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Topic: Ultima III

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In the News (Wed 20 Feb 19)

  LairWare : Ultima III
LairWare's Ultima III is a modern Macintosh update of a classic computer fantasy role playing game which helped define the genre.
Ultima III inspired dozens (at least!) of knock-offs that used the same concepts.
Ultima III 2.0 requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or newer, and is a Universal application for both Intel and PowerPC Macs.
www.lairware.com /ultima3   (256 words)

  Ultima III
Ultima III was the first Ultima game with music, in all versions except the one for the PC.
Ultima III for Windows comes with EGA and VGA tilesets and can even be played at a screen resolution of 640×480.
Ultima III for the Macintosh is a remake by Leon McNeil.
members.chello.at /theodor.lauppert/games/ultima3.htm   (224 words)

  Ultima series - MoongatesWiki
Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar (1985) — the Stranger becomes the Avatar, who is the living embodiment of the Virtues and their prophet.
Ultima Underworld I - The Stygian Abyss (1992) — After witnessing the kidnapping of a baron's daughter by a wizard, the Avatar is found guilty of the crime and banished to the Great Stygian Abyss to either rescue her or perish within.
Ultima Underworld II - Labyrinth of Worlds (1992) — One year after the Black Gate incident, the Avatar is invited to a feast at Lord British's castle to celebrate a year of rebuilding in Britannia.
wiki.moongates.org /wiki/Ultima   (815 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Ultima   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ultima tells the story of a hero who would be summoned by the ruler of a fantasy world, known first as Sosaria, later as Britannia, whenever troubles would arise.
Ultima I-V were originally developed on and released for the Apple II family of computers.
Ultima I (1986 re-release) on the Commodore 64 Ultima, later known as Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness or simply Ultima I, is the first game in the Ultima series of computer role-playing games and was published by California Pacific Computer Co....
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Ultima   (4422 words)

 Ultima III - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ultima III: Exodus, the third in the Ultima series, is considered one of the most influential computer role-playing games (CRPGs) in history.
Released in 1983, it was the first Ultima game published by Origin Systems.
Below is a complete list of the various systems Ultima III: Exodus has appeared on along with some differences between them.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Ultima_III   (812 words)

 Ultima Collection (Software)
Ultima III, if you were lucky to own the Atari 400/800/XL/XE or the Commodore 64, was the very first Ultima to introduce music, so it's a bit strange to not hear music when you play this PC collection.
Ultima II and III particularly show their age (Ultima I included here is not the original from 1980, but the 1986 remake from Origin in which the graphics were updated to Ultima IV standards).
Ultima III was the first to include a multi-player party system (up to four players), plus a maximum hit point system (where you need to go to a healer to heal), and a separate battle scene.
www.coolshopping.com /software.php/Mode/product/browse/491286/AsinSearch/B000028U20/name/Ultima%2520Collection   (1250 words)

 Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, first released in 1985 (USCO# PA-317-504) for the Apple II, is the fourth in the series of Ultima computer role-playing games.
After the defeat of each of the members of the triad of evil in the previous three Ultima games, the world of Sosaria underwent some radical changes in geography: three quarters of the world disappeared, continents rose and sunk, new cities were built to replace the ones that were lost.
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar for the Master System is the first, and so far the only Ultima to be ported to a Sega console.
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Ultima_IV   (1309 words)

 Phosphor-Dot Fossils: Exodus: Ultima III
Ultima III was the first game in the series to track the movements of the two moons, and the first to feature a part of multiple player characters (as well as parties of evil beings to fight them).
So fond of Ultima III was the gaming world that "world editors" were introduced, allowing gamers to create their own global map, towns, castles, and dungeons.
But, as good as Ultima III was (and this game consumed vast stretches of my life at the age of twelve), the best was yet to come.
www.thelogbook.com /phosphor/spring00/u3.html   (229 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
ULTIMA I appeared in 1981 and became an instant hit; each subsequent adventure expanded on and enhanced its predecessor, reaching (at the time of this writing) the day-to-day realism and visual elaboration of ULTIMA V. This review is based on the Commodore 64/128 version.
ULTIMA I is controlled by joystick (for movement) or keyboard (for movement and commands); the sequels dispense with the joystick in favor of key commands.
ULTIMA II: THE REVENGE OF THE ENCHANTRESS The peace that you restored to Sosaria in ULTIMA I was short-lived.
www.textfiles.com /games/REVIEWS/ultima.rev   (1532 words)

 Ultima III
Ultima III:Exodus is considered one of the most influential computer role-playing games in history.
The game is named for its chief villain, Exodus, a demonic creation of Minax and Mondain that the series later describes as neither human nor machine.
In the great tradition of old-school "Kill The Foozle" CRPGs, the game ends immediately upon Exodus' defeat; but unlike many games in the genre, Exodus cannot simply be killed in battle by a strong party of adventurers, but only through clever puzzle-solving and by paying attention to the many clues given throughout the game.
www.xasa.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/u/ul/ultima_iii.html   (382 words)

 GameSpot Presents: 15 Most Influential Games of All Time
Although Ultima remained prominent well into the '90s, the single most influential game in the series has to be Ultima III: Exodus, which was the first Ultima that put you in command of a party of characters instead of just one hero.
Ultima III is commonly considered the most hardcore, the most complicated of all the Ultima games.
Arguably, Ultima III also inspired all other party-based isometric role-playing games to date: Popular modern role-playing games like Baldur's Gate can be traced back to Ultima III, as a lot of the same conventions for role-playing games are still being used years later.
www.gamespot.com /gamespot/features/pc/most_influential/p3.html   (537 words)

 [No title]
© 1985 Electronic Arts Inc. Ultima, Origin and the Origin logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. in the U.S.and/or other countries.
As Sosaria once again falls into the grip of madness, you set out to destroy the vengeful offspring.
Ultima III finishes out the story begun in Ultima I, and is also one of the first role-playing games to feature a full party system.
www.gametap.com /home/gameDetails/120062650   (252 words)

 Virtual Apple 2 - Ultima III - Exodus - Disk image
Ultima III - Exodus (Master) (Disk 1 of 2).zip
Ultima III - Character Editor (Program) (Disk 1 of 2).zip
Ultima III - Character Editor (Player) (Disk 2 of 2).zip
www.virtualapple.org /ultimaiiidisk.html   (218 words)

 Science Fair Projects - Ultima III
Ultima III: Exodus, the third in the Ultima series, is considered one of the most influential computer role-playing games in history.
Released in 1983, it was the first Ultima game published by Origin Systems.
The player character is summoned by Lord British to defeat Exodus and embarks on a quest that takes him to the lost land of Ambrosia, to the depths of the dungeons of Sosaria to find the mysterious Time Lord, and finally to the Isle of Fire itself to confront Exodus in his lair.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Ultima_III   (536 words)

 InfoDense - Web - Ultima III Exodus
Ultima III: Exodus is the third game in the Ultima series.
Ultima III: Exodus for N by All American Adventures, FCI, Newtopia Planning,...
GameSpy is the most complete source for Ultima III: Exodus trailers, screenshots, cheats, walkthroughs, release dates, previews, reviews, soundtracks and news.
www.infodense.com /topic?i=Ultima%20III%20Exodus   (193 words)

 Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter
She told me that she was playing a game called Ultima III and she told me a little bit about the background of the game and what was going on in the game at the time.
I remember that in Ultima III there was a particular town that had 2 guards.
Those who first started playing Ultima IV struggled at the beginning because the old habits would make it impossible to succeed unless the player truly tried to become the Avatar which is the embodiment of the 8 virtues of the game.
ace942.tripod.com /udic.htm   (1580 words)

 Review: Exodus: Ultima III For Commodore 64
As in Ultima II, there are places to buy food and several pubs whose bartenders hear tales and could give you a tip or two.
Overall, the use of magic in Ultima III is well integrated with the obstacles to be overcome.
Ultima II was a fantastic game, but Exodus: Ultima III makes it seem like child's play in comparison.
www.atarimagazines.com /compute/issue52/320_1_REVIEWS_EXODUS_ULTIMA_III_FOR_COMMODORE_64.php   (1377 words)

 Ultima III: Exodus - MobyGames
The third title in the Ultima series, this was the first game in the series to feature a party of adventurers instead of a single player.
After the defeat of the evil wizard Mondain and his mistress Minax in the previous two Ultimas, peace has returned to the land of Sorsaria.
Times passes and eventually geological disruptions and a resurgence of the monster populace occur, and it is soon learned that Mondain and Minax had conceived a child named "Exodus" before their death.
www.mobygames.com /game/ultima-iii-exodus   (279 words)

 Ultima Storyline FAQ - Bootstrike.Com
The change to the world as seen in Ultima III is quite radical since it changes to a world of two continents, one of which has Lord British and various towns, while the other is largely uninhabited.
It is important to note that in Ultimas I and II an often used spell was the Prayer spell to call upon the aid of a personal deity.
Possibly the deities of Ultima I and II did not survive the cataclysms that shook Sosaria from Ultima to Ultima.
www.bootstrike.com /Ultima/Online/u7faq.html   (3427 words)

 About Origin's Ultima Series
I'm a member of UDIC (Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter) a group of people who are supposed to be crazy about the Ultimas.
I had felt that Ultimas should be similar to Wasteland (I guess I overlooked the fact that only the top-down view was being compared) where the meaning of life wasn't to kill monsters and get powerful weapons, but to interact more with the world.
In the third Ultima, there is much more interaction with the people than the previous ones, and there is still the food problem, except that you can make money by creating and deleting characters.
jjc.hydrus.net /jjc/ultima.html   (2029 words)

 Gamasutra.com - The Gamasutra Quantum Leap Awards: Role-Playing Games
Ultima IV Any genre as nebulous as role-playing games is bound to incite some highly divisive claims when seeking to identify its lineage.
I think Ultima V marked a time when all the little details in RPG worlds began to be important - when setting and story started taking its place at the side of combat and other mechanics.
Ultima 6 created a world in which the items the player collected were actual physical entities, rather than just elements on a menu which affected numbers.
www.gamasutra.com /features/20061006/quantum_04.shtml   (1046 words)

 Professional history of theLogBook.com creator Earl Green
Ultima III was where the series really began to kick into gear.
Ultima III, with its cloth map and the ability to interact, at least on a very minimal level, with non-player characters in towns and castles, was an engrossing adventure gaming experience that robbed me of countless hours of my adolescence.
But Ultimas IV and V fascinated me for what seemed like endless hours - I can't remember how many days I would come home from school and immediately lose myself in the quest to save the land of Britannia, while my homework sat untouched until it was bedtime.
www.thelogbook.com /work/write/cgm2.htm   (1356 words)

 Nelson's Weblog: culture / games / ultimaPreservation
Ultima series (1981 — 1994) is the most important series in the development of computer role playing games.
Ultima IV was the huge leap forward, with a deep back story and a morality system that required you play carefully, not just kill and rob everything.
Ultima Underworld was one of the first 3d games, as pioneering as Wolfenstein 3D.
www.somebits.com /weblog/culture/games/ultimaPreservation.html   (286 words)

 Ultima I-III
Ultima III was the first Ultima to have music, though the pc version didn't have music, unfortunately.
Though music in the early Ultimas is not as good as in later Ultimas, its still excellent for the time.
In Ultima I the kingdom of Britania has not yet been created, instead the land is known as Sosaria and, consists of 8 different regions.
www.aowm60.dsl.pipex.com /ultima1to3.html   (364 words)

 Blogging Ultima: Welcome, Avatar!
The purpose is to blog the experience of playing the now-defunct Ultima series by Origin Systems (plus a few other names here and there) from beginning to end.
Ultimas II and III, I will use the DOS upgrade by Voyager Dragon (and Micro and Moonstone) to make the colors better and fix all the myriad bugs in the port.
This isn't ideal, due to the modified graphics, but the gameplay should all be the same, and Ultima III includes the music, which is essential to an authentic experience.
bloggingultima.blogspot.com /2007/02/welcome-avatar.html   (640 words)

 DVD Talk Forum - Ultima
I'm sure back in the day Ultima III, IV, and V were probably on Commodore 64, Amiga, and all the systems that were available.
Ultima VI, VII, VIIp2 and VIII all came out while on was in college (all came out within 3 years).
Ultima VI was the best Ultima to date IMO, followed closely by VII 1 and 2.
www.dvdtalk.com /forum/archive/index.php/t-343862.html   (1698 words)

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