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In the News (Sun 22 Apr 18)

  League of World Universities: Universite Libre de Brussells   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Since the ordinances and the regulations of the ULB dated 10 July 1970, the University provided itself with a highly liberal and democratic constitution whose primary working principle is that of parity in decision-taking between the academic staff and all the other constituent elements of the University.
The ULB is very proud of its 3 Nobel Prizes: J. Bordet (1919 Medicine), A. Claude (1974 Medicine) and I. Prigogine (1978 Chemistry), as well as the Fields Medal awarded to P. Deligne in 1978.
In many areas, the ULB has gained international recognition, as, for example, in biomedical research, in fundamental research as well as in applied studies dealing with such areas as the sudy of the brain, genetics, oncology, immunology, molecular biology and medical imaging.
www.nyu.edu /rectors/bruss.html   (1467 words)

 United Legal Benefits :: Frequently Asked Questions
ULB defines pre-existing issues as any matter that originated prior to the effective date of the Member Agreement and involved either (a.) the commencement of any legal action or proceedings by or against the member or (b.) the prior retention by the member of the services of another attorney.
Renewal of the ULB Plan is automatic and over 98% of ULB members continue to utilize the service year after year for their legal protection and peace-of-mind.
In addition, we compare ULB firm rates to the rates of other firms in the geographic area to ensure that they are competitive.
www.unitedlegalbenefits.com /faq.html   (683 words)

 First FAO Electronic Conference on Tropical Feeds and Feeding Systems: The Effects of Urea-mineral Lick Blocks on the ...
The ULB was palatable to both cattle and goats and in the initial period of both trials we had to limit time of access to avoid an excessive intake of ULB.
On average, the intake of ULB was 50 g/head/d for cattle and 10 g/head/d for goats.
Thus a ULB block weighing 2 kg is sufficient per head of cattle for forty days or for 10 goats for twenty days.
www.fao.org /waicent/faoinfo/agricult/aga/agap/frg/ECONF95/HTML/LIU1.HTM   (1884 words)

 EST programme -IRIDIA -ULB
ULB) has been nominated by the European Commission to act as a Host Institution for
They are expected to enroll as doctoral students in the doctoral program of ULB.
Young visiting scientists: typically they are doctoral students of other universities who are pursuing their doctorate on a topic related to Computational Intelligence.
iridia.ulb.ac.be /EST/announce.html   (727 words)

 Is Pentecost on Sunday or Sivan 6?
While the first day of ULB can be referred to as a Sabbath [a day of rest] as work is explicitly forbidden on that day, nevertheless the Bible never calls this day a Sabbath as it does the weekly Sabbath and the Day of Atonement (Lev.
Another passage which indicates that the Wave Sheaf offering has to be the Sunday during ULB is Joshua 5:10-12 "And the children of Israel encamped in Gilgal, and kept [i.e., sacrificed] the passover on the fourteenth day of the month at even in the plains of Jericho.
This is crucial when the First Day of ULB (Nisan 15) falls on a Sunday, so the Last Day of ULB (Nisan 21) occurs on a Saturday-Sabbath.
www.abcog.org /shavuot.htm   (1912 words)

The ULB used was of a good hardness and the breaking strength was 40 kg/cm².
Even in situations of high humidity there were no losses from mould growth or from hydration of the blocks when they were offered to the animals over a long period of time.
Thus a ULB block weighing 2 kg is sufficient for one head of cattle for twenty days or for 10 goats for ten days.
www.fao.org /AG/AGa/AGAP/FRG/FEEDback/lrrd/lrrd7/2/2.htm   (1995 words)

He graduated in Physical Chemistry (ULB) and obtained his PhD in 1996 (ULB) with a thesis in mathematical and computational biology.
His research domain is related to mathematical modelling in biological complex systems at the molecular level for biological rythms, at the cellular level for dynamical pattern formation and at the animal population level for collective behaviour.
Among other topics, he has published papers about the agregation of social amoebas during their development from a molecular and cellular point of vue; the role of molecular noise on biological rhythms robustness; the influence of hair life cycle on hair pattern formation for which he obtained a worldwide pattent for L'Oréal.
leurre.ulb.ac.be /Part_ISI.html   (411 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The ULB process shall normally be used for legislative initiatives involving matters under the functional cognizance of the USD(P&R) in accordance wit h reference (a) that affect more than one Military Department, or involve a requirement for new funding.
A ULB summit shall convene annually, complementing the DoD PPBE schedule, to consider items with major policy or major funding implications (e.g., outlays of more than $1 million for a single initiative, for any Service in a 1-year period).
Following each ULB summit, the USD(P&R), with the advice of the summit principals (see subparagraph 4.1.4., below), shall identify those initiatives that are appropriat e for submission to the DoD Legislative Program, which establishes a requirement for legislative funding under the PPBE.
www.dtic.mil /whs/directives/corres/rtf/d550020x.rtf   (1033 words)

 ULB (Ugly Little B*tch) Lands New Retail and Licensing Partners
ULB wallpaper will be available on Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, and other carriers starting in August.
ULB merchandise will be available at Hot Topic and Torrid starting in August with the latest edgy ULB tees and cheeky underwear.
New ULB fashion tops, loungewear and daywear will launch at Magic in Las Vegas with Giant Merchandising and Next Craze showing off the latest funny ULB designs.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/7/prweb416156.htm   (459 words)

He is researcher for the Belgium Science Foundation, member of the Department of Chemistry and of Animal Biology (ULB).
He is graduated as a chemist from the ULB and he obtained his PhD from the ULB (1979) with a thesis on mathematical models of animal and human behaviour.
After a 2-years postdoctoral fellowship and a 3-years experience as Project Manager in the neuropharmacology research department of UCB company, she got in 1993 a position of Research Associate at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS).
leurre.ulb.ac.be /Part_ULB.html   (725 words)

This research project aims to assess to which extent ice-covered polar oceans contribute to processes regulating the Earth’s climate.
It involves a new multidisciplinary consortium combining the expertise of glaciologists, biologists, geochemists and ecosystems-modelers of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).
The main goal of the project is to study,understand and quantify the physical and biogeochemical processes associated with the sea ice biota that govern the emissions of marine gases of climatic significance.
dev.ulb.ac.be /glaciol/projects/sibclim.htm   (642 words)

 ULB - Faculty of Engineering - Department of Computer & Network Engineering
The Department of Computer and Network Engineering belongs to the Department of Information Technologies of the Faculty of Engineering of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).
The group's current research focuses on conceptual modeling, spatio-temporal databases, bio-informatics, and wireless mobile telecommunications networks.
The BioMaze project is funded by the Wallonia Region in Belgium.
cs.ulb.ac.be /index_en.html   (141 words)

 The Free University of Brussels
Though ULB and VUB are now practically and legally independent, they maintain good contacts and continue to share their original philosophy which is liberal and progressive, based on the principles of free thinking and humanism.
Although in the social sense, VUB/ULB can certainly not be described as elitist, many of their researchers and research departments belong to the international elite.
For people interested in the cybernetics and systems domain, the most well-known research laboratories at the ULB may well be the
pespmc1.vub.ac.be /VUBULB.html   (591 words)

 Tahason*******2003   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
عكس هاي 135 متحصن در دانشگاه ulbدر جلوي دفتر پاتريك دوال نصب شد تا به كم توجه ايي, قول هاي داده شده از طرف وزير داخلي بلژيك پاسخي داده شود
حمله فردي ناشناس در نيمه هاي شب به اعتصاب كننده گان غذا در دانشگاه ULB
ULB آخرين گزارش از وضع متحصنين در اعتصاب غذا در دانشگاه
www.tahason.s5.com   (1340 words)

ULB GNOME has always been a drop-in replacement for the SuSE...
* ULB GNOME - The freshest, funkiest, uber-desktop this side of the sun.
We are proud to have Web Hosting and Rack Housing from 9 Net Avenue Deutschland.
linux.derkeiler.com /Mailing-Lists/SuSE/2004-12/2836.html   (351 words)

 ULB 2004 Video Follow-Up | Linux Journal
ULB 2004 Video Follow-Up By Cosmo King on Wed, 2004-07-28 01:00.
How they got all those displays working for this year's ULB.
The configuration necessary for getting all four displays to work in this year's Ultimate Linux Box may have been common sense for any X config or ATI guru, but I had to do a bit of hacking to get it all working.
www.linuxjournal.com /article.php?sid=7695   (1144 words)

 Raising the Bar: Improving the Ultimate Linux Box | Linux Journal
Things were similar in the random read department; I ended up with a 3.70 to 2.17 advantage at 8 threads.
Then, the ULB edges out at 21.87 to 18.76; this is a drastic improvement over the 10-13mb/sec rate achieve with the old configuration.
Random writes on the ULB still don't come close to SCSI, but they improved from an average 0.46 to 0.63; SCSI hovered around 4.88.
www.linuxjournal.com /article.php?sid=6935   (3947 words)

Talks were given by E. Pays (ULB), L. Vanhamme (ULB), D. Perez-Morga (ULB), W. Noel (VUB), S. Magez (VUB), F. Opperdoes (UCL), P. Michels, V. Hannaert (UCL), D. Nolan (TCD), J. Rubotham (TCD/ULB), M. Boshart (MBB) and J. Van Den Abbeele (ITG).
A site visit of the IAP/PAI program is scheduled for 15 November at the IBMM Gosselies, 12, rue des Profs Jeener et Brachet, 6041 Gosselies.
Benoit Vanhollebeke (ULB) The function of apolipoprotein L. Cecile Felu (ULB) Resistance to apoL-I in T.
www.icp.ucl.ac.be /pai5-29/agenda.html   (487 words)

 Max MANFRIN - PhD Student @ IRIDIA - ULB   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Max MANFRIN - PhD Student @ IRIDIA - ULB
Max Manfrin enrolled in academic year 2004/2005 as PhD student in Sciences Appliquées at ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles), Brussels, Belgium, under the supervision of
The Made on a Mac Badge is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., used with permission.
landau.ulb.ac.be /~mmanfrin/index.html   (322 words)

 Cognitive Science Research Unit
Ph.D. student, U.L.B. email:mdubois1@ulb.ac.be voice: +32 2 650 36 22 office: DB10-147
Ph.D. student, U.L.B. email:Nicolas.Schmidt@ulb.ac.be voice: +32 2 650 48 58 office: DB10-146
Modeling work aimed to develop a new model of sequence learning that is (1) able to process disjoint contingencies, (2) able to capture the time course of processing in a single trial, and (3) able to capture the distinction between direct and indirect measures of sequence learning (with Arnaud Destrebecqz and Bob Reuter, SRSC)
srsc.ulb.ac.be   (867 words)

 Ugly Little Store
Send us a pic of you wearing ULB merch and we'll put U here!
:) Visit ULB at her rad pad on myspace.
Here's ULB on the catwalk in Barcelona, Spain over the weekend
www.uglylittlestore.com   (60 words)

 eNews :: UC Berkeley Institute of European Studies
Coordination: University of California, Berkeley ; ULB : A. De Walsche and J. Lowy
Régine Kurgan (ULB, President IEE), Bev Crawford (IES, University of California)
J. Faust, Universität Mainz, S. Santander, IEE/ ULB
ies.berkeley.edu /enews/articles/old/transsched.html   (129 words)

 Site licences at the VUB/ULB   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Last year the Computing Centre conducted a survey regarding the need for software licences at the VUB & ULB.
The results of this enquiry lead to the purchase of the following packages:
If you have any questions concerning product ordering or site licences in general, do not hesitate to contact the User Support Group at the Computing Centre (support@vub.ac.be, support@ulb.ac.be, 02/6293737, 02/6503737).
www.vub.ac.be /BFUCC/announce/sitelicense.html   (122 words)

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