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 Sanguo Zhi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
At the time Wei and Wu both had their own histories and it was with these works as basis that Chen Shou began work.
The work collects the smaller histories of the rival states Wei, Shu and Wu into a single text and provided the basis for the later more popular historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
Since Shu lacked a history of its own, data was compiled by Chen himself. /wiki/Sanguo_Zhi   (903 words)

 Twenty-Four Histories - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Twenty-Four Histories is a collection of historical books covering a period of history from 3000 BC to the Ming Dynasty in the 17th century.
It is often considered an authoritative source of traditional Chinese history and culture, and is used for research on literature, art, music, and other subjects.
《南史》、《北史》History of Southern Dynasties and History of Northern Dynasties, inherited from Li Dashi 李大師 (father) to Li Tingshou 李延壽 (son) /wiki/Twenty-Four_Histories   (434 words)

 Talk:Twenty-Four Histories - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The compiler of the Song, Liao and Jin Dynasty histories should probably be listed also by his Chinese name Tuotuo (脱脱)--(there's currently only a Chinese page for him)-- and Ou Yangxiu should be Ouyang Xiu and link there.
I don't know what it is either, but it is linked from History of China and List of China-related topics, so it apparently has something to do with the history of China (or "traditional history", since it's redirected from there).
The bottom of the page seems mislabelled; those aren't related books, those are cases in which a single compiler was unable to complete the history (usually before his death) and the task was passed on to others, sometimes his children. /wiki/Talk:Twenty-Four_Histories   (283 words)

 '24 Histories' Translated into Modern Chinese - China History Forum, online chinese history forum
A "New History of the Yuan" 《新元史》 was also written in the ROC period, and I've seen it included as a 26th history in a CD set of the official histories.
This is of course, a canon used during Qing (official histories are usually about previous times.) After Qing fell, traditional learning was abolished, and I guess because of that the ROC and the scholars no longer followed this traditional canonization of historical books, and didn't add a 25th history.
China History Forum is an online chinese history forum, discussion board or community for all who are interested in learning and discussing chinese history from prehistoric till modern times, including chinese art of war, chinese culture topics. /index.php?showtopic=1574   (1388 words)

 Twenty-four Histories - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch
Four and Twenty Fiddlers: The Violin at the English Court, 1540-1690 (Oxford Monographs on Music)
Four Ages of Understanding: The First Postmodern Survey of Philosophy from Ancient Times to the Turn of the Twenty-First Century (Toronto Studies in Semiotics)
Oahspe: A new Bible in the words of Jehovih and his angel embassadors, a sacred history of the dominions of the higher and lower heavens on the earth for the past twenty-four thousand years /twenty-four_histories.htm   (185 words)

 Hidden Histories in the United Church of Christ: Armenian Congregationalists
Their constituency comprises twenty churches, with a total communicant membership of about four thousand and an additional four thousand supporting members, youth, and church school pupils.
Four years later, on November 27, 1850, the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Medjid granted formal recognition to the newly established curch.
A History of the Armenian Evangelical Movement and the Armenian Evangelical Union of the Near East), vol. /aboutus/histories/chap4.htm   (4681 words)

 China and the Manchus, by Giles : Arthur's Classic Novels
Four years later, when twenty-four years of age, he made another attempt, only, however, to be once more rejected.
At length, a joint attempt on the part of seven States, aided by two Mongol chieftains, was made to crush him; but, although numerical superiority was overpoweringly against him, he managed to turn the enemy's attack into a rout, killed four thousand men, and captured three thousand horses, besides other booty.
Immediate measures were taken to suppress the Society, of which it is said that over twenty thousand members were executed, and as many more sent in exile to Ili. /arthurs/history/8mnch10.html   (17536 words)

 Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2003.09.14
Another problem about the accessibility of Histories I is the fact that the last books of the Annals have not survived, so that the backdrop of the notorious bellum Neronis is itself difficult to penetrate.
The strongest such sections are where she extends her focus to include broader analysis beyond Tacitus, especially in her introductions to (a) Histories 1.4-11 on the chronological retrospective and geographical survey (98-100), which is particularly constructive in comparing Sallust's techniques, and (b) Histories 1.86 on supernatural phenomena (273-5), which uses Livy well.
D.'s new commentary on Histories I is the latest Tacitean addition to the Cambridge series, which already includes R.H. Martin and A.J. Woodman's Tacitus Annals IV (1999 revised edition) and R. Mayer's Tacitus Dialogus de Oratoribus (2001). /bmcr/2003/2003-09-14.html   (1849 words)

 Every chapter
二十四史, 'The Twenty-four Histories.' These are the imperially- authorized records of the empire, commencing with the 'Historical Records,' the work of Sze-ma Ch'ien, and ending with the History of the Ming dynasty, which appeared in 1742, the result of the joint labours of 145 officers and scholars of the present dynasty.
It is the finest edition of the Four Books which I have seen, in point of typographical execution.
Next, there is a selection of approved comments, from a great variety of authors; and finally, the reader finds a number of critical remarks and ingenious views, differing often from the common interpretation, which are submitted for his examination. /ebook/01/009/07.htm   (2775 words)

Four and a half miles north of Auburn is located the town of Waterloo, in Grant township.
In 1890 the town had a population of one thousand four hundred and seventy-three; in 1900, one thousand two hundred and forty-four; and in 1910, one thousand one hundred and sixty seven.
In 1880 the population of Butler town was approximately thirteen hundred; in 1890, it had jumped to two thousand five hundred and twenty-one; in 1900, there were two thousand sixty-three inhabitants; but in 1910, the latest census, there were only one thousand eight hundred and eighteen. /%7Eindekalb/1914/VII.html   (18356 words)

 Libraries Oriented to a New Pattern of the Multiple and Integrated World - 62nd IFLA General Conference
With a history of thousands of years, libraries are a treasure-house that mankind has invented to gather knowledge since ancient times, are a center for knowledge and information spread and exchange and an important ideological and cultural stronghold.
This had made it possible that I could study Chinese history and culture as well as knowledge concerning contemporary world in my small family study apart from studying basic knowledge in school in my early days.
At this turn of the centuries, we have seen not only that further reform and development of the traditional magic formula has become the urgent ne ed of human peaceful co-existence and advancement, but also that the need is being gradually met following the present scientific and technological advancements. /IV/ifla62/62-xiaf.htm   (2754 words)

 East Asian History Sourcebook: Chinese Accounts of Rome, Byzantium and the Middle East, c. 91 B.C.E. - 1643 C.E.
Of the histories preceding the Pei-shih I merely mention the Sui-shu, embracing the period 581-617 C.E., because I found in it the first trace of the new name under which the country of Ta-ts'in was known thereafter, viz., Fu-lin.
When government matters are deliberated upon, and if in the four quarters of the country there are cases not decided, the high officials of the four cities hold a council at the king's place.
In the city there are established eight high officials to rule over the four quarters of the country; but in the royal city there are also established eight high officials who divide among themselves the government over the four cities. /halsall/eastasia/romchin1.html   (13306 words)

 Home, Gardens, History
Museum of Garden History The recreation of a historic knot garden and the history of British gardens and plants are included as is a virtual visit to several exhibits at the museum.
The History of Gardening Timeline An account of gardening from ancient times to the twentieth century organized by time periods with links to supplementary information.
Garden History, Garden Tours and Garden Visit Guide A guide to garden history, garden tours historic parks, 1000+ gardens and botanic collections open to the public in the UK, USA, Europe, America, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Japan, India, Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland. /directory/Home/Gardens/History/Histories   (741 words)

 Military History Of China Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography
Emperors who were warlike were usually opposed by their officials and condemned by history (examples include Qin Shi Huang, Yongle Emperor), while emperors who decisively moved from war to peace, and from military (武) to civil (文) values (such as Emperor Gao of Han) were correspondingly praised.
One of the most important Chinese contributions to military history is the formula for gunpowder, which was known in Song times.
Although legalism as political theory was discredited after the fall of the Qin Dynasty, it left the structure of an autocratic, centralised empire that remained the master institution of Chinese military history. /encyclopedia/Military_history_of_China   (2672 words)

 Chinese classic texts
Sì shū wǔ jīng (四書五經), the Four Books and the Five Classics, were mandated study of those Confucian scholars who wished to become government officials.
The Classic of History (書經 Shū Jīng) is a collection of documents and speeches alleged to have been written by rulers and officials of the early Zhou period and before.
One of the aspects of the culture that allows its continuity is the importance given to those ancient texts, that shape the philosophies of the culture. /wiki/C/Chinese-classic-texts.htm   (806 words) Missing Masterpieces (book review)
Each of the twenty-four case histories might be the record of an individual life, for each work, in a sense, is an entity unto itself.
Missing Masterpieces tells the stories of twenty-four such lost works, works which may yet resurface for all the world to see.
Each tale is a slice of history, a reminder that a work of art does not exist in a vacuum, but rather, is product of, and subject to, the world's desires, flaws, and conflicts. /VAREVIEWS/masterpieces0303.shtml   (1368 words)

 Working Papers-Modernity inside Tradition: The Transformation of Historical Consciousness in Modern China
Luo argued that China had witnessed four major historical periods since 1834: the age of confrontation, 1834-60; the age of submission, 1861-95; the age of entreaty, 1896-1919; and the age of revolution, 1920 to his time.
In contrast to the Western idea of history in which the present organizes the past, in Chinese, history primarily means preserving records of the past.
For Gu, though the history of high antiquity was questionable and could only be ascertained by archaeological discovery, it was still possible to pursue a new tradition through the history of later period. /~easc/resources/working_paper/noframe_10c_mod.htm   (8692 words)

 Remembering Nagasaki: Atomic Memories Discussion
That is a horrible perversion of history and a dishonour to those who suffered at the hands of that enemy.
My only conclusion could be that teachers, parents and indeed the rest of our adult population felt it was in someway their fault, that what had happened was an evil act by a superpower on a defenceless population, in a cruel demonstration of revenge tactics.
My greatest fear during the Cold War was that some stupid politician would allow his memory of history to lapse would forget the profound horror associated with the use of such a weapon and actually use a nuclear missle as a way of "proving he meant business"-- flaunting his ego and his stupidity more like. /nagasaki/memories/amemory2.html   (13961 words)

Theoretical and conceptual issues are explored through case studies of particular contexts, histories and forms of representation, and support more detailed work on issues such as slavery, colonialism and postcolonialism, Nazism and the Holocaust, and constructions of identity in specific societies or regions including Briton, Ireland the Middle East, and Australia.
It investigates how collective experiences, myths and memories are drawn upon in narratives that construct the histories, identities and destinies of ‘racial’, national and ethnic groups, which in turn underpin those groups’ ideological and political claims.
MA in Histories and Cultures: ‘Race’, Nation and Ethnicity /shacsweb/New%20Pages/New%2039.html   (946 words)

The biographies of four emperors and one empress dowager of the Han Dynasty before his age are also included.
The Records of the Grand Historian or the Records of the Grand Historian of China (Chinese: 史記; pinyin: Shǐjì; Wade-Giles: Shih-chi; literally "Historical Records") was the magnum opus of Sima Qian, in which he recounted Chinese history from the time of the mythical Yellow Emperor until his own time.
As the first systematic Chinese historical text, it tremendously influenced Chinese historiography and prose, and is comparable to Herodotus and his Historiai. /search.php?title=Shiji   (370 words)

 UNESCO Courier: Saintly sons and daughters: ancient China's enduring cult of filial piety
A chapter is reserved for them in twenty of the twenty-four dynastic histories and countless separate collections are devoted to them, much like the "Lives of the Saints' that were so popular in Europe almost until modern times.
The earliest examples of final extravagancesI have been able to find in the dynastic histories are taken from the Hou Hanshu, principally from Chapter 39, which is entirely devoted to filial sons and daughters and probably dates from the middle of the fourth century AD.
Evidence of filial piety is also foundthroughout the earliest period of Chinese history, even though the character for filial piety, xiao, strangely enough, does not appear in the earliest writings, the oracle bone inscriptions. /p/articles/mi_m1310/is_1986_Nov/ai_4589202   (1477 words)

 American Women's History: Digital Collections
Oral histories that document women's activities in the Girl Scout Movement, medicine, and religion.
Oral history interviews with doctors and nurses who were active in the Detroit area during the period of 1940-1969.
New Jersey Women's History [Ridgewood, NJ]: Women's Project of New Jersey, 2001-. /~kmiddlet/history/women/wh-dig-st.html   (2686 words)

 Always Lend a Helping Hand: Sevier Country, Utah, Remembers the Great Depression
In addition to the twenty-four oral histories, which can be found in the Interviews section, this website includes an Essay section with historical essays by Richfield High School student Lisa Nielsen and teacher and project director Judy Busk, reflections from the students involved in this project, and advice from interviewees.
In "bringing the past alive," these oral histories also instruct today's youth in the values of frugality, hard work, mutual aid, and humor in the face of adversity that allowed Sevier County residents to endure and persevere during the Great Depression.
The Sevier County Oral History project is just one effort underway to recover and share this history (see My History is America's History for more projects and ideas). /sevier   (967 words)

 Histories of Carbon County, Utah
Three to four weeks later, the woman was washing clothes in the Spring Canyon wash and someone kidnapped the baby.
Helper residents were outraged that it was not an act of nature that brought the barrel down, but what they called "an act of destruction." Several called 911 and demanded that the vandals be arrested, but the pranksters escaped home.
Amy quickly climbed last, pausing only for a short time to glance at the original hemp rope coiled and sitting on the ledge of the pedestal that was used in the first climb up the rock. /USA/Utah/carbon/white.html   (4765 words)

 Duelling Speeches
The practice in recently twenty years has eloquently proved that we are right in direction, firm in conviction, steady in our steps, and gradual in our approach when carrying out the reform and opening-up, and we have achieved tremendous successes.
Despite occasional division in the Chinese history, ethnic harmony and national unity have remained the main stream in the history of the Chinese nation, and an important guarantee for China's development and progress.
The scene of "contention of a hundred schools of thought" brought forth the Spring and Autumn Period 2,500 years ago and the Warring States Period over 2,200 years ago and the emergence of various schools of thought and their exponents, such as Lao Zi and Confucius, about 2,400 years ago. /mstkg/ii2spchs.htm   (6597 words)

 Herodotus' Histories: the 28 logoi
The Histories are the account of the researches done by the Greek author Herodotus of Halicarnassus (c.480-c.429).
This overview of the contents of Herodotus' Histories is essentially based on Silvana Cagnazzi's article 'Tavola dei 28 logoi di Erodoto' in the journal Hermes 103 (1975), page 385-423, except for book three.
Our division of Herodotus' Histories in nine 'books' goes back to an edition by third century BCE scholars, working in the great library of Alexandria. /he-hg/herodotus/logoi.html   (215 words)

 The Humpty Dumpty Syndrome by Harry S. Oxenhandler,M.D. Master's Plan Publishing
Then, after you have read the interesting case histories of real, live patients, you will be convinced of how effective the principles are in maximizing your chances of getting rid of or significantly reducing your chronic low back pain.
The patient has been examined by the primary care physician and is diagnosed with degenerative disk disease and arthritis of the lumbar spine.
You will see how simple the concepts are and how easy they are to understand. /marktplc/rr00941.htm   (1389 words)

 Read about Category:History books at WorldVillage Encyclopedia. Research Category:History books and learn about Category:History books here!
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898
A Short History of the Confederate States of America /s/b/Category:History_books   (192 words)

 History for the Masses
Each of the four half-hour episodes highlights one of the Party's Four Basic Principles, with a commentary and images that interpret the history of the past 150 years as a process leading to inevitable socialist victory in China.
The episode is a meditation on the history of Beijing in the 20th Century, the subtext of which is a 'reflexive comment' on the events of 1989 by indirect reference to earlier historical events, dates and personalities.
The years 1985-88 were, nonetheless, something of a watershed in terms of media representations of history due in part to Hu Yaobang's pronouncements and the appointment in late 1985 of Zhu Houze as head of the Party's organs of propaganda. /themes/Histmasses.html   (7748 words)

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