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Topic: Turkish Cyprus barrier

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In the News (Sat 19 Jan 19)

  ipedia.com: Cyprus Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Cyprus (in Greek Kypros Κυπρος; and in Turkish Kıbrıs) is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, 113 kilometres (70 miles) south of Turkey.
Cyprus is mentioned by biblical historian Josephus as being settled by Kittim, son of Javan, grandson of Japheth.
Cyprus is geographically in Southwest Asia, but many Greek-speaking Cypriots assert that they are a part of Europe mainly due to the fact that the majority of its inhabitants are of European extraction and as such are both culturally and politically closer to Europe than Asia.
www.ipedia.com /cyprus.html   (615 words)

 Cyprus - Article from FactBug.org - the fast Wikipedia mirror site
Cyprus (in Greek Kypros Κύπρος and in Turkish Kıbrıs) is an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, 113 kilometres (70 miles) south of Turkey and around 120 km west of the Syrian coast.
Cyprus is geographically in Western Asia (or the Near East), though politically and culturally it is considered as being in Europe.
The Turkish Cypriot area proclaimed its independence in 1975, and the self-styled Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was established in 1983.
www.factbug.org /cgi-bin/a.cgi?a=5593   (1389 words)

Cyprus was proclaimed an independent country on August 16, 1960, but instead of maturing naturally as a Republic, the island engulfed in a bitter inter-communal struggle that began with the 1963 hostilities and ended with the Turkish invasion of July and August of 1974.
Since the Turkish occupation of Cyprus, sacred monuments of the rich Cyprus heritage have been destroyed in the occupied areas and people are not allowed to return to their homes and worship their Christian faith in the Churches of their ancestors inherited from generation to generation since early Christianity.
For Cyprus, the advantage of such a comprehensive definition of the powers and responsibilities of government is that all elements of uncertainty would be eliminated, as each level of government would be in possession of exclusive and sovereign powers that cannot be encroached upon by the other level of government.
pages.total.net /~asolomos/cyprus.htm   (7916 words)

 Cyprus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Cyprus (in Greek Kypros Κυπρος; and in Turkish Kıbrıs) is an island in the Mediterranean Sea 113 kilometres (70 miles) south of Turkey.
Cyprus is geographically in Southwest Asia but Cypriots assert that they are part of Europe mainly due to the fact that overwhelming majority of its inhabitants are of extraction and as such are both culturally politically closer to Europe than Asia.
The area occupied the Turkish Army proclaimed its independence in 1975 and the so called Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was established in 1983 recognized as is only by Turkey as "Turkish Cypriot State" by the members Organization of the Islamic Conference.
www.freeglossary.com /Cyprus   (689 words)

 Cyprus :: Revolution in the classroom after decades of hatred
In Cyprus, where Greek and Turkish Cypriot children are taught to blame the other community exclusively for the island's inter-ethnic conflict, their introduction could have a significant impact.
Martin Strohmeier, (professor at the University of Cyprus) presented a critical analysis of the Turkish history textbooks (used both in Turkey and in Northern Cyprus) underlying the predominance of political-military history and the under-representation of the social and economic history, as well as the absence of people in the textbooks' narrative.
A Turkish Cypriot acquaintance told me he became a Turkish nationalist when a Greek Cypriot friend of his with whom he worked in the electricity authority drove him back from work and stopped to pick up his six year old girl from her primary school.
www.cyprus-forum.com /cyprus416.html   (7344 words)

 Wired 7.08: One Nation, Invisible
Turkish Cyprus may be diplomatically suspect, but like other outlaw zones in history, it has become a busy locus of illegality in finance, espionage, and military affairs.
There are Turkish military bases all over the place to keep the Greeks from flooding in; the UN runs back and forth, harmlessly blowing whistles and taking pictures, and somehow the cease-fire holds.
Cyprus, with a population dominated by ethnic Greeks and Turks, was controlled since 1878 by Britain, which built naval bases there.
www.wired.com /wired/archive/7.08/cyprus.html   (2950 words)

 CYPRUS PROBLEM: Enclaved Greek Cypriots
As a consequence of the tragedy brought about by the first and second rounds of the Turkish invasion on 20 July and 15 August 1974, about 200.000 Greek Cypriots, who lived in the areas occupied by the Turkish troops, were compelled by force to leave their homes and properties and move to the free areas.
The Cyprus government implemented the part of the agreement regarding the Turkish Cypriots; consequently, all Turkish Cypriots, except a few living in the areas controlled by the State, were transferred to the occupied areas according to the provisions of the agreement.
The vast majority of Greek Cypriot prisoners of war were released in the areas controlled by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and were never allowed to be reunited with their wives and children as should be the case according to the provisions of the Vienna Agreement.
www.hri.org /Cyprus/Cyprus_Problem/enclaves.html   (4617 words)

 Turkish Cyprus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The adaptation of the Turkish Cypriots to their losses and all of the changes on the island was not without its painful elements such as guilt, and these had to be hidden under the skin, as it were.
The Turkish army marked the spot with a statue honoring those of their number who fell there on the first day of the war, and the place was thus hallowed by death and suffering as well as triumph.
I returned to the northern part of Cyprus around the third anniversary of the war, flying from Istanbul on a plane marked "Cyprus Turkish Airlines." It was rented from a firm based in Europe, and its pilot and hostesses spoke British English.
www.cyprus-conflict.net /volkan.htm   (8196 words)

 UN Buffer Zone in Cyprus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The UN Buffer Zone in Cyprus is a 300 km (187 mile) separation barrier along the 1974 Green Line (or ceasefire line) between the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus.
The Republic of Cyprus offered the land to the UN after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus so as to served as protection of the Republic from further Turkish hostilities.
Tensions along the barrier have arisen several times in the past, with the latest civilian incident taking place in 1996, when in a demonstration at Deryneia, a Greek Cypriot was beaten to death by Turkish Cypriots while trying to cross the Green Line.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/UN_Buffer_Zone_in_Cyprus   (679 words)

 Photo Slideshow | Reuters.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The barrier was quickly replaced by sheets of aluminum and remained under heavy police guard.
Cyprus made clear the crossing would not open for civilians until Turkey removed its troops stationed there.
Cyprus relations remain a stumbling block to Turkey's aspirations to join the EU and a source of tension with neighboring Greece, its historical rival.
today.reuters.com /news/articlenews.aspx?type=worldNews&storyid=2007-03-09T122542Z_01_L09150173_RTRUKOC_0_US-CYPRUS-LINE.xml&src=rss   (371 words)

 Cyprus And American Foreign Policy: A Guide To The Key Issues And Events
It is conducting negotiations with the Republic of Cyprus for the latter's accession to the EU.
In 1983, the Turkish Cypriot leadership unilaterally declared the establishment of the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus." This declaration, which the international community viewed as an attempt to dismember Cyprus, was condemned as illegal and invalid by SCR 541 (1983) of November 18, 1983.
The Cyprus problem is one of aggression, illegal occupation and attempted dismemberment by Turkey, whereby the Republic of Cyprus is the victim and Turkey is the aggressor.
www.ahiworld.org /cyprusguide.html   (7563 words)

 CHP accuses government of silence against EU's double standards - Turkish Daily News Nov 19, 2003
Cyprus was never presented as an obstacle at the time Greece was accepted to the Union.
Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul recently expressed hope that a solution could be found after the elections in a sign that the government might start a new drive for a solution after the polls.
Drawing a link between Turkey's EU process and the Cyprus issue and insisting on Greek Cyprus' EU membership due to Greece's pressure and flmail is wrong because such an approach means a violation of the international agreements.
www.turkishdailynews.com.tr /archives.php?id=34348   (3019 words)

 Cyprus PIO: Turkish Press and Other Media, 05-07-04
Turkish Cypriot President Mehmet Ali Talat said the international community has no option but to end the economic isolation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (occupied areas of Cyprus) if it wants to make the intransigent Greek Cypriot administration sit at the negotiating table to find a solution to the partition of Mediterranean island.
The Turkish Cypriot leader said preventing exports from northern Cyprus would mean the breach of an EU principle since the bloc was based on free trade.
Turkish Cypriot daily KIBRIS newspaper (04.07.05) reports that the United Cyprus Party (UCP) criticised the fact that the pseudostate participate in the 32nd Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Foreign Ministers' Conference in Yemen under the name Turkish Cypriot state.
www.hri.org /news/cyprus/tcpr/2005/05-07-04.tcpr.html   (3673 words)

 INCORE: Conflict Data Service: Internet country Guides: Cyprus
The ‘Cyprus Issue’ section details the geographical and historical background to the problem, the ongoing efforts to reach a negotiated settlement and Cyprus’ road to EU accession.
It section on Cyprus is quite extensive detailing all recent developments such as the 2004 referenda, the main press releases and statements released on Cyprus and a vast array of articles.
The primary goal is to render all peace promoting groups in Cyprus computer literate and internet users, to facilitate information sharing and establish a platform for ideas and debates and raise the level of public awareness about the new possibilities emerging for the prevention, management and settlement of conflicts in a speedy manner.
www.incore.ulst.ac.uk /services/cds/countries/Cyprus.html   (3099 words)

 The Cyprus Problem
The Cyprus problem is one of aggression and illegal occupation by Turkey.
The Republic of Cyprus is the victim of Turkey's aggression and illegal occupation.
Turkey is overwhelmingly responsible for the Cyprus problem by its aggression and illegal occupation.
www.ahiworld.com /cyprusproblem00.html   (644 words)

 Cyprus (Northern Cyprus) [the turkish bit] Presidential Election Day. - Indymedia Ireland
The Turkish Cyprus barrier (UN Buffer Zone on Cyprus)is a 300 km (187 mile) separation barrier along the 1974 Green Line (or ceasefire line) between the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and The Republic of Cyprus.
Constructed by Turkey, it served to separate the northern 37% (mostly inhabited by ethnic Turkish Cypriots) of Cyprus, occupied by Turkish troops since 1974, from the southern part (mostly inhabited by ethnic Greek Cypriots), and splits the capital Nicosia in two.
In April 2003 the Turkish Cypriot government significantly eased travel restrictions across the barrier, which had for 29 years prohibited crossings, whilst both sides called each other names, and shot at the dogs in no-mans land.
www.indymedia.ie /newswire.php?story_id=69439   (1625 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Greek Cypriots dismantle barrier
The Turkish Cypriot breakaway state in the north is recognised only by Turkey.
In December the Turkish Cypriot authorities dismantled a controversial footbridge on Ledra Street, which was built in 2005.
Cyprus was partitioned after a Turkish invasion in 1974, which came shortly after a Greek Cypriot coup backed by the military junta ruling Greece at the time.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/europe/6433045.stm?lsf   (486 words)

 Assembly of Turkish American Associations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
But for the Turkish side of the two estranged communities on Cyprus, the right to rescue mariners and airmen off their northern section of the Mediterranean island is central to a decades-long struggle for international recognition.
Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish forces stormed the north in response to an Athens-backed Greek Cypriot coup aimed at uniting the island with Greece.
For Turkey and Turkish Cyprus, the Greek Cypriot assumption that they can run SAR for the entire island is just one more insult to Turkish Cypriot aspirations to statehood.
www.ataa.org /spotlight/s_may7.html   (1542 words)

 Learn How To Speak - Turkish
Turkish is the principal language of the Republic of Turkey.
It is a member, along with the related languages of Iranian and Soviet Azerbaijan and of various areas within the Soviet Union (mainly in Asia) of the Turkic group of the Altaic branch of the Uralic-Altaic language family.
Turkish can also serve the student as an introduction to the Turkic language family and provide them with a basis for establishing communication with Asian Turkic speakers as far east as Sinkiang Province in China and as far west as the Tatar regions on the Volga.
www.learn-how-to-speak-turkish.com   (937 words)

 Iraq and Turkey reinforce troops Prime Minister Ecevit: European interest on Cyprus seems to be an unusual fantasy Need ...
Speaking in a program in state-run Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) on Sunday, Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit said that the financing of the Afghan meeting was a problem for Turkey, when asked about the earlier plans for the organization of the meeting of Afghan groups in Ankara.
Turkish Red Crescent has distributed around 51 tones of food and 6,000 blankets to about 15,000 refugees living in two refugee camps in Afghanistan, Anatolia news agency reported.
Turkish Red Crescent Aid Manager Omer Tasli said during a press conference in Tehran, that the Turkish Red Crescent had team delivered the aid, including flour, sugar, rice and oil, directly to the refugees living in Makaki and Mil camps in Afghanistan near to the Iranian border.
www.turkishdailynews.com.tr /archives.php?id=26044   (2754 words)

 WENR, November/December 2003: Cyprus
The system is binary, with university-level education offered by the University of Cyprus (established in 1992) and a number of private institutions.
However, internal regulations at the University of Cyprus have required the use of the national credit system in all departments and at all levels since 1992.
Quality-assurance procedures at the University of Cyprus include periodic evaluations of each department by a three-member committee of external assessors, an institutional evaluation by the European University Association, continuous self-evaluation on the basis of various indices and external independent evaluation on a regular basis.
www.wes.org /ewenr/03Nov/Cyprus.htm   (1274 words)

 USA Turkish Times - News
The Turkish prime minister's foreign policy advisor has said insulting the Turkish nation with a genocide that their ancestors did not commit would be "indigestible," referring to the Armenian genocide resolution pending in the US Congress.
The Washington Times reported yesterday that the unfulfilled quest of the Kurds for statehood is now emerging as a major barrier in Turkey's path to the European Union and in Ankara's relations with the United States.
International companies interested in the possibility of exploring oil and gas deposits off Cyprus' coast have been warned by Turkey not to go ahead with their plans on participating in a tender launched by Greek Cyprus last month, diplomatic sources told the Turkish Daily News.
www.usaturkishtimes.com /content/blogcategory/7/29   (652 words)

 Turks.US Daily News - Greeks Impede New UN Process in Cyprus Again   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The administration of Southern Cyprus is insisting on not beginning talks with the Turkish side despite the agreement reached, with great effort, last summer with United Nations Under Secretary-General for Political Affairs Ibrahim Gambari.
Greek Cyprus, eager to have the issue discussed on European Union territory to take advantage of on the upcoming Nov. 8 progress report on Turkey, will not commence the talks agreed to by both sides on July 8 this year.
The Turkish side stated that it was ready to support the U.N.’s approach.
www.turks.us /article~story~GreeksImpedeNewUNProcessinCyprus.htm   (477 words)

 TheStar.com - News - Greeks bring down Cyprus barrier
Rasit Pertev, undersecretary of the Turkish Cypriot president’s office, described the event as “historic,” and said it had come as a surprise to Turkish Cypriot officials, according to Turkey’s Anatolia news agency.
Cyprus has been split since a 1974 Turkish invasion sparked by an abortive coup attempting to unite the island with Greece.
Earlier this year, Turkish Cypriots dismantled a footbridge on their side of the buffer zone in the area.
www.thestar.com /News/article/190065   (693 words)

 Phantis: Cyprus
Turkey on Wednesday rebuffed Greek Cypriot demands that Turkish soldiers withdraw from the north of the island's divided capital before fully opening a crossing point in the centre of Nicosia....
The cancellation may be connected with the recent wrangling with Cyprus and sends a strong message to Athens, that it cannot stay away from what is happening in the eastern Mediterranean...
Although Turkish Foreign Ministry has strongly ruled out news reports stating Greek Cypriots plans to control air traffic in the Mediterranean region, diplomatic sources told The New Anatolian that after the construction of the air control center in Lefko...
www.phantis.com /cyprus   (537 words)

 Cyprus news, Kypros nea,Cyprus, Zypern, Chypre, Kibris   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Turkish Cypriot journalist [Sener Levent] detained at checkpoint
Turkish Cypriot politician: UN peace plan should be incorporated in Accession Treaty
Turkish Cypriot columnist says that Denktas and the civilian and military buried the Annan plan
www.lobbyforcyprus.org /mediawatch/news_2003.htm   (1341 words)

 Cyprus Timeline, 21st Century
Greek Cypriots have begun demolishing a key section of the barrier dividing the capital city, Nicosia
Mehmet Ali Talat was elected president of the breakaway state by Turkish Cypriots frustrated by isolation
Turkish Cypriot leader Denktash has crossed into the Greek part of Cyprus for the first time since 1974
www.mapreport.com /countries/cyprus.html   (869 words)

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