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Topic: UN Security Council

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In the News (Mon 21 Jan 19)

  Kids.net.au - Encyclopedia UN Security Council -
The UN Security Council is the most powerful organ of the United Nations.
The Security Council held its first session on January 17, 1946 and the decisions of the Council are known as UN Security Council Resolutions.
UN peacekeeping forces, comprised of troops and equipment supplied by member nations, have usually been able to limit or prevent conflict.
www.kids.net.au /encyclopedia-wiki/un/UN_Security_Council   (886 words)

 United Nations Security Council - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The decisions of the Council are known as UN Security Council Resolutions.
This nuclear status is not the result of their Security Council membership, though it is sometimes used as a modern-day justification for their continued presence on the body.
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has asked a team of advisors to come up with recommendations for revamping the United Nations by the end of 2004.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/UN_Security_Council   (2377 words)

 Encyclopedia: UN Security Council Resolution 1441
UN Security Council Resolution 678 authorizes member states to use all necessary means to uphold and implement resolution 660 and all subsequent relevant resolutions (resolution 661, resolution 662, resolution 664, resolution 665, resolution 666, resolution 667, resolution 669, resolution 670, resolution 674 and resolution 667), and to restore international peace...
Under furious debate was whether a further Security Council resolution (the so-called "second resolution") was necessary to authorize war, or whether 1441 and preceding resolutions sufficed to legitimize military enforcement of the UN's disarmament aims.
Of the permanent, veto-holding members of the Security Council, France, Russia, and the People's Republic of China wished the inspection period to be extended, and for no military action to go ahead without a further UN resolution.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/UN-Security-Council-Resolution-1441   (2968 words)

 UN Security Council - Global Policy Forum
This section provides information on the membership of the Security Council, including terminology, elections, presidencies, and the organization of Council committees, as well as profiles of Ambassadors serving on the Council.
The Council makes formal decisions (such as Resolutions, Presidential Press Statements, and Presidential Assessments) in public sessions but meets much of the time in closed "informal consultations." A glossary clarifies the Council's many ways of meeting.
A key institution is the NGO Working Group on the Security Council, that meets regularly with Council ambassadors.
globalpolicy.igc.org /security   (572 words)

 UN Security Council
The Security Council has the authority to investigate any dispute which might escalate to cause international tension, to recommend action for mitigating such disputes, to recommend to the General Assembly the appointment of the Secretary-General and new member states, and, with the GA, to elect the judges of the International Court of Justice.
In addition, the Council is authorized by the Charter to call on United Nations members to apply economic sanctions and other measures not involving the use of force to prevent to stop aggression and, in certain cases, to authorize member states to take military action against an aggressor.
While the Security Council can authorize the deployment of troops, neither the Council nor the UN equips or provides the troops and member states cannot be forced to supply troops if they choose not to do so.
www.peacewomen.org /un/sc/scindex.html   (883 words)

 UN Security Council resolutions relating to Iraq
The subsequent exchange of letters between the UN and Iraq, agreeing to the continuation of the programme under the terms of this resolution, is dated 5 July 2001.
The text of the Security Council debates are available for 26 June 2001 and 28 June 2001.
Commends the Secretary-General for securing commitments from the Iraqi government to fully comply with weapons inspections on his mission to Baghdad, and endorses the memorandum of understanding (S/1998/166) that was signed on 23 February.
www.casi.org.uk /info/scriraq.html   (3517 words)

 UN Security Council Resolution 1566   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1566 is an anti-terrorism resolution adopted on 8 October 2004.
It follows UN Security Council Resolution 1373 which was adopted as a response to the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States.
In adopting resolution 1566, the Council set up a working group to consider recommendations on measures to be imposed against "individuals, groups or entities involved in or associated with terrorist activities" not already identified by its Al-Qaida and Taliban sanctions committee.
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/U/UN-Security-Council-Resolution-1566.htm   (482 words)

 Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations
The documents including material from the General Assembly, the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council., date back from as early as 1962, and were available in print only.
I am very pleased to be with you at the official handover ceremony for the digitized UN documents file made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for inclusion in the Official Document System of the United Nations.
For much of the UN’s history, important documents were not kept in digital form, for the simple reason that it was pens and typewriters and typesetters that were used to draft these documents, not computers" observed USG Tharoor.
www.un.int /japan   (1211 words)

The language used by China's UN Ambassador Wang Guangya appeared to be the strongest yet by Beijing.
There is wide support for expanding the Security Council, whose composition reflects the post-Second World War era when the United Nations was created, to represent the global realities today.
But the most difficult step is a final resolution to change the UN Charter, which not only requires a two-thirds vote but also approval by the Security Council's five permanent members who wield veto power - the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France.
www.cbc.ca /cp/world/050601/w060116.html   (520 words)

 The UN Security Council: From the Cold War to the 21st Century   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
The Council engages in burden-sharing with regional organizations: the Organization of American States in Haiti and Central America; in Europe, the European Union, NATO, OSCE [the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe] and the Council of Europe; in Africa, the African Union and a number of subregional organizations.
The Council members' awareness that those unsatisfactory security arrangements involved a substantial element of risk for the East Timorese and for UN personnel left the Council with an obligation to maximize its own influence to ensure that Indonesia fulfilled the security obligation that it had insisted on retaining.
I illustrate that in the case of East Timor because the rhetoric of the Council at the end of 1999 and the beginning of 2000 regarding its indignation at the crimes that were committed in East Timor and the determination that those responsible should be brought to justice was impeccable.
www.carnegiecouncil.org /viewMedia.php/prmTemplateID/8/prmID/4422   (5995 words)

 Security Council members deny meeting Kerry - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - October 24, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
U.N. ambassadors from several nations are disputing assertions by Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry that he met for hours with all members of the U.N. Security Council just a week before voting in October 2002 to authorize the use of force in Iraq.
After conversations with ambassadors from five members of the Security Council in 2002 and calls to all the missions of the countries then on the panel, The Times was only able to confirm directly that Mr.
Kerry never met with the entire U.N. Security Council could be problematic for the Massachusetts senator, as it clashes with one of his central foreign-policy campaign themes — honesty.
www.washingtontimes.com /national/20041024-110609-9428r.htm   (1145 words)

 BBC NEWS | Europe | Country profiles | Profile: The UN Security Council
Nations compete keenly for council membership, maybe because of the prestige attached, or the chance to advocate an issue that is in the national interest.
The Security Council attaches great importance to preventing armed conflict in the first place, but once a dispute has flared its first aim is to seek a diplomatic solution.
More generally, the Security Council has been criticised for not taking forceful action until a catastrophe or conflict unfolds, even when this might have been predicted, as in the Rwandan genocide of 1994.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/world/europe/country_profiles/2375499.stm   (1032 words)

 Roundtable On Security Council Reform
Direct meetings are now being held between the President of the Security Council and troop contributing countries, allowing the latter to convey their opinions directly to the Council.
He argued that the credibility of the UN as a whole would be enhanced if the relationship between the Council and the Assembly were more equitable.
Watt also suggested that a UN Parliamentary Assembly, while it would probably not initially have a great deal of contact with the Council, might be effective in making the work of the Council better known.
www.ncrb.unac.org /unreform/roundtables/SCreform.html   (3062 words)

 Q&A: A New UN Security Council? - Global Policy Forum - UN Security Council
The Security Council was formed after World War II and the winners - the US, the Soviet Union, China, Britain and France - gave themselves permanent seats with a veto.
Its reform is one aspect of wider UN reform being considered by a high level panel formed by the Secretary General Kofi Annan last year.
They say: "The Security Council must reflect the realities of the international community in the 21st century." They also say that they have "the will and the capacity to take on major responsibilities with regard to the maintenance of international peace and security".
www.globalpolicy.org /security/reform/cluster1/2004/0927newsc.htm   (871 words)

 UN Security Council Resolution 1559 - 2004- Complete Text and Introduction - Withdrawl of troops from Lebanon and fair ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
The United States and other countries objected to continued Syrian interference in Lebanese affairs, and the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 1559 calling for non-interference in Lebanese affairs, for disarming of militias and for Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon in accordance with previous UN resolutions.
Subsequently, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan warned that Syria was not complying with the resolution.
Requests that the Secretary-General report to the Security Council within thirty days on the implementation by the parties of this resolution and decides to remain actively seized of this matter.
www.mideastweb.org /1559.htm   (1058 words)

 "); NewWindow.document.write("IRINnews"); NewWindow.document.write("   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
AU troops with the UN envoy to Sudan Jan Pronk, in Nyala, Darfur.
ADDIS ABABA, 11 Oct 2005 (IRIN) - The African Union (AU) Peace and Security Council has decided that the issue of the "deteriorating security situation" in the western Sudanese region of Darfur be refered to the UN Security Council.
IRIN is a project of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
www.irinnews.org /report.asp?ReportID=49471&SelectRegion=East_Africa&SelectCountry=SUDAN   (736 words)

 Libya - Global Policy Forum - UN Security Council
This section looks at the original Council action to impose the sanctions and the debate that followed, later erosion of support for the sanctions, negotiations between Libya and the US-UK over the organization of the trial, aspects of the trial proceedings, and subsequent issues about lifting of the sanctions.
Various Security Council members want to see the inactive sanctions against Libya formally put to rest, but the US and UK say that they will oppose an end to sanctions until the Lockerbie trial is over.
The UN sanction against Libya was imposed to blame suspects of the Lockerbie bombings.
www.globalpolicy.org /security/sanction/libya/indxirlb.htm   (2394 words)

 Macapagal seeks Philippine seat to UN Security Council - Sept. 27, 2003   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
PRESIDENT Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo batted for the entry of the Philippines as a non-permanent member of the United Nations (UN) Security Council before the General Assembly and cited the country's commitment in the fight against terrorism.
According to the statement, the Philippines is set to replace Syria in the UN Security Council.
The Philippines is also actively assisting the work of the UN Security Councils' Counter-Terrorism Committee in fighting the specter of global terrorism, and is in the process of ratifying the important international conventions on terrorism, the President was also quoted as saying in the statement.
www.inq7.net /brk/2003/sep/27/brkpol_5-1.htm   (383 words)

 UN Security Council Resolution 1325
Security Council Resolution 1325 was passed unanimously on 31 October 2000.
Resolution (S/RES/1325) is the first resolution ever passed by the Security Council that specifically addresses the impact of war on women, and women's contributions to conflict resolution and sustainable peace.
Bearing in mind the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and the primary responsibility of the Security Council under the Charter for the maintenance of international peace and security,
www.peacewomen.org /un/sc/1325.html   (930 words)

 INDOlink - Editorial Analysis - India´s Bid for a Permanent Seat on the UN Security Council
There are compelling reasons to consider India’s appointment as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (the “Council.”) At the present time, the Council does not fully represent the world population, such as developing countries, and anachronistic in character.
The present composition of the Council, particularly the permanent members´ category, is weighted heavily in favor of industrialized countries.
India can help the UN to work towards the problems of poverty, illiteracy, urban sprawl, natural calamities etc. India being the sufferers of these evils can contribute a great towards formulating a workable approach at the UN on these issues.
www.indolink.com /Analysis/a012003-173350.php   (928 words)

 - UN Security Council statement
"The members of the Security Council considerthat their meeting is a timely recognition of the fact that there are newfavourable international circumstances under which the Security Councilhas begun to fulfil more effectively its primary responsibility for themaintenance of international peace and security.
The resolutionsadopted by the Security Council remain essential to the restoration of peaceand stability in the region and must be fully implemented.
At the same timethe members of the Council are concerned by the humanitarian situation ofthe innocent civilian population of Iraq.
www.sipri.org /contents/cbwarfare/cbw_research_doc/cbw_historical/cbw-unsc23500.html   (1437 words)

 UN Security Council Resolution 687 -1991
The UN inspectors were supposed to verify the Iraqi declarations and report their evaluations to the Security Council, which would then make decisions on sanctions.
UN SC Resolution 1284 of December 17, 1999 established UNMOVIC to replace UNSCOM.
Additional Security Council Resolutions concerning the further history of the UNSCOM commission established for inspections under this resolution are available online at the UN Web site.
www.mideastweb.org /687.htm   (1812 words)

 UN Security Council Resolution 1244 on Kosovo adopted 6/10/99   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Requests the Secretary-General to report to the Council at regular intervals on the implementation of this resolution, including reports from the leaderships of the international civil and security presences, the first reports to be submitted within 30 days of the adoption of this resolution;
Deployment in Kosovo under United Nations auspices of effective international civil and security presences, acting as may be decided under Chapter VII of the Charter, capable of guaranteeing the achievement of common objectives.
The international security presence with substantial North Atlantic Treaty Organization participation must be deployed under unified command and control and authorized to establish a safe environment for all people in Kosovo and to facilitate the safe return to their homes of all displaced persons and refugees.
www.un.int /usa/sres1244.htm   (1758 words)

 China: UN Security Council “not a board of directors”   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
The statement declared the countries as “legitimate” candidates for permanent membership on an expanded Security Council, whose enlargement is one of major topics during the ongoing assembly debate opening Tuesday.
Noting that the U.N.’s membership has increased nearly four-fold since its founding in 1945, the statement said the 15-nation council “must be expanded in both the permanent and non-permanent categories, including developing and developed countries as new permanent members.”
The Security Council is composed of five permanent members -- China, Russia, the United States, France and Britain -- and 10 elected members which have a two-year term.
www.chinataiwan.org /web/webportal/W5023951/A32471.html   (502 words)

 Iraq - Global Policy Forum
On May 22, 2003, the Security Council ended economic sanctions against Iraq with Resolution 1483, calling for the creation of a “Development Fund for Iraq,”(DFI) to administer proceeds from the export sales of Iraq’s oil, as well as funds remaining from the UN Oil-for-Food Programme and other assets seized from the defunct regime.
Critics have charged that billions have disappeared from this fund and governments have called it a “fl hole.” Though the UN Security Council mandated an International Advisory Monitoring Board to oversee these funds, transparency was limited, while corruption was apparently widespread.
Shortly before the outbreak of hostilities, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan stated that use of force without Security Council endorsement would "not be in conformity with the Charter" and many legal experts describe the US-UK attack as an act of aggression.
www.globalpolicy.org /security/issues/irqindx.htm   (1395 words)

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