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Topic: UDC

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  UDC: Structure
Like the DDC, the UDC is based on the decimal system: every number is thought of as a decimal fraction with the initial point omitted, and this determines the filing order, but, for ease of reading, it is usually punctuated after every third digit.
In UDC, all recorded knowledge is treated as a coherent system, built of related parts, in contrast to a specialized classification, in which related subjects are treated as subsidiary even though in their own right they may be of major importance.
The UDC is a synthetic classification, which means that the enumerated classes are the building blocks whereby compound and complex classes may be denoted by the various synthetic notational devices (such as -,=,+,/).
www.slais.ubc.ca /courses/libr517/03-04-wt2/projects/udc/structure.htm   (375 words)

 UDC on the Radar Screen
Without national standards as to the types or levels of UDC that might be considered "reasonable," the public is left with the impression that the single cause of UDC is agency "mishandling" of funds.
UDC is the net difference between "available collections" and "distributed collections," reported by states to the federal government at the end of each quarter on the OCSE-34A report.
UDC is reported in aggregate on Line 9B of the OCSE -34A Report.
www.acf.dhhs.gov /programs/cse/pubs/2003/udc/wellbank.html   (1174 words)

 About the Universal Decimal Classification
UDC has been modified and extended over many years to cope with the increasing output in all disciplines, and is still under continuous review so as to take account of new developments.
In UDC, the universe of information (all recorded knowledge) is treated as a coherent system, built of related parts, in contrast to a specialised classification, in which related subjects are treated as subsidiary even though in their own right they may be of major importance.
UDC has always been a major international scheme, but now that the UDCC has created an international (and eventually multilingual) database, it can be developed with the maximum of consistency and efficiency, and is more than ever the reflection of an authoritative international consensus.
www.udcc.org /about.htm   (1319 words)

 [No title]
The UDC Consortium was established as a non-profit organization which maintains and distributes the UDC and financially sustains itself with a consortium membership fee, by selling the UDC Master Reference File (MRF) licence, and by limited publishing activity.
UDC publishers may choose to offer and contribute with a new improved vocabulary, extended functionality, subject-alphabetical index or thesaurus but this will not have an immediate influence on the existing users.
Finally the UDC Consortium was approached for additional information on the number of languages for which a translation licence was requested in the period 1990-2004 and this information when checked confirmed the existing data on the number of languages.
dlist.sir.arizona.edu /archive/00000649/01/udc_translations7.doc   (7106 words)

 1995 UDC proposal
This unreliability and inconsistency greatly contribute to the illegitimacy of UDC in the eyes of the student body, and should not have to be redressed by administrators upon appeal.
Such a file of UDC documents could be kept in the Rockefeller Library or another publicly acessible area, thus avoiding the problems of gaining Administration approval for the release of information or relying upon the Herald or other groups as primary sources.
Requiring UDC to review its punishments in previous cases relevant to a present charge, as well as requiring them to write an Ôopinion' or Ôreport' after each case to add to the body of precedent, would add greatly to the consistency on the decisions.
www.brown.edu /Students/ACLU/textonly/PUDC951.html   (1953 words)

The UDC soon became an effective and courageous radical pressure group that lobbied for democratic control over foreign policy, the abolition of industrial and military armaments and conscription; the promotion of free trade; the self-determination of peoples; and the development of the League of Nations.
The UDC was the leading force for some years in making sure that foreign policy was discussed in Parliament (in fact, a number of Members of Parliament were also members of the UDC).
E.D. Morel, the leader of the UDC until his death in 1924, was imprisoned with common felons for six months for asking one of his friends to convey a pamphlet to Romain Rolland.
www.swarthmore.edu /Library/peace/CDGB/udc.htm   (547 words)

 UDC Careers
UDC offers an attractive compensation package with multiple income sources; your income potential is only limited by your drive, performance, and a willingness to learn and succeed.
UDC believes that a balance of time-off days versus working days is essential in promoting high quality job performance and gaining positive results.
UDC is a drug-free workplace and an EOE employer
www.udc.net /careers.asp   (836 words)

 Washingtonpost.com: Williams Drops Bid to Sell UDC Site
Norton said the mayor's UDC proposal is a "home rule" issue that ought to be decided only after hearings by the council, a study by a post-secondary education committee that Williams intends to appoint, and consultation with UDC officials.
The UDC property would remain off the city's tax rolls because it still would be federal land, but Williams said any lease rates could include an estimated cost of what the city would receive in real estate taxes.
Yesterday, the mayor defended his handling of the UDC matter and said he would ask the university's trustees today for suggestions as to who should serve on the higher education panel that will study the school.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/local/longterm/williams/udc040799.htm   (1013 words)

 Kevin Chavous, democrat, candidate for mayor, position paper on UDC
UDC students in the allied health field are successfully placed in service and leadership roles, both locally and nationally.
UDC must clarify and meet its obligations to the residents of the District.
UDC must be held accountable for the success rates of the students.
www.dcwatch.com /archives/election98/ch13.htm   (461 words)

 Washingtonpost.com: A Tale of Two City Neighborhoods' Views of UDC
UDC's students, faculty and administrators don't share the vision of Lloyd D. Smith, founder of the Marshall Heights Community Development Organization in Southeast Washington.
The mayor's proposal to spend $1 million studying whether to relocate UDC has ignited a greater political firestorm than perhaps anything else in his $4.6 billion budget.
Several other merchants are less charitable, noting that UDC students, often well into their twenties and thirties and working full time, commute to and from the school and have little money to spend.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/local/longterm/williams/udc033099.htm   (1020 words)

 University of the District of Columbia report by the Control Board, 01-23-98
The University of the District of Columbia (UDC) is at a crossroads.
UDC is an amalgam of a community college and a university, offering remedial training, vocational and technical education, and the traditional associate's, bachelor's, and graduate degrees.
As UDC struggles to overcome its financial difficulties and overhaul its mission and academic structure, one of the most important tasks facing the university is the selection and empowerment of a strong and visionary president.
www.dcwatch.com /control/cb980123.htm   (14706 words)

 Welcome to the University of the District of Columbia
UDC reaches out to help DC college students displaced by Hurricane Katrina
UDC is located in the global, northwest community of Washington, D.C. We have a rich and successful tradition of higher education that has been in existence for over a century.
UDC is the nation's only urban land-grant institution and we honor this status through an open admissions policy.
www.udc.edu   (270 words)

 98-05: Additional definition of field 080 (UDC)
The separate subfield for Common auxiliary subdivisions is needed because in UDC there are no "main" numbers for concepts that occur in, for example, the Common subdivisions of form.
In UDC no auxiliary is attached to a main number without some kind of facet indicator, such as bracket, inverted comma, hyphen, etc. They therefore all stand as separate entities, rather than being built onto a main number connected by 0 as in DDC.
Each element in UDC is, as a general rule, a separate, identifiable entity and can be readily identified from its notation.
www.loc.gov /marc/marbi/1998/98-05.html   (754 words)

 The role of classification schemes in Internet resource description and discovery - UDC
Because the UDC is based on numerical notation the scheme is not language dependant.
UDC is an agreed international standard which means it is widely recognised, used and available.
UDC is a sizeable and comprehensive classification scheme which gives it a certain amount of flexibility.
www.ukoln.ac.uk /metadata/desire/classification/class_3.htm   (2447 words)

 Official Website of the United Doberman Club
The UDC is a member club of the American Working Dog Federation, a club of clubs that promotes working dogs of many different breeds.
The UDC is also a member of the IDC (International Dobermann Club), an international club of Doberman breed clubs from around the world, and provides a financial stipend to our qualified working competitors at this prestigious event.
The UDC offers a Breed Survey program that provides owners and breeders with in-depth information about their dogs' conformation and character and health, and encourages members to test breeding stock.
www.uniteddobermanclub.com   (553 words)

 UDC Scholarships
To enhance UDC’s American Dietetic Association-accredited Nutrition and Food Science Program, and at the request of the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), in 2001 CECHE established an annual nutrition scholarship program at the university’s Nutrition and Food Science program in the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences.
UDC serves a culturally diverse population and, thus, is in a unique position to advance the training and skills of culturally diverse dietetic practitioners as the public land grant institution.
In response, UDC’s Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences anticipates starting an internship cum master’s program in nutrition and dietetics (with emphasis on public policy, communication and clinical experience) to comply with the recommendations of the Commission on Dietetic Registration’s task force, which requires a graduate degree to become a registered dietitian.
www.ceche.org /communications/udc/udc.htm   (911 words)

 United Daughters of the Confederacy
The UDC is the oldest patriotic organization in America, one dedicated to preserving the true history of the South.
The Texas Division UDC was organized in 1896 and remains one of the largest and strongest Divisions in the General Organization.
The UDC was organized by patriotic, southern women who volunteered their time, talents and means to serve with no thought of compensation beyond the feeling of duty well done.
txudc.org   (891 words)

 UDC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The group of Southern women, united by the desire "to instruct and instill into the descendents of the people of the South a proper repect for and pride in the glorious war history," sought to memoiralize both the Confederacy's military heroes and the women involved in the Confederate cause.
The carving initiated by Gutzon Borglum bore the direct stamp of the UDC and was a clear manifestation of their single-minded goal to preserve and glorify the Confederate tradtion.
The UDC dominated the carving ideologically from the beginning stages through the 1950s, when economic considerations led to the dilution of the Confederate focus.
xroads.virginia.edu /~UG97/stone/udc.html   (504 words)

 United Dynamics Advanced Technologies Corporation - UDC
UDC and David N. French Metallurgists have released the 2005 training seminar curriculums, dates, and locations.
The UDC field services division is currently hiring inspectors and engineers.
Through experience and evolution, UDC provides the most innovative methods of planned as well as forced outage management and maintenance solutions available today and for years to follow.
www.udc.net   (934 words)

 UDC says it will focus on contract to have 'Confederate' in dorm name - Wednesday, 10/22/03   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The UDC told the Tennessee Court of Appeals it will ask the court to overturn Kilcrease's decision.
Bob Notestine, a UDC attorney, said the group was not required to explain its legal reasoning yesterday and is still working out the best approach.
But Notestine said the appeal would focus on the enforceability of the UDC's contract with the former George Peabody College for Teachers, to which the UDC contributed $50,000 for the $150,000 dormitory.
tennessean.com /local/archives/03/10/41241381.shtml?Element_ID=41241381   (404 words)

 United Daughters of the Confederacy - South Carolina Division
Originally organized as a service organization to aid the Confederate soldiers and their families, today the UDC (hqudc.org) is much, much more.
The UDC is a historical, educational, benevolent, patriotic and memorial organization.
Our chapters work at preserving history, especially that period of our Southern history that relates to the period from 1855 (when the first stirrings of political unrest were felt) to the present (when we are still affected by feelings engendered by the War.) That makes us historical.
www.scudc.org   (535 words)

 Wisconsin Department of Commerce: Safety and Buildings Division - Uniform Dwelling Code (One- and Two-Family Dwelling) ...
The Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC) is the statewide building code for one- and two-family dwellings built since June 1, 1980.
See a PDF report for all Wisconsin municipalities and their status as to enforcement of the UDC.
UDC Commentary, Note that the commentary does not yet reflect the January 1, 2005 code changes.
www.commerce.state.wi.us /SB/SB-UDCProgram.html   (949 words)

 UDC / script comparisons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The order that UDCs are executed during logon is the opposite of the execution order after logon.
A UDC name can be from 1 to 16 character long and consist solely of alphanumeric characters, with the first character being a letter.
Note: UDC filename can be an MPE syntax symbolic link pointing to a POSIX named UDC file, if for some reason the actual UDC file needed to reside in the HFS.
jazz.external.hp.com /papers/HPWorld_01/CI/sld065.htm   (244 words)

 UDC Membership Information
Becoming a member of the Union for Democratic Communications makes you part of a diverse group of people from around the world--media practitioners, scholars, activists, and others--who embrace the notion that communication should be a force for democratic action.
UDC members receive our publication, democratic communiqué, as well as conference announcements, the annual member directory and supplementary information of interest to our membership.
If it is within your budget, please consider a sustaining membership, which will help UDC promote its goals through activities such as our conference scholarships.
www.udc.org /membership.html   (221 words)

 Home - udc-giovani   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
UDC: Consiglio Nazionale Giovani, partito scelga linea chiara e identitaria a riunione anche follini;
UDC: GIOVANI, Consiglio Nazionale chiede linea chiara e identitaria.
UDC: Barbuto (giovani), Cesa vittoria percorso che continua.
www.udc-giovani.it   (234 words)

 UDC Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) is a classification scheme for all fields of knowledge, a sophisticated indexing and retrieval tool.
The BSI UDC Online product is well suited to indexing non-traditional media, multi-media collections, motion pictures, map collections, art collections and web-based directories of learning resources.
UDC is a highly flexible and effective system for organizing bibliographic records for all kinds of information in any medium.
www.udc-online.com   (124 words)

 UDC search order
OPTION RECURSION is necessary in UDCs that support multiple entry points, otherwise a UDC would not be able to invoke itself recursively - as required by entry points (which are discussed elsewhere).
OPTION NORECURSION is the UDC default and causes resolution of the next command to commence just after the current UDC.
This option indicates that the UDC or script is not allowed to be executed from within a program (via calling the HPCICOMMAND intrinsic).
jazz.external.hp.com /papers/HPWorld_01/CI/sld069.htm   (583 words)

 Bibliography on the UDC
Proceedings of the FID Classification Symposium held in Commemoration of the Dewey Centenary, Brussels, November 1976 (FID 561), The Hague: FID, 1978.
Freeman, R. "The management of a classification scheme: modern approaches exemplified by the UDC Project of the American Institute of Physics", Journal of Documentation, 23, 1967, 304-320.
Perrault, J. "Categories and relators: a new schema for the replacement of the non-significant symbol, the colon, in the UDC by a letter code", Knowledge Organization, 21(4), 1994, 189-198.
www.udcc.org /bibliography.htm   (787 words)

 HP News Release: HP to Demonstrate UDC-Grid Connection at GlobusWorld
The demonstration is designed to show how Grid users could potentially use the HP UDC to run commercial applications simply and easily.
Their innovations could extend the potential of the HP UDC, which is a self-adapting, self-healing and policy-driven system in which computing assets are wired once, then provisioned virtually and automatically as needed.
To enable the Grid and the HP UDC to be connected, HP Labs researchers made three key innovations:
www.hp.com /hpinfo/newsroom/press/2003/030113c.html   (485 words)

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