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Topic: Tula, Russia

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In the News (Sun 17 Feb 19)

  Tula, Russia - Definition, explanation
Tula (Ту́ла) is an industrial city in the European part of Russia located 165 km to the south of Moscow, on the river Upa, at {{coor{
Tula is the administrative center of Tula Oblast.
Tula became the target of a German offensive to break Soviet resistance in the Moscow area between 24 October and 5 December 1941.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/t/tu/tula__russia.php   (225 words)

  Tula, Russia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tula (Russian: Ту́ла) is an industrial city in the European part of Russia, located 165 km to the south of Moscow, on the river Upa, at 54°13′N 37°36′E.
In the Middle Ages, Tula was a minor fortress at the border of the Principality of Ryazan.
Tula became the target of a German offensive to break Soviet resistance in the Moscow area between October 24 and December 5, 1941.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tula,_Russia   (488 words)

 Search Results for "Tula"
Tula region, N central European Russia, on the Upa River, a tributary of the Oka.
Tula is the chief city of the region.
The battle was fought on a plain by the Don near the present village of Kurkino, Russia,...
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/65search?query=Tula   (309 words)

 michael specter--times--russia's degenerating health
And in Russia that's not very long." It would be tempting to conclude that Dr. Lyukovikova is a cold woman; she is quite the opposite.
In Tula, as in Russia as a whole, a third of the population is older than 60.
Russia puts 95 percent of its resources into salaries, but usually for doctors who are so poorly trained that they are unable to diagnose the simplest ailments.
www.michaelspecter.com /times/1995/1995_02_19_nyt_health.html   (2097 words)

 AllRefer.com - Tula, city, Russia (CIS And Baltic Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
545,000), capital of Tula region, N central European Russia, on the Upa River, a tributary of the Oka.
Peter I built Russia's first arms factory at Tula in 1712, based on the discovery nearby of iron and coal deposits.
Tula subsequently became a center of the Russian ironworking industry.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/T/TulaRus.html   (288 words)

Tula oblast is located 100 miles south of Moscow and has nearly 2 million inhabitants.
Tula, one of the oldest Russian‑heritage cities, is famous for its samovars, Russian pots, and Tulsky pryanik, or gingerbread, a traditional Russian cookie, as well as for being a major defense‑industry city.
Currently, the regional administration, together with the Tula Chamber of Commerce, is working on establishing a regional Foreign Investment Advisory Council to facilitate interaction between foreign investors and local government and help Tula to further improve its investment climate.
www.bisnis.doc.gov /bisnis/bulletin/0007bull9.htm   (722 words)

 The School of Russian and Asian Studies: Regions & Cities: European Russia (Central): Tula
Tula remains to this day a city of curious storytellers, whose phonetic dialect and old-style literary vocabulary sets them apart from most of Russia.
Thanks to the Demidov dynasty, Tula and the Urals became famous for all types of metal works, as it still is to this day.
In 1930, Tula State University was founded to harness the creative power of the people in fields ranging from weaponry and optics to agriculture and the humanities.
www.sras.org /cities.phtml?m=65   (509 words)

Tula oblast (region) is located 100 miles south of Moscow, covering an area of 25,700 sq.
Tula is characterized on the one hand by some of the highest personal incomes in Russia, but on the other hand one of the highest number of worker strikes, among Central Russian regions.
The investment climate in Tula is regulated by the law “On State Support of Investment Initiatives on the Territory of Tula Region” that was issued by the Administration in March of 1997.
www.bisnis.doc.gov /bisnis/bisdoc/000523central-tula-overview.htm   (2662 words)

 Yeltsin's promises give many voters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
TULA, Russia -- Outside the Tula Arms Factory, groups of disgruntled men stand in the sun waiting for their shift to begin.
In many parts of Tula, an industrial town a few hours' drive south of Moscow, his efforts are paying off in growing support.
Tula, like the rest of Russia, is so divided about Yeltsin that a muttered comment on the street can spark a shouting match.
www.chron.com /content/chronicle/world/96/06/09/russia-broken.2-0.html   (750 words)

 Taipei Times - archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Tula was once a famous center of gunsmithing -- Peter the Great put a small arms factory here in 1712 -- and a pinion of Russia's defense industry.
America's attempt to dominate Russia economically, he said, had replaced the effort to dominate it militarily.
That sentiment has plenty of currency in a place where the Communist mayor is expected to be re-elected with 80 percent of the vote, and the region's Communist governor is equally entrenched.
www.taipeitimes.com /News/bizfocus/archives/2001/11/15/111717/print   (1139 words)

 Tula Russia
CD-ROM Atlases from Russia, Map of Russia, Russia Map, Map of the Baltics, Map of Belorussia, Map of Moldova, Map of Ukraine, Map of the Caucuses,...
Tula (Ту́ла) is an industrial city in the European part of Russia located 165 km to the south of Moscow, on the river Upa, at 54...
Tula, Russia, Aug. 25 (UPI) -- Disaster workers have recovered the bodies of all the victims from one of Tuesday's two Russian airline disasters,
tularussia.info /info/tula-russia   (809 words)

 CNN - Tula's dilemma: less-than-ideal candidates for parliament - Feb. 8, 1997
TULA, Russia (CNN) -- On Sunday, the people of Tula, a town near Moscow, will go to the polls to elect a new representative to the Russian parliament, filling the seat vacated last year by retired Gen. Alexander Lebed.
Few of the candidates are actually from Tula, and they represent a wide range of occupations -- a former Boris Yeltsin bodyguard, a fashion model, a chess player.
Tula is a military town, a town where guns are made.
www.cnn.com /WORLD/9702/08/tula   (444 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
The Albany-Tula Alliance was formed in 1992 as an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization to develop humanitarian, cultural, educational, economic and health-related partnerships between Tula, Russia and the Capital Region of New York State.
Tula, Russia, known as the 'city of artisans,' is similar to Albany in many ways.
Tula is 120 miles south of Moscow in the Russian heartland.
www.aanet.org /tula/about.html   (225 words)

 Tula (Russia)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Tula with a population of 528700 is located on the Upa river - the inflow of the Oka river.
For the first time Tula was mentioned in 1146, it became a centre of the Tula region in 1937.
The modern city is the large centre of the machinery construction and the metal-working.
www.besteastern.com /online/gettowndescription.asp?id=115   (72 words)

 Russia-United States Relations, Economy, Investment   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
TULA, Russia They call this region south of Moscow the Red Belt because of its fealty to Communist leadership.
Negotiations on the missile treaty are weighed in Tula largely for their economic repercussions.
Tula was once a famous center of gunsmithing - Peter the Great put a small arms factory here in 1712.
www.cdi.org /russia/johnson/5547-5.cfm   (1069 words)

 Forum 18 Search/Archive
Pastors of one of the largest unregistered Baptist churches in Russia, in Tula, have told Forum 18 News Service that they believe their prayer house was the victim of a deliberate attack in January, when two powerful explosions ripped through the building's interior.
Pastor Lakhtikov told Forum 18 that police officers and FSB officials make regular visits to the Tula church – one of the largest in the Union – in an attempt to get it to register, although this is not compulsory under Russia's 1997 law on religion.
When Forum 18 described the explosion to a Moscow-based Russian political researcher closely familiar with the situation in Tula region on 10 February, he said that there were no criminal groups in the area interested in such issues.
www.forum18.org /Archive.php?article_id=251   (878 words)

 Tula, Russia, Pictures
Tula, city, capital of Tula Oblast, western Russia, on the Upa River.
Located in a rich iron-mining region, Tula is an important transportation and manufacturing center.
First mentioned in 1146, Tula was (16th century) an important fortress of the Grand Duchy of Moscow.
www.greatestcities.com /Europe/Russia/Tula_city.html   (210 words)

 The Albany-Tula Alliance Newsletter 12/99   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
While grim and discouraging reports about Russia are constantly appearing in the news, we believe that what our "ambassadors" to Tula actually saw and experienced in their visits speaks accurately of the situation in Russia.
The strong sense from the people in Tula is that in certain areas cancer is higher than it is in other areas, and it's probably because of carcinogens in the water.
An ad hoc committee of Tula university professors elected Tula's representative this year, and after his visit to the U.S., he will be expected to develop a workshop on civics education for his school and Tula.
www.albanytula.org /voices9912.htm   (2110 words)

 Russia - No confirmation of bird flu in Tula   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Mass death of poultry in private households in the village of Yandovka (Tula Region) was registered as early as on Friday, October 14, a REGNUM correspondent was told by a competent source the neighboring Yefremovsky District of Tula Region.
As Deputy Head of Tula Region Agriculture Department Tatyana Subbocheva told the REGNUM correspondent, the number of dead poultry up to 08:00 p.m., October 17, was 247 birds.
Early on Tuesday, a group of veterinaries, agriculture department specialists, and emergency department officials left Tula to inspect the situation in the district.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-news/1504448/posts   (433 words)

 Central and Eastern Europe - Trade Union R I G H T S Network - Youth Forum in Tula, Russia
The Youth Forum of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Tula Region took place on November 13-14, 2003 in Tula, a regional centre to the south of Moscow.
At the opening ceremony of the Forum the participants were addressed by Igor Kaenkov, Chairperson of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Tula Region, who spoke about the role young people play in modern society and the importance that is attached to youth problems by the FNPR and the Federation.
In their closing remarks the participants expressed a hope that youth activities would not stop with the end of the Forum and that young people would be taking part in decision-making at all levels.
www.icftu.org /ceetur/displaydocument.asp?DocType=Report&Language=EN&Index=991209644   (577 words)

 Union of Councils for Soviet Jews:
Please accept my sincere and cordial gratitude." Serghey's mother added that the family could not afford to buy a hearing aid themselves, and she accepted the gift "with tears of joy." Several members of the community who have received hearing aids are now working as volunteers to show their appreciation.
Semyon remarked that in post-Soviet Russia, the government "talks about attention to veterans, but they do nothing … I was promised in the hospital that I would be given [a hearing aid], but I had no hope I would receive it.
The Jews of Tula credit their Yad L'Yad partnership for helping in the general renewal of their community after decades of inactivity under the Soviets.
www.fsumonitor.com /stories/ystula.shtml   (451 words)

 1999 Summer Follow-on program to Russia and Ukraine
The last stop in Russia was a visit to St. Petersburg to see the Hermitage and the numerous palaces of Catherine and Peter the Great.
In Simferopol, Dr. John Pottenger (OIER director and CCP co-director), Dr. Michael Oliver (director of UAH Division of Continuing Education), and Dr. Sandy Enger (coordinator of the UAH Institute for Science Education) met with their counterparts at the Tavrida State University to sign a memorandum of agreement and to discuss possible future collaboration.
The trip in Crimea was cut short due to an emergency meeting of the Commonwealth of Independent States, which caused all of the airports to be closed.
www.uah.edu /OIER/ccpfl01.htm   (627 words)

 Send Flowers - Tula, Russia.
Send Flowers - Tula and the region are serviced.
Tula and the nearest towns are serviced by highly professional local florists with many years of business experience.
In Tula flowers can be delivered the same day if your order received before 1 p.m.
www.flowers-to-russia.com /russia/tula_st7.html   (252 words)

 Out of the Shadows
Jewish institutional life in Russia has mushroomed since 1989 — and while there are fewer Jewish organizations today than in the early 1990s, those that operate now are much more professional than they used to be.
The right to settle in Tula was restricted to Jews drafted into the military, as well as limited numbers of skilled Jewish craftsmen, workers, wealthy merchants and doctors.
While the future of Jewish life in mid-sized Russian cities such as Tula is unclear, there are signs that it will continue: Large numbers of Tula Jews, including many of the 80 percent who are intermarried, are still taking steps to reclaim their Jewish identity.
www.atljewishtimes.com /archives/2000/031000cs.htm   (3844 words)

 World ORT educational charity supporting Jewish and world-wide causes. ORT and HP open Digital Community Center in ...
He praised the social investment that ORT and HP have made in Tula with the opening of the centre and noted that the goals of the centre would make an enormous contribution to developing the local capacity necessary to realize the city’s e- plans.
Given Tula’s industrial background, Dr. Gorinskiy noted that ORT and Tula’s officials agreed that a key element of the centre’s future work will be to stimulate technological creativity in working with youth both as part of their school education and by offering extracurricular activities.
HP has been active in Russia for over 36 years and the opening of the Tula Digital Community Centre was a perfect time to reflect on the fact that this commitment is not only about business, but that HP is a long-standing corporate citizen of the country.
www.ort.org /asp/article.asp?ID=284   (930 words)

 [No title]
We also would like to point out, that at some point Oktava Limited(AandF McKay) was a distributor of the microphones produced by OAO Oktava in Tula, Russia, the microphones of the same models and modifications that are still being produced by OAO Oktava.
The original Oktava microphones produced in Tula, Russia are supplied with a passport/manual and individual response curves charts.
In the near future, OAO Oktava will be glad to provide the comparative characteristics of the original microphones made in Russia, Tula and the counterfeit copies produced in China.
oktava.tula.net /news/reliz_eng.htm   (817 words)

 Poultry Deaths in Central Russia Raise H5N1 Wild Bird Flu Concerns
Supposedly, they were infected by the virus from wild ducks that have settled in the local pounds.
Turkey and is likely to have already been detected in neighboring countries, but H5N1 spread into western Europe was also possible.
The report above of dying poultry in the Tula Region strongly suggest that H5N1 will be in western Europe this fall and will spread through most on the countries in Europe.
www.recombinomics.com /News/10180501/H5N1_Central_Russia.html   (241 words)

 Russia Phone Cards - Calling Russia from United States with prepaid phone cards
Russia: 2.9¢ View all rates From Russia to United States: 6.7¢
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 Send Flowers to Tula, Russia - gift delivery by a florist in Tula.
Send flowers and gifts to Tula, Russia with our highly professional and experienced local flower shop.
The florist in Tula features fast and reliable flower delivery service within the city and the region.
You can find all specific details related to gift delivery to Tula and the region in the green table on the right side of the page.
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