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Topic: Typhoon class submarine

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear Powered) "Akula" class
On "Typhoon" there is a sports hall, sauna, swimming pool, separate cabins for all members of crew and much other, that allows really to consider a submarine as the present underwater cruiser both on battle possibilities, and on conditions of a habitability.
The submarine is equipped with floating antennas of a type permitting to accept a radio reports, target destination and signals of satellite navigation on large depth and under ice.
The first of the six members of the class to be commissioned was TK 208 in 1981, followed by TK 202 in 1983, TK 12 in 1984, TK 13 in 1985, TK 17 in 1987 and TK 20 in 1989.
www.enemyforces.com /navy/941.htm   (1256 words)

 Naval Technology - SSBN Typhoon Class (Type 941) - Strategic Missile Submarine
The Typhoon class submarine is of multi-hulled design — five inner hulls are situated inside a superstructure of the two parallel main hulls.
Bulava is to arm the Russian Navy’s new Borey Class submarines from 2008 and may be retrofitted to the Typhoon Class.
Typhoon has four 630mm torpedo tubes and two 533mm torpedo tubes with a total of 22 anti-submarine missiles and torpedoes of varying types.
www.naval-technology.com /projects/typhoon   (812 words)

 Typhoon class submarine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Typhoon submarines are also the subject of a fictional novel, Typhoon, written by Mark Joseph, which is about an attempted takeover of the Soviet Union by rebellious officers using Typhoon submarines to threaten nuclear missile launches on their own country of Russia.
A fictional Typhoon class submarine named the Nikodim is mentioned in Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident as the drop zone for Artemis Fowl senior on the Kola Peninsula, although this submarine is one of over a hundred in the stretch of coast near Sevoromorsk.
The Typhoon class submarine with a complement of 20 nuclear missiles was salvaged and intended to be used as a mine for the final strike against Zorndyke.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Typhoon_class_submarine   (1257 words)

 The Navy of the Russian Republic 1991-2002
Half of the Krivak class were given to Ukraine, and are in a poor state of seaworthiness.
The reorganized submarine force would have only three classes of ballistic missile boats, one class of guided missile boat, and five classes of attack submarines.
The transition of the submarine force was marred by several accidents.
www.russianwarrior.com /1999_History_Navy.htm   (946 words)

 All Wood Wings: Typhoon - Project 941 Akula, Russia - quality ship models crafted from wood
Project 941 submarines are not the same submarines as those Russian subs designated by the NATO codename of "Akula" which are the smaller "Project 971 Bars" class nuclear powered attack submarines.
The oblate form of the submarine was prompted by the shallow waters in the area of Severodvinsk shipyards.
In 1992, one of the Typhoon submarines was severely damaged during the test firing of a missile.
www.allwoodwings.com /Ships/Submarines/Russia/Project-941,Typhoon.htm   (642 words)

 941 TYPHOON - Russian and Soviet Nuclear Forces
The development of the 941 heavy strategic submarine was authorized in December 1972, and on 19 December 1973 the governmental officially issued the order to design and build the 941 ballistic missile submarine.
The Typhoon submarines were initially intended to be retrofitted with a replacement of the D-19 launch system with an advanced system, and the new SS-N-28 Bark missile.
The submarine was placed in a dock, with ship-yard workers upgrading her systems and equipment, with repairs lasting for 12 months.
www.globalsecurity.org /wmd/world/russia/941.htm   (1784 words)

 Typhoon submarines decommissioned-Blog-Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces
In the end of April 2004 the Navy Commander-in-Chief disbanded the division of Project 941 (Typhoon) strategic submarines, based in the Northern Fleet.
The reason the submarines are being decommissioned is that the R-39 (SS-N-20) missiles that they carry have reached end of their operational lives.
The submarines were to be refitted with new missiles during their overhaul originally scheduled in mid-1990s.
russianforces.org /blog/2004/04/typhoon_submarines_decommissio.shtml   (743 words)

 Soviet Submarines
It rapidly built a fleet of fast, modern ocean-going submarines based on German models and continued to build and deploy diesel-electric attack submarines throughout the Cold War.
Because the names of individual Soviet submarines are seldom known abroad, the usual practice is to refer to them only as a member of a submarine class.
Diesel-electric submarines can be effective for missions such as coastal defense, where high speed and long range are not crucial.
americanhistory.si.edu /subs/const/anatomy/sovietsubs/index.html   (461 words)

 NucNews - January 7, 2000
Typhoons to serve as test platforms Rear-Admiral Vladimir Makeev, the head of the Northern Fleet's rocket test site at Nenoksa, Arkhangelsk County, said to Interfax that the media reports on Typhoons being taken out of operation ahead of schedule are groundless.
At the moment of writing (March 1996), one nuclear submarine (fabrication number 638), a type 326 M transport for spent nuclear fuel and the tanker Amur are moored at the yard awaiting repair.
This is the reactor compartment from a Victor-I class submarine at the Nerpa naval yard.
nucnews.net /nucnews/2000nn/0001nn/000107nn.htm   (12903 words)

 TYPE 941 "TYPHOON" CLASS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The Typhoon class submarine is of multi-hulled design - five inner hulls are situated inside a superstructure of the two parallel main hulls.
The submarine's design includes features to enable it to both travel under ice and for ice-breaking.
Typhoon has four 630 mm torpedo tubes and two 533 mm torpedo tubes with a total of 22 antisubmarine missiles and torpedoes of varying types.
www.aeronautics.ru /archive/fleet/russian/941.htm   (709 words)

 Haze Gray & Underway Photo Feature: Soviet & Russian Navy - 'TYPHOON' Class Ballistic Missile Submarines
The 'TYPHOON' class subs are by far the world's largest; they displace at least 33,800 tons, but some reports place the true figure at over 40,000 tons.
The hull was made up of two side-by-side cylindrical pressure hulls enclosed within the outer skin, plus three smaller pressure vessels - one for the torpedo tubes, one at the base of the sail for the control room, and one aft for steering gear.
6 'TYPHOON' class boats were built, but all are now out of service; most are being scrapped with US assistance, but one or two may be retained for refit with the not-yet-operational SS-N-28 SLBM.
www.hazegray.org /features/russia/typhoon.htm   (271 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The submarine was built at the Sevmash plant in 1982 for the former USSR and became the first Typhoon submarine in service.
The submarine has multi-hulled design, having two parallel main hulls, also called strong hulls, inside the light hull.
The submarine is divided into 19 compartments and powered with two 190 megawatts nuclear reactors.
www.strategypage.com /messageboards/messages/47-2058.asp   (876 words)

 How many submarines are on patrol?-Blog-Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces
Project 941 submarines cannot possibly be among those five on patrol – the division that included these ships was disbanded in April 2004 and Dmitri Donskoy - the submarine that is used for Bulava tests – obviously cannot carry nuclear weapons.
But according to the START data, the Northern Fleet submarines have only 29 deployed missiles, instead of full complement of 32, while the submarines in the Pacific have 56 deployed missiles for their 64 tubes.
Besides, Novomoskovsk was one of the submarines (with Karelia) involved in the failures of February 2004.
russianforces.org /blog/2006/09/how_many_submarines_are_on_pat.shtml   (1394 words)

 Global Security Institute
This type of submarine, a Typhoon class submarine that snaked under the waters throughout the world carrying 20 missiles, with 10 nuclear warheads on the tip of each of those missiles, aimed at the United States of America.
This submarine was taken apart as part of the Nunn-Lugar program to reduce delivery systems and nuclear weapons in the old Soviet Union and in what we now refer to as Russia.
I have had charts on the Senate floor that show a plot of ground in the Ukraine where a missile silo existed with a nuclear warhead aimed at the United States of America, and now the silo is gone.
www.gsinstitute.org /archives/000047.shtml   (2334 words)

 Russian Typhoon Subs - - Naval Forces | Defence Talk Forum
HEN class I think refers to the Hotel, Echo, and November Class Soviet era boats which used the same reactor.
The HEN notation stands for the Hotel, Echo and November Soviet class subs which were launched in the late 50's and early 60's.
None of the Typhoons are combat ready, only 1 is operational and she is used as a test bed.
www.defencetalk.com /forums/showthread.php?t=3073   (1502 words)

 Amazon.com: TYPHOON: TYPHOON: Books: Joseph   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The Typhoon class Russian missle submarine is BIG, as long as the American boomers, but TWICE as wide--and 1 ship alone could wreak havoc and kill millions of people with its stretegic ICBM's.
What happens within the pages of 'Typhoon' are similar to what almost happened in the Soviet Union at the beginning of Gorbechev's reign when a military coup, afraid that the impending breakup of the country would ruin their career's, nearly toppled the government.
Worse, the submarines themselves lack that sense of mystery that makes them perfect metaphors for cold-war brinksmanship - we never know where they are, what they want to do or what they can do, but we know that they can end the world with the push of a button.
www.amazon.com /TYPHOON-Joseph/dp/067170866X   (1740 words)

 Ex Astris Scientia - Federation Probes
Since this is exactly the purpose of Class 4, we silently assume it is another appearance of this very type.
Although the Class 5 is designed as a mid-range warp probe, the special environment of the "accelerated" planet may require its use (also because of its low observability).
Before the standard probe of Class 1 is started in TNG: "Where Silence Has Lease", Picard orders the launch of a "scanner probe" which vanishes after a few seconds.
www.ex-astris-scientia.org /schematics/starfleet_probes.htm   (1674 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
SSBN TYPHOON CLASS (TYPE 941) The Typhoon ballistic missile nuclear-powered (SSBN) submarines are the largest submarines ever to be built.
Typhoon Class submarines Typhoon class submarines are the mainstay Soviet nuclear powered strategic missile submarines (SSBNs).
SSBN TYPHOON CLASS (TYPE 941) The Typhoon class of ballistic missile nuclear-powered (SSBN) submarines are the largest submarines ever to be built.
www.aeronautics.ru /archive/linktrack/typhoon-class-links.htm   (534 words)

 941 TYPHOON - Russian and Soviet Nuclear Forces
The Typhoon submarines were initially intended to be retrofitted with a replacement of the D-19 launch system with an advanced system, and the new SS-N-28 missile.
The lead unit of this class, the TK-208, had been in overhaul since 1992 with the intent of receiving these modifications, but it now appears that it will not return to service.
All but one of the Typhoon class submarines are slated to be withdrawn from service within a few years, and it is unlikely that units of the class would be modified to accomodate new missiles.
www.fas.org /nuke/guide/russia/slbm/941.htm   (1083 words)

 Space Today Online -- Beating Swords Into Plowshares -- Russian Submarine Space Launches
The unusual launch was the first time a commercial payload had ever been sent from Earth into orbit from a submarine and the first commercial space launch in the history of the Russian Navy.
The submarine launch plaform was Novomoskovsk K-407, a 667BDRM Delta-IV-class or Delfin-class submarine of the Russian Northern Fleet's 3rd Flotilla.
The benefits of a submarine launch are safety and ease of putting a payload into a particular orbit.
www.spacetoday.org /Rockets/Plowshares/Submarine.html   (558 words)

 Amazon.com: Typhoon: Books: Robin White   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Russian Typhoon class ballistic-missile subs are the largest ever built, each the size of an aircraft carrier.
Typhoon may also be the literary swansong of its namesake, the splendid piece of naval architecture that made its literary debut in the Mother of All Technothrillers (title begins with Hunt) and is about to disappear from the former Soviet navy.
TYPHOON is the story of a Typhoon class boomer that suddenly appears off the Kola Peninsula.
www.amazon.com /Typhoon-Robin-White/dp/039914935X   (1935 words)

As of mid-1998 three nuclear-powered submarines were under construction: the first fourth-generation strategic Borei-class ballistic submarine; a Severodvinsk-class "multi purpose" prototype submarine, and one Akula-class attack submarine.
Responsibility for decomissioned nuclear-powered submarines was transferred from the Defence Ministry to the Ministry of the Atomic Energy in late 1998 under Government Resolution No.518.
Consequently, all the operations for the dismantling of nuclear-powered submarines and ships was transferred totally to the industrial sector -- the defence enterprises Zvezdochka and Nerpa located in the North, and Zvezda in the Far East -- the three Russian enterprises that scrap old submarines.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/world/russia/severodvinsk.htm   (1454 words)

 NTI: Global Security Newswire
The submarine has a crew of 170 and is powered by two nuclear reactors.
The Typhoon also has 20 ballistic missile silos and is considered the largest submarine in the world (ITAR-Tass, June 26 in FBIS-SOV, June 26).
The design of the Dmitry Donskoy submarine places its ballistic missile silos outside the ship’s rigid hull, a design measure intended to improve the crew’s survivability rate in the event of an accident, according to ITAR-Tass.
www.nti.org /d_newswire/issues/2002/6/28/9s.html   (229 words)

 Russia to Deliver 2 Boomers in 2006 With New SLBMs(launch sub version of TOPOLs)
The TK-208 "Dmitry Donskoi" is a Project 941 (Typhoon) class submarine, six of which were deployed from 1981-1989 at the end of the Cold War.
Borey Class submarines reportedly incorporate a number of new advances, including improved quietness and the ability to carry 12-20 of the new SS-NX-30 submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs).
It is a submarine launched version of the SS-27 Topol-M, which represents the pinnacle of Russian ballistic missile technology and is claimed to be invulnerable to any modern anti-ballistic missile (ABM) defenses.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-news/1394584/posts   (837 words)

 Documentary - Typhoon-Class Nuclear Submarine (44 minutes) - Military Photos
Its a 44-minute documentary on the "Sewerstal" - a Russian nuclear submarine of the typhoon class.
It was aired on German public Television (3SAT/ZDF) in 2001 and follows the crew of the vessel on a training mission in the Barents Sea.
Since the documentary is in German, I subtitled it in English (please excuse the English lapses, I was kinda tired when I subed it).
www.militaryphotos.net /forums/showthread.php?t=95613   (717 words)

 Typhoon-class submarine model, USS Yorktown model, Hand-signed Bell X-1 model, French bugler figurine .
The Typhoon ballistic missile sub, with two titanium hulls, can withstand a direct torpedo hit.
At 558' long with a submerged displacement of 48,000 tons, she is able to break through 10' polar ice caps.
Intricately hand-painted, the artist spends days with a fine brush creating muscle tone on their mounts, addin gexpression to their faces and bringing gleam to their weapons and instruments.
www.couponsnation.com /sovietski_products2.html   (343 words)

 Ex Astris Scientia - Challenger Class Reconstruction
Ever since fans have begun to spread their ideas on Star Trek starships across the web, it seemed clear that the Challenger class should be some sort of Constitution refit kitbash, as suggested in a fan description from Okuda's famous slide show.
A submarine conning tower (image) as in Okuda's description is clearly visible as the upper nacelle pylon - provided the ship is shown upside up.
The pylon he used to mount the warp nacelle was the sail tower of a Typhoon class submarine from a Revell 1/400 model kit.
www.ex-astris-scientia.org /articles/challenger.htm   (794 words)

 7.2 Declared States   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
All the Delta IV submarines serve in the 3rd flotilla of strategic submarines of the Northern fleet based at Yagelnaya, which is part of the Gadzhiyevo [Gadzhievo] Naval Base.
The Delta III submarines are all based at Rybachi located on the southern side of Avacha Bay 15 km from, and opposite, the city of Petropavlovsk.
The number of submarines on patrol at any given time was reduced to one, and the number of warheads deployed on a submarine was reduced to 48 (half of what had been planned, and identical to the force loading on its previous Polaris fleet).
nuclearweaponarchive.org /Nwfaq/Nfaq7-2.html   (19298 words)

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