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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  USS John F. Kennedy (CV 67)
USS KENNEDY departed the US east coast on February 16, 2002, on a scheduled 6-month deployment to the Mediterranean and Arabian Gulf in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
USS JOHN F. KENNEDY and USS BELKNAP (CG 26) collide in rough seas at night during air exercises east of Sicily.
USS BORDELON (DD 881), one of the ships that came to the BELKNAP's aid after the collision on November 22, 1975, experiences steering difficulties during refueling and collides with USS JOHN F. KENNEDY causing topside damage to the BORDELON and injuring six.
navysite.de /cvn/cv67.htm   (3377 words)

Boat alongside from USS Pickett (ACM 8) with 3 men to report for duty: Melvin J. Coldewey, S2c; Ivan Hughes, F1c; Frank Hague, S2c.
1610: Underway to anchorage in vicinity of ACM 8.
USS Trapper (ACM 9), USS Bastion (ACM 6), YMS’s 231, 291, 425, 426, 432, 436, and 438.
www.ussyms425.com /history.html   (3469 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Edward Surovey(FL) 904-270-5987 VFW 9-97 USS Aucilla AO-56 Mr.
Joseph Coffey 908-566-3586 23 Beechwood Ter Matawan, NJ 07747-3071 USS Fabius ARV(A)-5 Mr.
Raymond McCann 908-269-2582 315 Nolan Ave Nayville, NJ 08721-3411 USS Hesperia AKS-13 Mr.
vets.com /alumni/navy/usn-ships.txt   (15283 words)

 USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69)
History of USS DWIGHT D. Construction of the third nuclear-powered and second NIMITZ class aircraft carrier, USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER was authorized by Congress in fiscal year 1970.
USS EISENHOWER collides with an anchored coal ship while entering the harbor to dock at Norfolk Naval Station when wind and current push the carrier off course.
While conducting routine flight operations in the western Mediterranean Sea Sept. 16, an F/A-18 Hornet from Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 83 attached to USS EISENHOWER, was reported in the water approximately 10 miles from the carrier.
navysite.de /cvn/cvn69.html   (1736 words)

 ITworld.com - ACM slams proposed software law
Simons was explaining why, on behalf of ACM's 80,000 members last week, she sent a letter to more than 300 lawyers, judges and law professors.
The recipients of the ACM letter constitute the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law (NCCUSL) and are expected to vote on the proposed software law July 29.
ACM members are obliged to honor a code of ethics stating, "The computing professionals must strive to achieve quality and to be cognizant of the serious negative consequence that may result from poor quality in a system."
www.itworld.com /Man/2683/CWSTO28493   (1119 words)

 ACM News Service
ACM TechNews is intended as an objective news digest for busy IT Professionals.
PC and semiconductor manufacturers have been hit the hardest: The global chip industry is expected to suffer a 30 percent decline, while Gartner Dataquest VP Charles Smulders predicts a 6 percent fall-off in computer shipments this year and no more than 3 percent growth next year.
On the USS McFaul, the handhelds are being used to coordinate inspections, download email, and access the day's roster of operations via infrared interface.
technews.acm.org /articles/2001-3/1024w.html   (2959 words)

 ACOG Annual Clinical Meeting -- Call for Participation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The President's Dinner Dance at the Annual Clinical Meeting will have a special location in 2007: The annual event will be held on the aircraft carrier the USS Midway, the longest-serving aircraft carrier in US Navy history and now home to the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum.
The USS Midway is located in downtown San Diego at Navy Pier.
ACOG President Douglas W. Laube, MD, MEd, welcomes ACM attendees to dress casual and bring their children to the dinner dance, which will be held on Tuesday, May 8.
www.acog.org /acm   (473 words)

 Neal Jones, Veteran of the USS West Virginia (BB-48)
Assigned to the USS West Virginia in October 1941.
After she was sunk, December 7, 1941, by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, he was transferred to the USS Minneapolis (CA-36) on December 15, 1941.
He remained on board the "Minnie" until June 1945, when he was transferred to NOB Terminal Island, CA, for shore duty.
www.usswestvirginia.org /veterans/j/jones.htm   (202 words)

 HOME OF M.A.T.S. - The most comprehensive Grumman F-14 Reference Work - by Torsten Anft!
Transferring to the USS Essex (CV-9), the squadron bombed fortifications on Formosa in January 1945., supported the assault on Iwo Jima in February, participated in the first naval carrier strikes on Tokyo, and completed Pacific combat operations with strikes on Okinawa in early March 1945.
With the commisioning of USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) in September 1968, the Navy's oldest squadron found itself on the newest carrier.
On August 18, 1986, the Tophatters and the USS John F. Kennedy departed on a Mediterranean Cruise which was extended for one month due to the Lebanon Hostage Crisis.
www.topedge.com /panels/aircraft/sites/mats/f14-squadron-vf014.htm   (1887 words)

 AV8R Stuff - USN Fighter Squadron Patches
Reestablished on the 1st of December 1986 as part of CVW-10 attached to USS INDEPENDENCE, The Legendary Red Lightnings again flew the skies of NAS Miramar, albeit for a very short time.
She is attached to CVW-9 aboard the USS Stennis (CVN-74).
The squadron embarked on their first Tomcat cruise as part of CVW-11 onboard the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) in October 1977.
www.av8rstuff.com /vfsqdn5.html   (802 words)

 USS Jimmy Carter
This ACM is rather important in the emerging context of network-centric cooperation, between multiple platforms and commanders, needed to win in different types of modern warfare.
President Reagan was honored last year when the nuclear powered supercarrier USS Ronald Reagan, constructed at Northrop Grumman's Newport News Shipbuilding, was commissioned in Virginia.
Pivotal events of the Carter and Reagan Administrations, and the legacy both leaders gave our country during their years in the White House, will provide inspiration, and food for thought and debate, for a long time to come.
www.military.com /NewContent/0,13190,Buff_060704,00.html   (1253 words)

 VFA-102 Fighter Squadron ONE ZERO TWO Diamondbacks
Highlights of this period were participation in Operation SEA ORBIT, the first Nuclear Task Force circumnavigation aboard USS ENTERPRISE, winner of the battle "E" in 1964 and 1966, combat operations off Vietnam in 1968, Meritorious Unit citation in 1970 for the Jordanian Crisis Deployment, and cross deck operations aboard H.M.S. ROYAL in 1975 and 1978.
Following a detachment to Fallon in February and March of 1999, the DIAMONDBACKS embarked in USS JOHN F. The squadron spent the summer flying in preparation for the "Millennium Cruise" on JFK.
The USS Theodore Roosevelt arrived on station in the Arabian Sea in mid-October and Fighting 102 began combat operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/agency/navy/vf-102.htm   (2198 words)

 Willow, 1947
She was transferred to the Navy in 1945 and was commissioned as the USS Picket (ACM-8).
She was acquired by the Coast Guard in 1947, converted to a buoy tender, renamed Willow, and was commissioned into the Coast Guard on 20 September 1947 at the Charleston Naval Shipyard.
On 2 February 1963 she assisted the USS Coral Sea which was aground in the Alameda Channel.
www.uscg.mil /HQ/G-CP/HISTORY/WEBCUTTERS/Willow_1947.html   (335 words)

 Minewarfare Sailors who are Hams
K1LIQ E USS Adroit MSO-509 USS Grouse MSCO-15 USS Reedbird MSCO-51 David Lawson K1DRL T+ USS Inflict MSO-456 USS Adroit MSO-509 Frederick H. Springall KR4YK E USS Adroit MSO-509 G.
Tom Burridge K7GTB E USS Inflict MSO-456 John Hutchison WD0FIN G USS Inflict MSO-456 Bob Haythe KC8HPG G USS Inflict MSO-456 USS Exploit MSO-440 Ron Baynton N5NAQ G USS Inflict MSO-456 USS Peacock MSC-198 USS Albatross MSC-289 James B. Hebert SR.
Herrod (Snail Mail) K7VYN T USS Reaper MSO-467 Archie Bennett AE4GN E USS Reaper MSO-467 USS Cove MSI-1 Gary Wiig K0FDZ A USS Affray MSO-511 USS Bulwark MSO-425 Ray Humphrey KC7NS A USS Dynamic MSO-432 Randall B. Williams WN9D E USS Illusive MSO-448 Kenneth R. Lunce Jr.
www.minesweep.org /hams.htm   (457 words)

 SCD FY2002 ASR - Assistance and support for NCAR's research community
USS participates in industry-wide conferences and meetings such as the ACM/IEEE Supercomputing conference committee and the Parallel Tools Consortium Steering Committee and Annual Meeting.
Database Services made tremendous strides this year in tracking owners of MSS files so that the files could be reassigned to new owners or deleted.
USS also initiated user contact on (1) requesting the deletion of unnecessary files stored on the "Redwood" media and (2) requesting users to review their MSS holdings for use of the new Class-of-Service options to only save a single copy of MSS files.
www.cisl.ucar.edu /docs/asr2002/uss.html   (1561 words)

 Ships present in Tokyo Bay
NOTE: #USS Hughes was listed in the report, but according to the ship's deck log was crossing the international date line enroute to Japan.
At 10:44 the ship made preparations for entering the port and anchored at 12:21 in Tokyo Bay.
#USS Woodcock (ATO-145) is listed in the report, but that ship spent World War II in Central and South American waters.
www.history.navy.mil /faqs/faq69-2.htm   (165 words)

 VF-2 Squadron History
Unfortunately the squadron did not have the opportunity to engage any Iraqi targets and had to be content with escort, recon and CAP missions, playing an important part in ensuring the safety of Navy bombers to and from targets.
Having completed the transition the squadron was assigned to the newly refurbished USS Constellation (CV-64) and as of March 1994 was completing carrier qualifications along with the rest of CVW-2.
The decommisioned cruiser USS Belknap was attacked by aircraft from VF-41 Black Aces, VF-2, VF-211 Fighting Checkmates and VF-143 Pukin Dogs.
www.topedge.com /alley/squadron/pac/vf2hist.htm   (1354 words)

 Navy Memories & Nostalgia
My time in the Navy at sea was on board the USS John Paul Jones (DDG-32) which deployed in company with the carriers USS Ranger and USS Coral Sea.
ACM or Air Combat Manevuering was all we did in the F-8 community.
While not related to the Charleston visit, here's a photo of the USS John Paul Jones (DDG-32) where I spent my time in WestPac mostly on plane guard duty in company with USS Ranger and USS Coral Sea in Southeast Asia on Yankee Station.
home.4x4wire.com /deddleman/section_navy_days.html   (1292 words)

 Barton-Slater Real Man Web Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
In the year 2000 Barton Hall rose from the windy hills of Troy New York to become the luxurious home for 200 RPI freshman.
Fiftysix years earlier, in 1944, the USS Slater plowed the treacherous waters of the North Atlantic hunting German U-boats - the 212 man crew knew nothing of luxury....
Visit the USS Slater in downtown Albany Thursday through Sunday 11:00am to 4:00pm.
www.acm.rpi.edu /~cougar/bs   (165 words)

 The Risks Digest Volume 19: Issue 88
USS Yorktown dead in water after divide by zero
However, in September 1997, the Yorktown suffered a systems failure during maneuvers off the coast of Cape Charles, VA., apparently as a result of the failure to prevent a divide by zero in a Windows NT application.
For example, Lloyd Wood picked out this paragraph on which to comment: "The program administrators are trained to bypass a bad data field and change the value if such a problem occurs again, Atlantic Fleet officials said." ``That's an interesting RISK-prone way of handling the problem,'' said Lloyd.
catless.ncl.ac.uk /Risks/19.88.html   (3351 words)

 Ex-navy nuclear personnel
Duty_Station: USS Albuquerque SSN 706 1991 - 1995
Duty_Station: S1C 1990-1992, USS Albuquerque (SSN 706) 1992-1994
Duty_Station: USS Edson DD-946 12/81-3/82;USS Flasher SSN-613 5/83-7-87
www.physics.isu.edu /radinf/navynuc.htm   (6273 words)

USS Gen M. Stewart AP-140 (SEE AP Trans Assn)
USS Adm W. Capps APA-121 (SEE AP Trans Gp)
USS Bayfield APA-33 (All USN, USMC, USCG Personnel)
www.military-network.com /ben/Associations.cfm?category=usn_ships   (130 words)

 Reunions and Contacts for US Navy Ships M List
Moore is also the contact for the USS Guide MSO-447.
Kester is also the contact for USS Leedstown APA-56 and for the Asiatic Fleet.
Note: The USS Missouri is now a memorial museum at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
www.navweaps.com /index_reunions/reunion_usn_M.htm   (646 words)

 US Navy and US Marine Corps BuNos--Third Series (156170 to 160006)
Crew MIA 157019 (A-6E) to AMARC as 5A0095 May 2, 1994 157021 (A-6E) to AMARC as 5A0129 Aug 23, 1994 157024 noted Aug 2003 at Defense Supply Center, Richmond, VA 157025 (A-6E) to AMARC as 5A0076 Aug 24, 1993 157026 (A-6E) to AMARC as 5A0247 Feb 19, 1997.
SOC Sep 16, 2003 158137 retired Apr 4, 2003 from VC-8 at Roosevelt Roads, PR and flown to Oakland, CA to be retired to USS Hornet Museum, Alameda, CA.
Aircraft was successfully landed on USS Theodore Roosevelt at second attempt, but nose and starboard main undercarriages collapsed on touchdown and starboard wing tank caught fire.
home.att.net /~jbaugher/thirdseries20.html   (13527 words)

USS Donner Memorial Association Mission: To provide information and hold reunions for former shipmates of the Ex-USS Donner LSD-20.
Any donations made to the USS Donner Memorial Association after 09-17-01 can be
Valley Forge, PA 9th annual USS Donner reunion...
www.ussdonner.com   (157 words)

 Jack Abraitis - M.L.B.W. Glossary - USN Ship Classes - WarShips, Mine Warfare Ships
USS Aggressive (MSO-442); Charleston, S.C. USS Illusive (MSO-448); Mayport, Fla.*
Approximately the same size as, though with improved capabilities over, the Agile and Aggressive classes, these Naval Reserve Force ships perform the function of Mine Division flagships.
USS Affray (MSO 511); Charleston, S.C. - Minesweeper, patrol.
www.princeton.edu /~abraitis/glosdocs/usnmine.htm   (762 words)

 Hypertext 2002 Blank Space
This has lead to the belief that there is significant potential for the development of 'superprograms' -- software systems with billions of executable components housed in massively-parallel clusters, as a means of truly augmenting human intelligence in the day-to-day performance of knowledge work (i.e., what Doug Engelbart has been encouraging us to do all along).
"Hypertext on Hypertext," the KMS hypertext version of the Communications of the ACM July 1988 special issue on hypertext.
Akscyn, R. and D. McCracken, "ZOG and the USS CARL VINSON: Lessons in System Development," Proceedings of the First IFIP Conference on Human- Computer Interaction (Interact '84), London, U.K., September 1984.
www.cs.umd.edu /ht02/tutorials/largescale.shtml   (877 words)

 HyperWar: USS Chimo (ACM-1)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Built at Marietta Manufacturing, Pointy Pleasant, W. Va., and commissioned 7 April 1944
"Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships" -- USS Chimo
For crew lists, and reunions see the Veterans Info Page.
www.ibiblio.org /hyperwar/USN/ships/ACM/ACM-1_Chimo.html   (69 words)

 USS Constellation CV-64, 4½" Patch
This MilitaryBest.com’s USS Constellation CV-64, 4½" Ship Patch is made by the same company that supplies patches to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Made from the highest military standards, each of our patches is guaranteed!
The Photo at the upper left was taken on board the USS Constellation in the Pacific Ocean (May 18, 2003) - An F-14D Tomcat assigned to the "Bounty Hunters" of Fighter Squadron Two (VF-2) comes in for a landing aboard the aircraft carrier USS Constellation (CV-64) after completing Aerial Combat Maneuvers (ACM) training.
Constellation and embarked Carrier Air Wing Two (CVW-2) are on a regularly scheduled deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), the multinational coalition effort to liberate the Iraqi people, eliminate Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and end the regime of Saddam Hussein.
militarybest.com /7511.html   (202 words)

 USS Slater, Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
If you know of any DE sites not listed, or if any of these links "break" please advise.
USS Kidd DD-661, LA CTE Bauru, Rio de Janeiro
New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs: USS Slater
www.acm.rpi.edu /~cougar/links.html   (102 words)

 Welcome To My Website
on the USS LSM 368 during WWII in the Pacific Theater.
An oceangoing tank landing ship designed to operate with Landing Craft Infantry, large (LCI, L) convoys.
LST-567 LST-789 LST-648 LST-846 [USS Jennings County]* LST-717 LST-1083 [USS Plumas County]* LST-718 LST-1139 Landing Ship, Dock (LSD) USS Catamount (LSD-17) USS Shadwell (LSD-15) Landing Craft, Infantry (LCI) LCI(L)-438 LCI(L)-469 LCI(L)-441 LCI(L)-726 LCI(L)-450 LCI(L)-752 LCI(L)-457 LCI(L)-798 LCI(L)-458 Medium Landing Ship (LSM) LSM-13 LSM-290 LSM-15 LSM-362 LSM-71
www.tiptopwebsite.com /dbporte   (680 words)

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