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Topic: Tribute (film)

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Filmtracks Modern Soundtrack Reviews
His conservative, clean-cut FBI agent attitude is challenged by his quarter Indian heritage, with the film showing his slowly-developing mystical visions of ghost dancers as he is eventually forced to choose between the law and the Indians.
While the first film had the advantage of conveying the most interesting story, the subsequent entries suffered from a lack of self-importance as the criminal attention turned more towards Ryan and his family rather than events of a global scale.
But the film's unoriginal, drawn out story follows predictable paths of the daughter's coming of age and the nosey sister-in-law/aunt who attempts to first set up the ailing father on a blind date (before eventually trying to steal custody of the girl).
www.filmtracks.com   (1635 words)

 World Trade Center Tribute   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Thousands of people died and millions of people around the world mourned, and using this to promote Bush's (or anyone else's, for that matter) election campaign is doing a huge dishonor to their memories.
The tribute is apolitical, thanking our international neighbors and hoping that we will one day achieve world peace.
I won't use this tribute to try to gain myself employment (though if you'd like to give me a job you can contact me).
www.auburn.edu /~peckrob/wtc_tribute.html   (2143 words)

 Asian tribute to film falls flat - The Daily Cardinal - Arts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
While those devoid of talent shovel their crap onto celluloid for mainstream America's viewing pleasure, the individuals with vision craft indelible films, many of which are destined to be misunderstood and unjustifiably hated by mainstream filmgoers.
This film may remind one of the "South Park" episode where the boys go to the fair and ride the "Line Simulator," which simulates the experience of standing in line for a ride.
Film is an immersive medium-one which is designed to engage and excite an audience, whether it's through storytelling, intriguing characters or superb visuals.
www.dailycardinal.com /news/2005/03/15/Arts/Asian.Tribute.To.Film.Falls.Flat-894180.shtml   (686 words)

 The Film Tribune - The Mark of Zorro (1920)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Hollywood was still largely populated by ramshackle companies, and the film business had recently been liberated from the oppressive presence of the Motion Picture Patents Company, a New York-based trust combining all major film companies of the period with the purpose of enforcing the Edison patent on motion picture equipment.
From a modern audience's viewpoint, the film has lost most of its appeal, since several Zorro films were made afterwards, and at least one is better than this one.
Apart from the ending, which was completely rewritten (and which manages in the film to be more climactic than in the original story) and a few elements which were combined or eliminated altogether, the letter of the printed source has been maintained, even reproducing some precise pieces of dialogue for the film's titles.
www.filmtribune.com /markofzorro1920.html   (2029 words)

 A Tribute to Film Posters
Film posters are not just collectables; they express something deeper to those they belong to.
When I was researching the history of film posters I found out that movie posters were never originally meant to be sold to the public.
When film first came about the posters were distributed in limited quantities to cinemas that were screening the films.
www.all-film-posters.com   (400 words)

 Greatest Film Scenes Tribute - Silents (1)
A collection of the 100 most famous, unforgettable or memorable images, scenes, sequences or performances in films of the 20th century.
As Anna regains consciousness, but starts to sink into the frigid water at the edge of the falls, David finally reaches her, scoops her up and saves her, running perilously upstream (and keeping his balance) on unstable blocks of ice to reach the shore.
The scene is beautifully orchestrated with a montage of close-ups of faces and objects and long-shots, all rapidly cut together and contrasted as the images build to a devastating conclusion.
www.filmsite.org /scenesA.html   (1854 words)

 CNN - TV tribute to film critic Gene Siskel planned - February 22, 1999
CHICAGO (CNN) -- As film enthusiasts mourned the death of critic Gene Siskel, the company that distributes his show, Buena Vista Television, announced Monday that a special tribute to Siskel will air in place of "Siskel & Ebert at the Movies" this weekend.
Funeral services were held for the influential Chicago Tribune film critic -- known for his thumbs-up, thumbs-down reviews with fellow critic Roger Ebert on their popular TV show -- in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park on Monday.
And the duo was recognized in the book "The Film 100," which ranked them 74th on the list of the movie industry's most influential people.
www.cnn.com /SHOWBIZ/Movies/9902/22/siskel.tribute/index.html   (915 words)

 Welcome to Bitter Films
The film's big finale sequence wasn't conceived until midway through production, while individual scenes were redesigned and significantly altered up to the last day of sound mixing.
The film's first cut - clocking in at over twelve minutes and running slow as molasses - was trimmed and re-trimmed in the usual microscopic method (it's always amazing how a scene crosses the line between funny to not funny in less than four frames), and was radically retooled in places.
A few urban legends grew around the film, particularly fueled whenever a lazy reviewer would read a synopsis in lieu of actually watching the cartoon; thus going to press with descriptions of the film as a non-fiction document of rejected commercials.
www.bitterfilms.com /rejected.html   (2919 words)

 Filmtracks James Horner Tribute
The good scores Horner produced for these awful films allowed him to be recognized by the powers that be in Hollywood, and after being hired to score Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, his career went into full gear.
Most of the films that I've been doing are, in fact, adventure, horror or whatever, and those are the kinds of films Goldsmith does." -- 1982, on criticism that his music resembles Goldsmith's.
The reviews, pictures, and notes contained in the filmtracks.com composer tributes may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the prior written authority of Filmtracks Publications.
www.filmtracks.com /composers/horner.shtml   (1614 words)

 Julie Delpy Tribute Site - News
The film is a work of fiction based on the actual events of April 14, 1755 and the subsequent stories of hauntings on and around Wachusett Mountain.
INQ7.net: "The film has no big revelations to make, but the interest of the audience is sustained because of the refreshing naturalism, Richard Linklater's sure direction, and the incredible chemistry between the actors, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, who have literally grown old but wrinkly beautiful, and wiser, in their characters.
Each year, a few young actors that write short length films are offered the possibility to have their films shown during the Cannes International Film Festival, at the Cinéma des Cinéastes in Paris and at many film festivals.
home.no.net /site/delpyweb   (8572 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Film | Emotional film tribute to Harris
The actor's three sons and granddaughter paid an emotional tribute to him as they accepted the outstanding contribution honour at the British Independent Film Awards (Bifa) in London.
In an emotional speech, Harris's son Jared thanked Irish prime minister Bertie Ahern for his tribute, the rugby clubs of Limerick for their minute's silence and the UK press for treating his parting "with such dignity and respect".
His lifetime achievement award was for his work with his company, Handmade Films, which made Monty Python's Life of Brian, Time Bandits and Withnail and I. His widow, Olivia, and son, Dhani, made a rare public appearance to accept it.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/entertainment/film/2374865.stm   (550 words)

 Review: Tribute
Tribute bands, for the uninitiated, are bands formed by obsessive fans of real bands.
The tribute band is called Sheer Heart Attack and their Superfan is one weird dude.
Films out now: Revolver, Ab-normal Beauty, Land Of The Dead, Howl’s Moving Castle, King’s Game, One Nite In Mongkok, When Will I Be Loved?
www.iofilm.co.uk /fm/t/tribute_2001.shtml   (541 words)

 Stanley Kubrick Remembrance Page
Each film was a struggle to create something new and memorable, and he achieved his goal every time.
From the terrifying The Shining to the hilarious Dr. Strangelove, his films are endlessly watchable and deserve to go down in history as some of the greatest films ever made.
The first film that made me aware of the legend that is Stanley Kubrick was 'Full Metal Jacket', on my eleventh birthday (of course, my dad shouldn't really have been showing such a violent film you may add).
www.joblo.com /stanleykubrickremembrance.htm   (3216 words)

As Entertainment Weekly is to FILM COMMENT, so is a good deal of Web- or CD-ROM writing to the kind of shaped, elegant prose to which our best critics once aspired.
I'm still hoping for the kind of communications revolution that will somehow short-circuit the eternally self-congratulatory dolts and voyeurs who pride themselves on digging in their heels so as never to be nudged off the Isle of Solipsism.
Categories include animation, film & media schools, magazines & journals, memorabilia, research and databases, screenwriting, TV programs, etc. Addresses and evaluative descriptions provided for each of the 500 sites, as well as a listserv list, a selection of usenet newsgroups, and a substantial appendix of cross-references.
www.filmlinc.com /fcm/1-2-97/frames.htm   (1590 words)

 USATODAY.com - Son of Star Trek creator producing tribute film   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
The film, Star Trek New Voyages: In Harm's Way, was co-written by James Cawley who lives in Ticonderoga, where some scenes are being shot.
Roddenberry, whose father died in 1991 of a heart attack, is the producer.
He said he was struck by how close the film's message comes close to those in his father's original science-fiction film series.
www.usatoday.com /tech/news/2004-05-21-trek-tribute-film_x.htm   (226 words)

 DoubleTake Documentary Film Festival: Tribute   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Considering that the Iranian cinema was virtually unknown to the world at the beginning of the Œ90s, that honor was as unprecedented as it was unequivocal.
In 1997 Taste of Cherry, Kiarostami's spare drama about a man contemplating suicide, became the first Iranian film to win the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival; it was subsequently was voted the year's best foreign film by the National Society of Film Critics.
At the instigation of the United Nations, he went to Uganda to consider the situation of children left orphaned by the AIDS epidemic: it was an assignment well-suited to the concerns of one of the cinema's great humanists and most resourceful documentarians.
www.fullframefest.org /archives/tribute01.html   (506 words)

 18th Singapore International Film Festival (14 - 30 April '05)
Some of the longest films will play at this year's 18th Singapore International Film Festival.
Leading the list is Filipino filmmaker Lav Diaz's new 11-hour-plus opus, Evolution of a Filipino Family, which follows the life of a family through the turbulent decades of Filipino history.
Jacques Richard's Henry Langlois: The Phantom of the Cinémathèque is a loving tribute clocking in at almost 4 hours, to the man who founded the French Cinémathèque.
www.filmfest.org.sg   (368 words)

 BBC NEWS | England | Suffolk | Home town tribute to film legend
The 96-year-old was born in the town in 1908, and first trod the boards in Felixstowe before moving to London.
The film screenings will include Goodbye, Mr Chips (1939), In Which We Serve (1942), Great Expectations (1946), Tiger Bay (1959) and Ryan's Daughter (1970) for which he won an Oscar for best supporting actor.
Suffolk Coastal District Council, which helps organise the annual festival, said it was honour to be able to support a tribute to "one of this country's true screen greats".
news.bbc.co.uk /go/click/rss/1.0/-/1/hi/england/suffolk/3679874.stm   (213 words)

 Girl-next-door Powell returns to the NW for film tribute
COMING UP Fifth-annual festival features 55 film programs; the tribute to Jane Powell and showing of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" is Saturday night at James Broughton Theatre.
Born and raised in Portland, she's also one of a relatively few classic movie stars to emerge from the Northwest -- an association perhaps strengthened by the fact that her most successful film, "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," is set in Oregon Territory.
The closing night film at the festival, which is also opening this weekend in Seattle, is a new documentary called "Broadway: the Golden Era," in which, I understand, you're briefly interviewed.
seattlepi.nwsource.com /movies/191958_powell23.html   (1013 words)

The film was THE GLASS KEY, starring Brian Donlevy, Veronica Lake, William Bendix and Alan Ladd.
The film was Quentin Tarantino's RESERVOIR DOGS, a film who's brutal and unsettling violence made it anything but glamorous.
In this film he is just that, the hero of a young boy named Joey.
www.filmnight.org /alanladd.htm   (590 words)

 Post Your Comments on the Tribute & Film
If you attended the Warren King Tribute on March 31, 2001, or if you purchased the videotape of the documentary film "Warren King: Teaching Us To See" in the Warren King Foundation Store, please add your comments here.
Jeff, The Warren King Tribute that you and your team conceived,designed and organized was outstanding, brilliant and memorable - The best, by far, of all that I have ever attended.
For the first time a tribute that went over six hours and was not boring has to be deemed a huge success.
www.phototeach.com /comments.htm   (1860 words)

 Scoop: Film industry tribute for Wellington unveiled
Mayor Prendergast said the tribute will be a spectacular adornment to the already bustling Courtney Place precinct - the heart of the city’s film and entertainment district, close to the Embassy Theatre, Paramount Theatre, The Film Archive and Reading Cinemas, and in a spot forever associated with the three The Lord of the Rings premieres.
The tribute consists of a film camera on a tripod that appears to be composed from a collection of recycled mechanical parts.
The tribute was selected by an independent assessment panel including panel chair Neil Plimmer, local architect Ian Athfield, Yvonne Mackay from the Gibson Group, Jenny Harper, Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Academic) of Victoria University, and Anne Noble, Research Director of the College of Design, Fine Arts and Music at Massey University.
www.scoop.co.nz /stories/CU0502/S00142.htm   (1133 words)

 Guests -- Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival
Produced by Anant Singh, the film premiered in New York to wide critical acclaim and was endorsed by the “Arts Against Apartheid” committee as a courageous indictment of the racial policies of the time.
All along, her interest in films and the film society movement was a driving force.
The film buff venue quickly and surprisingly thrived and when it was sold a year and a half later, Mickey was hired by Landmark Theaters as their National Publicity Director, also providing input for their bookings and creating special events and mini-festivals.
www.ebertfest.com /seven/guests.htm   (6911 words)

 Essence of Life™   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Instead of focusing on the death, you and your family will be able to focus on the life of those touched by your loved one
When your child, parent or friend succeeds in something that is special to them, give them a tribute video to honor them.
We are uniquely positioned to provide you with a level of quality unparalleled in the industry.
www.essenceoflifevideo.com   (186 words)

 A personal tribute to film director Alan Pakula by writer John Nichols
American film director Alan Pakula, 70, died in a tragic freak accident November 19.
While driving on the Long Island Expressway 35 miles east of New York City a metal pipe lying on the highway was kicked up by another car and crashed through Pakula's windshield.
He did perhaps his best work in the 1970s, with films such as Klute (1971), The Parallax View (1974) and All the President's Men (1976).
www.wsws.org /arts/1998/dec1998/pak-d16.shtml   (743 words)

 FILM MUSIC REVIEW (From the Editor)
I saw it as a teenager and still remember it as a "guilty pleasure." I wrote about first watching this film on late night TV back in the '50s and what a lasting impression the score made on me. My story was written as an 80th birthday tribute to Elmer.
Yet his film music will continue to live on...and fortunately a lot of it is available on such labels as Prometheus Records and Film Score Monthly.
It was a one hour tribute and was a real pleasure for me to compile and make comments about the music of today's most accomplished film composer.
hometown.aol.com /musbuff/page37.htm   (13010 words)

 A son's tribute: film on dad's life
That was 40 years ago, and now Rob O'Dwyer, Bobby's son, is on a quest to understand his father, who left when his son was 2 years old.
And he's doing it by putting together a documentary film, with filmmaker Ayumi Sato, to be shown about the man.
A tribute to the local soldiers we have lost.
www.recordonline.com /archive/2005/08/11/commcove.htm   (794 words)

 Archives, Holzer on Jane Fonda   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
When, at the tribute Fonda spoke about how she had helped soldiers to question the Vietnam War, according to the Observer "the room was silent.
Although in actuality the event was a fund-raiser for the Film Center of Lincoln Center, ostensibly the gala festivities were a tribute to Fonda's 30-year, 40-film, motion picture career.
Although the Fonda tribute was good business for the Film Society, it was an outrage for the Society to honor a woman who, during a shooting war, traveled to the bosom of our enemy to further its worldwide propaganda campaign.
www.henrymarkholzer.com /hanoijane.net/archive.htm   (7133 words)

 Tribute Film Review - Time Out Film
Addicts of filmed theatre and knighthood-aspiring performances will revel in it; all others are advised to carry smelling salts.
If you were registered for Time Out Film you would automatically see the cinemas near you showing this film.
The annual Time Out Film Guide includes 15,000 films reviewed over the last 36 years by Time Out critics, covering every area of cinema: Hollywood mainstream and B-movie horrors, documentaries and avant garde, French, Far Eastern, classic silents and 1930s comedies.
www.timeout.com /film/79764.html   (258 words)

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