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Topic: US Southern States

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  Southern United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Southern American English is a dialect of the English language spoken throughout the South.
Characteristics of southern literature including a focus on a common southern history, the significance of family, a sense of community and one’s role within it, the community's dominating religion and the burden religion often brings, issues of racial tension, land and the promise it brings, and the use of southern dialect.
The easternmost tip of the state is close enough to Baltimore and Washington, DC that it too has started to become an exurb of these areas with a unique North-South "hybrid" culture (in fact, the two easternmost counties, Berkeley and Jefferson, are considered part of the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area by the Census Bureau).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/U.S._Southern_States   (4925 words)

 The Air War in El Salvador   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Considering that the Salvadoran war provides us with one of the most recent examples of the use of airpower in a counterinsurgency campaign, this is a significant gap in the literature about the use of airpower in modern warfare.
Essentially, the US policy was to emphasize land reform, political reform in the form of honest elections, economic development, and the end of human rights abuses.
It is also argued that the United States tolerated this behavior and the diversion of funds because General Bustillo allowed the Ilopango Air Base to become the hub of the US National Security Council’s supply network for the support of the anti-Sandinista rebels in Nicaragua.
www.airpower.maxwell.af.mil /airchronicles/apj/apj98/sum98/corum.html   (10215 words)

 US News : Southern States See Green in Cigarettes, ( Kerala news, India News,Us,UK,Kerala Shopping,Onam Special,Kerala ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
US News, MIAMI - Southern tobacco-producing U.S. states, backed into a corner by financial woes, are breaking a taboo against raising their minuscule taxes on cigarettes.
North Carolina, Kentucky and other southern states with some of America's lowest excise rates on cigarettes are defying a powerful tobacco lobby and debating hefty tax increases meant to add hundreds of millions of dollars of much-needed revenue.
State excise taxes, which are on top of federal government levies of about 40 cents a pack, range from $2.46 in Rhode Island to 3 cents in Kentucky and help pay for schools, roads, healthcare and other civil services in each state.
www.keralanext.com /news/indexread.asp?id=130207   (393 words)

 ELS - Macmillan Law Library - Federal Courts Finder
U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit
U.S. District Court -- Southern District of Iowa
U.S. District Court -- Southern District of Ohio
www.law.emory.edu /FEDCTS   (1591 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Weblog | US Vote 2004
Now solidly ensconced as the nasty party, Republicans across the US are shifting uncomfortably in their seats as allegations concerning the war record of John Kerry, a man who volunteered for service in Vietnam, are proved spurious.
Showing an image of Paul Revere (the US revolutionary hero who rode from Boston to Concord to warn that the British were marching) in the silhouette of the Stars and Stripes, Mr Francis, a Boston native, said it represented both the convention and the pride he felt in his city's contribution to American democracy.
The former US counter-terrorism tsar, Richard Clarke's claim that the Bush administration ignored the threat of al-Qaida and failed to avert the attacks of September 11, which 'there was a chance' could have been avoided, has panicked the Republicans.
www.guardian.co.uk /weblog/usa/0,13960,1057810,00.html   (13046 words)

 The U.S. Embassy in Iceland
The President intends to nominate Carol van Voorst, of Virginia, to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Republic of Iceland.
Bush praised the ties between the United States and the Nordic nations as bound up in a “common respect for liberty, human rights, and the dignity of every person.” He called on Americans to observe the day with appropriate ceremonies, activities and programs.
The U.S. Embassy in Iceland: Reykjavík, Laufásvegur 21.
www.usa.is   (176 words)

 Southern States circuit switcher, load switcher, line switcher, candlestick circuit switcher, capacitor switch, ...
Since 1916, Southern States has built and expanded upon a reputation anchored on the basic principles of quality, service, long-life performance, robustness, and innovation.
With the winning combination of well-proven products, innovative new solutions, and a highly experienced, customer-focused team of dedicated professionals Southern States is well positioned to continue providing the right choices for the specific application needs confronting the electric power industry of the 21st century.
Explore the many facets of today's Southern States, The Quality Name In High Voltage Switching, and discover that the company you have known for so long can now provide you so much more.
www.southernstatesinc.com   (348 words)

 US Mint Research -
A History of the United States Mint
The US Mint begain striking US coins for circulation at the Philadelphia Mint in 1792.
As gold was later discovered in the Southern States of Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama, branch mints were opened in Charlotte and Dahlonega.
In the 1980's, the US Mint opened the most recent mint at West Point, N.Y. to assist in striking modern gold and silver issues including various commemoratives and American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins.
www.acoins.com /usmint.html   (269 words)

 Southern States Cooperative
Are you farming in the mid-Atlantic states or the south?
Southern States is proud to present the winners and participants of our 2006 Dairy Kids Calendar Photo Contest and our 2006 Horse Calendar Photo Contest.
Southern States also is matching contributions made by its employees to the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund.
www.southernstates.com   (551 words)

 Imperialist origins of US - Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz|13Nov04|Socialist Worker
The majority of the US voting population is white and descendant of the old settler class, both the wealthy white, Anglo-Saxon protestants such as the Bush family, and the more numerous Scots-Irish “frontier” settlers—foot soldiers of the US empire—who comprise the majority of the southern states’ populations.
The US left, historically and at the present, denies and rationalises the facts of the founding in order to continue the myth that the US is a benign democracy, viewing obvious contradictions as anomalies.
If we as the US left are not about dismantling the empire, which will require dismantling the seats of power, and if we can’t stop claiming to be “the real patriots”, we will stay stuck, and irrelevant.
www.socialistworker.co.uk /article.php4?article_id=3337   (743 words)

 US immigration lawyer in southern california
U.S. immigration attorneys serving clients worldwide from their offices in San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles counties, California, USA.
US immigration law is a veritable minefield for the unwary and has become all the more complex due to recent law changes and the current environment.
Southern California attorney and English barrister practicing in the area of, immigration law.
www.usvisasolutions.com   (525 words)

 PARAMETERS, US Army War College Quarterly - Winter 1998
Land reform and participatory politics were indeed key to US success in Greece and the Philippines and British success in Malaya, and contributed significantly to the post-Tet shrinkage of the communist political base in South Vietnam.
US obedience to the fiction of the Republic of Vietnam's sovereignty is a major issue examined in George J. Veith's Code-Name Bright Light: The Untold Story of U.S. POW Rescue Efforts During the Vietnam War.
The US Bureau of the Census provided figures from which the various trends were developed, and the report's analysts have constructed scenarios depicting the potential variations and rates of growth of the trends.
carlisle-www.army.mil /usawc/parameters/98winter/winessay.htm   (11292 words)

 Hurricane Dennis leaves five dead in US, 23 in Caribbean   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
US Gulf coast residents have started mopping up in the wake of Hurricane Dennis, which left five dead in two US southern states and another 22 in the Caribbean.
US Gulf coast have residents started mopping up in the wake of Hurricane Dennis, which left five dead in two US southern states and another 23 in the Caribbean.
US President George W. Bush Sunday declared Florida, Alabama and Mississippi disaster areas, which makes them immediately eligible for federal emergency aid.
www.turkishpress.com /news.asp?id=52084   (783 words)

 Venemous snakes of the US
Coral snakes are found chiefly in the warm, southern states.
The US Food and Drug administration describes anti-venom as deriving from antibodies in horse’s blood serum, which has been injected with snake venom.
In an effort to let snakes perform their beneficial duty, they should be observed quietly from afar and left in peace, allowing us both to live in harmony.
wiwi.essortment.com /venemoussnakes_rgxi.htm   (1477 words)

 The Southern states of the USA
Read the text and look at the map to identify the states (numbers) and cities (letters).
(which is the second largest state of the USA).
- The state of Mississippi is east of Arkansas and LOUISIANA
perso.wanadoo.fr /michel.barbot/hotpot/mlk/south_usa1.htm   (75 words)

 Us Southern States - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Mama Learned Us to Work: Farm Women in the New South (Studies in Rural Culture)
Llano Estacado of the US Southern High Plains: Environmental Transformation and the Prospect for Sustainability
Antimicrobial resistance among isolates of respiratory tract infection pathogens from the Southern United States: data from the PROTEKT US Surveillance...
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /us_southern_states.htm   (148 words)

 The Epoch Times :: Southern US States Hold Presidential Nominating Contests   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Four southern U.S. states are holding Democratic Party presidential nominating contests Tuesday.
He told supporters he will not let political attacks distract him from the issues of jobs, health care, the economy and national security.
President Bush was in his home state of Texas.
english.epochtimes.com /news/4-3-9/20338.html   (294 words)

 Southern States Athletic Conference
Berry's Women Cross Country team not to be out done by their Men's team captured both the Southern States and NAIA Region XIII Cross Country Championships Saturday.
The Southern States Cross Country Championship, held in conjuction with the NAIA Region XIII Championship, was dominated by Berry College.
The Southern States Athletic Conference has announced this weeks Players of the Week for Games played as of Nov 6, 2005.
www.ssacsports.com   (411 words)

 US LEC Dominating in the South
US LEC has been providing business customers in Florida with quality services and outstanding customer care since 1998, covering more major business centers than either of the largest incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) in the state.
US LEC also announced that it recently won the contract to provide local calling services for the United States Postal Service in seven Southern states.
US LEC is a registered service mark of US LEC Corp. US LEC and Design (R) is a registered service mark and trademark of US LEC Corp. Media Contact: Investor Contact: Jennifer Sharpe James Stawski 704-319-1135 704-319-1189 jsharpe@uslec.com jstawski@uslec.com
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=109&STORY=/www/story/07-20-2004/0002213650&EDATE=   (660 words)

 Why is the US blockading Cuba?
She is easily worth any two of the Southern States, probably any three with the exception of Texas.
As the US government saw it this revolution was a downright robbery.
The US has never forgiven Cuba for this unpardonable crime and for 35 years it has waged a relentless war to conquer Cuba and erase its example from the minds of tens of millions of working people across the Americas.
www.poptel.org.uk /cuba-solidarity/why-blockade.html   (456 words)

 Southern Mosaic: The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recording Trip
Southern Mosaic: The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recording Trip
The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recording Trip is a multiformat ethnographic field collection that includes nearly 700 sound recordings, as well as fieldnotes, dust jackets, and other manuscripts documenting a three-month, 6,502-mile trip through the southern United States.
Photographic prints from the Lomaxes' other Southern states expeditions, as well as their other recording trips made under the auspices of the Library of Congress, illustrate the collection, since no photographs from the 1939 Southern States Recording Trip have been identified.
lcweb2.loc.gov /ammem/lohtml/lohome.html   (289 words)

 USAfricaonline.com THE AUTHORITATIVE LINK |2005|
Bush's lead on AIDS fight in Africa is commendable.Ironically, the younger Bush who dismissed Africa during his 1999 election campaign as not being an area of priority, has set on a better, noble and compassionate march to which all who speak for the living and human decency must join.
Later, in a communique broadcast on state media, a "Military Council for Justice and Democracy" announced it would rule the desert nation, which is hoping to get rich from oil, for a maximum of two years.
U.S. intelligence analysts claim; Obasanjo calls them "prophets of doom...."A coup in Nigeria could cause the oil exporting country to collapse and bring down much of West Africa with it, the U.S. National Intelligence Council said in a long-term outlook released in Nigeria on Wednesday, May 25, 2005.
www.usafricaonline.com /home.html   (13503 words)

 Hurricane Dennis leaves five dead in US, 22 in Caribbean   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
An overturned truck lies in a shallow pool of water amid the white sand of Navarre Beach, near Pensacola, Florida.
Storm-weary US Gulf coast residents started mopping up in the wake of Hurricane Dennis, which left five dead in two US southern states and another 22 in the Caribbean.
AIR Worldwide, an insurance industry group, estimated that damage in the United States would be between one billion and 2.5 billion dollars.
www.turkishpress.com /news.asp?id=52080   (758 words)

 US District Court - Southern District of Illinois - Home Page
For the most part, federal courts only hear cases in which the United States is a party, cases involving violations of the Constitution or federal laws, and in some special kinds of cases, such as bankruptcy cases and cases concerning incidents at sea.
In addition, federal courts hear cases based on state laws that involve parties from different states.
The federal courts play a significant role in shaping this country's future by resolving disputes and protecting the rights of its citizens.
www.ilsd.uscourts.gov   (209 words)

 Southern US states urge evacuations as they brace for Ivan's fury
Southern US states urge evacuations as they brace for Ivan's fury
Authorities in southern US states Tuesday urged residents to evacuate low-lying coastal areas, including New Orleans, as ferocious Hurricane Ivan barreled across the Gulf of Mexico toward land.
Tens of thousands of people were told to leave their homes for safer ground ahead of Ivan's anticipated US landfall early Thursday morning.
www.terradaily.com /2004/040914201913.a18p0rxg.html   (711 words)

 Tomfolio.com: Americana & U.S. States, Southern US   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Alden, John Richard The South in the Revolution, 1763-1789 Publisher: La. State UP/The Littlefield Fund for Southern History of the U. of Texas [1962].
Blair, Lewis H.; edited with introduction by C. Vann Woodward A Southern Prophecy: The Prosperity of the South Dependent upon the Elevantion of the Negro Publisher: Little Brown Boston 1964.
It is not intended to be a study of Theodore Roosevelt's Bull Moose campaign in the old Confederacy, but an account of how the eleven GOP organizations in the South reacted to disruption of the national party, 262 pages, complete with notes, bibliography, index, a clean bright unmarked copy, no dust jacket, as issued.
www.tomfolio.com /bookssub.asp?subid=2136   (2118 words)

 Southern Company - Home
President George Bush praised Southern Company for extraordinary contributions to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina in a note to company CEO David Ratcliffe.
Also this month, USA TODAY featured the restoration efforts at "the little company that could," a reference to Mississippi Power, Southern Company's local subsidiary and home power company at the heavily damaged Gulfport area.
Southern Company delivers solid earnings in the third quarter.
www.southernco.com   (181 words)

 portland imc - 2003.11.03 - New US Attack About to Happen?
It is thought that the planes have flown on a route from the US over the North Pole to bases in Europe and the Mediterranean.
The size and scale of the movement suggests that the US may be preparing to strike at a country in the Middle East in the next week to ten days.
Please pass this information on as widely as possible- the US may be planning to use the pretext of "foreign" terrorist attacks on US personnel in Iraq to attack Iran or Syria.
portland.indymedia.org /en/2003/11/274322.shtml   (9431 words)

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