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Topic: USS LST 350

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In the News (Sun 27 May 18)

  History of the USS LST 519
Placed in partial commission status at Seneca on 8 February, the LST 519 proceeded down the Illinois River into the Mississippi River and down to the Naval base at Algiers, Louisiana, directly across from New Orleans where she was fully commissioned on 17 February 1944.
The 519 was one of several LSTs that served as mother-ships to small boat crews who operated LCMs and LCVPs as liberty boats for the fleet anchored in the harbor.
On 15 July 1946, the LST 519 was transferred to the Commander, Eastern Sea Frontier for duty as a disposal vessel of defective and obsolete munitions.
home.jinko.com /ww2LST/history.htm   (1069 words)

 LST of the United States
LST - 350 was laid down on 10 November 1942 at the Norfolk Navy Yard; launched on 7 February 1943; sponsored by Mrs.
LST - 388 was laid clown on 20 June 1942 at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Co.; launched on 28 September 1942; sponsored by Miss Barbara Ann Besse; and commissioned on 20 November 1942.
LST - 395 was laid down on 28 September 1942 at the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Co.; launched on 23 November 1942; sponsored by Miss Audrey Jane Terry; and commissioned on 19 Decemeber 1942, Lt. A.
www.multied.com /Navy/patrol/19.html   (9466 words)

 History of USS LST-481
This history is dedicated to everyone who served aboard the USS LST 481, and in particular to the memory of William J. Phillips, S1c, lost at sea on June 22, 1944; and George Daniel's, OS3c, killed in action at Guam, July 24, 1944.
LSTs seemed to be very hard to control as far as steering in close quarters was concerned, and almost all of them had dings and dents where they had made contact with a dock or with another ship at some time in their life.
The group of LSTs arrived at Milne Bay, which is on the eastern tip of New Guinea, on March 29, 1944, and we were immediately aware that this must be one of the places in the world which God had intended to be a punishment for all who were required to be there.
www.ibiblio.org /hyperwar/USN/ships/LST/LST-481-history.html   (23224 words)

 Korean War Naval Chronology, May-August1952
USS Murrelet (AM 372) and USS Symbol (AM 123), while conducting a clearance sweep in vicinity of Songjin, were taken under fire by enemy shore batteries of estimated 75 mm and 155 mm.
USS Bayonne (PF 21), while destroying 17 sampans in the vicinity of Hungnam, reported she was taken under fire by shore batteries located on the peninsula east of Hungnam.
USS Orleck (DD886) and USS Doyle (DMS34), while firing at targets in the city of Chuuronjang, south of Songjin, were caught during a turn and fired on at 6,000 yards range by 75 mm to 155 mm batteries.
www.history.navy.mil /wars/korea/chron52b.htm   (10474 words)

 USS LST Ship Memorial - Progress Report
LST 325's Blue Crew received many compliments, because the group had no idea of such a beautiful ceremony being held.
USS LST-325's mission is to educate all to the role the LST played to keep America free, and to preserve the memory of these ships and the men who served and died on them.
He also maintained a website for LST 325 which included all of his situation reports, as well as many photographs showing the hard work done in Greece getting the ship seaworthy – that site is a must-see for anyone who hopes to understand what it took to bring this ship home.
www.lstmemorial.org /archive/pr0902.htm   (4959 words)

Shortly after reporting aboard the USS POLLUX he was promoted to CSK (SKC) because of his former military experience as a Sergeant Major in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves and his longshore experience.
His career naval highlight was being a plank owner of the USS Arkansas and as Command Master Chief of the USS San Diego.
Chuck was a FA on the POLLUX and retired in 1967 as a BTC.
www.usspollux.com /shipmatebios.html   (19773 words)

 Casualties, Navy and Coast Guard Ships, WW II
USS Northampton (CA-26) torpedoed by the Japanese destroyer Oyashio on 30 November 1942 during the Battle of Tassafaronga and sank on 1 December 1942.
USS Cisco (SS-290) sunk by Japanese warships and aircraft in the Sulu Sea, 28 September 1943.
USS Wahoo (SS-238) sunk by Japanese aircraft and Japanese submarine chasers 15 and 43 in Soya Strait, Japan, 11 October 1943.
www.history.navy.mil /faqs/faq82-1.htm   (7224 words)

 AO22 USS Cimarron
Fleet Oiler USS Cimarron AO-22 Censor 1943, $5.00, -, Nov-11 17:30.
The Cimarron was acquired by the Navy as the USS Cimarron (AO 22) and
Belgrano, sunk at the Falklands, was former USS Phoenix.
www.acctts.com /ao22cim/index3.htm   (848 words)


Jim Radja's Genealogy Research

- ...
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Floyd Howard Gould was stationed in USS Lark, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on 31 December 1933.
Floyd Howard Gould was stationed in USS Keosanqua (AT-198) of Submarine Squardron Four, Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii, in December 1938.
Floyd was relieved of command and transferred to USS Bountiful (AH-9) for hospitalization study and treatment in accordance with Form "G".
members.cox.net /jradja/p1.htm   (12014 words)

 uboat.net - Allied Ships hit by U-boats - USS LST-359 (Landing ship)
The USS LST-359 participated in the following landings: Sicily, Salerno, Anzio-Nettuno and Normandy.
On 20 Dec, 1944, U-870 fired a torpedo spread at a convoy of LST´s about 440 miles southwest of Cape Finisterre and reported the USS LST-350, USS LST-369 and an escort vessel sunk.
In fact, USS LST-359 was sunk and the USS Fogg (DE 57) was damaged.
uboat.net /allies/merchants/3392.html   (148 words)

 uboat.net - Allied Ships hit by U-boats - USS Fogg (DE 57) (Destroyer escort)
In fact USS LST-359 was sunk and the USS Fogg was damaged.
The USS Fogg was hit by a Gnat in the stern, killing four men and wounding two others.
The crew fought two days to made it for the Azores, then the stern sheared off and only skeleton crew stayed aboard.
uboat.net /allies/merchants/3391.html   (207 words)

 What's New on ModelWarships.com
1/720 USS Carl Vinson Battlegroup (Italeri) by Nektarios Koufopoulos
1/350 USS Missouri, Fletcher, and Hornet (Tamiya and Trumpeter) by Masa Narita
1/350 USS Gettysburg CG-64 (Italeri) by Marko Smokovic
www.modelwarships.com /news/news-04.html   (6766 words)

 History of The USS Tioga County LST-1158
The USS LST-1158 was constructed by the Bath Iron Works Corporation, Bath, Maine;  the keel being laid on 16 June 1952.  She was launched on 11 April 1953, sponsored and christened by Mrs.
Joseph A. Callaghan - wife of the Chief of Staff of the First Naval District.  LST-1158 was commissioned on 20 June 1953 under the command of Lieutenant Commander Charles R. Patton and to the end of 1953, operated with the Amphibious Force, Atlantic Fleet.
Portions of content provided by USS Tioga County
web.madisontelco.com /~hensley/navy/history.htm   (452 words)

 HyperWar: US Navy Landing Ships/Craft, 1940-1945
"History of LST-481" by John H. Dougherty (former MoMM 2c) -- an in-depth history and description of one LST
Armament: 1 3"/50 DP; 1 40mm; 6 20mm
LSTs carry smaller craft topside, a tunnel-like hold full of tanks, vehicles, guns or cargo.
www.ibiblio.org /hyperwar/USN/ships/ships-ls.html   (618 words)

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