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  TricksterFan.com: A Trickster Online Resource - Trickster Forum, Guides, and Database
Try to read the updates frequently to keep up to date with events as some announcements are very important.
We are currently the second largest Trickster forum, and are constantly growing.
We are looking for Trickster article writers, so if you are able to write articles, please post so in the forum.
www.tricksterfan.com   (635 words)

  Trickster - Crystalinks
In later folklore, the trickster is incarnated as a clever, mischievous man or creature, who tries to survive the dangers and challenges of the world using trickery and deceit as a defense.
Trickster is a creator, a joker, a truth teller, a story teller, a transformer linked to the spiritual frequency changes humanity is experiencing at this time.
Trickster is the emotional body, our Inner Child or wounded soul, who evolves in our lifetimes as it spirals back to higher light.
www.crystalinks.com /trickster.html   (5027 words)

  Trickster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In mythology, and in the study of folklore and religion, a trickster is a god, goddess, spirit, human hero or anthropomorphic animal who plays pranks or otherwise disobeys normal rules and norms of behaviour.
The Trickster is an example of a Jungian Archetype.
In later folklore, the trickster is incarnated as a clever, mischievous man or creature, who tries to survive the dangers and challenges of the world using trickery and deceit as a defense.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Trickster   (718 words)

 Trickster (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Trickster is the name of two DC Comics supervillains and an enemy of the Flash.
The original Trickster is a practical joker and conman whose favourite occupation is damaging enemies like the Flash with items such as explosive teddies.
Trickster tells Flash their plan in exchange that Flash visits him in the hospital, and agrees to Flash's suggestion to turn himself in.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Trickster_(comics)   (995 words)

 [No title]
The Trickster has a long history and a sizable mythic presence in many cultures, and a great deal of information about The Trickster’s many faces and talents can be found on-line.
A tireless trickster clown of the tie-dyed American counterculture is the unstoppable Wavy Gravy.
The Riddle of the Trickster, by Thunderspud of Dragonfhain
www.sniggle.net /trickster.php   (418 words)

In psychological terms, the trickster may be said to serve as a sort of scapegoat figure onto which are projected simultaneously the fears, failures, and unattained ideals of the source culture.
The characteristic trickster tale is in the form of a picaresque adventure: the trickster was "going along"; he encountered a situation to which he responded by knavery or stupidity; he met a violent or ludicrous end; and then the next incident is told.
Africa and in the western Sudan, the trickster is the hare.
www.geocities.com /aman0_jyaku/Song-Trickster.htm   (4400 words)

 Theories on the North American Trickster
Trickster stories dealing with creation, transformation and connections with supernatural astral powers were classified as "mythological stories." It is for instance characteristic that Glooskap who is only to a small extent a trickster belongs here to mythology, together with such beings as Manabozho and Raven.
Wherever he appears, the trickster enacts the human comedy as a sacred drama, displaying the ironic condition of a limited mind served by limited senses but with an unlimited desire to relate to the realms of meaning around it (ibid:46).
Any effort to investigate why a trickster appears in folklore or religion, or how the relations are between the trickster and the culture hero-transformer, has to widen the discussion to also include the appearances of the trickster in other parts of the world.
www.angelfire.com /realm/bodhisattva/trickster.html   (6582 words)

 Transformations of the Trickster
Trickster tales have existed globally since the earliest times, and nearly everyone recognizes a trickster when one is encountered in a story, whether it be the Monkey King stealing the Peaches of Immortality, Hermes making Apollo’s cattle walk backwards, or B’rer Rabbit pulling the stunt with the tar baby.
At the same time, though, tricksters need to participate in the same world as the hearers of their tales—humans whose lives are ruled by the gods, and who take delight in seeing those rules bent, broken, or circumvented, even if the result brings humiliation to the trickster.
Trickster is not gendered—only cultural perceptions of the freedom and mobility necessary to be trickster.
www.southerncrossreview.org /18/trickster.htm   (3198 words)

The Winnebago Trickster cycle of forty-nine stories is central in his book, The Trickster and is the most referenced trickster figure of his writings by subsequent students of Native American tricksters.
Trickster mastery permeates the fictional and non-fictional writings of Gerald Vizenor, who is often referred to as a trickster himself.
The trickster was jumping from oral tradition to written stories in the middle of the renaissance of Native American writings, a time of changing consciousness reflected by postmodernism and the science of chaos.
sorrel.humboldt.edu /~me2/engl560/karin.html   (1087 words)

By that, he means that the trickster crosses both physical and social boundaries-- the trickster is often a traveller, and he often breaks societal rules.
Tricksters cross lines, breaking or blurring connections and distinctions between "right and wrong, sacred and profane, clean and dirty, male and female, young and old, living and dead" (Hyde 7).
Trickster represents a certain flexibility of mind and spirit, a willingness to defy authority and invent clever solutions that keeps cultures (and stories) from becoming too stagnant.
faculty.gvsu.edu /websterm/Tricksters.htm   (871 words)

 "Mind: Trickster, Transformer" by Blair A. Moffett
Trickster is at one and the same time creator and destroyer, giver and negator, he who dupes others and who is always duped himself.
Trickster's hero qualities were present, then, from the very beginning of his career.
For in all of his manifestations Trickster remains a primordial being of the same order as the gods, despite his prolonged sojourn in the human condition.
www.theosophy-nw.org /theosnw/world/america/my-moff2.htm   (1983 words)

 Introduction to The Trickster and the Paranormal
Tricksters often deceive larger and more powerful beings who would thwart them; they may be endearingly clever or disgustingly stupid—both cultural heroes and selfish buffoons.
Tricksters are associated with destructuring, boundary crossing, and blurring distinctions.
Tricksters travel that liminal realm, and ambiguities in communication are their province.
www.tricksterbook.com /Intro.htm   (4799 words)

 The Trickster, the Devil, and an Ambiguous World (The Anthropik Network)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Tricksters are also often culture heroes: Loki invented many things and gave them to humans, such as the fishing net already mentioned.
Trickster, on the other hand, is a thoroughly entertaining, often humorous mischief-maker and culture-hero, deceitful but also purveyor of goodness.
Tricksters test the boundaries of society, and establish what is acceptable and what is not by their experiments and exploration.
anthropik.com /2006/06/the-trickster-the-devil-and-an-ambiguous-world   (8367 words)

 Signifying Monkey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Trickster tales are a type of folktale in which animals are portrayed with the power of speech and the ability to behave like humans.
The dominant characteristic of the trickster is his or her ingenuity, which enables the trickster to defeat bigger and stronger animals.
In African and African American trickster tales, the trickster figure is often a monkey, a hare, a spider, or a tortoise.
www.ualr.edu /jxbriton/folk.html   (1354 words)

 Native American Trickster Tales
As will be suggested by the tales below, Trickster alternately scandalizes, disgusts, amuses, disrupts, chastises, and humiliates (or is humiliated by) the animal-like proto-people of pre-history, yet he is also a creative force transforming their world, sometimes in bizarre and outrageous ways, with his instinctive energies and cunning.
The Trickster Cycle--Dieterle's retelling of the tales Paul Radin identified as composing a "trickster cycle."
Trickster [untitled]--nice discussion of tricksters, summarizing Radin's and Jung's views and modern Native American literature.
members.cox.net /academia/coyote.html   (5442 words)

 Thunderbird and Trickster
Largely, I suspect that this dual nature of the Thunderbird ties it to the Trickster figure in Indian belief: like the Trickster, the harm the Thunderbird causes is mostly because it is so large and powerful and primeval.
Iktomi and other tricksters seem to be at the constant mercy of their desires; yet their blind luck always seems to protect them from the consequences of their missteps.
Psychological anthropologists, especially those oriented toward psychoanalytic theory and depth psychology, point to the Trickster figure as a sort of important cultural "release valve." He represents the "return of the repressed," the Dionysian aspects of life only temporarily held in abeyance by the Apollonian forces of civilization.
www.fiu.edu /~mizrachs/thunderbird-and-trickster.html   (4030 words)

 Margaret Atwood - Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth and Art, by Lewis Hyde (Book Review)
And what an ambiguous creature Trickster is! He’s cunning personified, a sleight-of-hand artist and a cheat, yet through his overweening curiosity and his tendency to meddle in things about which he lacks true knowledge, he often makes a fool of himself.
Such figures remind us that it’s Odysseus the trickster who tells a lie good enough to get his men alive out of the monster Cyclops’; cave, and Prometheus the trickster who steals fire from the gods and makes a gift of it to man. Through his daring and wiliness, Trickster too can be a hero.
Tricksters, however, stand where the door swings open on its hinges and the horizon expands: they operate where things are joined together, and thus can also come apart.
www.web.net /owtoad/trickste.html   (1515 words)

 Trickster Tales
Trickster tales are great favorites in many cultures.
Black slaves often used trickster tales in their storytelling.
The list is based on the type animal of animal trickster, for example fox, ravens, anansi.
www.cdli.ca /CITE/lang_trickster_tales.htm   (379 words)

Coyote the Trickster is a page for grade school teachers, describing a unit designed to extend the third grade Social Studies curriculum.
The purpose of this unit is to contribute to the students' understanding of the coyote and to expose students to the trickster tale genre of literature.
The Riddle of the Trickster is a cross-cultural overview of the trickster archetype.
members.aol.com /pmichaels/glorantha/foolsparadise.html   (2425 words)

 Trickster Selected Bibliography
"Intriguers and Trickster: The Manifestations of an Archetype in the Comedy of the Renaissance." Revue de Litterature Comparee 61/1(1987) 5-29.
The Trickster’s Tongue: An Anthology of Poetry in Translation from Africa and the African Diaspora.
"The Ubiquitous Trickster Archetype in the Narrative of Francisco Ayala." Hispania 70/2 (1987) 222-230.
www.trinity.edu /org/tricksters/materials/Tricksterbib.htm   (7354 words)

 Review: Steven Harper's Trickster, reviewed by Mahesh Raj Mohan
The major theme of Trickster is family: the search for loved ones, nurturing existing family ties, and adding to one's own family unit.
Trickster is meant to be a thriller -- and succeeds as one -- but it does have many emotionally affecting moments.
Ultimately, the novel is a fast-paced adventure filled with intrigue and populated with characters you care about, leaving the reader looking forward to the next installment in the series.
www.strangehorizons.com /2004/20040202/trickster.shtml   (1027 words)

 Trickster - Kokopelli
In the United States all of the many Native American tribes have their own unique versions of this trickster spirit.
One of these tricksters has become quite popularized in recent years.
In this version of the Trickster - he apparently had a penis that he could detach and then send down river to "have his way" with any of the young maidens who were innocently bathing in the stream.
www.thezodiac.com /koko.htm   (320 words)

 Amazon.com: Trickster: Music: Kidneythieves   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
I don't own this release, but I do own the Trickster Reprocess, which is available off of their website, which includes remastered versions of all these songs on this album, plus 2 extra songs I believe, Veteran and Red & Violet.
This CD/DVD release have the same songs from Trickster but is completely digitally remastered in addition to 5 new bonus tracks and has a DVD with unseen footage to come with it.
From the cynical message in "Taxicab Messiah", to the deranged commentary on "S+M" and even the oddity of "Feathers", Trickster is pure and proud trip-hop expressed with guitars and lyrics that could almost be sprites the way they jump out and come to life within the music.
www.amazon.com /Trickster-Kidneythieves/dp/B000009HR8   (1207 words)

 The Trickster I
The Trickster became a part-time persona, taking up less and less time, until he saw in the newspaper...
Five of the Trickster’s former comrades—most of the Rogues Gallery—had died spectacularly.
The Top revealed that he had planted the impulse to reform in the Trickster’s mind...and he removed it.
www.hyperborea.org /flash/trickster.html   (1046 words)

 The Infography about the Trickster Figure in Myth
The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the trickster figure.
Basso, Ellen B. In Favor of Deceit: A Study of Tricksters in an Amazonian Society.
"Job and the Trickster." The Trickster: A Study in American Indian Mythology by Paul Radin.
www.infography.com /content/372652456337.html   (229 words)

 Amazon.com: Trickster (Wild at Heart, No 3): Books: Laurie Halse Anderson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Trickster, by Laurie Halse Anderson, is one of the best books that I have ever read.
Trickster has an injured leg, and David wants to help out--provided he gets to ride Trickster when the horse gets better.
When Trickster and three other horses get the same disease--cantharidin--David knows he must help at all costs.
www.amazon.com /Trickster-Wild-Heart-No-3/dp/1584850477   (1085 words)

 Mythology Page Library : Creative Minds Unlimited   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Like "Murphy", when these tricksters made their presence felt, people would just roll their eyes and hope for the pranks to end.
Wisagatcak the Trickster built a dam across a stream in an attempt to capture the Great Beaver as it left its lodge.
But the trickster tired of the Underworld and wanted to take his newly revived wife back to the land of the living.
www.create.org /myth/trick.htm   (2825 words)

 Trickster Forums - Trickster Online MMORPG Community Forums and Trade Market!
Trickster Forums - Trickster Online MMORPG Community Forums and Trade Market!
Ask questions about Trickster Online and receive answers from other members!
Talk about anything that is not related to Trickster Online
www.tricksterforums.com   (119 words)

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