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Topic: USL Premier Development League

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 United Soccer Leagues (USL)
United Soccer Leagues announced the official alignment for the 2007 Premier Development League season.
The Spitfire finished the 2006 season, their second in the eight-team Heartland Division of United Soccer Leagues’ Premier Development League, with a record of 4-9-3.
United Soccer Leagues announced today the Ventura County Fusion as its newest Premier Development League franchise.
pdl.uslsoccer.com   (360 words)

 Super Y League: Capital Athletic Soccer Academy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The league is made up of a series of regional leagues within the framework of a North American League containing the top clubs and players from the United States and Canada.
The USL Super Y-League is the only competitive youth structure in the United States that is linked to the professional ranks for players that aspire to compete at the highest-levels of the game.
USL operates the USL First Division, second division men's professional; the USL Second Division, third division men's professional; the USL Premier Development League, North American U23 amateur league; the USL W-League, North American women's amateur league; and the USL Super Y-League, North American youth leagues.
capitalathletic.com /superyleague   (332 words)

 United Soccer Leagues
USL and its franchises are committed to a quality family entertainment experience that is community-centered, accessible, affordable, exciting and educational.
The United Soccer Leagues Second Division is a professional men's soccer league in North America, part of the United Soccer Leagues (USL) league pyramid.
The league is the birthplace of professional players that aspire to reach the highest-levels of the game, while providing affordable family entertainment within their city.
pointme.to /soccer/usl.htm   (447 words)

 Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The league is the proving ground for players that aspire to reach the highest-levels of the game, while providing affordable family entertainment within their city.
They believe that this event is what the embodiment of the United Soccer Leagues and specifically the Premier Development League, and W Leagues are about, “Giving soccer players in the United States the opportunity to play soccer at a professional level”.
In addition, USL will be launching a number of regional based Futsal tournaments that will qualify teams into the National tournament the Super F Champions Cup in Overland Park, Kansas February 17-18, 2007.
springfielddemize.com   (625 words)

 Super Y League
But we take this opportunity to emphasize that, as America becomes more entrenched with developing soccer as we are seeing now, players like the rest of the world, there will come a time when elite level youth players must make a choice between playing scholastic soccer and preparing for a professional career.
As top-level youth players are identified at an earlier age, parents of serious players who have the opportunity to train at higher levels, must help their youngsters think through the benefits of playing on a scholastic team vs. entering the early stages of a professional career.
It will be possible for a SYL team to develop the same group of players until they are ready to enter the USL's Premier Development League as amateurs, or, is the case with selected other USL clubs, move through the amateur rank as a club, and on up to the professional level.
www.superyleague.com /info_qa3.html   (605 words)

 USOpenCup.com -- Powered by Demosphere
The Bucks, who have made their name in the tournament as the first PDL team to defeat a Major League Soccer side, haven't qualified for the Open Cup since 2003, where they advanced to the Third Round where they fell to the Metrostars of MLS.
The United Soccer Leagues have released the 2006 Premier Development League U.S. Open Cup qualifying schedule.
TAMPA, FL — United Soccer Leagues announced today that the Spokane Shadow of the Premier Development League Northwest Division have been replaced by Tacoma FC for the 2006 season.
www.usopencup.com /05qual/USLpdl05/index_E.html   (2628 words)

 US Club Soccer - Super Y-League Kicks Off 2006 Season
The Super-20 League is the final piece in creating a youth system which covers all age groups and continues all the way up to the Premier Development League and W-League.
The largest organization of elite-level soccer leagues in North America, United Soccer Leagues is dedicated to growing the sport at the grassroots level in every community.
This vision and commitment to develop a soccer nation by fans, investors, administrators, coaches, and players has created the foundation for the growth of the sport, while presenting affordable, exciting family entertainment in over 100 cities and towns on the continent.
www.usclubsoccer.com /main.aspx?sec_id=19&guid=06b7c22d-93f6-4c48-99bf-0bb9a37d5324   (781 words)

 United Soccer Leagues (USL)
Sixteen champions were crowned in six leagues as over 100 clubs competed for the USL First Division, USL Second Division, Premier Development League and W-League titles and over 750 teams competed for glory in the USL Super-20 League and Super Y-League.
United Soccer Leagues released the 2007 regular season schedule for the USL Second Division.
The schedule is highlighted with a stellar slate of four matches on Opening Weekend April 20 and 21 that will feature two expansion clubs playing their first matches as well as three of the four playoff sides from last year in action.
www.uslsoccer.com   (317 words)

 Cleveland Internationals: W-League
The United Soccer Leagues (USL) announces the 2006 season for the Cleveland Internationals in the Premier Development League North American men’s amateur division.
The league’s dedication to the development of soccer across North America is influenced by the USL officers down to players and the fans.
The United Soccer Leagues®, the largest organization of elite-level soccer leagues in North America, is dedicated to growing soccer at the grassroots level in communities across the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.
www.internationalssoccer.com /club/news/news_content.cfm?rec=181   (726 words)

 Seattle Pitch 2004 News
Canada does have one team in the USL Premier Development League, which is the fourth division in the US and who knows what division in Canada.
USL 1st Div (it is too long to spell out all of the time) will consist of last year's A-League minus Milwaukee, Calgary, Edmonton and Syracuse.
USL, on the other hand, announced that they will retain extra time this season and reconsider for next season.
seattlepitch.tripod.com /news/news2004.html   (1502 words)

 Bakersfield Brigade - JOIN THE LEGION!
TAMPA, FL – United Soccer Leagues announced the official alignment for the 2007 Premier Development League season.
New franchises to the Premier Development League are the Springfield Demize, Mississippi Brilla, Lancaster Rattlers, San Jose Frogs, Fredericksburg Gunners and Ventura County Fusion along with new teams in Baton Rouge (LA), Raleigh (NC) and Spokane (WA) yet to be formally introduced as well as...
TAMPA, FL – United Soccer Leagues announced today the Ventura County Fusion as its newest Premier Development League franchise.
www.bakersfieldbrigade.com   (320 words)

 Coast Soccer League : California
This partnership for USL will have a positive effect on the evolution of elite youth competition in the United States and Canada, as well as strengthen the structure of the Super Y-League,” said USL Super Y-League Director, Matt Weibe.
The CSL is the largest league in the nation in membership with over 1,900 teams featuring over 30,000 players that compete in over 15,000 games on 540 fields throughout Southern California.
The CSL Premier Division, the organization’s top flight in ages 16 thru 19, is comprised of from 8 to 12 of the top teams in each of these age group for boys and girls.
www.coastsoccer.com /index.php?ct=nw000031   (1042 words)

 Yakima Reds :: 2006 Season
Player Development is the cornerstone of the USL's vision of advancing soccer in every community across North America.
Since its inception in 1986, USL has led the way in creating environments focused on player development, and the USL PDL serves this purpose.
Designed to help prepare players for professional and international careers, the focus of the USL PDL is to provide top college and high school players with the opportunity to compete in a professionalized setting while maintaining their college eligibility.
www.yakimareds.com /index.html   (291 words)

Both Super F League founding partners, Peter Vermes and Jon Parry, will introduce the Super F League to USL organizations at the Annual General Meeting in November for participation beginning in 2007.
Super F League is an organization whose mission is to develop and expand the game of Futsal in the United States.
The Super F League is responsible for player and coach’s registrations and for organizing state, regional, and national competitions for Futsal.
www.superfleague.com /futsalnews.htm   (640 words)

 Match Fit Academy FC: Links
The future of soccer lives in the Super Y-League, a professionalized system that is the first step for developing youth soccer players in North America.
Through Olympic Development (ODP) status programs such as the North American Finals and National ODP Camps, the nation's top players are selected for US National Team Programs.
It is founded on the belief that soccer clubs, which are in the business of elite player development, need an organization of their own to foster growth, address concerns, and sanction and provide programs with a minimum of rules and restrictions.
eteamz.active.com /highlandersfc/links   (421 words)

 US Club Soccer - US Club Soccer to Administer USL Super-20 League Registration
TAMPA, FL (Feb. 16, 2006) –United Soccer Leagues announced today the creation of the USL Super-20 League, a new league designed as a graduating youth league for elite players from 17-20 as they advance beyond the traditional youth bracket to the senior professional and amateur development leagues.
The league will debut this summer with teams representing all levels of US and Canadian soccer from elite youth clubs to first division professional teams in the US and Canada.
We expect the USL Super 20 League not only become a catalyst for traditional youth soccer clubs to make the foray into senior level competition, but also as an immediate destination spot for the less seasoned college players prior to their emergence into the highly competitive PDL and W-League," said USL Vice President, Tim Holt.
www.usclubsoccer.com /main.aspx?sec_id=19&guid=89d93ec0-f86d-4c1d-adc9-96a182311f8c   (789 words)

 2001 US Open Cup   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The four USASA regional champions will be joined by the four runners up in the tournament for the first time, while two additional PDL teams will earn berths to bring the total number of teams representing the PDL to eight.
In the second round six teams from the USL Pro Soccer League and two A-League teams join the mix to take on the first round winners.
The second round winners will play six more A-League teams and the two non-playoff teams from the 2003 MLS standings (Columbus Crew and Dallas Burn) in the third round.
www.3rddegree.net /season/usoc.htm   (1153 words)

 USATODAY.com - USL shuffling could lead to Euro-style league   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The reorganization of United Soccer Leagues' professional ranks could prove to be another step toward a lower-division league structure along the lines of what is commonly seen in European leagues.
The USL announced Wednesday that it would eliminate the name "A-League" and re-brand its two professional leagues as the USL First Division and USL Second Division.
These are not "reserve teams" as seen in other world leagues, where players who aren't currently in their club's starting lineup play other teams' reserves to keep fit and catch coaches' eyes.
www.usatoday.com /sports/soccer/2004-11-11-usl-divisions_x.htm   (843 words)

 San Diego Premier League
The game's future, from a domestic point of view as well as from the perspective of a successful US National team, depends upon ensuring that the best young players are given every opportunity to fulfill their potential.
The San Diego Premier League's (SDPL) goal is to create an environment where the sport can move forward in a meaningful way.
Because of cultural and specific NCAA and CIF requirements, this country is faced with challenges that are not to be found elsewhere in powerful soccer nation.
www.sandiegopremierleague.com   (343 words)

 Ogden Outlaws News
TAMPA, FL – United Soccer Leagues announced Wednesday its USL Premier Development League and W-League Teams of the Week for the eighth week of the season, honoring Ogden’s Kenneth Hickman and Michigan’s Kristi Swaving as the Players of the Week, respectively.
The Outlaws play in the United Soccer League (an amateur league), that is a mix of high school- and college-age players looking to sharpen their skills while getting experience at a professional level.
The Premier Development League (PDL), United Soccer Leagues (USL) premier amateur division, has announced that a record fifty-nine teams will compete in the league in 2006, five more than in 2005.
www.ogdenoutlaws.com /News.htm   (550 words)

 WSC Legacy - About the Legacy
The league consists of 59 teams nationwide with the Williamsburg Legacy participating in the Mid- Atlantic Division along with teams from Richmond, Washington/Baltimore, Greenville and Raleigh.
The 2005 season marked the beginning of the re-branded USL First and Second Division names for USL’s professional leagues, but at the close of the year, it was some familiar names adding more hardware to their trophy case.
Although Jacob Coggins led the league again in scoring, it was a neck-and-neck race with the Western Mass Pioneers during the season.
www.williamsburgsoccer.com /legacy/about.htm   (1647 words)

 Wilmington Hammerheads | News
TAMPA, FL – United Soccer Leagues announced Tuesday the Finalists for the Defender of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year and Most Valuable Player for the USL Second Division 2006 season as voted on by the league’s coaches and general managers.
The USL Second Division Championship, featuring the defending champion Charlotte Eagles visiting the regular season champion and 2005 USL First Division finalist Richmond Kickers, is Saturday, August 26 at 8:00 pm ET.
Jaman previously played in the USL Premier Development League, spending the last two seasons with the Chicago Fire Premier while attending Western Illinois.
www.wilmingtonhammerheads.com /news.asp?id=331   (409 words)

 Parsippany Soccer Club
Over the course of the last two Super Y League seasons, many of our players that are now playing in college were seen during Super Y league matches.
Three Parsippany SC teams, the Predators, Mischief and Gazelles qualified for the Super Y league Nationals which are bieng held in Orlando Florida in late November.
In keeping with our stated purpose of development, the 19's during the course of the year utilized players from several age groups withing the club including the current 18's (Elektrons), 17's (Hurricanes) and 16's (Mischief).
www.parsippanysoccerclub.org /superyleague/index_E.html   (1258 words)

 Seattle Sounders - 2005 United Soccer League's First Division Champions
Seattle, WA (March 29, 2006) — The Seattle Sounders, by nature of their 2005 USL First Division Championship, will enter the 2006 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup in the third round (July 12) it was announced today by U.S. Soccer.
USL First Division — 8 Teams All eight U.S. based teams in the USL First Division will participate in the tournament.
USL Second Division — 6 Teams (qualifying through May 28) Six of the nine teams will participate in the tournament.
www.seattlesounders.net /pressrelease.php?ID=390   (1004 words)

 Chicago Fire Premier - Links to our Favorite Sites   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Fire Premier is part of the Great Lakes Division, which is in the Central Conference of the PDL.
The USL is the parent organization of the PDL.
US Youth Soccer is non-profit and educational organization whose mission is to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of America's youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition.
www.chicagofirepremier.com /links   (271 words)

The Richmond Kickers Future of the USL Premier Development League (PDL) is a blend of current college stars, elite high school players, and savvy veterans producing an environment ideal for player development.
The Richmond Kickers Destiny competes in the USL W-League which is widely recognized as the top women’s league in North America.
The league provides the most complete women’s player pool in the world and allows the best college players the opportunity to play alongside established international players while maintaining their college eligibility.
richmondkickers.com /home/158392.html   (437 words)

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