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Thus, in reality, there were thirteen tribes in all but they are habitually referred to as twelve, doubtless because in the distribution of the land after the conquest of Palestine only twelve tribal territories were assigned, the tribe of Levi being distributed among the others because of its priestly functions and Divine inheritance.
The tribes, according to this view, were not constituted by a subdivision of Israel, but rather the nation was formed originally by the aggregation of some of the earlier tribes which had themselves grown out of the union of pre-existing groups of families and clans.
The descendants of kings and other noted Old-Testament personages could, of course, name their tribe, but in the case of more obscure individuals it is likely that the tribal indication is inferred from the fact of family residence in a particular district of Palestine.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/15039a.htm   (855 words)

  HLS : Faculty Directory   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tribe, Laurence H. "The Unbearable Wrongness of Bush v.
Tribe, Laurence H. "The Supreme Court, 1998 Term--Comment: Saenz Sans Prophesy: Does the "Privileges or Immunitites" Revival Reveal the Future--or Expose the Hidden Structure of the Present?" 113 Harvard Law Review 110 (1999).
Tribe, Laurence H. Abortion: The Clash of Absolutes (W.W. Norton 1990).
www.law.harvard.edu /faculty/directory/facdir.php?id=74   (172 words)

  Tribe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A tribe, viewed historically or developmentally, consists of a social group existing before the development of, or outside of, states, though some modern theorists hold that contemporary tribes can only be understood in terms of their relationship to states.
Thus, many believed that tribes organize links between families (including clans and lineages), and provide them with a social and ideological basis for solidarity that is in some way more limited than that of an "ethnic group" or of a "nation".
He concluded that tribes in general are characterized by fluid boundaries and heterogeneity, are not parochial, and are dynamic.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tribe   (777 words)

 Laurence Tribe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tribe is generally recognized as one of the foremost constitutional law experts and Supreme Court practitioners in the United States.
Tribe argued on behalf of Michael Hardwick for the ACLU in the case of Bowers v.
Tribe is one of a number of scholars at Harvard Law School who have expressed their support for animal rights.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Laurence_Tribe   (864 words)

 How to Make a Decision Like a Tribe
Just as ancient tribes needed a tool to help them reach decisions that reflected the group's collective knowledge, so today's business "tribes" can benefit from a tool that breaks down organizational barriers, explores assumptions in a nonconfrontational style, and changes the mind-set, focus, and pace of the conversations that lead to decisions.
According to this tradition, representatives of the Iroquis, Delaware, Cherokee, Choctow, Osage, the plains people and other tribes came together in 1879 in Oklahoma in a large council; by then, these tribes had realized that their indigenous culture would soon be overrun by the dominant white culture.
The east's responsibility is to maintain the tribe's freedom to move and to play with the design of life; all discussion originates in the east.
rd.business.com /index.asp?epm=s.1&bdcq=Tribe&bdcr=3&bdcu=http://www.fastcompany.com/online/01/rainbow.html&bdct=20071202074700&bdcp=&partner=2662601&bdcs=nwuuid-2662601-E5D57FF7-B47A-A896-C3BB-7F85EB36FA79-ym   (2954 words)

 Ramesh Ponnuru on Laurence Tribe on National Review Online
Tribe, a professor of constitutional law at Harvard Law School, wrote a letter to the Crimson criticizing its editorial as "utter nonsense." His friend Goodwin was guilty of some "sloppy" and "inadequate" footnoting — but of nothing worse.
Tribe kept working on the case even though he had an "unfocused, disoriented frame of mind." There was nobody else, he writes, who could have stood in for him.
Tribe, you will recall, says that he refused to use his reply brief to back away from the Ninth Amendment — even though, he says, he was under great pressure to do so.
www.nationalreview.com /ponnuru/ponnuru200502250845.asp   (2723 words)

 Tribewanted: Vorovoro - The Tribe
Tribe members will then be able to reserve their free stay of up to a month on Vorovoro in Fiji.
Tribe members will have their own profile, their own blog, their own chatroom, and the latest in online community technology.
Any member of the tribe will be able to put themselves forward through the online community with reasons as to why they should be Chief and what ideas they have for the Island and the tribe.
www.tribewanted.com /the-tribe.htm   (745 words)

 Narragansett Indian Tribe Online | History
During the summer, the tribe would move to the shore and construct Wigwams or Wetus, temporary shelter made of bark on the outside and woven mats on the inside.
The mission of the Tribe is to continue to promote and develop awareness among Tribal members the importance of education, culture, and family life within their own tribal community.
Membership in the Narragansett Indian Tribe is verified by tracing a person's genealogy to the 1880-1884 Roll, which was established when Rhode Island illegally "detribalized" the Narragansett Tribe and to be known in the community.
www.narragansett-tribe.org /history.htm   (1534 words)

 tribes - tribe.net
The Tribe you have requested was not found.
A tribe is a free online community where members share discussions, pictures, reviews and more.
Tribes also promote listings and events to interested members.
sanfrancisco.tribe.net /tribes?_message_resource=error.tribe.not.found   (152 words)

 BBC - Tribe - Bruce
Listen to Bruce talk about his Tribe experience.
“Tribe has been my whole world for the last four years and is the most important thing in my life right now.
“Tribe is about looking at the way other people live and asking questions about the way we live.
www.bbc.co.uk /tribe/bruce/index.shtml   (761 words)

 Sound Tribe Sector 9 : Emerging Artist of the Month : HOB.com
It's misleading to simply call Sound Tribe Sector 9 a "jam band," as their sound is hardly reminiscent of Phish or the Grateful Dead.
The art of Sound Tribe Sector 9 is meant truly to be a collective endeavor, and to their way of thinking, placing the spotlight on individual solos could only distance band members from the larger effort.
If that steadfast devotion to the collective seems a bit high-minded, one needs only to listen to recognize that Sound Tribe's music achieves a cohesiveness - and the band members maintain a connection to each other - that more solo-oriented jammers realize only in their finest performances.
www.hob.com /artistfeatures/emergingartists/0109soundtribesector9.asp   (432 words)

 The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Prof Admits to Misusing Source   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tribe could not be reached directly for comment yesterday, but issued a statement to The Crimson via e-mail.
“Tribe’s towering contributions to the field of constitutional law over four decades should not be overshadowed by this episode,” the dean, Kathleen M. Sullivan, wrote in an e-mail.
Sullivan was Tribe’s colleague on the Harvard faculty from 1984 to 1993.
www.thecrimson.com /article.aspx?ref=503493   (1002 words)

 World of Warcraft -> Info -> Story -> The Trolls
Nevertheless the Amani tribe remains fiercely dedicated to its battle against the elves, for the greatly diminished elven populace cannot long prevail alone in fighting both the trolls to the east and the Scourge to the south.
Background: The Vilebranch tribe split off from the Amani empire after the Troll Wars and returned to their ancestral lands, in the area that is now called the Hinterlands.
Background: The Witherbark tribe split off from the Amani empire after the Troll Wars and returned to their ancestral lands, in the areas that are now called the Hinterlands and the Arathi Highlands.
www.worldofwarcraft.com /info/story/troll/foresttribes.html   (2289 words)

 TRIBE FOREVER @( -_- )@
The evolution year of TRIBE clothing as Joe met up with his partners Ice, a renowned musician and Yeoman, a budding interior designer to fully established TRIBE clothing by opening their own outlet bearing the name ‘KLAN’ in his hometown, Malacca.
What make TRIBE unique and special in the market is their creative guts to break the traditional clothing rules with their signature loud and large graphic printings on their collar polo T-shirts.
Furthermore, Joe Tribe was even invited to do a talk on the clothing and design industry to students of MIA in the year 2005, sharing his experience and thoughts in starting up successful design business.
klanconcept.multiply.com   (1535 words)

 SFist: Big Changes at Tribe.net
We also culled some comments from Tribe users around the web on the changes, one of whom suggests that the move may be related to the pending sale of Knight-Ridder, an investor in Tribe (along with the Washington Post).
A political or human rights tribe would be wiped off the Tribe.net map for failing to conform to the laws, by including an Abu prison photo in their photo album.
Tribes then leaders Jan and Wade neither liked or understood the tribe.net community and as such they wanted to get rid of the community and replace it with a more marketable group of people.
www.sfist.com /archives/2005/12/20/big_changes_at_tribenet.php   (1459 words)

 Welcome - tribe.net
This tribe is the place to report bugs you find in the system.
A place to discuss, share and vent about the challenges unique to m...
I put this tribe together to give people a place to be helpful and...
www.tribe.net   (500 words)

 Kawaiisu Tribe of Tejon, Southern California Native American Art and History
The name “Kawaiisu” was given to the tribe by neighboring people and over the course of academic study has been the label that is most used.
Our tribe is listed as Cobaji, Nochi and Quabajai and shows a territory that spans an area from Death Valley in the east, across the Tehachapi Mountain range and west to the Pacific Ocean.
The courts have a record of designating “Indian Country” as the land base that “is” deeded to the tribe or that “once was” deeded to the tribe such as: English land grants, Mexican land grants and Spanish land grants.
home.att.net /~write2kate/artbyhorseindex.html   (3182 words)

 music tribes - tribe.net   (Site not responding. Last check: )
this tribe is dedicated to the late and absolutely wonderfully talented eva cassidy and for all t...
Tribe for gathering friends and fans of the band called The Invisible Cities 17 members - created January 4, 2005, led by Han
This tribe is the meeting place of great and bad singers to connect and share there love of Kar...
tribes.tribe.net /category/music   (1106 words)

 RFID Tribe - Home
RFID Tribe, a global organization with local chapters, is a rapidly growing forum for radio frequency identification.
RFID Tribe has members in over 65 countries and in more than 500 companies.
About RFID Tribe: RFID Tribe is the world's association for radio frequency identification (RFID) professionals.
www.rfidtribe.com   (181 words)

 Tribe 8
After Tribe 8 leaves your bathroom, you might just want to see if the toilet seat is up or down.
Tribe 8 plays a style that is reminiscent of Alice Donut (no surprise since they share the same record label).
Yet Tribe 8 is very fresh and quite strange.
www.ucalgary.ca /UofC/students/VOX/Albums/tribe8.htm   (206 words)

 [No title]
Having posted a 3-1 record to begin the 2006 season, the William and Mary women’s soccer team is ranked 25th in the latest National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA)/adidas national poll, which was released Tuesday.
The Tribe improved to 3-0 on the young season in dealing the Commodores their...
Lauren Bowers and the Tribe are Ranked 25th in the Latest NSCAA/adidas National Poll.
www.tribeathletics.com /sports.php/18/1   (303 words)

The Tribe is another great example of Handy Entertainment's PDA screen saver technology.
All throughout, the antics of The Tribe are humourous and surprising.
While in the cradle, or starting it up to show friends and family, The Tribe entertains.
www.handyent.com /tribe   (178 words)

A Tribe Called Quest is one of Hip Hops most legendary, beloved and revered groups of all time and for good reason.
Easily recognized for their unique approach to rap music by employing jazz infused soundscapes to Afro centric rhymes, sans the jaded and often nihilistic aggressive posturing associated with hip-hop, A Tribe Called Quest was largely responsible for the popularity of a new genre that dominated the East Coast sound of the early 1990s.
A Tribe Called Quests anomalous posture has changed the face and sound of hip-hop and paved the way for future groups, artists, producers and even fans to be unapologetic about their creative expression.
www.myspace.com /atribecalledquest   (1394 words)

 Tribe - Home Page
Tribe web site has been launched and the first release is available for download.
Unlike JGroups, Tribe only targets reliable multicast (no probabilistic delivery) and is optimized for cluster communications.
To download Tribe binary or source distributions, use the link on the left banner.
tribe.objectweb.org   (123 words)

 Tribe - Miniclip Games - Play Free Games
Click here to open your default mail program and send Tribe to your friends.
There are 3 different ways of posting Tribe to your blog or website.
Compete in the rituals to become the new chief of the tribe.
www.miniclip.com /games/tribe/en   (215 words)

 NBC may buy Tribe.net
Ali estimates the sale at $50 million or less and says that the media company will use Tribe to power the low-tech women’s networking site iVillage, which it acquired earlier this year for $600 million.
Tribe has been nearly stagnant in terms of reach, appeal, and functionality for a while…I imagine that NBC is buying the platform and the engineers more so than a social networking destination.
Tribe is not a leading social network and has a huge uphill battle to become one.
www.techcrunch.com /2006/07/07/nbc-will-buy-tribenet   (749 words)

 Tribe’s Blog   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tribe, while I was puking all over the engine of the boat (raft?) we were watching the whales from because I (or my stomach) just could not stand it when the floating device we were in would stop.
Tribe is such a trooper that she’d agree to pose in front of the place to see “Mexico’s Finest Showgirls.”
Tribe: Sandra Milo is so, so hot in 8 1/2 that...
tribe.textdriven.com /blog   (1849 words)

 World of Warcraft -> Info -> Story -> The Trolls
Background: Several millennia before the War of the Ancients, the Sandfury tribe was part of the Gurubashi empire.
The Great Sundering shattered the jungle trolls' territory and left the Sandfury tribe stranded in the middle of what swiftly became the desert of Tanaris.
Eventually the trolls adapted to their harsh new environment, and today they bear only a rough resemblance to the jungle trolls from whom they are descended.
www.worldofwarcraft.com /info/story/troll/sandtribes.html   (210 words)

 Eastern Standard Tribe » News
Eastern Standard Tribe is a podiobook — and banned in Boston!
Many people have written to me with the news of Roadcasting, a technology that is very similar to the gimmick in Eastern Standard Tribe wherein cars stuck in traffic form ad-hoc peer-to-peer networks, sharing music among themselves (in truth, this idea came from my pal and former business partner, John Henson).
My second novel Eastern Standard Tribe, is a finalist for this year’s Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel.
www.craphound.com /est   (1140 words)

 MIDLAND TRIBE BASEBALL   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Midland Tribe is a 10U baseball team sponsored by the Midland Redskins Baseball program.
The Midland Redskins are the best amateur baseball team in the United States and we appreciate the opportunity to represent Midland at this age level and for years to follow.
The Midland Tribe will compete in the Cincinnati Riverbats Spring Swing the weekend of April 20th through April 22nd.
eteamz.active.com /midlandtribe   (577 words)

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