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Topic: Ullern

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  Team Ullern 2007
Ullern tennisskole er et tilbud om å lære å spille tennis, vanligvis med trening en gang i uken.
Det vises for øvrig til : "Mål og faglige retningslinjer for Ullern tennisklubb 2005-2008".
Ullern stiller med både et annet damelag(Siri Thoresen, sth@braganza.com) og et annet herrelag (Jesper Bollius) i divisjonstennis i 2007.
www.ullerntennis.no /team_ullern_2007.htm   (366 words)

  Ullern - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ullern is a borough of the city of Oslo, Norway.
Ullern was established as a parish in the municipality of Aker in 1906.
Ullern became a part of Oslo (together with the rest of Aker) in 1948.
en.wikipedia.org /?title=Ullern   (103 words)

 Ullern tennisskole
Jesper Bollius har det administrative ansvaret for Ullern tennisskole.
Faglig hovedtrener er til stede på anlegget hver dag.
Velkommen med din henvendelse hvis du lurer på noe om Ullern Tennis.
www.ullerntennis.no /ullern_tennisskole_gen.htm   (106 words)

 Along Lysakerelva.
Ullern Mill was a commercial mill which ground corn purchased on the open market.
The grain arrived by dray from the docks in Christiania and at Vækerø.
Ullern Mill can be viewed either from water level along Wilse's Track or from the top of the first rise along Ruud's Track by taking a couple of steps off the path to the top of the rock outcrop.
folk.uio.no /johnti/lystrack.htm   (5070 words)

 Norwegian second division 2000, group 2
Round 4 ======= 12/5: Årvoll - Ullern 0-2 13/5: Gjøvik/Lyn - Asker 0-1 14/5: FF Lillehammer - Lørenskog 3-2 Stabæk 2 - Elverum 6-1 15/5: Kongsvinger 2 - Vardal 1-3 16/5: Sarpsborg - Fredrikstad 0-1
Round 12 ======== 15/7: Elverum - Ullern 2-6 Gjøvik/Lyn - Årvoll 1-0 Vardal - Lørenskog 0-6 16/7: FF Lillehammer - Sarpsborg 1-1 17/7: Kongsvinger 2 - Asker 1-3 27/7: Fredrikstad - Stabæk 2 1-1
Round 14 ======== 29/7: Gjøvik/Lyn - Ullern 0-2 Vardal - Fredrikstad 1-3 30/7: FF Lillehammer - Asker 0-2 Lørenskog - Elverum 2-5 Sarpsborg - Årvoll 4-1 31/7: Kongsvinger 2 - Stabæk 2 1-2
www.rsssf.no /2000/Second2.html   (748 words)

 Norwegian second division 1995, group 2
Round 5 ======= 20/5: Florø - Ullern 0-0 Skarbøvik - Ski 0-4 Fossum - Holter 2-0 Eidsvold Turn - Ørsta 5-0 Sørumsand - Sogndal 2 1-3 23/5: Kjelsås - Bærum 0-1
Round 13 ======== 29/7: Bærum - Ullern 1-0 Eidsvold Turn - Ski 0-1 Kjelsås - Skarbøvik 1-0 30/7: Florø - Fossum 3-0 1/8: Sørumsand - Holter 1-2 9/8: Ørsta - Sogndal 2 3-2
This page was brought to you by lars@rsssf.no to whom any comments and questions should be addressed.
www.rsssf.no /1995/Second2.html   (707 words)

 Ullern is a borough of the city of Oslo Oslo...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Ullern is a borough of the city of Oslo Oslo...
"Ullern" is a borough of the city of Oslo Oslo, Norway Norway.
Lysakerelva: Lokalhistorie fra Ullern, Bestum, Lilleaker, Lysaker og Vµker²
www.biodatabase.de /Ullern   (104 words)

 The Genealogy of Lars Hansen and Eli Torkildsdatter and their NZ Family
She was born 15 February 1816 in Ullern, Oslo, Hedmark and christened 17 March 1816 in Sør Odal, Hedmark and
Lars died 3 January 1867 and was buried in Ullern.
On 30 November 1871 Hans (the eldest son aged 32) and his wife Karen (31) and their now four children; Elisabet (8), Lauritz (5), Hans (4) and Carl (1) left the port of Kristiania for Hull, England aboard the steamship S/S Oder.
au.geocities.com /larsenfamilyhomepage/larsen_ancestors   (1576 words)

 Ullern   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The district Ullern of the city of Oslo, Norway has26,607 inhabitants as of January 1, 2000, and covers an area of 9.
All is still licensed under the GNU FDL.
The resulting document has several misspellings removed from those be able to easily find at this time, including "Brittain." When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for.
www.termsdefined.net /ul/ullern.html   (271 words)

 Tales From Two Hemispheres - Outcast I   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
HERE was an ancient feud between the families; and Bjarne Blakstad was not the man to make it up, neither was Hedin Ullern.
She felt a kind of companionship with the people when she saw the smoke whirling up from their chimneys, and she could guess what they were going to have for supper.
As she sat there, she again heard a creaking in the branches, and Halvard Ullern stood again before her, with his jacket on his arm, and the same bridle in his hand.
www.worldwideschool.org /library/books/lit/shortstories/TalesFromTwoHemispheres/chap7.html   (3246 words)

 ULLERN MATVARE LTD credit report - Wednesday 4th October 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
ULLERN MATVARE LTD credit report - Wednesday 4th October 2006
As this company has either not, or only recently filed, they are not yet analysed by our system, so we are unable to offer a credit report.
However if you would like to be informed when reports are available, please click here to monitor this company free of charge.
www.ukdata.com /numbers/05768849.html   (59 words)

 Velkommenoslo.no - Norwegian language and training - Urban district courses - Bydel Ullern
For more information on Norwegian language courses with child-minding services, please contact Mette Kjerschow at Ullern Sosialsenter on the address above.
The Introductory programme is open to refugees who have lived 2 years or less in Norway.
The aim of the programme is to qualify participants for a job or further education.
www.velkommenoslo.no /english/norwegian/bydel/ullern.htm   (209 words)

 Norwegian first division 1998
Round 2 ======= 26/4: Strindheim - Hamarkameratene 1-0 Lyn - Eik-Tønsberg 3-1 Hødd - Raufoss 2-0 (*) Byåsen - Bryne 1-0 Odd - Ullern 1-0 Aalesund - Start 1-6 28/5: Kjelsås - Skeid 3-1 (*) Venue switched, Raufoss stadion not playable in April.
Round 10 ======== 7/6: Byåsen - Hamarkameratene 4-1 Odd - Kjelsås 2-1 Aalesund - Raufoss 2-1 Start - Lyn 1-0 Ullern - Strindheim 0-2 Eik-Tønsberg - Bryne 0-4 (*) Skeid - Hødd 1-0 (*) Venue switched, Bryne stadion under reconstruction in June.
Round 23 ======== 19/9: Strindheim - Ullern 4-3 20/9: Kjelsås - Odd 2-1 Raufoss - Aalesund 2-0 Lyn - Start 1-1 Bryne - Eik-Tønsberg 1-2 (*) Hødd - Skeid 2-4 Hamarkameratene - Byåsen 1-2 (*) Venue switched, Bryne stadion under reconstruction in June.
www.rsssf.no /1998/First.html   (926 words)

 Ullern, Norway
Also share your opinion about what is worth to see in Ullern.
If you are not satisfied with information about Ullern found here, please go to Travel Norway main page.
Please type the name of the place and click on the map to mark it.
www.odyssei.com /destinations/6561.html   (165 words)

 Team Ullern
Treningsprogram for Team Ullern som ble gjennomgått på NIH 27.april 2006 finner dere her..
Turneringsveiledere deles ut til alle deltakerne i Team Ullern.
Spillerne i Team Ullern må derfor ikke betale lisens.
www.ullerntennis.no /team_ullern_gen.htm   (90 words)

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