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Topic: Truro

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  Truro Town Site - Cornwall UK
Truro derives its name from the Cornish Tri-veru, meaning three rivers, and developed as a tin port between the Truro River and the rivers Kenwyn and Allen.
By the 14th century Truro was an important inland port and one of the five stannary towns in Cornwall.
Truro was called the London of Cornwall and the Assembly Rooms on High Cross, with a theatre as well, were the centre of this high society.
truro.cornwall.net   (866 words)

  GENUKI: Truro
Truro was also the chief coinage town of the county and much tin raised in the county was shipped from its quays.
Truro was formally granted the status of a city in the early part of the 20th Century.
Truro Union workhouse was actually located in the parish of St Clements for Poor Law administration and parish relief.
www.genuki.org.uk /big/eng/Cornwall/Truro   (2056 words)

 Truro, Massachusetts - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Although Truro wouldn't be officially settled by Europeans until 1700, the Pilgrims stopped by Truro and Provincetown in 1620 as their original choice for a landing before later declaring the area unsuitable.
Truro was first settled by Europeans in 1700 and was officially incorporated in 1709.
Truro, Massachusetts was recently depicted in Men in Black II (2002), having been the town in which Tommy Lee Jones' character "Agent K" retired from the "Men in Black" organization to become a postal worker.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Truro,_Massachusetts   (661 words)

 History of Truro, MA
Truro was greatly bereaved by the gale of October, 1841.
In 1827 a new church edifice was erected at Truro village, southwest of the old meeting house, and in which the present distinctive Congregational society worships and claims to be a continuation of the old.
After the camp meting of 1819 at Wellfleet the societies of that town and Truro untied in 1826 in pitching their tents in Truro, a short distance south of the bridge, on the hill where was a beautiful grove, and where Joshua Smith afterward built a house.
history.rays-place.com /ma/truro.htm   (8241 words)

 Welcome to the Official Town of Truro Website : History   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Truro is located on the Salmon River east of the head of Cobequid Bay in central Nova Scotia.
As Truro grew the Mi’kmaq realized more woodland was necessary for them to continue to have enough wood for fuel, and for making baskets and axe handles as well as enough land for hunting and fishing for food.
George Jones, Truro’s first barber and an early Black resident of the town, suggested that a public meeting be held to discuss the situation.
www.town.truro.ns.ca /history.htm   (2019 words)

 Massachusetts EOEA - Community Preservation Initiative: Community Resource   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Truro is a small, rural community of lower Cape Cod in southeastern Massachusetts, at the "wrist" of Cape Cod.
Truro's beaches, dunes and landscape of rolling hills are an attraction to tourists and vacationers.
It is in Truro that the Pilgrims from the Mayflower found a spring from which they drew their first drink of water inthe new land, and where they found the cache of Indian corn that saved them from starvation.
commpres.env.state.ma.us /community/cmty_main.asp?communityID=300   (321 words)

 Truro - historic characterisation for regeneration   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Truro is a major employment centre with a strong emphasis on the public sector; the largest employers are the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Cornwall County Council, Carrick District Council and Truro College.
Truro is served by long-distance coach services and is a focus for bus routes covering most urban centres and rural areas in mid and west Cornwall.
Truro has developed around the confluence of two minor rivers, the Kenwyn and the Allen, both of which rise on Cornwall’s central ‘spine’ to the north; a small stream descends the valley side from the east to join the Allen close to the point at which the rivers merge.
www.historic-cornwall.org.uk /towns/truro/truro.htm   (1621 words)

 Truro   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A land grant including the area was awarded in 1689 by Louis XIV, and ACADIANS were present as early as 1701, finally leaving in 1755 in the turbulent year of the expulsion.
A major railway centre since the days of the INTERCOLONIAL RY, Truro is a terminus for people travelling to most parts of NS.
Always a thriving farming area, Truro is home to the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, the one agricultural college in Atlantic Canada.
www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com /PrinterFriendly.cfm?ArticleId=A0008145   (190 words)

 BBC - Cornwall Uncovered - Story Truro's Glorious Past
Truro was granted its own charter in the 16th century by Queen Elizabeth I. This enabled the election of a mayor.
Truro Cathedral is a major part of the landscape of the city as well as an important place of worship for many in Cornwall and beyond
Truro became a city in 1877, long after Exeter but more than 50 years before Plymouth was given the same honour.
www.bbc.co.uk /cornwall/uncovered/stories/truro_past.shtml   (474 words)

 Truro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Truro rose to prominence as a market town and port during the nineteenth and early twentieth century.
Truro's present buildings are mostly Georgian era or later, a result of its role as a stannary town during the height of the mining industry in West Cornwall.
Truro is located in the centre of Cornwall on the confluence of the rivers Kenwyn and Allen.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Truro   (928 words)

 Student Handbook
Truro Central School is in the process of developing policies, in consultation with parents, regarding these rights, as well as arrangements to protect student privacy in the administration of protected information surveys and the collection, disclosure, or use of personal information for marketing, sales, or other distribution purposes.
Truro Central School will also directly notify, such as through U.S. Mail or email, parents of students who are scheduled to participate in the specific activity or surveys noted below and will provide an opportunity for the parents to opt his or her child out of participation of the specific activity or survey..
Truro School District reserve the right to conduct a search whenever school officials have reasonable suspicion that the search will turn up evidence that a student has violated or is violating a law or rule of the school.
www.truromass.org /info/handbook.html   (13637 words)

 Town/Village information --- Truro--- Cornwall   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Truro was once the distribution center for Cornwall's tin mines and its prosperity dates from this time.
Truro is 246 miles from London, 26 from St Ives and 18 from Newquay.
Truro is on the main rail line between London Paddington (4¾ hours) and Penzance (45 minutes).
www.cornish-links.co.uk /truro.htm   (206 words)

 Views of Cornwall England Photos - Pictures Of Truro Cornwall
Truro dates back to the 13th century when Henry the II built a castle on the site of the current Courts Of Justice, it continued to grow especially during the peak of mining in the county when ore was taken to the then town to be taxed, sold and finally shipped elsewhere.
Truro became a city in 1877 when Queen Victoria gave it city status, shortly after this construction of the cathedral began and was completed some 30 years later.
Truro is host to the largest museum in Cornwall “The Royal Cornwall Museum” which has a whole host of different collections.
www.viewsofcornwall.com /viewphotoplace/10   (380 words)

 Truro Cape Cod from ClickCapeCod.com
The Town of Truro is a small, rural community of Lower Cape Cod where the quaint and unique character of "Old Cape Cod" is preserved.
Truro is rich in history and strongly tied to the sea.
It is in Truro where the Pilgrims from the Mayflower found a spring from which they drew their first drink of water in the new land, and where they found a cache of Indian corn, at a place named Corn Hill, that saved them from starvation after their first year.
www.clickcapecod.com /content.asp?TownId=11   (583 words)

 Truro Cape Cod Guide - A Guide to Truro, Massachusetts - Truro History
Truro is the only town on Cape Cod that gives no inkling that it exists as you drive down the main road that goes through it.
Truro missed its chance at immortality when the little band of Pilgrims from the Mayflower decided not to stay in the rolling hills and moors that might have reminded some of them of home and to follow Captain Myles Standish to the area across the bay that became Plimouth.
Truro recovered briefly but again, in 1860, there was another, and this time fatal, blow.
www.trurocapecod.com /history.htm   (542 words)

 Truro travel guide - Wikitravel
Truro[1] is in Massachusetts on Cape Cod and includes the village of North Truro.
Truro has great unspoiled natural beauty and beaches with high sandy cliffs on the ocean side.
Truro is about an hour from the Cape Cod Canal in Bourne via Route 6.
wikitravel.org /en/Truro_(Massachusetts)   (890 words)

 Truro - Cape Cod, MA.
A source of inspiration to artists and beachcombers alike, Truro's beaches, dunes and landscape of rolling hills are an attraction to tourists and vacationers.
Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the north and east, Wellfleet on the south, and Cape Cod Bay and Provincetown on the west.
Truro is 37 miles north of Hyannis; 106 miles southeast of Boston; 117 miles east of Providence, Rhode Island; and 284 miles from New York City.
www.capecodweb.com /capeinfo/truro.htm   (492 words)

 the Town of Truro - Home
Home to more than 12,000 residents and a thriving business community, Truro boasts amenities that no other Town can offer: Victoria Park; a natural woodland park of roughly 400 acres in the centre of town, home of the Tidal Bore, and the largest Harness Racing facility in the Maritimes.
Truro has been described as a Victorian Market Town in both character and architecture.
A wide variety of architecture can be seen in the downtown core and in Truro’s three designated Heritage Conservation Districts.
www.town.truro.ns.ca   (173 words)

 Lis Sur Mer Truro
Truro is Cape Cod's wilderness outpost, Boston Globe
TRURO- Guy Strauss was born in Paris and lived in New York and Boston, but for him, there's no place like the remote seashore town of Truro.
Truro, the Cape's smallest town, is like a wilderness outpost compared to other areas of the Cape.
www.lissurmer.com /truro.htm   (1701 words)

 The History of Truro Parish in Virginia
A petition from sundry inhabitants of; the Parish of Truro, in the County of Fairfax praying that the said Parish be divided into two distinct Parishes, was presented to the House and read." It was referred to Messrs.
Johnston presented the Bill for dividing the Parish of Truro, and it was passed on the 6th and agreed to by the Council on the 26th.
Between the Vestry of Truro Parish in County of Fairfax, of the one part, and Daniel French of Fairfax Parish in the County aforesaid, Gent.
www.newrivernotes.com /va/truro1.htm   (16912 words)

 Location, maps, directions to Truro Cape Cod Vaction home rental
Truro's wild natural beauty come from the dramatic combination of sandy cliffs and prehistoric kettle holes which make its beaches unsurpassed.
The creation of the park checked development and ensures that the majestic beauty of the Atlantic coastline's towering sand cliff, pristine beaches and woodlands will be protected.
By car, Truro is just 5 miles north of Wellfleet, 10 miles south of Provincetown, 37 miles north of Hyannis; 106 miles from of Boston; 117 miles from Providence, Rhode Island; and 284 miles from New York City.
www.trurohome.com /page5.html   (330 words)

A new attraction in the Truro region, the Glooscap Heritage Centre first opened in May 2006.
Have your picture taken beside a 40ft statue of Glooscap, immerse yourself in a multimedia presentation in which Glooscap guides your through the trials, tribulations and survival of the Mi'kmaw people, view 10,000 year old Aboriginal tools and traditional quillwork, beadwork, clothing and artifacts and learn to speak a few Mi'kmaw words.
Truro's Victoria Park is an 1000-acre natural park featuring activities for everyone.
www.bayoffundy.com /truro.aspx   (194 words)

 Council on Aging, Truro, MA
Truro Council on Aging exists to provide needed services and referrals, cultural and educational programs, and recreational activities for both our community’s older members and their families, year-rounders and seasonal residents of all ages.
Beyond this, we are committed to active participation of the town’s seniors in all aspects of town life through involvement in joint programs with Truro’s Public Library, Central School, Police Department, Fire Department, and our arts community.
Take advantage of Truro's Senior Citizen Tax Credit Program, by using your skills or develop new ones working for a town department.
www.truro-ma.gov /coa   (134 words)

 [No title]
Member agencies of the Truro Fire Department are also required to abide by the terms of the version of this Notice currently in effect.
Purpose of this Notice: Member agencies of the Truro Fire Department are required by law to maintain the privacy of certain confidential health care information, known as Protected Health Information or PHI, and to provide you with a notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to your PHI.
Member agencies of the Truro Fire Department are not required to agree to any restrictions you request, but any restrictions agreed to by a particular member agency of the Cape & Islands EMS System are binding on that particular member agency of the Truro Fire Department.
www.trurofirerescue.org /HIPPA.doc   (1680 words)

 Truro Church
Truro’s Home Church Groups are small groups of people from the congregation that meet in the homes of group members.
These groups provide each member of the congregation an opportunity to be in closer community with each other and to be encouraged in their own walk with the Lord through the corporate study of the Scriptures.
Every person who worships at Truro is invited and encouraged to be a member of a Home Church Group.
www.trurochurch.org /content.asp?contentid=547   (362 words)

 Cape Cod Travel Guide- Truro in Winter: A Beautiful Yet Ephemeral Light
They ice-fish South Truro’s ponds, and they cross-country ski everywhere, enjoying the bike trails in Provincetown and their willowy lanes.
As is true with many others, this Truro resident may paint and write and walk in Truro, but she utilizes the surrounding towns as well.
Anthony seems just then the epitome of winter in Truro: a beautiful yet ephemeral light whose brightness hints of the summer that preceded it, and of the spring to come.
www.capecodtravelguide.com /truro.php   (2084 words)

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