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Topic: Turandot

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  Synopsis of Turandot
Turandot appears and, with a contemptuous gesture, bids the execution proceed.
Turandot's ministers Ping, Pang and Pong try to discourage the youth, their warnings supplemented by the entreaties of Timur and the tearful Liù.
Turandot enters and tells the story of her ancestor Princess Lou-Ling, brutally slain by a conquering prince; in revenge Turandot has turned against all men, determining that none shall ever possess her.
www.metoperafamily.org /metopera/history/stories/synopsis.aspx?id=26   (631 words)

 The ending Turandot deserves - smh.com.au
He worked on Turandot last year and his ending was first heard in a performance of the third act in the Canary Islands in January; last week stage premieres took place in Los Angeles and Amsterdam.
Everything up to the death of Liu, the slave girl who kills herself to save the hero Calaf from Turandot's murderous intentions, was complete and fully scored, but the reconciliation and dramatic resolution that follow, when Turandot is transformed from vengeful monster to the adoring lover of Calaf, had only been sketched.
Both musically and in its subject matter, Turandot is far removed from the world of verismo in La Boheme, Tosca and Madama Butterfly, and the fundamental problem with Alfano's ending is that it lacks the eclecticism of the preceding two and a half acts.
www.smh.com.au /articles/2002/06/10/1022982819696.html   (575 words)

Turandot's decree is then announced and the Princess herself explains the reason for the cruel ordeal: one of her ancestresses had been defeated by a foreign prince and dragged into captivity, where she had died of grief and shame.
Turandot, on the other hand, is greatly shaken: she returns to her father's side and begs him not to deliver her into the hands of the stranger; in vain, the Emperor cannot go back on his word.
Turandot is reduced to tears and ashamed to her surrender.
www.arena.it /eng/front/documentiING/sinopsi/turandot.htm   (1752 words)

 Metropolitan Opera International Radio Broadcast Information Center - 2006-07 Broadcasts
She is in love with Prince Calaf, but he does not realize the depth of her feelings for him.
Turandot (soprano) - Princess of China, daughter of the Emperor, a cruel but beautiful woman.
Together with Pang and Pong he is responsible for preparing the funerals of the princes who cannot answer Turandot's riddles.
www.operainfo.org /broadcast/operaMain.cgi?id=27&language=1   (207 words)

 Buy.com - Turandot-Hlts - G. Puccini - CD
Performer: Plishka, Paul Instrument: Bass Artist Notes: Timur
Performer: Caball?, Montserrat Instrument: Soprano Artist Notes: Turandot
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www.buy.com /prod/turandot_hlts/q/loc/109/print/1/60441887.html   (189 words)

In Turandot, the way to write fast scores is by using the keyboard.
Just as you write the letters in the wordprocessor, in Turandot each of the notes, the accidentals, articulation signs, etc., can be written using the keyboard.
When you purchase Turandot, you not only get the program itself, but you get the possibility to download lots and lots of scores.
www.turandot.hu /turandot.htm   (401 words)

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