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Topic: USS Henrico APA 45

  Henrico County, Virginia -- USS Henrico (APA-45)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
HENRICO landed her troops in the first assault wave in the face of heavy seas and strong enemy fortifications.
HENRICO sailed from Naples 17 October 1944, arriving Boston in November to prepare for duty in the western Pacific.
HENRICO was diverted to the Caribbean Sea 27 October 1962 after deployment of communist missiles in Cuba brought a swift and strict American quarantine of the island.
www.co.henrico.va.us /manager/apa45his.htm   (2181 words)

 USS Fletcher DDE-445 deck log summary for the year 1952   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
1714 Fletcher detached with O’Bannon to rendezvous with USS Pomodon SS 486.
OTC is CTE 90.51 in USS Catamont LSD 17.
OTC is ComDesRon 7 in USS Lofberg DD 759.
www.ussfletcher.org /1952.html   (12599 words)

 US Naval Ships Sunk In Action
USS Thompson (DMS-38) minor damage in the vicinity of the bridge after an air burst and near misses from a shore battery at Songjin, North Korea, 13 casualties, 20 August 1952.
USS James E. Kyes (DD-787) slight damage from 1 hit after receiving 60 rounds of 155 mm at a range of 8,000-12,000 yards from a shore battery near Wonsan, North Korea, 9 casualties, 19 April 1953.
USS Gurke (DD-783) slight damage from 2 hits and shrapnel from 5 near misses after receiving 150 rounds of 76-90 mm, at 6,000 to 11,000 yards, near Songjin, North Korea, 3 casualties, 25 June 1953.
www.rt66.com /~korteng/UNforces/usnavy.html   (2247 words)

The Japanese submarine RO-112 is sunk by the submarine USS Batfish (SS-310) in the Philippines.
The destroyer USS Pritchett (DD-561) is damaged by horizontal bomber; the destroyer escort USS Foreman (DE-633) by dive bomber; and the attack transports USS Chilton (APA-38), USS Henrico (APA-45), USS Goodhue (APA-107) and USS Telfair (APA-210) and LST 599 are damaged by suicide plane, all in the Okinawa area.
The battleship USS Colorado (BB-45) is damaged by an explosion, the destroyer USS Ammen (DD-527) by a horizontal bomber and the submarine chaser SC-737 by grounding, all in the Okinawa area.
www.blountweb.com /blountcountymilitary/wars/ww2/timelines/1945_ww2.htm   (11002 words)

 The History of the U.S.S. Henrico APA-45
The USS HENRICO (APA-45) is named for Henrico County, Virginia and was formerly the SS SEA DARTER.
On 15 September 1950 the HENRICO participated in the historic landing at Inchon, Korea, landing the 5th Marines in an amphibious assault.
HENRICO departed the Western Pacific on 4 November and arrived in San Diego on 23 November 1959.
www.henricoapa45.org /history.html   (3392 words)

 DANFS: USS Henrico (APA-45)
Henrico embarked her invasion troops 26 May at Portland, England, and sailed 5 June as a part of Rear Admiral Hall's Omaha Bench Assault Force.
Henrico sailed from San Francisco Bay 1 September with replacement troops for the Philippines.
She landed troops at the decisive Inchon beachhead 15 September 1950, one of the most brilliantly executed amphibious operations in history; and, as United Nations troops swept northward, she sailed to various ports deploying and supplying the soldiers.
www.ibiblio.org /hyperwar/USN/ships/danfs/APA/apa45.html   (1569 words)

 USS Henrico
Al.though Henrico quickly brought guns to bear, the plane crashed into the starboard side of the bridge, her bombs exploding below.
Hereafter the ship deployed annually to the western Pacific with the 7th Fleet to engage in amphibious surface training exercises in Korea, in Okinawa, and in the Philippines, contributing to the combat readiness of both United States Marines and the troops of SEATO members.
In an impressive display of mobile power, Henrico disembarked her Marines at Da Nang, South Vietnam, in early March, returned to Okinawa for a second landing team which reached Da Nang 15 April.
www.multied.com /NAVY/APA/henrico.html   (1554 words)

 Feb 1967
The USS Henrico (APA-45) stood in Long Tau Harbor on the 24th of February to relieve the Whitfield County as interim support ship for ComRivFlot One.
RAD-92 arrived in Saigon on the 28th and was shuttled to Vung Tau and USS Henrico during the day.
Significant among February 1967 activities for ComRivFlot One was (1) the change of operational status on the 16th, (2) the arrival of ComRivFlot One on the 27th and, (3) the activation of TF-117 on 28 February 1967.
www.rivervet.com /summ0267.htm   (799 words)

 Transport Haul Marines
Arriving in the "big ship component" of PhibRon-1 were the USS Henrico (APA-45), USS Noble (APA -218), USS Washburn (AKA-108), USS Bexar (APA-237) and the USS Union (AKA-106).
All five transports were scheduled to arrive at 0800 with the Noble and Union berthing at North Navy Pier; the Henrico at South Navy Pier; the Washburn at Mole Pier, Naval Station; and the Bexar at Pier One, Naval Station.
The Henrico was also active in the Pacific theater during WW I I. After participating in the Okinawa campaign a Japanese plane crashed into her starboard side and killed 51 crew members.
www.rpadden.com /106/106news1.htm   (433 words)

 Naval Staff Duty
The Flagship for COMPHIBRON ONE was the USS Henrico APA-45.
The shift from the USS Henrico to the USS Iwo Jima would not occur until sometime in late November or early December of 1965.
I was due to depart the USS Henrico in early November.
www.hickorytech.net /~cjester/cpr-1.html   (1440 words)

 MOAA: Information Exchange
USS Wayne (APA-54), Sept. 16-20, Savannah, Ga. Contact: J. Rodes, 5301 S.E. 31st St., Des Moines, IA 50320, (515) 953-0424, ssjjmor@msn.com.
USS Massey (DD-778), Sept. 22-26, Virginia Beach, Va. Contact: R. Pearsall, 1228 Sotheby Ct., Virginia Beach, VA 23464, (757) 467-6727, pearsall@exis.net.
USS New Kent (APA-217), Sept. 29—Oct. 3, Savannah, Ga. Contact: L. Briggs, 119 Breezy Hill Rd., S.E., Milledgeville, GA USS Nautilus (SSN-571), Sept. 30—Oct. 3, Groton, Conn. Contact: A. Charette, 88 Somersett Dr., Mystic, CT 06355, (860) 536-6076, panopo571@comcast.net.
www.moaa.org /magazine/August2004/information_exchange.asp   (1235 words)

Previously, the HENRICO had been struck by a kamikaze plane on April 2nd killing 49 men, including the HENRICO's skipper, division commander and two troop commanders.
The HENRICO remained at Kerama Retto until departing for San Francisco on April 14th (with stops at Guam and Pearl Harbor).
After transporting wounded to Guam, the USS COMFORT returned to Okinawa and was herself struck by a suicide plane, killing 28 people and wounding 48 others.
www.ussbush.com /triphome.htm   (376 words)

 Ancestry Message Boards [ Apa ]
APA in IL : Leona Kollman Garcia -- 26 Oct 2001
Apa's of Athens, NY : Charles Apa -- 3 Oct 2000
APA Surname : Leona Garcia -- 30 Nov 2000
boards.ancestry.com /mbexec?htx=board&r=5538&p=surnames.apa   (198 words)

 Personal Home Page
I was next assigned to the USS Tigrone (AGSS-419) which had just earned its first battle "E." The torpedo tubes came out during yard overhaul and being out of a job, I was shifted to the USS John Marshall (SSBN-611 Gold).
USS Lenawee (APA-195) had the best CO, he had tried to get into SS all during WWII, and helped me get orders to Sub School.
Leo Pillifant: I served on USS George C. Marshall (SSBN-654) for 7 patrols and USS Sam Rayburn (SSBN-635) for 2 patrols.
www.geocities.com /tritonbase/who/whosP.htm   (3536 words)

 Chilton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
'Two planes 180 degrees'; immediately after a twin engine bomber was seen to pass over our bow and dive into the bow of the USS HENRICO (APA-45), which was 1000 yards off our port bow and she immediately burst into flames.
From 1839 to 1937 hours the following ammunition was expended firing at aircraft in the vicinity: 11 rounds of 5'/38 caliber; (1) which crashed on our port quarter, (2) one which crashed into the bridge of the USS HENRICO (APA-45).
Twin engined enemy bomber crash-dove into bridge of USS HENRICO whose superstructure burst into flames; the 20 mm battery opened foreign enemy plane approaching from starboard side aft.
www.rpadden.com /038docs/038_02.htm   (386 words)

 Trackpads - Trackpads Links Directory - Attack
A place for the men who served on the USS Elmore APA-42 to remember and even to record and recall their memories.
This website is dedicated to the officers and enlisted men who served aboard the USS Harry Lee, APA-10, an assault transport during the Second World War.
Page is dedicated to the USS Magoffin APA-199 and the vets who manned her.
www.trackpads.com /links/browselinks.php?c=1216   (373 words)

 USS Henrico - APA 45 - Unit Pages
USS Henrico - APA 45 - Unit Pages
I am a member of the USS Henrico reunion group.
The Henrico Reunion group was started in 1970 and h...
unitpages.military.com /unitpages/unit.do?id=200003   (85 words)

USS CHARLES F. (My 2nd son's 2nd ship.
Other ships that have served with the USS CAVALIER, In SQUADRON or as part of an operation.
If you can inform me of other ship's names I would be pleased to add them to this list.
www.microburmbi.net /mylinks1.html   (184 words)

 [No title]
The USS Pickaway APA-222 Group was used to transport troops to and from the designated battle fields, starting in WWII and continuing for many years afterwards.
The United States Ship Chilton, ex S.S. Sea Needle, was home to some two thousand seamen over more than thirty years of service to their country.
Honors the Officers and Crew of the USS Eastland.
www.juvio.com /search/directory.asp?c=74732   (195 words)

 Henrico Products
Henrico Parish Virginia history genealogy st. Johns ch
The History of Henrico County by Clifford Dowdey, Lo...
USS Henrico APA 45 Ex-AP 90 January 28 1948 Graf
jamescudney.com /henrico.html   (239 words)

 [No title]
She had a C-3 hull design, originally displaced 8100 tons, was 492 feet long by a 69 foot 6 inch beam, had a 26 foot 6 inch draft, a top speed of 18 knots, and a complement of about 100 officers and men.
It is interesting to note that CDR Geisenhoff had been charged with supervising all Ferrying Crews moving new and damaged ships back and forth from coast to coast as shipyard space became available for the many modifications and repairs that had to be done to keep our fleet growing.
About thirty casualties of the 77th Division troops were from our sister ship, the USS Henrico APA-45, and we were asked to take six or sever of them, all of a very minor nature.
usschilton.tripod.com /three.html   (12612 words)

 My Korean War Recollections
The 1stBn5thMarines were embarked on the USS Henrico(APA-45).
The Henrico did have problems shortly after leaving San Diego, and had to go to Oakland for repairs.
Immediately after the Henrico (not in picture)arrived there, troops and equipment left the ship and so started our experiences in South Korea.
myspecialinterests.net /usmc/recall/page1.htm   (718 words)

 Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) :: VFW Reunions
USS Enoree AO/TAO-69: Floyd A Carriker (714) 534-3025
USS Okanogan APA-220: Colin Carney (440) 466-5250; norish@ncweb.com
USS Saufley DD-465: Maggie Downie (860) 563-5195; maggie.downie@cox.net
www.vfw.org /index.cfm?fa=misc.levelc&cid=928   (3552 words)

 Bulletin Board for USS Henrico - APA 45
I am looking for shipmates that may remember me.I was in B Div.
His widow, Virginia Jane Hula is interested in locating anyone with information about her late husband's service on the USS Herico in 1965 during the Vietnam War.
All personnel and troops who sailed aboard the "Happy Hank" are invited to join the USS HENRICO APA-45 REUNION ASSOCIATION.
www.military.com /HomePage/UnitPageBulletinBoard/1,13492,200003,00.html?Page=2   (106 words)

 Html Gear - Guest Gear View Guestbook
Served onboard in 58-59 westpac cruz as a RM2.
I just yesterday learned of the Henrico Reunion Assoc.
I was an EMP 1/c when I was discharged from the Navy in early September 1949 after serving nearly 4 years on the ship.
htmlgear.tripod.com /guest/control.guest?u=bhartog&a=view&i=1001&r=   (60 words)

 USS BUSH-PHOTOS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
A number of the officers that survived the sinking on April 6, 1945 are pictured below.
This photo was taken aboard the USS HENRICO (APA-45), also a kamikaze victim needing to return to the States.
Surviving Officers aboard the USS BUSH on April 6, 1945 and not included in the above photo included:
www.ussbush.com /ofsurviv.htm   (154 words)

 United States Navy Unit History Exhibit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
USS Frederick LST 1184, Unit History for Active Vessel, Vietnam, Cold War, Gulf War, Somalia Eras
USS Henrico, APA-45, Unit History from Veteran Page, WWII, Korean War, Cold War
USS Saipan CVL 48, Unit History, history as Saipan and Arlington, Cold War, Vietnam
members.aol.com /famjustin/usnunit.html   (657 words)

 This is ThirdMarines.net - Authors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
We pulled many liberties together and endured hardships by laughing at each other's misfortunes.
The first was on the old troop transport ship USS Henrico (APA-45).
As the waves pounded the old ship and it wallowed in the troughs, he and the architect had serenaded us with popular songs of the times.
www.thirdmarines.net /articles/survivor3.asp   (736 words)

 Ken Cunningham
I joined the US Navy Along with several friends, Jerry and Homer Earp, Rex Peas, Paul Benedict, Wayne Bowers, and Lennon Grant, and some whose names escape me. I attended the UDT-Seal school at Coronado Amphibious base on Coronado Island near the San Diego North Island Naval Air Station.
The USS Helena, CA 75, I was in the Staff of Comphibron 1 under Commodore's Kavanaugh, and Fritz Gliem, the most senior man in the Navy at that time.
While in that staff we flagged aboard the following ships; USS George Clymer, APA 27.
www.users.uswest.net /~kcunningham1   (636 words)

 Justin Oral History Center, Memorial Collection
Di Vincenzo, PhM2/c, USS Henrico, APA-45, USN, Okinawa, World War Two.
Freeman, Y2/c, USS Henrico, APA-45, USN, Okinawa, World War Two.
Smitzen, Cox, USS Henrico, APA-45, USN, Okinawa, World War Two.
members.aol.com /famjustin/memorial.html   (1828 words)

 History for USS. Henrico APA-45
Ship board life was cramped at best, trying to find a private place on a ship of any size was a real task, there were not many, none quiet, but I managed to find an alone place, way down in the shaft ally, I usde to be able to tell how...
1943-1968 25 Years of Service in The Amphibious Forces Of the United States Navy To those men who have served on the HENRICO And who gave their lives while in the Service of their country.
www.military.com /HomePage/UnitPageHistory/1,13506,701544,00.html   (120 words)

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