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Topic: UK National Government

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 UK National Government - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The most prominent policy of the National Government in the early 1930s was the proposal to introduce Indian Home Rule, a measure that was fiercely opposed by the Diehard wing of the Conservative party, with Winston Churchill taking a lead amongst the opponents.
The Government was initially applauded by most, but the Labour Party were left in a state of confusion with the loss of several of their most prominent figures, and MacDonald, Philip Snowden and James Henry Thomas did little to explain themselves, with the result that the Labour Party soon swung fully against the government.
The government was opposed by the Labour Party, Lloyd George and his Liberals and the New Party of Sir Oswald Mosley, whilst within the parties there was particular conflict between the Conservatives and Liberals. /wiki/UK_National_Government   (2193 words)

 Her Majesty's Government - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Her Majesty's Government, or when the sovereign is male, His Majesty's Government, abbreviated HMG, is the formal title used by the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the governments of some other kingdoms where executive authority is theoretically vested in the monarch and exercised through his or her ministers.
The acronym HMG is often used by members of the government and their advisers as a convenient short label to describe British Ministers and the senior civil servants or mandarins in Departments of the United Kingdom Government.
Today, however, most Commonwealth governments have now reverted to the form "Government of...", and it is today mainly in the United Kingdom that the titles "Her Majesty's Government", "Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom" or "Her Britannic Majesty's Government", the last in dealings with foreign states can be found in official use. /wiki/Government_of_the_United_Kingdom   (334 words)

 EUROPA - IDABC - UK government cancels plans for National Spatial Add
Designed to be an essential part of the UK’s national e-government infrastructure, the NSAI was announced in late May 2005 by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM), the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) for local government, and the national mapping agency Ordnance Survey.
> eGovernment News - United Kingdom > UK government cancels plans for National Spatial Address Infrastructure
Plans to create a national spatial address infrastructure (NSAI) in the UK have been shelved due to disagreements between the parties involved in the project. /idabc/en/document/4725/345   (308 words)

 UK Government Debt
The UK national debt as at the end of 2003- the last date for accurate(ish) figures was...
It should also be noted that thanks to the current governments use of PFI - Private Finance Initiatives, a large quantity of debt is hidden away onto company balance books and does not appear in the government figures.
The UK population was 60.2 million, leading to a calculation that each British citizen has a share of that debt of £7,265.78   (215 words)

 UK National Audit Office press notice - Government Advertising
The National Audit Office undertook a review of the procurement of government advertising at the request of the Chairman of the Committee of Public Accounts (Edward Leigh MP)[1].
[1] The review was prepared by National Audit Office staff in response to a request by the Chairman of the Committee of Public Accounts and is not a report by the Comptroller and Auditor General to Parliament.
The review used Central Office of Information income data, as a proxy for government expenditure, but in so doing recognised the limitations of this data source if attempting to draw any short term conclusions over trends in government advertising[2]. /publications/Government_advertising_note.htm   (281 words)

 Cancer-UK: National Organisations
National Cancer Research Network Established in April 2001 with funding from the Department of Health to improve the integration, quality and speed of research in the UK.
National Alliance of Childhood Cancer Parents Organisations This is an association of parent run organisations which have common aims of working together with families and health professionals to support and provide advocacy for children with cancer.
National Radiological Protection Board The NRPB is a govenment body formed in 1970 to research and protect against radiation hazards. /clink44k.htm   (1267 words)

 UK government policy on ELL
The UK Government's National Languages Strategy for England was published on 18 December 2002.
Follow the evolution of UK Government Policy, and more about the Green Paper...
By age 11 they should have the opportunity to reach a recognised level of competence on the Common European Framework and for that achievement to be recognised through a national scheme. /policy.htm   (450 words) Home Page
This site, provided by the consortium, aims to help you find the government records and other sources you need for your family history research.
The National Library of Wales' new exhibition charts the trials and tribulations of the thousands of Welsh people who, over the centuries, left their homeland in search of a better future.
Please read this important information about the terms of use for this website.   (251 words)

 DH home : The Department of Health
How the Government is working to dramatically reduce the 106,000 deaths caused by smoking each year in the UK.
The Government announced today what it is doing to to halt the year on year increase in childhood obesity by 2010.
The Government has given the go ahead to step up spot checks on failing care homes.   (319 words)

 UK Sport - Leading the UK to sporting excellence
HomeLottery ConsultationSports FundingEvents FundingDrug-Free SportInternational DevelopmentInternational RepresentationStandards in SportNewsAbout UK SportPublicationsLinksPress Office
Following the publication of the funding submission "A Sporting Chance for 2012", UK Sport reassured those sports that had expressed their concerns about the potential for exclusion from funding support under one of the funding options, labelled 'No Compromise'.
The 20th Winter Olympics drew to a close at the weekend, with UK Sport already looking towards Vancouver in 2010.   (164 words)

 uk government at
UK schools of government and other educational resources.
Office that audits the accounts of all UK government departments and agencies.
Office that ensures that Scottish interests are represented within the UK government. /popular/UK_Government   (132 words)

 Government - UK Government web sites & information - UK
We hope that you enjoy browsing our Government UK search results and searching for more Government related web sites with our UK Metasearch tool.
If you have a suggestions for a uk metasearch web site category, in addition to Government, to add to our UK metasearch you can email us with subject Government metasearch
Government web sites and Government UK Directory categories. /global/Europe/United_Kingdom/Government/Intelligence_Services   (388 words)

 UK Government
This is the UK government's National Curriculum site.
These UK government bodies are responsible for learning, skills, information technology, culture, the arts, and education.
DCMS (Department for Culture, Media, and Sport) is an official department of the UK government. /ukgovt.htm   (1498 words)

 National Assembly for Wales
The National Assembly for Wales consists of 60 Members elected throughout Wales.
Confirmation of the H5N1 virus in France does increase the likelihood of infection spreading to the UK, but we have all the measures in place needed to tackle any outbreak here.
The Assembly has delegated many of its powers to the First Minister, who leads the Welsh Assembly Government   (283 words)

 Home - National Trails
Funding for National Trails is provided by national government through the Countryside Agency (CA) in England and the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) and also by local highway authorities and other funding partners.
National Trails pass through some of the most stunning and diverse landscapes in Britain.
Find out about the 15 National Trails providing over 4000km of well-managed paths which offer walking, riding and cycling experiences through some of the finest countryside in England and Wales, officially designated by the Countryside Agency.   (449 words)

 Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Ministers from across government have responded to a report by the National Audit Office, Audit Commission and Healthcare Commission on progress towards meeting the government's public service agreement to halt the year on year increase in obesity in children under 11 by 2010.
DCMS has worked with the Local Government Authority to produce 'Working Together', comprehensive guidance for councillors on delivery of public services around culture and sport.
The Spoliation Advisory Panel rule that a painting held by the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford was not a sale forced by the Nazis.   (175 words)

 Uk Government found Swiftly
Directgov - the place to turn to for the latest and widest range of UK government and public service information...
Read about uk government in the free online encyclopedia and dictionary.
Find uk government and more at Lycos Search. /swiftly/uk_government.html   (357 words)

 Planning Portal
The Planning Portal is the UK Government's planning resource.
A dedicated knowledge base for all levels of government.
Use this site to learn about the planning system, apply for planning permission, find out about development near you, appeal against a planning decision and research the latest government policy.   (82 words)

It provides essential information from national to neighbourhood level for government, business, and the community.
A Census is a survey of all people and households in the country. /census2001   (109 words)

 National Projects Home
Arising out of the ODPM's national strategy for local e-government, the 22 National Projects offer councils proven, cost effective, standard products, services and implementation roadmaps with which to build and deliver excellent services tailored to their citizens and each council's own unique needs.
A host of products and services are available from the National Projects to help local authorities deliver their local e-gov vision, achieve Priority Service Outcomes for 2005 and beyond - and harness technology to meet the challenges of the Government's efficiency programme.
Independent reports by Capgemini on the scale of benefits that six of the National Projects can deliver to English councils provide a substantive case for widescale implementation.   (254 words)

 Enter the e-Government National Awards 2004 :: :: e-Government & public sector IT news + job vacancies:
We'd like your nominations for the e-Government National Awards 2004, which aim be a yardstick for UK excellence in e-Government, in the run-up to the expected general election in 2005.
The first e-Government National Awards will praise and recognise the best in UK e-Government, and highlight the important contributions made e-Government to central and local Government service strategy.
e-Government in the UK is going to be a prime enabler for transformation of the way that central and local Government interact and communicate with the UK population. /modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=1840   (934 words)

 UK government launches National Capabilities Survey, 2006
The UK National Capabilities Survey (NCS) was launched late last week.
Seen as a crucial part of an ongoing programme to make the UK more resilient to disruptive events, it will provide an up to date assessment of national resilience capabilities, enabling the identification of priorities for future investment, exercises and policy development.
The 2006 National Capabilities Survey follows the Regional Capability Mapping Exercise led by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in 2003/04. /news02343.htm   (230 words)

 UK National Lottery Good Causes
It is the Government department responsible for the National Lottery and its work covers all the areas supported by the good causes.
On Monday 21st July 1997, the Government released a White Paper about reforms to the way National Lottery money is distributed.
Also, the distribution rules have been changed by the Government to allow funds to be used to pay for people running the projects, people helping to make the schemes happen, as well as for capital projects - our buildings and our landscape. /Info/Causes.html   (1335 words)

 Government: National and Worldwide
UK official publications at Westminster Reference Library - Public access to many government documents, current and historical.
UK Parliament- Information about the United Kingdom Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
Governments on the WWW - Gateway to official and third-party information about governments world-wide on the web. /libraries/gateway/government.cfm   (478 words)

 The Standards Site: Primary National Strategy
The Primary National Strategy supports teachers and schools to raise standards across the whole curriculum.
National evaluation of the NLS Further Literacy Support programme
For further details see About Primary National Strategy. /primary   (152 words) - Government: Intelligence Services
National Criminal Intelligence Service - The National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) is at the forefront of the fight against serious and organised crime in the UK and throughout the world.
GCHQ - Official site of the UK Government Communications Headquarters which is the centre for Her Majesty's Government's Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) activities.
MI5 The Security Service - Provides information on the current major threats to UK security and expert security advice designed to help businesses and organisations protect against them. /Government/Intelligence_Services   (338 words)

 Governments on the WWW: Great Britain and Northern Ireland
National Assembly for Wales / Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru
Government Office for the East of England (GO-East)
Government Office for Yorkshire and The Humber (GO-YH) /govt/en/gb.html   (679 words)

 e-Democracy Home Page
Community Engagement and e-Democracy Conference of Tuesday, 31 January that attracted local government councillors and officers from the South East of England.
It identifies the tangible benefits, including meeting government targets, service improvements, cost and efficiency gains.
Deeper and wider community engagement makes the case for the use of e-democracy tools and techniques by local authority officers and councillors.   (421 words)

Prepared by the UK Government Actuary's Department on the Great Britain National Insurance Fund"...
Uk Government: National Insurance Contributions Li Limits Raised.
The National Medical Agency are specialists in UK life insurance, loans and UK mortgages - The UK's Comprehensive Loans and Mortgages Resource   (362 words)

 Irish Anti-War Movement - IRA and the UK Government
I believe that it is wrong for a government to invade and occupy another territory and hold the people of that territory in political, economic, social, or religious bondage.
They are also saying that an attack on the UK would be considered same as an attack on America and that given our 'war against terrorism' we'd go in there if England asked us to.
As such I support my friends in Northern Ireland who want to be able to govern their region free of the influence of the British government. /bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id=0002UZ&topic_id=1   (8623 words)

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