of "India's Nuclear Bomb" (University of California, 1999).
www.space4peace.org /bmd/arace.htm   (514 words)

 Bulletin 10 - Present and Future Nuclear-Weapon Free Zones   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The treaty was pushed by two very determined non-nuclear states, Australia and New Zealand, and it must be noted that there are no nuclear power plants in the region.
On the other hand, the South Pacific treaty is more permissive on the temporary introduction of nuclear weapons by recognizing the sovereign right of parties to allow visits of foreign ships or aircraft carrying nuclear weapons, or to permit transit in its airspace or navigation in its territorial sea of such vessels.
The African treaty was opened for signature in 1995, but its entry into force may depend on the ratification of its Arab parties, which will depend on the evolution of the situation in the Middle East.
www.inesap.org /bulletin10/bul10art02.htm   (2463 words)

 Lane v. Pueblo of Santa Rosa, 249 U.S. 110, 39 S.Ct. 185, 63 L.Ed. 504 (1919)
In the court of first instance the bill was challenged by a motion to dismiss in the nature of a demurrer, and the motion was sustained.
After the Gadsden Treaty Congress made that region part of the territory of New Mexico and subjected it to 'all the laws' of that territory.
The court held that the tribe, although uniformly treated as a distinct political society capable of engaging in treaty stipulations, was not a 'foreign state' in the sense intended, and so could not maintain such a suit.
www.utulsa.edu /law/classes/rice/USSCT_Cases/Lane_v_Pueblo_Santa_Rosa_249_110.htm   (992 words)

 CNS - About the Inventory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The updated version for the first time also includes international treaties related to terrorism as well as treaties and agreements designed to prevent the spread of conventional weapons.
It also includes specific references to the verification and compliance provisions of relevant organizations and treaties, and detail on organization and treaty memberships of selected States.
Treaty texts are also provided and other appendices show the membership and status of key treaties and agreements.
cns.miis.edu /pubs/inven/about.htm   (390 words)

The £2m war was concluded by the 1546 Treaty of Ardes which allowed England control of the captured Boulogne for 6 years.
Ended by 1783 Treaty of Versailles which acknowledged the independence of the United States and recognized Louisiana as French and Florida as Spanish.
Under the treaty, Britain was to give up most of its islands in the West Indies, Egypt and Ceylon, while France would hand over the Papal States and the Two Sicilies.
saladdaze.atitd.net /history.htm   (7073 words)

 Carnegie Corporation Publications
At least one related treaty or international understanding that reinforced the basic regime by, for example, prohibiting use of the weapons banned in the regime's basic treaty, creating prohibited-weapon-free zones, or barring the testing of such weapons.
Policymakers and military planners within Europe and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are continuing their cold-war reliance on America's nuclear umbrella, because a new strategy has not developed in the several years since the collapse of Communism in the former Soviet Union.
The future of the test ban treaty was still uncertain as of late summer 1996 because of India's reluctance to sign it unless the nuclear powers first agreed to a formula that significantly reduced the number of weapons.
www.carnegie.org /sub/pubs/quarterly/sum96qrt.html   (11177 words)

 List of treaties - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1658 - Treaty of Roskilde - Denmark-Norway cedes territory to Sweden
1814 - Treaty of Kiel - Cedes Norway to Sweden
1901 - Hay-Pauncefote Treaty - Nullifies the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_treaties   (3178 words)

 TAP: Vol 11, Iss. 19. My Heart Belongs to Daddy. John B. Judis.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
They are happy to make use of foreign alliances, treaties, and organizations as well as domestic institutions like the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and Ex-Im Bank, to promote what they see as America's interests.
The treaty itself is certainly flawed, but the oilmen oppose the very idea of international environmental regulation.
You could argue that in opposing the global warming treaty or in flacking for Azerbaijan strongman Heydar Aliyev, Cheney has been simply carrying out the mission of his office as the CEO of Halliburton and that if he became vice president, he would adopt a different view of American foreign policy.
www.prospect.org /print/V11/19/judis-j.html   (1585 words)

 Illinois, state, United States: History — FactMonster.com
French occupation of the area was sparse, but the settlements of Cahokia and Kaskaskia achieved a minor importance in the 18th cent., and the area was valued for fur trading.
The Illinois region was an integral part of the Old Northwest that came within U.S. boundaries by the 1783 Treaty of Paris ending the American Revolution.
Mob fury broke out with the murder (1837) of the abolitionist Elijah P. Lovejoy at Alton and in the lynching (1844) of the Mormon leader Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum at Carthage.
www.factmonster.com /cgi-bin/id/A0858749   (907 words)

 Henry I of England - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Eventually, wary of his devious manouevring, they acted together and signed an accession treaty which effectively barred Henry from both thrones, stipulating that if either died without an heir, the two dominions of their father would be reunited under the surviving brother.
In the Treaty of Alton, Robert agreed to recognize Henry as King of England and return peacefully to Normandy, upon receipt of an annual sum of 2000 marks, which Henry proceeded to pay.
In 1105, to eliminate the continuing threat from Robert and to obviate the drain on his fiscal resources, Henry led an expeditionary force across the English Channel.
www.hackettstown.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Henry_I_of_England   (1452 words)

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