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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Area of a Triangle
For example, in the diagram to the left, the area of each triangle is equal to one-half the area of the parallelogram.
However, depending on the triangle, the height may or may not be a side of the triangle.
In the triangles in Examples 1 and 3, the lateral sides are not perpendicular to the base, so a dotted line is drawn to represent the height.
www.mathgoodies.com /lessons/vol1/area_triangle.html   (520 words)

  Triangle (geometry) - MSN Encarta
A capital letter is customarily used to designate a vertex of a triangle, the angle at that vertex, or the measure of the angle in angular units; the corresponding lower case letter designates the side opposite the angle or its length in linear units.
Therefore, the three angles of a scalene triangle are of different sizes; the base angles of an isosceles triangle are equal; and the three angles of an equilateral triangle are equal (an equilateral triangle is also equiangular).
For example, the sum of the angles of a spherical triangle is between 180° and 540° and varies with the size and shape of the triangle.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761563143   (834 words)

  Triangle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A triangle is one of the basic shapes of geometry: a polygon with three vertices and three sides which are straight line segments.
A median of a triangle is a straight line through a vertex and the midpoint of the opposite side, and divides the triangle into two equal areas.
The area S of a triangle is S = ½bh, where b is the length of any side of the triangle (the base) and h (the altitude) is the perpendicular distance between the base and the vertex not on the base.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Triangle   (2170 words)

 PlanetMath: triangle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Triangles can be classified according to the number of their equal sides.
So, a triangle with 3 equal sides is called equilateral, a triangle with 2 equal sides is called isosceles, and finally a triangle with no equal sides is called scalene.
In hyperbolic and spherical geometry, the area of a triangle is equal to its defect (measured in radians).
planetmath.org /encyclopedia/Triangle.html   (313 words)

 Triangle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
For instance, a triangle with no congruent sides is a scalene triangle; a triangle with two congruent sides is an isosceles triangle; a triangle with three congruent sides is an equilateral triangle.
For instance, a triangle with three acute interior angles is an acute triangle; a triangle with one obtuse interior angle is an obtuse triangle; a triangle with one right interior angle is a right triangle; a triangle with three congruent interior angles is an equiangular triangle.
One property of a triangle is that the sum of the measures of the three interior angles is always 180 degrees (or pi radians).
www.gomath.com /htdocs/lesson/triangle_lesson1.htm   (224 words)

 Triangle wave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A triangle wave is a basic kind of non-sinusoidal waveform named for its triangular shape.
However, the higher harmonics roll off much faster than in a square wave (proportional to the inverse square of the harmonic number as opposed to just the inverse), and so its sound is smoother than a square wave and is nearer to that of a sine wave.
It is possible to approximate a triangle wave with additive synthesis by adding odd harmonics of the fundamental, multiplying every (4n−1)th harmonic by −1 (or changing its phase by π), and rolling off the harmonics by the inverse square of their relative frequency to the fundamental.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Triangle_wave   (201 words)

 Triangle.com | Classified
Commercial real estate classes can be found at Cityfeet.com
All other real estate classes can be found at Triangle Real Estate
All other rental classes can be found at Apartments.com
classads.triangle.com   (209 words)

 Triangle: A Two-Dimensional Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator
Triangle generates exact Delaunay triangulations, constrained Delaunay triangulations, conforming Delaunay triangulations, Voronoi diagrams, and high-quality triangular meshes.
Please note that although Triangle is freely available, it is copyrighted by the author and may not be sold or included in commercial products without a license.
First, Triangle now uses Paul Chew's Delaunay refinement algorithm, which is more conservative about splitting segments than previous versions of Triangle when the angle bound is under 30 degrees.
www.cs.cmu.edu /~quake/triangle.html   (545 words)

Triangle features a wide variety of artist colors ranging from student grade to premium brand professional artist grades.
Triangle's calligraphy department offers a vast selection of materials for the expert calligrapher as well as instructional books and sets for the beginner.
Triangle has a tremendous assortment of paper available in individual sheets, pads and rolls.
www.triangleart.com /NSMacHtml/CS_ArtSupplies.html   (116 words)

 Triangulation Algorithms and Data Structures
Triangle does not use bucketing because it is easily defeated, as discussed in the appendix.) The agreement between my results and those of Su and Drysdale lends support to their ranking of algorithms.
Triangle was originally written using Guibas and Stolfi's quad-edge data structure [10] (without the Flip operator), then rewritten using a triangle-based data structure.
Despite the fundamental differences between the data structures, the quad-edge-based and triangle-based implementations of Triangle are both faithful to the Delaunay triangulation algorithms presented by Guibas and Stolfi [10] (I did not implement a quad-edge sweepline algorithm), and hence offer a fair comparison of the data structures.
www-2.cs.cmu.edu /~quake/tripaper/triangle2.html   (1518 words)

 Welcome to HoopTactics.com
Since sideline triangles can be quickly formed on either side of the court, the defense is forced to defend the entire court from sideline to sideline at all times.
Since the Triangle Post Offense is entirely based on defensive reads, anytime the defense attempts to disrupt or deny a passing lane, it opens up automatic counter moves that usually result in easy baskets.
Against the Triangle Offense, the SOS pressure defense can be extended full court in order to lengthen the passing lanes and to pull the offense away from the basket and out of their normal operating areas.
www.cybersportsusa.com /hooptactics/triangle.asp   (747 words)

 The Sierpinski triangle.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This leaves us with three triangles, each of which has dimensions exactly one-half the dimensions of the original triangle, and area exactly one-fourth of the original area.
From each remaining triangle we remove the "middle" leaving behind three smaller triangles each of which has dimensions one-half of those of the parent triangle (and one-fourth of the original triangle).
It is easy to check that the dimensions of the triangles that remain after the Nth iteration are exactly 1/2^N of the original dimensions.
math.bu.edu /DYSYS/chaos-game/node2.html   (155 words)

 The Greedy Triangle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Have students to count the number of triangles on the outside of their house (apartment, etc.).
RULE: For any triangle, the length of any one side must be shorter than the sum of the lengths of the other two sides –or- the sum of the lengths of any two sides is greater than the length of the remaining side.
Have students measure the angles of a triangle and square.
www.coe.ohio-state.edu /dyford/Lessonplans/triangle2.htm   (1551 words)

The triangle curve repeats the isosceles triangle, a triangle with two equal legs.
The characteristic triangle is the triangle with infinitesimal sides dx, dy and ds.
In probability theory the triangle diagram, is used, a way to express the a function of three variables, in a triangle grid.
www.2dcurves.com /line/linet.html   (1156 words)

 Salon - The Blog Report - Synopsis
Forming a triangle of blogs, media, and the political establishment is an essential step in creating the kind of sea change we’ve seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
The triangle construct also explains rightwing bloggers’ relentless attacks on the “MSM” and on anyone who contends that the media is conservative.
The result in Katrina’s case is a major political crisis and a dramatic shift in public perceptions, a body blow to the long-standing conventional wisdom of Bush as a "resolute leader" and a protector.
blogreport.salon.com /synopsis.aspx?synopsisId=147a2536-4de0-4716-9cc0-6c681e095ffd   (2167 words)

 Math Forum: Pascal's Triangle
The simplest view of Pascal's Triangle is that it may be generated by affixing a one a either end of the new row and then generating all numbers in between by adding together the two numbers above it.
Exploring Pascal's triangle when the modulus is a prime; when the modulus is a power of a prime; and when the modulus has at least two different prime divisors.
An applet for exploring patterns in the numbers contained in Pascal's triangle, which colors the cells in the first 128 rows of the triangle depending on whether or not they are divisible by some number x, where x is entered by the user.
mathforum.org /workshops/usi/pascal/pascal.links.html   (1528 words)

 Triangle Foundation
Triangle Foundation periodically performs statistical analyses of aggregate user behavior and characteristics in order to measure interest in and use of various areas on our website and to use such information to improve on our website's ability to serve you better.
The Triangle Foundation PAC is often required to disclose some personal information to federal, state or local government authorities.
TRIANGLE FOUNDATION follows the Association of Fundraising Professional's (AFP) Ethical Guidelines to the Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practice.
www.tri.org /privacy.html   (1017 words)

 ESPN.com: NCB - Hoops 101: Triangle Offense
Actually, when it comes to the Triangle, it was Winter's college coach at Southern Cal, Sam Barry, who planted the early ideas in his player's mind about the offense.
Basically, the Triangle consists of a three-man triangle on one side of the court and a "two man game" on the other side of the court.
Once the "triangle" is set up -- in this case with the point guard (1) having cut to the corner -- a "line of deployment" has been created between the ball (3), the post (5) and the basket.
espn.go.com /ncb/2003/0128/1499926.html   (2420 words)

 Bermuda Triangle
The "Bermuda or Devil's Triangle" is an imaginary area located off the southeastern Atlantic coast of the United States, which is noted for a high incidence of unexplained losses of ships, small boats, and aircraft.
The apexes of the triangle are generally accepted to be Bermuda, Miami, Fla., and San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Interest in the "Bermuda Triangle" can be traced to (1) the cover article in the August 1968 Argosy, "The Spreading Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle", (2) the answer to a letter to the editor of the January 1969 Playboy, and (3) an article in August 4, 1968 I, "Limbo of Lost Ships", by Leslie Lieber.
www.history.navy.mil /faqs/faq8-1.htm   (701 words)

 Bermuda Triangle - Skeptic's Dictionary
The size of the triangle varies from 500,000 square miles to three times that size, depending on the imagination of the author.
The modern legend of the Bermuda Triangle began soon after five Navy planes [Flight 19] vanished on a training mission during a severe storm in 1945.
In short, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle became a mystery by a kind of communal reinforcement among uncritical authors and a willing mass media to uncritically pass on the speculation that something mysterious is going on in the Atlantic.
skepdic.com /bermuda.html   (728 words)

 Area of a triangle (conventional method) - Math Open Reference
In the special case of an equilateral triangle, it is also given by the formula:
If you know the length of all three sides, it may be more convenient to use Heron's Formula for the area of a triangle.
triangle definition, right triangle, isosceles triangle, scalene triangle, equilateral triangle, obtuse triangle, acute triangle, triangle interior angles, triangle exterior angles, pythagorean triples, 3-4-5 triangle, 30-60-90 triangle, 45-45-90 triangle, triangle area, triangle circumcircle, triangle incircle, triangle inequality, triangle medians, midsegment of a triangle, Heron's formula Pythagoras' Theorem
www.mathopenref.com /trianglearea.html   (313 words)

 Triangle History
The Triangle remained a colloquial expression throughout the 1950s, employed by locals when another disappearance or unexplained crash happened.
Richard Winer proposed “The Devil’s Triangle” and extended it nearly to the Azores near Portugal.
But to this day Bermuda Triangle is deferred to for the same reason “Deadly Triangle” failed—there is simply no other name that calls to mind the general area as does Bermuda Triangle.
www.bermuda-triangle.org /html/triangle_history.html   (606 words)

 [No title]
The Bermuda Triangle is a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by a line from Florida to the islands of Bermuda, to Puerto Rico and then back to Florida.
Often a triangle writer had noted a ship or plane had disappeared in "calms seas" when the record showed a raging storm had been in progress.
Even though the Bermuda Triangle isn't a true mystery, this region of the sea certainly has had its share of marine tragedy.
www.unmuseum.org /triangle.htm   (1376 words)

 Triangle Tech : Admissions
Admission to Triangle Tech is a simple process: Applicants will have graduated from an accredited high school or academy or have earned a GED prior to admission.
Triangle Tech graduates who have earned an associate degree are guaranteed admission to the Slippery Rock University Bachelor of Science in Applied Science major if the earned associate degree includes a technical component of 35 or more credits, and the student has a minimal GPA of 2.0.
Triangle Tech graduates, once accepted into the Bachelor of Science in Applied Science program, are guaranteed that 48 - 60 credits will be accepted in transfer.
www.triangle-tech.com /frmsadmin.html   (685 words)

 encyclopedia of triangle centers
… The Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers (ETC) extends a list of 400 triangle centers published in the book Triangle Centers and Central Triangles.
… Dixon, R. "The Eight Centres of a Triangle." §1.5 in Mathographics.
Triangle (geometry) - definition of Triangle (geometry) in …;
www.jolietpages.com /encyclopedia-of-triangle-centers.html   (273 words)

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