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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  "Twin Peaks" (1990)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
One of the truly great, original TV dramas, Twin Peaks was far from perfect; however, quite a few of its run of 29 episodes undoubtedly were.
His contribution to the series is immense, as a new focus is provided; climaxing with the stunning end to the penultimate episode at the Miss Twin Peaks Contest.
Twin Peaks is a beautiful series aesthetically, from the wonderful titles sequence, Angelo Badalamenti's stunningly evocative music scores to some wonderfully innovative photography and direction - usually in those episodes helmed by Lynch.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0098936   (1193 words)

  Twin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Twins in animal biology is a case of multiple birth in which the mother gives birth to two offspring from the same pregnancy.
Twin studies are studies that assess identical (monozygotic) twins for medical, genetic, or psychological characteristics to try to isolate genetic influence from environmental influence.
Twins that have been separated early in life and raised in separate households are especially sought-after for these studies, which have been invaluable in the exploration of human nature.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Twin   (2089 words)

 Aphex Twin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Aphex Twin (Richard David James, born August 23, 1971 in Limerick, Ireland) is a UK-based electronic music artist, credited with pushing forward the genres of techno, ambient, acid, and drum and bass.
Aphex Twin tends to distance himself from rock/pop music, yet he has still had an influence on the rock bands like Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Peace Burial at Sea.
Aphex Twin press interviews are generally entertaining, eccentric, and confusing.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Aphex_Twin   (1667 words)

Twinning in thoroughbred horses is considered undesirable as it increases the chances of embryonic loss, foetal loss, difficult foaling, or the delivery of a weak or dead foal and may also result in infertility after abortion.
Twinnings generally are considered undesirable because of the increased chances of embryonic loss, foetal loss, difficult foaling or the delivery of weak or dead foals.
There were 13.04% cases out of the twinning mares that repeatedly conceived twins in the same year and had a history of conceiving twins on previous years, which may indicate a hereditary role.
equivetindia.org /twin.htm   (1417 words)

Twin has a programme of support in coffee and cocoa in 9 countries spanning 26 producer organisations, representing over 230,000 producers and their families.
Twin has always set out to demonstrate the way trade should be done, in order to influence wider change in the market, principally in commodity sectors where small producers are the most marginalised in the trading chain.
Twin is the organisation behind a number of most established and robust fair trade supply chains, sustaining real links between consumers in the North and small producers in the South.
www.twin.org.uk /about.html   (841 words)

 Soul2Soul-Twin Souls, Twin Flames & Soul Mates
Twin souls will both recognize this extraordinary bond, whether they are evolved and whole enough to acknowledge and act upon it is another thing.
Twin soul love is not to be confused with an obsessive/compulsive disorder, it's not a desire to "possess" another, but truly a challenge to love unconditionally and without expectation, to be whole and complete within yourself before joining with the other whole and complete side of your soul.
I would advise anyone who believes they have met their twin, yet is in such pain from that meeting, that perhaps the time for union is not right, or that they are enmeshed in a karmic soul mate or "near twin" relationship.
www.harusami.com /soul2soul/twinsoul.html   (2036 words)

 Proactive Genetics, Inc. - FAQ - Twin and Triplet Zygosity
Is having twins affected by heredity or is the twins gene, sex-linked or autosomal?
Fraternal twins do not have identical DNA but will have half of their DNA in common, just like siblings of the same parents that are born at different times.
Polar body twins are believed to occur when the mother's egg splits before fertilization and one half (referred to as the 'polar body') is also fertilized by a different sperm.
www.proactivegenetics.com /faqzygosity.dna   (986 words)

 Upstream: Upstream: Issues: Psychology: IQ: Minnesota Twins   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
MZA twins share prenatal and perinatal environments, but except for effects of actual trauma, such as fetal alcohol syndrome, there is little evidence that early shared environment significantly contributes to the variance of psychological traits.
Twins are especially vulnerable to prenatal and perinatal trauma, but these effects are most likely to decrease, rather than increase, within-pair similarity [22].
Since only a few of these MZA twins were reared in real poverty or by illiterate parents and none were retarded, this heritability estimate should not be extrapolated to the extremes of environmental disadvantage still encountered in society.
www.mugu.com /cgi-bin/Upstream/Issues/psychology/IQ/bouchard-twins.html   (5051 words)

 Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome / TTTS, Fetal Care Center of Cincinnati   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Approximately 20 percent of all twin pregnancies are monochorionic, and the incidence of Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome in monochorionic diamniotic gestations is approximately 10 to 20 percent.
The donor twin is characterized by oliguria, oligohydramnios or anhydramnios, growth restriction and abnormal umbilical artery Doppler velocimetry.
The rationale for this approach is that cord occlusion and sacrifice of one twin arrests the syndrome, prolongs the gestation, and maximizes the outcome for one twin.
www.fetalcarecenter.org /medicine/therapies/ttts   (6721 words)

 UCSF - Radiology - US Evaluation of Complicated Twin Pregnancies
Among twin pregnancies, the relative risk of complications depends on whether each fetus is attached to its own placenta (dichorionic) or must share a placenta (monochorionic).
The high risks of MC twin gestations are largely related to the vascular anatomy of the shared placenta and the presence of inter-twin vascular connections.
In the acardiac fetus, the direction of blood flow in the umbilical cord is reversed, giving rise to the name “twin reversed arterial perfusion” or TRAP sequence, in which the blood entering the body of the anomalous, acardiac fetus is pumped into its umbilical artery by the co-twin.
www.radiology.ucsf.edu /research/ultrasound2004.shtml   (1348 words)

 Share Your Twin Story & Read Amazing Twin Stories at Twin Connections
Whether it's the way they finish each others sentences, know when their twin is in trouble, or seem to have uncanny parallels in their lives, there is definitely a connection between twins unlike any other sibling relationship I've seen or experienced.
I'm collecting incredible twin stories for a book and I'd like to invite you to share your twin story, or if you're a parent, sibling or friend of twins, a story about the twins in your life.
Your twin story may be a simple story illustrating the twin bond and connection you've experienced or witnessed, or it may be an amazing twin story that can't be explained any other way than to chalk it up to that "mysterious bond between twins!"
www.twinconnections.com   (320 words)

 Twin Peaks:  San Francisco BEST View
The lower portion of Twin Peaks has been developed into a residential community with colorful houses built into the hillside providing optimal views for their residents.
The reservoir was built in 1954, and provides drinking water to residents, water for local fire departments, and is a necessary water source to the birdlife in the area.
This undeveloped portion of Twin Peaks has been slated as a Natural Area, and is preserved by the Natural Areas Program (NAP), a division of the San Francisco Recreation and Parks department.
www.sftravel.com /twinpeakssanfrancisco.html   (363 words)

 Twin Studies
These twins are contacted through the Colorado Twin Registry, which is developed with assistance from the Colorado Departments of Health and Education.
Community Twin Study (CTS) For this project twins ages 12-18 and their siblings throughout Colorado participate in a 2 1/2 hour interview that covers questions about personality, behavior, intelligence and various mood and conduct disorders.
Identical and Fraternal twins are being tested in preschool for pre-reading skills, and after kindergarten, first grade, and second grade for the development of early reading, spelling, and related cognitive skills.
ibgwww.colorado.edu /~agross/ibg/twinsites.htm   (507 words)

Identical twin brothers Jerry and Terry Lynn are one of the most incredible stories in the art industry.
Each is a talented artist in his own right, but it's their collaborative artistic genius which has won them acclaim for creating some of the most vibrant, exciting art the industry has seen in recent years.
Twin were the official artists of the 1998 Essence Music Awards in New York and they created the official poster for the 1997 Philadelphia Art Expo.
www.eandsgallery.com /twin_page.htm   (271 words)

 Twin Lakes Business Park   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Twin Lakes Redevelopment general brochure- The general brochure describes the history and rationale of the Twin Lakes redevelopment project, lays out a timeline of key events, and notes the benefits that will come from redevelopment.
The Challenges of Brownfield Redevelopment insert- A companion piece to the Twin Lakes general brochure, this document describes the challenges that come with polluted property and outlines a number of contributions the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has made to redeveloping Twin Lakes.
Twin Lakes Business Park Update- In July 2001, the City of Roseville distributed this update on redevelopment progress in Twin Lakes.
www.ci.roseville.mn.us /development/develop/twinlakes   (1198 words)

 LettError Type and Typography: Twin
Twin is not really a typeface, but more an application that runs on the web.
All kinds of different color schemes, versions of the Twin fonts and alternative ways of writing the name are combined in pages and pages of stuff.
It is not a map of the Twin Cities, but of the Twin 'design space', the different possible styles (and their inbetween values) mapped out as a city.
www.letterror.com /portfolio/twin   (589 words)

 Twin Dragon - Lawsuit
Identical Toronto twins Michael and Martin McNamara are martial arts experts who train and compete in international kung fu and kick-boxing events under the trade name Twin Dragons.
The brothers, who opened the first of their eight Twin Dragons Kung-Fu and Kick Boxing clubs in Toronto in 1972, are also seeking an injunction that would stop the film makers from producing, marketing, distributing, selling, or renting the film Twin Dragons.
The Irish-born twins also operate eight Twin Dragons kick-boxing schools in the Toronto area and have, in fact produced films titled Twin Dragon Encounter, Dragon Hunt and the soon to be released Twin Dragons (The Right to Fight).
www.twin-dragon.com /article.htm   (4219 words)

 Twinsworld Joke Page
One of the twins was hard of hearing and the other could hear quite well.
And the twins, Seth and Beth, they're sixteen.
She sat under a sign that said, "The Gold Dust Twins are coming," and I had to smile.
www.twinsworld.com /jokes.html   (2375 words)

 Celebrity Twins | Famous Twins | Justin Timberlake | Aaron Carter | Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The singer claims she shares twin telepathy with Wade, and that she is in tune with where he's at in life, but not with his specific thoughts.
The Olsen twins were born on June 13, 1986 and landed their big acting gig in 1987 sharing the role of Michelle Tanner on the comedy series Full House.
Elvis' twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley, died at birth (he was born stillborn) on January 8, 1935.
www.kidzworld.com /site/p2138.htm   (513 words)

 International Society for Twin Studies
Twin Research and Human Genetics is the official journal of the International Society for Twin Studies (ISTS), and is published six times a year by Australian Academic Press.
Twin Research and Human Genetics is the official journal of the International Society for Twin Studies and, as such, is the successor journal to Acta Geneticae Medicae et Gemellologiae, which was founded in 1952 by Luigi Gedda.
We welcome papers covering the biology and epidemiology of twinning, obstetric aspects of multiple pregnancy, studies of the rearing of twins and of the twin condition, and the use of twins in biomedical and behavioral research, encompassing genetic epidemiology and behavior genetics.
www.ists.qimr.edu.au /journal.html   (591 words)

 Twin definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular medical terms
Twins from one ovum: Twins that develop from a single ovum are called monozygotic.
Twins from two ova: Twins that develop from two ova that are fertilized at the same time are called dizygotic.
Nonidentical twins can be of the same sex (two brothers or two sisters) or of different sex (brother and sister).
www.medterms.com /script/main/art.asp?articlekey=11428   (280 words)

 freshmeat.net: Project details for twin
Twin runs on X11, libggi, itself, the Linux console, and any termcap/ncurses-compatible tty.
I very impressed with twin and it may be used in my working environment for a long time.
There is a known bug: attaching twin (with twattach) to a /dev/pts/* device does not work.
freshmeat.net /projects/twin   (771 words)

 dizygotic twin - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about dizygotic twin
In medicine, one of a pair of twins born to the same parents at the same time following the fertilization of two separate ova.
They may be of different sexes and they are no more likely to resemble each other than any other sibling pair.
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /dizygotic+twin   (106 words)

 The Prime Glossary: twin prime
Twin primes are pairs of primes which differ by two.
It has been conjectured that there are infinitely many twin primes (see the twin prime conjecture for further information).
Using sieve techniques, it has been proven that the sum of the reciprocals of the twin primes converge (see Brun's constant).
primes.utm.edu /glossary/page.php?sort=TwinPrime   (179 words)

 BBC NEWS | Health | Boy 'pregnant' with twin brother
A seven-year-old boy who was admitted to hospital with stomach pains was actually "pregnant" with his twin brother.
But during surgery, they discovered he was in fact carrying the dead foetus of his twin brother.
Doctors at the hospital told the BBC the tumour was the remains of his twin brother's foetus.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/health/2987963.stm   (295 words)

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