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Topic: Tunnels of Doom

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In the News (Sat 16 Feb 19)

  Doom DVD - Doom - Doom the Movie
A legion of nightmarish creatures of unknown origin lurk behind every wall and stalk the countless rooms and tunnels of the facility, killing what few people remain.
The game that electrified a generation leaps from the computer screen to the big screen as a terrifying science-fiction action adventure that will transport moviegoers to a dark and disturbing future with all the visceral excitement and horror that made its gaming predecessor a global phenomenon.
The Doom dvd will be released on Feb 7, 2006.
www.doommovie.com   (240 words)

 Doom clones on the Commodore Amiga
The first game was almost as fun as Doom was but the sequel did not live up to the expectations, the levels where boring and confusing, enemies hard, choppy frame rates made the game even harder, some actually like Alien Breed 3D II but you should try it to make up your own mind.
It was only a matter of time before a port of Doom was released for the Amiga when ID software released the source code of Doom as a tribute to the fans of the game.
The first Doom port for the Amiga was ADoom which was developed until it was a perfect version of the game on the Amiga.
www.erkan.se /first-person-shooters-on-amiga.asp   (1533 words)

  DOOM I Secrets. . . . . . . . . . (95/05/03)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In the 'middle' (the tunnel in the SW) is a supercharger.
In the west of that tunnel is a radiation-suit and in the east behind the door with the light are some goodies and a switch.
In the SE corner <0x7a37332,0x5bec063> of this maze is the BFG9000 and a transporter to the SW quadrant of the map.
www.faqs.org /faqs/games/doom/secrets1   (6350 words)

 Doom Underground — Review of Earth (earth)
My main complaint however is that these tunnels were usually not that interesting to play - they often were made to not show on the map, and usually the monsters were not that powerful, and playing level after level with tunnels like this got boring.
The atmosphere is good in the main areas though, dark and sinister in the tunnels and the high-tec parts.
You enter via a winding dark tunnel, and enter a large marble hallway, where hundreds of demons are released; you have to sit in a corner and chaingun through them.
games.moria.org.uk /doom/du/reviews/earth.html   (1293 words)

 Fantastic Four Annual 20
Doom admits that he is unable to trust another to do something that he has always failed to do.
Although Doom manages to destroy them, he flees knowing that all of the Doombots would have been informed of this and would turn against him.
Doom's absence from the throne while offering a new and compelling slate of Doom stories to tell I don't think did much for the character.
www.gate.net /~doom/exile/ffannual20.htm   (697 words)

 Doom Underground — Review of Back To Hell Episode 1 (bthe1)
Not many traps, but there is a good pistol start, and most of the level you fight with the chaingun; the enemies are a mix of troopers, chaingunners and imps, not that hard but interesting, good for a starting level.
MAP02 is a more Doom 2 styled map, but there wasn't a clear theme, with bits of high-tech, rusty metal, rock and brick areas.
MAP04 is very reminiscent of Underhalls (Doom 2 MAP02) and Waste Tunnels (Doom 2 MAP05); the style is good, although not that detailed.
games.moria.org.uk /doom/du/reviews/bthe1.html   (725 words)

 DOOMCODE.HTM: Doom cheat codes, for console, handheld and PC classic Doom games
In PSX Doom games, invoking a Warp code will reset a player's status to 100% health, 0% armor, a pistol and 50 bullets (all other weapons and ammo are removed, along with any backpack), and cancels the effects of any other cheat codes which were previously invoked.
In Saturn Doom, invoking a Warp code will reset a player's status to 100% health, 0% armor, a pistol and 50 bullets (all other weapons and ammo are removed, along with any backpack), and cancels the effects of any other cheat codes which were previously invoked.
In Doom 64 a player may only warp to maps 1 through 27, or warp to any current map to restart on it.
classicdoom.com /doomcode.htm   (7553 words)

 Tunnels of Doom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tunnels of Doom is a computer game programmed by Kevin Kenney in 1982 for the TI-99/4A computer system.
It was a standard dungeon crawl adventure in which a player or number of players controlled the fates of 1-4 characters as they journeyed into the depths of the Tunnels of Doom.
Tunnels of Doom is consistently listed by TI-99/4A fans as one of the top games available for the system.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tunnels_of_Doom   (251 words)

 Dream Codex : Tunnels of Doom (Reboot)
Tunnels of Doom Reboot (ToDR) is a remake of the classic dungeon RPG Tunnels of Doom (ToD), released on the TI-99/4A home computer.
This remake is an attempt to bring the fun of Tunnels of Doom to new players, with enhancements that will hopefully allow the game to take advantage of improved technology without compromising the pleasure of the original.
Also available is the TOD Toolkit, a set of Java classes which extracts game data and images from the original ToD game files.
www.dreamcodex.com /todr.php   (230 words)

 MAP10: Refueling Base (Doom II) - Doom Wiki - A Wikia wiki
MAP10: Refueling Base is the tenth map of Doom II.
It was originally started as a Doom map by Tom Hall, but did not make it into the game and was instead completed by Sandy Petersen for Doom II.
Go through either of the tunnels at the north end of this room and you'll reach a stairway leading into a brightly lit alcove in the wall.
doom.wikia.com /wiki/MAP10:_Refueling_Base   (1117 words)

 1997 Darwin Award: Tunnels of Doom
Three of them were killed at noon today when one of the tunnels caved in on them.
One boy, Mohd Suhaimi Saad, 12, was rescued from the tunnel 15 minutes after the incident.
He said his son would go to dig his tunnel without fail nearly every day, "But I was taken aback when I heard that my son was trapped in a cave-in."The bodies were sent to the Kuala Nerang Hospital mortuary for post-mortems.
www.darwinawards.com /darwin/darwin1997-09.html   (399 words)

 MrSciFi - SciFi news and review for TV, movies, and more!
Doom; The game that had millions glued to their computers becomes a movie
The trend of turning popular video games into movies continues… The game that had millions of generation x teenagers glued to their computer screens for months on end (myself included) is making the move from the computer screen to the big screen.
Doom the movie will be released theaters across the country on October 21st.
www.mrscifi.com /2005/10/doom-game-that-had-millions-glued-to.html   (341 words)

 The Page of Doom: Doom 2
Doom 2 sold over 1.5 million copies and is the successor to Doom.
Doom 2 was released on December 10, 1994.
The latest version of Doom 2 is v1.9 and you'll probably need that upgrade to play with out bugs.
doomworld.com /pageofdoom/doomii.html   (634 words)

 Tunnels of Doom
Part of Tunnels of Doom’s existence is owed to this pursuit.
It was a little late in coming but I finally got my shipment of games from GameZnFlix and I dusted off a couple of oldies I had meant to revisit plus there were a couple of demos thrown in for good measure.
Tunnels of Doom is proudly powered by WordPress
tunnelsofdoom.org   (5005 words)

 Tunnels of doom - Dream Codex : Tunnels of Doom (Reboot)
Tunnels of Doom was a rather simplistic "RPG" game, though it was more of a Tunnels of Doom is probably one of the most fondly remembered games by
Tunnels of Doom A Random Dungeon for Use with DandD Miniatures By Dale Donovan.
Tunnels of Doom Reboot (ToDR) is a remake of the classic dungeon RPG Tunnels of This remake is an attempt to bring the fun of Tunnels of Doom to new
xn--o3wv00g.com /ozyz/tunnels-of-doom.htm   (370 words)

 The Seattle Times: Movies: Game on: "Doom" blasts onto the big screen
There's never a dull moment in this surprisingly clever imagining of one of the most popular video games of all time, especially considering that the murderous mayhem and extreme bloodletting that are its hallmarks remain intact.
No frame of reference to the "Doom" universe is needed; the movie sets up its silly premise with just a few snippets of exposition.
The brother/sister thing is also the device that triggers the movie's most hilarious and ingenious sequence — the guncam shot that perfectly mimics the gameplay millions of "Doom" fanatics know so well.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/movies/2002573602_doom21.html   (435 words)

 Doom II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is the sequel to the popular and revolutionary game Doom, which was released a year earlier.
Unlike Doom which was initially only available through shareware and mail order, Doom II was a commercial release sold in stores.
Doom II • The Ultimate Doom - Master Levels for Doom II • Final DoomDoom 64 • Doom 3 • Resurrection of Evil • Doom RPG
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Doom_2   (1401 words)

 Soda Bob's Computer Games   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tunnels of Doom (ToD) is therefore, to my knowledge, the original grandfather of adventure/roleplaying video games such as Pool of Radiance, Diablo and Neverwinter Nights, with it's concept of a party of adventurers battling orcs, imps and kobolds using a "top down" combat system.
However, it is also, in my opinion, the original grandfather of first person shooters such as Castle Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, Half-Life, etc. since navigating between rooms and combats was done in a 3D manner moving through the "tunnels".
While there was no roleplaying, per se (it was complete hack and slash), and there was no first person combat, it helped inspire the two genres of games that I now generally play the most.
www.sodabob.com /3DGames/MiscGames.asp   (360 words)

 MAP05: The Waste Tunnels (Doom II) - Doom Wiki - A Wikia wiki
MAP05: The Waste Tunnels is the fifth map of Doom II.
Continue down the watery tunnel and drop down into the waste tunnels.
Straight ahead is the red door, but you can explore the branching tunnels if you like.
doom.wikia.com /wiki/MAP05   (642 words)

 Limitations of the Doom Legacy - New Doom Forums
In accordance with the little that I know on I exercise, any soldier, either it of the navy, aeronautics or infantry, receives the training basic from combat techniques, what it means to crawl, to go up in walls, floor hung in ropes, to jump of great heights, etc...
With these ideas, and many others the Doom Legacy are not stop backwards or either exceeded, therefore it will have a differential between the others, the factor to have real characteristics of combat.
E I perceived that they are real things, and would leave the Doom Legacy in a compatible level with the current games.
forums.newdoom.com /showthread.php?t=17900   (718 words)

 UHM - Doom
A slew of doom clips can be found here.
IGN got their hands on another exclusive trailer, this time being for the new Doom.
The script is not based on the DOOM 3 story, but is based on the DOOM universe, so fans will see plenty in the movie that they will recognize from the game.
www.upcominghorrormovies.com /movies/doom.php   (1324 words)

 Doom for PC Reviews - PC Doom Reviews   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Doom, now better then ever in a free-ware version, although I’m not too sure it matter that much...it retailed for $9.00
DOOM a word synonymous with death and destruction or in this case the best FPS of all time.
Doom RPG is an interesting and fun new twist on the Doom legacy.
www.gamespot.com /pc/action/doom/player_review.html?id=263235   (249 words)

 My DOOM-on-MSX theory
Ofcourse there were already RPG's who allowed the player to walk trough mazes, but it was a step-by-step affaire and the enemies were static pictures drawn in front of the tunnels you wandered through.
This is because of the fact that you're always placed in the midle of the tunnel, and the field of view always turns in steps of 90 degrees.
As an extra criteria, although this isn't really necesary, we can say that in such a room the floor and ceiling are perfectly horizontal, this way we can use just two numbers to tell the height of floor and ceiling.
msx.gnu-linux.net /doomlike/doomlike.html   (5953 words)

 Meng's DOOM Page   (Site not responding. Last check: )
For a start, DOOM is realistic enough, despite the limitations of 320x200 VGA, to be a total immersion experience especially if you have a good sound setup.
There are a lot of DOOM sites out there but these are the few that offer that little bit more that make them worth going to see.
DOOM started out on the alt newsgroups but the great popularity of DOOM has spawned five "official" newsgroups.
www.arrakis-ttm.com /doom.html   (2755 words)

 The Page of Doom: Doom Sightings
In Monty Python's Meaning Of Life, there is a scene with many Doom sounds: The doors are Doom doors, and when the religious figures attack you, your character makes the Doom grunting sound.
In the song 'Where boys fear to tread' by the Smashing Pumpkins there is a sample of an explosion from Doom.
Doom (Human): Long after everyone else on Phobos was dead, he kept fighting, determined to send out a warning to Earth before the demons could claim him.
doomworld.com /pageofdoom/sight.html   (838 words)

 Cinema Spider - Doom
They must use all their weapons and wits to hunt down the hellish ghouls that are stalking the winding tunnels and countless rooms of the facility before the remaining humans are killed, leaving the earth portal unguarded.
Hollywood Reporter 10/24/05 'Doom' not a boom at b.o.
Seattle PI 10/21/05 With a kick-start from The Rock, 'Doom' roars to life
www.cinemaspider.com /doom.html   (324 words)

 Retrogaming Times Monthly 14
Tunnels of Doom was another one of those popular 1982 releases that TI put out, the others being Parsec and Alpiner.
Anyway, Tunnels of Doom is LOADED with features, and sadly I will not have enough space to go into depth for each one.
Tunnels of Doom increases in difficulty at the right rate and therefore never becomes overly difficult or painfully easy.
my.stratos.net /~hewston95/RTM14/RTM14.html   (13928 words)

 Doom 3 Files - DOOM: Reborn Media Updates
Doom 3 Files is not responsible for their content.
Use of Doom 3 Files materials is subject to certain Terms and Conditions.
Doom 3 and related marks are trademarks of id Software.
doom3.filefront.com /news/DOOM_Reborn_Media_Updates;20541   (759 words)

 Michael J. Boorse - Programmer   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This program was an adventure game written to accompany Texas Instruments' "Tunnels of Doom" cartridge.
It was purchased by Asgard Software and sold nationally on their Doom Games II floppy disk.
Written for the "Tunnels of Doom" game cartridge, this adventure focused on the search for a computer virus.
members.aol.com /mboorse/program.html   (200 words)

 TI-99/4A Videogame House - Tunnels of Doom
Tunnels of Doom is easily one of the Top 10 most popular TI-99/4A cartridges out there.
While Parsec may edge out (since it is the most popular TI game), there's no doubt that this cartridge was right up there near the top of the popularity charts.
Kevin Kenney created a masterpiece when he programmed Tunnels of Doom, and anyone with a TI system should play this game without question!
www.videogamehouse.net /tunnelsdoom.html   (105 words)

 Re: Tunnels of Doom
In Reply to: Re: Tunnels of Doom posted by Roger on May 15, 1999 at 23:07:27:
Then load your tunnels of doom disk into one of the drives.
Then restart, select the tunnels of doom cartridge, then making sure the disk is still in the drive or put it there, start the games, then on the game load screen, type the disk number and filename to load as: DSK3.FILENAME
www.99er.net /wwwboard1/messages/463.html   (519 words)

 Tunnels of Doom - TI-99/4A - AtariAge Forums
ToD is one of my favorite all time games.
From: Grand Prairie, TX I put a massive amount of time into Tunnels of Doom.
One thing that i've always wanted to do (but there's no chance in hell it'll ever happen) would be to play Tunnels of Doom on a TI-99/8.
www.atariage.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=84550   (1108 words)

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