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Topic: Troy (disambiguation)

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 Wikinfo | Troy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
This article is about the city of Troy as described in the works of Homer, and the possible location of a historical city of that name.
Troy (Greek Τροιας) is a legendary city, the location of the Trojan War, as described in the Iliad, an epic poem in Ancient Greek.
The problem is that Troy VII is a hilltop fort, not a city, and certainly not the city of the size described by Homer.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Troy   (1083 words)

 Troy - Gurupedia
Troy (Greek Τροία) is a legendary city, the location of the Trojan War, as described in the Iliad, an epic poem in
Until the 1988 excavations, the problem was that Troy VII is a hilltop fort, not a city, and certainly not the city of the size described by Homer.
The question of Troy's status in the Bronze Age world has been the subject of a sometimes acerbic debate between Korfmann and the Tübingen historian Frank Kolb.
www.gurupedia.com /t/tr/troy.htm   (1337 words)

 Ilion, Greece
Troy (Greek: Τροία Troia (or Τροίη) also  Ἴλιον Ílion; Latin: Troia, Ilium; Turkish: Truva) is a legendary city, scene of the Trojan War, part of which is described in Homer's Iliad, an epic poem in Ancient Greek, composed in the 8th or 9th century BC, but containing older material (Iliad means "about Ilion").
Troy was known for its riches, gained from port trade with east and west, fancy clothes, iron production, and massive defensive walls.
The archaeological layer known as Troy VIIa, which has been dated on the basis of pottery styles to the mid to late 13th century BC, is the most often-cited candidate for the Troy of Homer.
www.creekin.net /c3700-n73-ilion-greece.html   (2865 words)

 Helen of Troy Encyclopedia Article @ Beheld.net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
In Greek mythology, Helen (Greek: Ἑλένη, Helénē), also known as Helen of Troy, was the daughter of Zeus and Leda and the wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta.
In others, she was portrayed as his unwilling captive in Troy, or as a cruel, selfish woman who brought disaster to everyone around her, and she hated him.
Helen then became one of the main characters in Wolfgang Petersen's epic movie, Troy, which starred Brad Pitt as Achilles, Eric Bana as Hector, Orlando Bloom as Paris, Peter O'Toole as Priam, Saffron Burrows, Brendon Gleeson as Menelaus, Julie Christie as Thetis, Sean Bean as Odysseus, Diane Kruger as Helen and Brian Cox as Agamemnon.
www.beheld.net /encyclopedia/Helen_of_Troy   (2184 words)

 Troy (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Troy weight, a system of measurements for weight and mass commonly used in describing the "size" of precious metals and gemstones
Troy Brown, a wide receiver for the New England Patriots
Troy Polamalu, a strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Troy_(disambiguation)   (222 words)

 Troy information - Search.com
Troy (Ancient Greek Τροία Troia, also Ίλιον; Latin: Troia, Ilium) is a legendary city, center of the Trojan War, described in the Trojan War cycle, especially in the Iliad, one of the two epic poems attributed to Homer.
According to Greek mythology, the Trojans were the ancient citizens of the city of Troy in the Troad area, in the land of Asia Minor (or Little Asia, now Turkey).
Dardanus, the legendary founder of Troy, crossed over to Asia Minor from the island of Samothrace, where he met Teucer.
domainhelp.search.com /reference/Troy   (3258 words)

 Informat.io on Troy
Today it is the name of an archaeological site, the traditional location of Homeric Troy, Turkish Truva, in Hisarlık (39°58′N 26°13′E) in Anatolia, close to the seacoast in what is now Çanakkale province in northwest Turkey, southwest of the Dardanelles under Mount Ida.
In the Iliad, the Achaeans set up their camp near the mouth of the river Scamander (assumingly modern Karamenderes), where they had beached their ships.
A small minority of contemporary scholars argue that Homeric Troy was not in Anatolia, but located elsewhere: England
www.informat.io /?title=troy   (3095 words)

 troy - OneLook Dictionary Search
Troy, troy : Encarta® World English Dictionary, North American Edition [home, info]
Troy, troy : The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language [home, info]
Phrases that include troy: troy weight, troy ounce, troy pound, troy unit, north troy, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=troy   (339 words)

 Troy infoTurkish.com Herşey Hakkında Türkçe Bilgi
There is, however, a recent theory proposed by historian Iman Wilkins that proposes a new location of Troy in England.
His theory holds that the Trojan War happened many centuries earlier than generally believed, just before the Greeks were forced by a change in climate to migrate south to the Mediterranean.
Immanuel Velikovsky, while accepting the traditional geography of the Trojan War, argued[[5]] that the Greek Dark Ages never happened, and that the Trojan War was fought several centuries later than is now generally believed.
www.infoturkish.com /Turkey/Troy.html   (9977 words)

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