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Topic: USS Cole

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In the News (Tue 22 May 18)

  USS Cole bombing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The USS Cole bombing was a suicide bombing attack against the U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) on October 12, 2000 while it was harbored in the Yemeni port of Aden.
On October 12, 2000, USS Cole, under the command of Commander Kirk Lippold, set in to Aden harbor for a routine fuel stop.
On November 3, 2002, the CIA fired a AGM-114 Hellfire missile from a Predator UAV at a vehicle carrying Abu Ali al-Harithi, a suspected planner of the bombing plot.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/USS_Cole_bombing   (1589 words)

 Center For Clay Art - New Jersey
We support the USS Cole Omnibudsmen which is an organization of sailors families that raise funds for activities for the children of the sailors of the USS Cole while the Cole is out to sea.
Sergeant Cole was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his conspicuous gallantry in the campaign at Iwo Jima.
Cole completed his first overseas tour of duty and returned to the United States in February 1943 where he joined the First Batallion, Twenty-Third Marines, a part of the Fourth Marine Division at Camp Lejune, North Carolina.
www.centerforclayart.com /usscole.html   (827 words)

 DDG 67 Cole
The USS Cole was commissioned on June 8, 1996.
In the aftermath of the explosion, the crew of USS Cole fought tirelessly to free shipmates trapped by the twisted wreckage and limit flooding that threatened to sink their ship.
Cole was towed out of Aden harbor Oct. 29, 2000, to deeper water by the Military Sealift Command's fleet ocean tug USNS Cataba (T-ATF 168).
www.globalsecurity.org /military/agency/navy/ddg-67.htm   (1524 words)

 USS Cole: introduction
The small boat is believed to have been packed with 400-700 pounds of explosives, and the blast blew a 40-foot hole in the side of the USS Cole.
Sailors guarding the USS Cole when it was bombed did not have ammunition in their weapons and were instructed not to shoot unless fired upon.
A suspect says the attack on USS Cole was planned by a man in the United Arab Emirates, and that the boat used in the attack was purchased there.
www.al-bab.com /yemen/cole1.htm   (864 words)

 USS Cole Casualties
The Navy yesterday gave a new account of the terrorist attack on the USS Cole, saying the destroyer had already moored and was refueling when it was approached by a small boat laden with explosives in Yemen eight days ago.
The revelation that the Cole was taking on high-test fuel for its gas-turbine engines at the time of the explosion also means there was a greater danger of a catastrophic explosion that might have sunk the ship or killed more of its crew.
When the USS Cole sailed from its home port of Norfolk on Saturday, the destroyer carried reminders of terrorist attacks that both the ship and the nation have suffered in recent years.
www.arlingtoncemetery.net /usscole-main.htm   (2480 words)

 USS Cole
USS Cole was on her way over to, you-know-where, to be a part of our Battle Group.
SR Palmer was one of 17 Sailors killed in the Oct. 12 terrorist attack on USS Cole (DDG 67) in the port of Aden, Yemen.
USS Cole sailors say sentries on deck, bearing unloaded weapons, were ordered not to fire unless fired upon even immediately after the destroyer was bombed.
www.timjacobs.com /uss_cole.htm   (11375 words)

 The attack on the USS Cole
This website attempts to explain the technique used to attack the USS Cole, and how it was a 'Test Run' for a possible upcoming attack on a carrier that is based in Bahrain.
On 2000, the USS Cole was sent to Yemen to refuel, and it was struck by a small boat that had a massive explosive charge.
Obviously, the Cole attack was meant to create animosity towards Arabs, and to also act as a dry run for an upcoming Persian Gulf false flag attack.
judicial-inc.biz /USS_Cole_prelude_Iran.htm   (702 words)

 USS Cole (DDG 67)
The Attack on the USS COLE in Yemen on October 12, 2000 (Terrorist Attacks) by Betty Burnett.
As part of the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON Battle Group, USS COLE was in transit from the Red Sea to a port visit in Bahrain when the ship stopped in Aden for routine refueling.
A sailor who was on watch aboard the Cole, for example, told CBS News' "60 Minutes" on Sunday that he noticed the small boat approaching but assumed it was among the authorized harbor craft that normally approach a Navy ship in port to assist in disposing of its garbage and performing other routine services.
navysite.de /dd/ddg67.htm   (1855 words)

 Attack On The USS Cole (DDG-67)
The U.S. Navy said the Cole would be given a temporary 40-ton patch, unloaded from the Blue Marlin and taken to a nearby Naval station for cleanup and weapons removal.
Al-Harazi is a Saudi citizen born to a Yemeni family in the rugged Haraz mountain region west of San'a, the capital.
The Cole and two other destroyers in the Norfolk-based Surface Strike Group, the USS Thorn and USS Gonzalez, are now scheduled to head to the Mediterranean Sea for about 6 months.
www.cargolaw.com /2000nightmare_cole.html   (2744 words)

 Series of EmergencyNet News "Real-Time" Reports Concerning an Explosion Aboard the U.S.S. Cole in the Port of Aden, ...
A panel reported on Tuesday that the USS Cole bombing that killed 17 sailors exposed a "seam in the fabric" of the U.S. military's anti-terrorism regime but it can be strengthened by improved training and intelligence.
The Washington Post was reporting on Tuesday that sailors guarding the USS Cole when terrorists bombed it last month did not have ammunition in their weapons and were instructed not to shoot unless fired upon.
The Cole Panel, along with a separate Navy review of the preparations that the USS Cole made for refueling in Aden, is intended to provide a comprehensive assessment of the incident and lessons to be learned from it.
www.emergency.com /2000/usscole-bomb.htm   (12275 words)

 DDG-51 ARLEIGH BURKE-class - Navy Ships
USS Cole Returns, Voice of America, 29 October 2000 -- The bomb-scarred navy destroyer is to be returned to the United States for repairs by a Norwegian transport vessel.
Cole victims arrive in Germany; investigation of blast intensifies, Stars and Stripes, 14 October 2000 -- With the crippled USS Cole listing slightly in the harbor, American investigators, Marines and soldiers swarmed into this deep-water port Friday, bringing sniffer dogs and sophisticated equipment to search for clues in the blast that killed 17 American sailors.
Pentagon Special Briefing - USS Cole Attack, U.S. Department of Defense, 12 October 2000 -- At 5:15 this morning, Washington time, a large explosion blew a hole in the hull of the USS Cole as she was mooring at Aden, Yemen, to refuel.
www.fas.org /man/dod-101/sys/ship/ddg-51.htm   (8886 words)

 Tribute to the USS Cole
Still, those affected by the Cole attack -- the sailors who survived, those who were aboard but have since left, sailors newly stationed aboard the Cole, and the loved ones of those who perished -- struggle with its legacy.
Cole was in the Yemini port for a refueling stop when a small boat laden with explosives was detonated beside the ship, blasting a hole in its side.
The day the USS Cole was bombed, I was sitting at a desk doing paperwork on a quiet Navy Base in Virginia Beach.
www.100megsfree2.com /srscherr/POW/USSColeTribute.htm   (3784 words)

 CNN.com - US - U.S. official sees similarities between USS Cole blast and embassy attacks - October 22, 2000
WASHINGTON -- A senior U.S. counterintelligence official says that investigators working on the USS Cole bombing case see similarities between the deadly blast and the explosions at two U.S. embassies in East Africa in 1998.
U.S. officials on Friday said they were looking at a number of militant groups in their probe of the attack on the Cole in the harbor at Aden, Yemen, and bin Laden's group, al-Qaeda, or "The Base," topped the list.
USS Cole survivor recalls aftermath of the explosion
archives.cnn.com /2000/US/10/23/uss.cole.01   (1468 words)

 'Remember the USS Cole' License Plate Realized
Thirty-nine other Cole sailors were injured in the attack and the ship would have been destroyed were it not for the efforts of its crew.
But, spearheading an effort to create a commemorative license plate with Cole's coat of arms and the words "Remember the USS Cole" emblazoned on it was no easy task.
The one-year anniversary of the attack was marked with the dedication of the USS Cole Memorial near Iowa Point on the naval station.
www.news.navy.mil /search/display.asp?story_id=1579   (562 words)

 USS Cole: Bin Laden
Jamal al-Badawi, regarded as the most senior of the Cole suspects who have been arrested, told investigators that he received telephone instructions for the bombing from Mohammed Omar al-Harazi in the United Arab Emirates.
In October 2001, Abd al-Karim al-Iryani, who was prime minister of Yemen at the time of the Cole attack, told the Guardian that Harazi was also the organiser of a Bin Laden plot to blow up the US embassy in India, which was foiled last June.
If true, this would suggest that the bombing of USS Cole was not motivated specifically by the American military presence in Yemen (see Yemen and the US).
www.al-bab.com /yemen/cole8.htm   (919 words)

 USATODAY.com - USS Cole begins first Mideast deployment since 2000 attack   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — The USS Cole left port Thursday for its first Middle East deployment since a 2000 terrorist attack blew a hole in its side and killed 17 sailors.
The Cole, along with five other ships and a submarine, left the East Coast to conduct security operations in support of the war on terrorism.
By Steve Helber, AP The USS Cole, which was bombed by terrorists in October 2000, waits pierside at the Norfolk Naval Station in Virginia before shipping out again to the Middle East.
www.usatoday.com /news/nation/2006-06-08-uss-cole_x.htm?csp=34   (253 words)

 Recovery of the USS Cole
In the first photo, a transport ship is "flooded" to allow it underneath the disabled USS Cole.
Cole was transported from Aden to Pascagoula by the Norwegian heavy transport ship M/V Blue Marlin.
As the photos progress, the USS Cole is secured to the deck of the transport ship.
www.pianoladynancy.com /recovery_usscole.htm   (134 words)

 USS Cole Flies World Trade Center Flag
It was Cole's first deployment since the terrorist attack that took the lives of 17 Sailors in Yemen’s port of Aden.
Cole flying the same flag that at one time had guarded Ground Zero is full of symbolism on its own, but it was no accident that Cisek had been chosen to participate in this special moment.
Cole is currently patrolling the Mediterranean Sea with fellow Norfolk-based warships USS Thorn (DD 988) and USS Gonzalez (DDG 66) as part of a Surface Strike Group in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, and is scheduled to return home in the early summer of 2004.
www.news.navy.mil /search/display.asp?story_id=11162   (496 words)

 Stix Blog: USS Cole
MINA SALMAN, Bahrain – USS Cole is departed Mina Salman, Bahrain, in early October, after its first port visit in U.S. 5th Fleet’s area of operations since the guided missile destroyer was attacked in the Gulf of Aden, claiming the lives of 17 Sailors in October 2000.
Cole has been conducting Maritime Security Operations in the 5th Fleet AOO since June 9 and arrived in Bahrain, Sep. 18.
Roberson added that the ship’s crew, past and present, played a crucial role in the Cole’s return and serve as an important asset to MSO in the region.
stix1972.typepad.com /stix_blog/2006/10/uss_cole.html   (527 words)

 CNN.com - Yemen says 2 more USS Cole suspects arrested - February 18, 2001
SAN'A, Yemen -- Two new suspects have been arrested in the bombing of the USS Cole, Yemen's president said in an interview broadcast Sunday.
Saleh said the primary suspect in the Cole attack -- Mohammed el-Harazi -- is believed to be in Afghanistan, as well as an alleged accomplice.
He said the case of six detainees had been sent to a Yemeni prosecutor, but that U.S. officials had asked for the trial to be delayed until the main suspects are arrested.
edition.cnn.com /2001/US/02/18/uss.cole   (505 words)

 CNN.com - Six bodies recovered from USS Cole, 2 identified - October 17, 2000
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- While the U.S. Navy in Norfolk, Virginia, was preparing for a Wednesday morning memorial service for the victims of the apparent terrorist bombing of the USS Cole, Navy divers in Yemen recovered the bodies of six more sailors from the crippled destroyer Tuesday.
Aboard the stricken Cole, wreckage specialists fought their way through collapsed bulkheads and a maze of twisted metal to reach bodies.
Nearly a week after the blast, one Cole sailor said she still has difficulty absorbing the aftermath.
edition.cnn.com /2000/US/10/17/uss.cole.injured/index.html   (899 words)

 USS Cole   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
He is also given evidence that a Saudi merchant family had funded the USS Cole bombing on October 12, 2000, and that the Yemeni government is covering up information related to that bombing.
The attack remains undiscovered, and a duplication of the attack by the same people will successfully hit the USS Cole in October 2000 (see October 12, 2000).
He was in Yemen at the time and stayed after the Cole bombing for a while, then he left.” [Guardian, 10/15/2001] The Sunday Times later notes, “The failure in Yemen may have blocked off lines of investigation that could have led directly to the terrorists preparing for September 11.” [Sunday Times (London), 2/3/2002]
cooperativeresearch.org /entity.jsp?id=1521846767-2003   (1440 words)

 CBS News | U.S. Charges Cole Role Players | May 15, 2003 12:43:08
USS Cole guided missile destroyer towed from Aden, Yemen, into open sea after the attack.
According to the attorney general, the attempt on USS The Sullivans took place on Jan. 3, 2000, and was aborted when the boat sank under the weight of the explosives.
Attorney Gen. Ashcroft announces the arrests of two men charged in the 2000 USS Cole bombing: Fahd Mohammed Ahmed Al-Quso and Jamal al-Badawi.
www.cbsnews.com /stories/2003/04/11/attack/main548840.shtml   (788 words)

 Attack on USS Cole - US Department of State
A sailor stands amid flowers honoring the 17 sailors killed in the October 12, 2000, attack on the USS Cole.
The USS Cole was refueling in the port city of Aden, Yemen.
The USS Cole was lifted aboard the Norwegian heavy transport ship M/V Blue Marlin and towed back to the United States.
usinfo.state.gov /is/international_security/terrorism/uss_cole.html   (417 words)

 Tammy Bruce: The USS Cole Sails Again
The Cole is one of six ships and a submarine with 6,000 sailors and Marines leaving the East Coast this week to conduct security operations in support of the war on terrorism.
This combined with the deployment of two aircraft carriers to the region could indicate that we will strike Iran after all, which, as we know, is the only way to deal with terrorists and tyrants.
The USS Cole sets sail once more, headed back to the Middle East as part of the USS Iwo Jima Strike Group.
tammybruce.com /2006/06/the_uss_cole_sails.php   (1486 words)

 The History Guy: Attack on theUSS Cole (October 12, 2000)
On October 12, 2000, the USS Cole, an American Naval Destroyer, entered the harbor of Aden, Yemen to refuel.
In an attempt to repair relations, Yemen and the United States arranged for a series of refueling stops for the ships of the U.S. Navy, which frequents the area as part of the ongoing enforcement of the economic sanctions against Iraq.
on the Middle East Situation and the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen.
www.historyguy.com /uss_cole.htm   (710 words)

 CNN.com - USS Cole plotter escapes prison - Feb 5, 2006
Among the escapees was Jamal Ahmed Badawi, considered the mastermind of the USS Cole attack.
Among the escapees was Jamal Ahmed Badawi, considered the mastermind behind the attack on the USS Cole on October 12, 2000.
Badawi was sentenced to death in September 2004 for plotting the attack.
www.cnn.com /2006/WORLD/meast/02/05/cole.escape/index.html   (405 words)

 USS Cole attack, October 12, 2000
An apparent terrorist bomb attack against the USS Cole on October 12, 2000, left 17 sailors confirmed or presumed dead, including Petty Officer 3rd Class Ronchester Santiago, 22, of Kingsville and Fireman Gary Swenchonis Jr., 26, of Rockport.
The U.S. Navy released this view of damage on the side of the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Cole after a suspected terrorist bomb exploded during a refueling operation in Aden, Yemen.
USS Cole equipped to protect itself, defend other ships
www.caller2.com /specials/usscole   (361 words)

 USS COLE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The USS COLE Memorial dedication ceremony was conducted at Naval Station Norfolk Virginia on 12 Oct 01, commemorating the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attack in
On behalf of the USS COLE family, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for all of your support and prayers.
Without your assistance, the USS COLE Memorial would not have been possible.
www.cole.navy.mil /Memorial.htm   (185 words)

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