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Topic: Unix

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The Pannolini Unix diapers are not a mere will o' the wisp; one correspondent supplied an image of the box, and the current owner of this instance of the name responded to mail to their webmaster.
UNIX make moving not pain but almost pleasure, and are easily moved from room to room, upstairs or down....
Unix Electric Company of Korea, in business since 1979, has a diverse line of appliances for the body, the kitchen, and the home.
cm.bell-labs.com /cm/cs/who/dmr/otherunix.html   (2624 words)

  Unix - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unix or UNIX is a computer operating system originally developed in the 1960s and 1970s by a group of ATandT Bell Labs employees including Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and Douglas McIlroy.
The Unix systems are characterized by various concepts: plain text files, command line interpreter, hierarchical file system, treating devices and certain types of inter-process communication as files, etc. In software engineering, Unix is mainly noted for its use of the C programming language and for the Unix philosophy.
During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Unix's influence in academic circles led to massive adoption (particularly of the BSD variant, originating from the University of California, Berkeley) of Unix by commercial startups, the most notable of which is Sun Microsystems.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Unix   (4786 words)

 Unix - Encyclopedia Of Stupid
Unix uses a command line interface like DOS and organizes files hierarchically.
Some graphical user interfaces have been built for Unix, like Gnome and Litestep, but since you can't do anything with them except run Windows emulators, they are only used by fags and nerds, who always have a Windows machine standing by on which they can play the latest first person shooters.
Unix programs are required to follow naming conventions that are funny (like GNU, which is a type of Unix but stands for "GNU's Not Unix" HA HA GET IT).
www.encyclopediaofstupid.com /stupid/index.php/Unix   (242 words)

 Unix utilities, Part 4
Unix doesn't provide a standard mechanism for verifying that a new feature you've come to like is available on a slightly older system, and it doesn't provide a way to handle the feature's absence.
Unix utilities and applications should not try to anticipate all possible needs, and they should never try to keep you from doing something that might be dangerous.
Unix pipes marshal structured data between applications in a transparent way, which allows a great deal of flexibility for other applications and tools to operate on this data in ways that the original designers would not even have anticipated.
www-106.ibm.com /developerworks/components/library/co-unix4.html   (1834 words)

 What is Unix? - a definition from Whatis.com
Unix has evolved as a kind of large freeware product, with many extensions and new ideas provided in a variety of versions of Unix by different companies, universities, and individuals.
The Unix environment and the client/server program model were important elements in the development of the Internet and the reshaping of computing as centered in networks rather than in individual computers.
Linux, a Unix derivative available in both "free software" and commercial versions, is increasing in popularity as an alternative to proprietary operating systems.
searchenterpriselinux.techtarget.com /sDefinition/0,,sid39_gci213253,00.html   (454 words)

 The Unix Operating System
Unix prefers to treat data as a "stream," whereas MVS prefers to work with "blocked" data.
This is because on the Unix box, every time a user strikes a key, an interrupt and a screen update results.
Unix has tried intentionally to keep the operating system extremely simple: at the simplest level which can abstract all the hardware.
cbbrowne.com /info/unix.html   (1522 words)

UNIX is portable from large systems to medium-sized systems to single user systems.  Some say its portability is due to the fact that it is written in a high-level language, C, instead of assembly language, as are most operating systems.
UNIX's commands are so brief that novice users find the operating system unfriendly.  UNIX was written when only programmers used computers.  It was written by programmers for programmers and the commands made sense to those writing UNIX.  They do not always make sense to today's computer users.
UNIX is a powerful, yet user unfriendly, operating system.  And a lack of standards has made UNIX a difficult platform on which to code commercially available programs.  However, the availability of UNIX in academia has made it the operating system of choice of the new generation of programmers. 
www.tristate.edu /faculty/barge/cs103/articles/unix.htm   (1207 words)

 [No title]
Summarizing how pipes found their way into Unix, Vyssotsky notes that Thompson put them in, but "it was McIlroy who said, `look you ought to do it.' Pipes, like most things in Unix were not a radically new idea."(38) He describes how similar ideas had appeared in other languages like SIMULA as early as 1967.
Once the Unix kernel was coded in C, it would become possible to implement Unix on different computers without having to rewrite the majority of the code.
The contributions to the evolution of Unix by researchers at Bell Labs and then by those at the University of California at Berkeley, and other users and programmers around the world who continued the development of Unix, are an important achievement in the development of the process of software creation.
www.columbia.edu /~rh120/ch001j.c11   (8764 words)

 What is UNIX? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
Created by just a handful of programmers, UNIX was designed to be a small, flexible system used exclusively by programmers.
UNIX was one of the first operating systems to be written in a high-level programming language, namely C.
Today, the trademarked "Unix" and the "Single UNIX Specification" interface are owned by The Open Group.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/U/UNIX.html   (960 words)

 Code Style: Unix family font survey results
The RSS news feed for the Unix family font survey results is generated automatically by the Metacentric news feed and metadata service.
The most common font reported for Unix family systems is the original typewriter style Courier at 90% frequency and sans serif URW Grotesk T at 89%.
The average number of fonts reported per submission is 20 of the 40 included in the Unix font family survey sample.
www.codestyle.org /css/font-family/sampler-UnixResults.shtml   (446 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions
Unix is a "play on words" of an older multiuser time-sharing OS known as Multics.
UNIX was also originally designed as a single user environment (hence "U"nix).
The people of #unix condemn hacking (publically, at least.) To absolve ourselves from liability should this tool be used incorrectly, #unix people will not answer questions on the aquisition or use of SATAN.
www.bsd.org /faq.html   (2107 words)

 Unix is a Four Letter Word
Unix is a popular operating system among engineers and scientists.
Unix has a number of features that make it very appealing, particularly for those who have become heavily dependent on their computers.
This document is designed to help beginning and intermediate users of Unix to conquer this learning curve quickly.
unix.t-a-y-l-o-r.com   (290 words)

 UNIX History
This is a simplified diagram of unix history.
The Unix Oral History Project from Bell Laboratories.
A History of UNIX and UNIX Licences by Peter Salus.
www.levenez.com /unix   (522 words)

UNIX is a computer operating system which, over the years, has evolved into several major forms.
UNIX does not require extensions; however, they can be used to help identify similar types of files.
Because UNIX is a multi-tasking system, you can run one or more jobs in the background (unseen by the user) while continuing to work on another process in the foreground (seen on the user's screen).
wings.buffalo.edu /computing/Documentation/unix/unix.html   (5694 words)

 Nick Moffitt's $7 History of Unix
Since Unix was written in C, it was much easier for a student to trace the flow of the code algorithmically.
The whole Unix culture was based upon sending C source code from person to person, adding features and fixing bugs as time went on.
Portability was one of Unix's major strengths, and it would have been foolish to interfere with this by distributing binary-only versions of programs and utilities.
www.crackmonkey.org /unix.html   (2866 words)

 UNIX® on the Game Boy Advance
The PDP-7 UNIX system also caused the inception of a high-level language, B, which was was influenced by the BCPL programming language.
The 3rd edition was the first UNIX to run on the PDP-11/45, which had hardware segmentation and support for more core memory (256 KB).
While recompiling the UNIX kernel would not have any perceptible performance benefits for gbaunix, doing so is interesting nonetheless, if only to contrast it with today's kernel compilations.
www.kernelthread.com /publications/gbaunix   (5455 words)

 Apple - Mac OS X - UNIX
Beneath the surface of Mac OS X lies an industrial-strength UNIX foundation hard at work to ensure that your computing experience remains free of system crashes and compromised performance.
UNIX users will feel at home in Darwin, the robust BSD environment that underlies Mac OS X. That environment is accessible at any time from the Terminal application.
All of the standard UNIX utilities and scripting languages are included in Mac OS X: editors such as emacs, vim and even ed; file management tools such as cp, mv, ls and tar; shell scripts including bash (the default shell), tcsh (csh) and zsh.
www.apple.com /macosx/features/unix   (701 words)

 The Creation of the UNIX* Operating System   (Site not responding. Last check: )
UNIX* computer operating system from Bell Labs is still regarded as one of the most powerful, versatile, and flexible operating systems (OS) in the computer world.
Its popularity is due to many factors, including its ability to run a wide variety of machines, from micros to supercomputers, and its portability -- all of which led to its adoption by many manufacturers.
Like another legendary creature whose name also ends in 'x,' UNIX rose from the ashes of a multi-organizational effort in the early 1960s to develop a dependable timesharing operating system.
www.bell-labs.com /history/unix   (201 words)

 There can be only one!: A summary of the Unix standardization movement
Unix is undoubtedly one of the most widely used operating systems.
Unix was released to universities for educational purposes.
Several folks have said that it can best be described as a ``historical compatibility interface.'' However, now that it has been ratified by the X/Open members, several commercial vendors such as Microsoft and DEC have announced that they will add Spec 1170 compliance to their operating systems when the testing process is formalized.
www.acm.org /crossroads/xrds1-3/unix-standards.html   (1841 words)

 The Unix Operating System
Unix prefers to treat data as a "stream," whereas MVS prefers to work with "blocked" data.
This is because on the Unix box, every time a user strikes a key, an interrupt and a screen update results.
Unix has tried intentionally to keep the operating system extremely simple: at the simplest level which can abstract all the hardware.
linuxfinances.info /info/unix.html   (1522 words)

 Matt's Unix Security Page
A Phrack article describing the unix system logs and how it is possible to reduce the footprint and visibility of unauthorized access.
A good general commentary on Unix security, with specific places to look for suspicious files if you believe your machine's security may be compromised.
Crack is a tool for insuring that your Unix system's users have not selected easily guessed passwords which appear in standard dictionaries.
www.deter.com /unix   (2337 words)

 HTML, cgi scripts and more for the webmaster- for free! BigNoseBird.Com's 20 minute Unix Tutorial
Yes its true that UNIX is a very sophisticated operating system with a million commands, but you can most likely do everything you need as a webmaster with just a few of them.
UNIX uses what are called mount points such as /usr or /usr/local or /var.
Unix and DOS have the same utilities for dealing with files and directories- only some of the names have been changed...
www.bignosebird.com /unix.shtml   (1271 words)

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