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Topic: USS Cayuga

  USS Cayuga - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The first Cayuga was a screw steamer launched in 1861 and served during the American Civil War.
The second Cayuga was originally the tug Powhatan and renamed in 1917.
A destroyer named USS Cayuga has appeared as a location in the television show JAG.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/USS_Cayuga   (196 words)

 USS Albatross (1861) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The first USS Albatross was a screw steamer rigged as a three-masted schooner that served in the United States Navy during the American Civil War.
Farragut placed the steamer in quarantine, and she was forbidden to communicate with the rest of the squadron.
On December 17, she, USS Richmond, USS Cayuga, USS Katahdin, and USS Winona supported the uncontested landing of Major General Nathaniel Prentiss Banks' troops at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/USS_Albatross_(1861)   (2242 words)

 USS Cayuga (LST-1186) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The third USS Cayuga (LST-1186) was a Newport-class tank landing ship in the United States Navy.
Cayuga was laid down on 28 September 1968 at San Diego, California, by the National Steel and Shipbuilding Corporation; launched on 12 July 1969; sponsored by Mrs.
Following commissioning, Cayuga was assigned to the Amphibious Force, Pacific Fleet, with her home port at Long Beach, California.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/USS_Cayuga_(LST-1186)   (243 words)

 Search Results for "USS ..."
USS Arizona Memorial, S Oahu isl., Honolulu co., Hawaii, in Pearl Harbor, E of Ford Isl.
USS Constitution is currently moored and is an active ship in the U.S. Navy...
In the War of 1812 the USS Enterprise defeated the HMS Boxer SE of the isl.
bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=&query=USS+...   (259 words)

 JAG Hit TV Show: Cmdr. Harmon Rabb and Lt. Col. Sarah MacKenzie investigate, prosecute, and defend members of the Navy ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
In November of 1944, USS Ellyson was reclassified as DMS 19, a high-speed minesweeper.
The original USS Thomas Jefferson was a ballistic missile submarine (SSBN 618), commisioned in January of 1963 and finally decommisioned in January of 1985.
The first USS Somers was a schooner that fought under Commodore Ferry on Lake Erie and Lake Huron, and took part in the capture of the British Squadron on 10 September 1813.
www.jagarchive.com /Miscellaneous/VesselsOfJAG.htm   (3045 words)

 USS Cayuga
Cayuga, a screw steamer, was launched 21 October 1861 by Gildersleeve and Son, East Haddam, Conn.; outfitted at New York Navy Yard- commissioned 21 February 1862, Lieutenant N B. Harrison in command; and reported to the West Gulf Blockading Squadron.
Cayuga arrived at Ship Island in Mississippi Sound 26 March 1862, for service in the lower Mississippi, its tributaries, and along the Gulf coast of Texas.
Cayuga also joined in the engagement with Forts Jackson and St. Philip below New Orleans in April 1862, which led to the fall of the city to Flag Officer Farragut and bombarded Donalsonville, La., 9 August 1862.
www.multied.com /NAVY/CWNavy/Cayuga.html   (273 words)

 USS Cayuga (LST 1186)
USS CAYUGA began service in National Steel and Shipbuilding Company's San Diego Shipyard with her keel-laying on September 28, 1968, as the eighth of twenty NEWPORT - class LST's.
CAYUGA's first deployment to the Western Pacific was in 1971, when she became the first ship of her class to launch Amphibious Assault Vehicles at maximum speed and the first ship in the U.S. Navy to conduct an extended dependent's cruise.
CAYUGA again answered the cry of distress on May 23, 1973, by providing relief supplies to the citizens of Nicaragua, whose capital of Managua was devastated by earthquakes.
www.united-states-navy.com /lst/lst1186.htm   (552 words)

 USN Ships--USS Cayuga (1862-1865)
USS Cayuga, a 691-ton Unadilla class screw steam gunboat, was built at East Haddam, Connecticut.
Commissioned in February 1862, she was assigned to the Gulf of Mexico for combat operations against the Confederacy and served there throughout the Civil War.
In April 1862, Cayuga participated in the operations leading to the capture of the lower Mississippi and the port of New Orleans.
www.history.navy.mil /photos/sh-usn/usnsh-c/cayuga.htm   (543 words)

 UNITED STATES NAVY IN DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
USS MISSOURI explosive ordnance disposal team retrieves/detonates an- other anti-ship contact mine in the Arabian Gulf.
USS OLDENDORF (DD-972) and USS TRENTON (LPD- 14) team boarded/ inspected IBN KHALDOON, and after determining Iraqi-flagged cargo ship was no longer carrying prohibited cargo, vessel was cleared to pro- ceed to stated destination Basrah, Iraq.
USS RANGER (CV-61) Carrier Battle Group transits to station in Arabian Gulf.
www.gulflink.osd.mil /histories/db/navy/usnavy_095.html   (286 words)

 All Hands - February 2001 - Desert Storm/Shield Chronology
SEPT 7: Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) Alpha units USS Okinawa (LPH 3), USS Ogden (LPD 5), USS Fort McHenry (LSD 43), USS Cayuga (LST 1186) and USS Durham (LKA 114) with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) embarked, arrive in the Gulf of Oman.
JAN 18: USS Nicholas (FFG 47), in operations with Army helos and a Kuwaiti patrol boat, neutralizes Iraqi forces firing on coalition aircraft with anti-aircraft artillery and shoulder-fired SAMs from 11 Kuwaiti oil platforms in the northern Gulf.
USS Louisville (SSN 724) fires the first submarine-launched Tomahawk cruise missile in combat history while submerged in the Red Sea.
www.mediacen.navy.mil /Pubs/allhands/feb01/pg32a.htm   (1734 words)

 Gulf War: January 1991
USS MISSOURI (BB-63) arrives in the Gulf of Oman.
USS MISSOURI explosive ordnance disposal team retrieves/detonates another anti-ship contact mine in the Arabian Gulf USS OLDENDORF (DD-972) and USS TRENTON (LPD-14) team boarded/ inspected IBN KHALDOON, and after determining Iraqi-flagged cargo ship was no longer carrying prohibited cargo, vessel was cleared to proceed to stated destination Basrah, Iraq.
USS RANGER (CV-61) Carrier Battle Group transits to station in Arabian Gulf DOD announces new U.S. troop strength at about 415,000 in region (545,000 Iraqi troops); updates numbers of intercepts - 6913; boardings - 823; diversions - 36; 157,716 Reserves/National Guard recalled: 10,952 Navy, 21,628 USMC.
www.history.navy.mil /wars/dstorm/dsjan1.htm   (987 words)

 New York - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
The western part of New York had been settled by the six nations of the Iroquois Confederacy for at least five hundred years before Europeans came.
The Iroquois had maintained the area between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes by annual burning as a grassland prairie, abounding in wild game including grazing American Bison herds.
USS New York (LPD-21) was laid down on September 10 2004 and will be the sixth Navy ship to be named for the state.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/n/e/w/New_York_3da4.html   (3281 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
USS Klakring intercepted the second vessel, MV Erma, which was diverted due to an inconsistency between the ship master's report and cargo found aboard.
Replacing those ships will be guided missile cruiser USS Yorktown (CG 48) and destroyer USS Conolly (DD 979) from Norfolk, Va.; and guided missile frigates USS Robert G. Bradley (FFG 49), USS Fahrion (FFG 22) and USS Samuel Eliot Morison (FFG 13) from Charleston, S.C. The ships are scheduled to depart their homeports this week.
The helicopter detachments are based in Mayport, Fla. Guided missile frigate USS Jack Williams (FFG 24), one of the original six ships assigned to operations in the area of Haiti, will continue on that mission.
www.chinfo.navy.mil /navpalib/news/navnews/nns93/nns93070.txt   (3573 words)

 USS Susquehanna
Tattnall, USS Bienville, USS Pembina, USS Seneca, USS Ottawa, USS Unadilla, USS Pawnee, USS Mohican, USS Isaac Smith, USS Curlew, USS Vandalia, USS Penguin, USS Pocahontas, USS Seminole, Fort Beauregard, USS R.B. Forbes and "Rebel Camp".
USS Susquehanna (1850-1883) is at the extreme left.
A model of the USS Susquehanna is available from Japan.
cssvirginia.org /vacsn3/crew/susque   (1118 words)

The high hopes placed on these ironclads were to no avail, however, for they were seized by the British prior to their completion and never reached Confederate waters.
After shelling the town, the Union force "captured one sloop loaded with cotton, one schooner not laden; caused them to destroy several vessels, some of which were loaded with cotton and about ready to sail.
The launch was a part of the night patrol on guard duty; Haines, hearing the report that a Confederate steamer was coming out into the harbor, went to investigate.
usnlp.org /navychronology/1863b.html   (9665 words)

 USS Mullinnix DD-944 Gunline Vietnam 1972
The two ships were joined on 14 April by USS Glennon (DD-840) from Charleston, South Carolina and USS Sarsfield (DD-839) from Mayport, Florida.
He also augmented the already considerable Naval forces in Vietnam with additional 5 aircraft carriers, 1 heavy cruiser (USS Newport News), 4 cruisers, and 44 destroyers.
uss mullinnix dd-944,mullinnix,dd-944,dd944,(dd-944),(dd944),mighty mux,the mighty mux,mux,forrest sherman,forrest sherman class,destroyer,navy,us naval history,vietnam
www.ussmullinnix.org /1972Vietnam.html   (1302 words)

 :: Print Version ::
He enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard Sept. 25, 1939 and served on the USS Cayuga on weather, iceberg and neutrality patrols and Greenland Guard duty.
He was also Supply Division Officer on the USS Dickman APA-13 Attack Troop Transport in the Philippines and South China Sea with rank of Lt. (jg).
He is survived by his beloved wife Lorraine of 62 years of Wickenburg; brother Harland of Maine; sister Beverly Bennett of Washington; sister-in-law Sarah Carr of New York; sister-in-law Ila Kerkes of Wickenburg, and many nieces and nephews.
www.wickenburgsun.com /articles/2006/04/06/obituaries/obits02.prt   (200 words)

 Fire and Brimstone - Aboard the "USS Cayuga."   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
There are fifteen large vessels here and there are a great many up the river; at 6 P.M. we sent the prisoners aboard the U.S.S. "Colorado" and we weighed anchor to go and tow in a store ship which we passed eight miles from here, signaled several vessels in the night, 12 P.M. ran aground.
At 5 P.M. weighed anchor and started up river to pass the fleet before sailing for home; as we passed the vessels their rigging was manned and we got cheers enough to last those on the gallant ship "Cayuga" a life time.
At a later date during the war he also served aboard the USS Great Western and in November, 1865, he was transferred to the Boston Navy Yard.
home.ozconnect.net /tfoen/massa.htm   (3463 words)

 USS Grand Rapids (PG-98)
The operations of USS GRAND RAPIDS during 1973 were far ranging and highly varied.
The ships were joined enroute by USS CAYUGA (LST-1186) which acted as escort and refueling ship as far as the Panama Canal.
On 1 October 1977 the USS GRAND RAPIDS (PG-98) was decommissioned and redesignated a boat.
www.gunboatriders.com /theboats/98_grandrapids/pg98.html   (664 words)

 History for USS Cayuga - LST 1186
It's been 8 yrs since I left the Cayuga and I still miss her.
I miss all my shipmates, especially the ones from deck dept. To this day I still dream being on board.
I hope to hear from some of you.
military.com /HomePage/UnitPageHistory/1,13506,200138|767321,00.html   (42 words)

 Virtual Globetrotting: Mattoso Maia (USS Newport class) large landing ship
Cayuga is the sixth ship of the twenty ship Newport tank landing ship class, which replaced the traditional bow door design LST.
Two derrick arms support a thirty-ton, 112-foot bow ramp for the unloading of tanks and other vehicles ashore, additionally, amphibious vehicles can be launched from the tank deck via the ship's stern gate and the ship's flight deck can accommodate most Navy helicopter types.
Ceara (ex USS Thomaston) class dock landing ships (0.3km)
virtualglobetrotting.com /info.php/mid/9485   (163 words)

 USS Accord: Ithaca, New York's chapter of STARFLEET   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
USS Accord is an Ithaca, New York chapter of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc., in the Seventh Fleet.
Accord meets the second Saturday of each month at 4:30pm, at the Cayuga Heights Fire Station.
USS Accord is part of Region 7, which covers New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.
www.ussaccord.org   (350 words)

 Houston's Ships 1/1200 Ships & Flags
HSS46 USS BENTON (ironclad gunboat) and USS TUSCABIA and USS CHILLICOTHI (ironclads)
HSS52 USS DUNDERBERG (ironclad gunboat) and USS PENSACOLA (frigate)
HSS55 USS GALENA (ironclad) and USS UNADILLA (gunboat)
www.historicalminiatures.com /houston.htm   (494 words)

 eBay Store - Marine Photos: USS, Navy, Patches   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
stores.ebay.com /Marine-Photos   (245 words)

 The USS Liberty Inquiry Forum - Way I learned about USS Liberty   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
When I was stationed on USS Cayuga in Long Beach, I went into re-hab for PTSD, while attending groups at the Vet Center in Los Angeles, there was a sailor (I forget his name) was onboard Liberty during the attack.
I was stunned, and shocked to find out what happened to the ship, and the crew.
I spent six years as a CT and served with a former crew member; but I never heard anything about the USS Liberty attack.
www.usslibertyinquiry.com /forums/showthread.php?t=778   (443 words)

 Civil War Naval Forces Index
USS Cairo [Cairo class ironclad] [Photos, brief notes] [Photos, history] [Colored illustration: Sinking of the Union Ironclad Gunboat USS Cairo by torpedoes in the Yazoo River; history]
USS Keokuk [twin-turret monitor] [History, illustrations] [Description, illus.
USS Monitor [coastal monitor] [Roster] [Photos, brief description] [History, illustrations] [Description, photo] [Illustrations, map, capsule history] [History, illustration, documents] [Description, illus.
www.tarleton.edu /~kjones/USNavy.html   (1174 words)

 USSConstitutionModelShipwrightGuildHP   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
USS Haven by Tim J. Mahoney, Scale = 1/480
USS Cayuga by Edward D. Parent Scale 1:240
USS New Ironsides by Edward D. Parent Scale 1:96
home.comcast.net /~remillar/27P1.htm   (589 words)

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