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Topic: UK garage

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  What is UK Garage? SoulChampion.com
UK Underground Garage is a blanket term that comprises some of the most original forms of underground dance music to ever come out of the UK.
UK Garage originally stemmed from the early Jungle and rave scenes in London around 1996.
New Jersey native, Todd Edwards is commonly referred to as the Godfather of UK Garage and his visionary style of vocal collage is reflected in different forms throughout many of the various styles of UKG.
www.soulchampion.com /what-is-uk-garage.html   (1870 words)

 UK Garage Music Site - What is UK Garage Music
The sound of UK Garage Music had started to develop in about 1995 and had been given a number of different names that described the music, for example Speed Garage, London Garage and the Sunday scene.
There were a number of club nights in and around the London area that were promoting the sound of UK Garage Music with the likes of Release the Pressure, The Loft, and Garage City, playing out the best in UK Garage in order to build up the UK Garage vibe.
This saw the evolution of UK Garage music which then became more and more widely accepted by the masses who started to get aboard the underground garage vibe.
www.2step-garage.co.uk /what_is_uk_garage/uk_garage_music.htm   (629 words)

 Garage Doors UK, Remote Control Doors and Security Shutters
Cordula remote control garage door open and close vertically, therefore do not use up valuable garage storage space like conventional 'up and over garage doors' In fact when fully retracted into the roof area they take up an amazingly small 12" x 12" space.
Along the bottom of every garage door there is a highly efficient weather seal and double seals on the side rails.
Cordula garage doors are held rigidly in place on each side by a deep channel section along its full height.
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 Garage Conversions UK, Convert a Garage to a Living Room
Garage Conversions UK The online place for homeowners considering converting their garage to a habitable living room.
Garage Conversions - The Economical way for UK Home Owners to add a new habitable room to their property.
A Garage Conversion does not involve a change of use as such and UK Building Regulations will therefore only apply to the structural alterations involved and to any other building controlled works such as drainage.
www.garageconversionsuk.co.uk   (716 words)

 UK Garage chat and music
1997 was a big year for UK garage, it was very much in all the DJ mags as it was a new sound, Double 99 had chart success and also appeared on top of the pops with there tune Rip groove.
By 1998 2 step had become a house hold word in the UK London garage scene and 4/4 was slowly dying out in the mainstream scene more as Tuff Jam had started remixing less as they were concentrating on their radio show.
The path had been set for the explosion UK garage in 2000 in the mainstream with tunes by Artful dodger, Colour girl, Y Tribe, DJ Luck and Mc neat, which had been on white labels for some time before hand, all geting played on mainstream radio.
www.ukgaragechat.com   (577 words)

 Underground Garage - UK Garage Mixes
This UK Garage mix is available is a 75 minute mix CD displaying the talents of UK Garage dj newcomers FiSKiN and NV showcasing the diversity of the genre that is UK Garage.
Garage Music DJ's Rossi B and Luca were voted the best DJ newcomers @ the Sidewinder awards.
These guys are definitely making their mark on the UK garage scene with their unique mixing style & hectic choice of tunes.
www.trugroovez.com /underground-garage-mixes.htm   (691 words)

 UK Garage
Instead of kick drums on every beat like 4/4 garage, kick drum beats were altered, this later became known as two step garage.
By 1998 2 step had become a house hold word in the UK London garage scene and 4/4 was slowly dying out in the mainstream scene more as Tuff Jam had started remixing less as they were concentrating on their radio show.
If you went into a record shop and listened to 20 UK garage tracks possibly only 2 would be 4/4 style.
homepage.ntlworld.com /creamhackered/sls/garage.html   (210 words)

 Garage Doors UK, Remoted Controlled Electric Garage Door
Remote controlled garage doors from Cordula - the UK’s leading supplier - Tailor-made to your specifications with high level security features including automatic locking system.
Cordula remote control garage door open and close vertically, therefore do not use up valuable garage storage space like conventional 'up and over garage doors' In fact when fully retracted into the roof area they take up an amazingly small 12" x 12" space.
A crucial consideration when you remember that the garage door is probably opened and closed at least several times a day - every day of the year.
www.double-glazing-uk.co.uk /garage_doors.asp   (532 words)

 Soul, hip hop and UK garage - music - British Council - Arts
While UK Garage, the sassy and original blend of drum and bass, R’n’B and rap, has made a tremendous commercial impact in the last few years, other genres on the British club scene such as hip hop and soul have yielded artists of undeniable quality.
The soul, R‘n’B, hip hop and UK garage scenes from the UK are producing some excellent artists who can hold their own on the world stage.
Hip hop has proved itself to be a truly universal language, manifesting itself in many different ways across the globe and, as a strong UK hip hop scene is emerging, British artists are travelling all over the globe.
www.britishcouncil.org /arts-music-soul-hip-hop-garage.htm   (319 words)

 2-Step Garage   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In a very real sense, UK garage is organised around the pressure of feminine desire; a key factor in the scene's emergence was when women defected en masse from the junglist dancefloor, fed up with the melody-and-vocal-devoid bombast of techstep.
Either way, cocaine is the perfect signifier for garage's ambivalent politics--not only because of its associations with prestige, but because it's a drug that stimulates the appetite for all pleasures, and because the dynamics of its use (insatiability, basically) offer a kind of parody of consumerism.
The cunning of UK garage is the way it's taken the skills aquired during the jungle era--the rhythmic and texturological science--and directly transferred them into a context of enjoyment rather than "education".
members.aol.com /blissout/2step.htm   (8181 words)

 UK Garage in UK Directory: Entertainment: Genres   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Chart the evolution of the UK Garage scene by learning about its history and listening to remixes.
UK garage star gets an attractive and evolving online presence.
British DJ specializes in underground UK garage from recent producers including Narrows and Morph.
www.ukdirectory.co.uk /Entertainment/Category10100149.html   (282 words)

 Majorlift UK - Garage Lifting Equipment
Majorlift Hydraulic Equipment Ltd., based in Wickwar, Gloucestershire, is a UK market leader in the design and manufacture of Garage Lifting Equipment including pit jacks and jacking beams for commercial vehicle maintenance and repairs and MOT test stations.
Garage Lifting Equipment is designed in the company’s UK offices using the latest SolidWorks 3D Mechanical Design Software and then manufactured in the Company’s Wickwar factory.
The Majorlift web site is designed to introduce new visitors to the company’s product range, to give existing users detailed technical specifications, to provide an easy to use Pit Survey form which can be returned by e mail and to present Majorlift product users, world wide, with an easy to use spare parts catalogue.
www.majorlift.co.uk   (277 words)

 Automatic Garage Doors - the garage door specialists
With our years of experience and research we have been able to design a large choice of garage doors with a variety of door colours and hi-tech security features.
Automatic Garage Doors ~ To make sure you get the perfect garage door we ensure that all of our surveyors and installers are highly trained with a wealth of product knowledge.
All of our garage doors and remote control systems conform to the stringent health, safety and environmental production standards of the European CE Marking regulations.
www.mackins.co.uk /garage-doors   (393 words)

 UK Garage Music - R n B - Hip Hop Music - www.2SG.co.uk - The Urban Music Site
Register for are new Forum and chat to other Garage Heads from around the world.
It can be confirmed to all you garage lovers that DJ Slimzee and MC Ranking have joined the likes of MC's B-Live and Kofi B on the books of UK artist booking agency, Live Agents (020 8292 6191).
UK garage artist Dizzie Rascal has been forced to bring forward the release
www.2step-garage.co.uk   (1404 words)

 UK GARAGE - Garageresource.co.uk
From the 19/01/07 we will be listing around 200-300 UK Garage records (From 1997-2000 era) in the shop page.
The New UK Garage forums is now up and running, click here to enter
Please help us be the No.1 place to visit for UK Garage music by click here
www.garageresource.co.uk   (147 words)

 UK Garage from Soessential.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Welcome to SoEssential, the UK garage music and records portal brought to you by top DJs from the UK Garage music scene.
Dizzee Rascal is one the featured exclusive UK Garage Records in SoEssential.
UK garage records, house records, drum n bass records and old skool records
www.soessential.co.uk /uk-garage.htm   (186 words)

 Garage records, uk garage, speed garage vinyl
UK Garage - Year: 2001 - Catno: G937
UK Garage - Year: 2001 - Catno: G3443
UK Garage - Year: 2003 - Catno: GM160
www.vinylsearcher.com /Dance-Music/Garage-Records   (468 words)

 Remote Control Automatic Roller Shutter Garage Doors - ACE Garage Doors
Ace Garage Doors Uk Ltd supply and fit Aluminium Electric powered Automatic Roller / Shutter Garage Doors allowing easy remote control operation from the comfort of your vehicle.
Our shutters are made to measure in relation to your opening which in many cases will result in gaining extra width and height to your garage.
Ace Garage Doors uk also supply Traditional 'Up and Over' style Garage doors, and Window Shutters on request.
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 Anglian UK Garage Conversions & Home Improvements
If your garage is not being used to its full potential, then why not consider converting it into extra living space?
Anglian Garage Conversions can convert your garage from a cold and under-used space into a warm and habitable room that will improve your lifestyle and add value to your property.
If you have a double garage we can convert half of it, leaving you space to park your car.
www.anglianhome.co.uk /garage_conversions.htm   (232 words)

 Amazon.com: London's UK Garage Mafia: Music: So Solid Crew   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The so solid crew are wicked, they are the second best in the UK after the Genius crew, without a doubt.
This compilation brings us the newest and most diverse uk garage since Wookie.
Where all the other garage albums are mostly picks from the newest 12" and are mixed together by a big name.
www.amazon.com /Londons-Garage-Mafia-Solid-Crew/dp/B0000589TY   (576 words)

 PLAY.FM :: UK Garage
UK Garage - Speed Garage - Bassline House - 01:18
UK Garage - Soulful, House, Electro - 01:00
UK Garage - Soulful, House - Clubhouse - Electrohouse - 01:00
www.play.fm /index.php?st_id=11   (237 words)

 ukgarage - dance Music - Peoplesound
home > dance & electronica > uk garage/d 'n' b > most recent
Although rooted in hardcore techno, Drum 'n' Bass (or Jungle music) has evolved steadily since the early 1990s, and although much of the music remains rhythmically complex, the genre has been successfully assimilated into mainstream culture as it broadens its outlook, incorporating aspects of jazz, film music, ambient, and trip-hop.
UK Garage adds elements of raga, DJ scratching and diva vocals to produce a uniquely British (and hugely successful) offshoot.
www.peoplesound.com /music/dance/ukgarage   (91 words)

 djdownload.com - Browse Genres - Albums - UK Garage
The first new album from Shaun Escoffery in nearly 3 years and the first in a series of albums to be released by Oyster under the collective title of 'Move Into Soul'.
It seems that there is the beginning of a new crossover genre that is emerging, ITH has coined the term Urban House, it’s an amalgamation of garage, R and B and house music and…read more
The Bacci Bros label was resonsible for one of UK Garage's most successful tracks - Movin' too Fast.
www.djdownload.com /albums/uk-garage/8   (387 words)

 Buy Uk garage and 2 step vinyl records by Artist unknown,Todd edwards,Mj cole and more
Vinyl - browse uk garage and 2 step - Showing results 1 to 60 of 1990
This is one for all the old skool garage dj's out there.
Massive and much sought after uk garage / speed garage anthem that makes good use of soft cell's version...more info
www.htfr.com /ukgarage   (394 words)

 The Garage - A Selection of Garage Rock Resources on the Internet
The Garage is dedicated to hair shakin', harmonica wailin', Farfisa pumpin' combos with the desire to play 'Louie Louie', 'Hang On Sloopy' or 'Gloria'.
Resources that mix'n'match influences but remain true to a homemade rock'n'roll spirit are also listed.
So whether you enjoy jumping around to 'Liar Liar' by The Castaways or 'Feel All Right' by The Oblivians, step inside and get ready to "Stomp, shout and work it all out!".
www.garagerock.co.uk   (83 words)

 The Garage Door Centre - garage doors kettering, wellingborough, northampton, northants
The Garage Door Centre - garage doors kettering, wellingborough, northampton, northants
The Garage Door Centre - Over 21 Years of specifying, supplying and installing the complete range of garage doors, roller shutters and automated gate systems to the retail and trade.
We are one of the largest stockists, installers and distributors in the U.K. with in house expertise on all types of garage doors and remote control gates, our expert staff are always ready to answer your questions and assist with prices.
www.thegaragedoorcentre.co.uk   (97 words)

 Welcome to www.garagemusic.co.uk - UK Garage Music, Garage Audio, Garage News and Underground Garage MP3
Welcome to www.garagemusic.co.uk - UK Garage Music, Garage Audio, Garage News and Underground Garage MP3
Welcome to www.garagemusic.co.uk, the UK's premier garage website.
We are the UK's largest and most comprehensive garage site with reviews, samples, news and much more on everything to do with the UK Garage music scene.
www.garagemusic.co.uk   (50 words)

 BBC - 1Xtra - UKG
Check the exclusive freestyle and interview videos from Westwood.
Download or subscribe to this programme's podcast (UK only)
Doesn't matter whether it's grime, 4x4 or vocal - have your say on the messageboards.
www.bbc.co.uk /1xtra/garage   (100 words)

Seller of Vinyl and CDs specialising in all things deleted and hard to come by.
Genres such as 90s house and dance, UK Garage, Speed Garage, Rave, Hardcore, Jungle, Old Skool, Trance, Progressive House, Techno, Funky House and classic dance tunes.
Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy.
stores.ebay.co.uk /Music-Luvver-Records_Garage_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZQ2d1QQfsubZ3023541QQftidZ2QQtZkm   (173 words)

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