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Topic: Ulus

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  Erie psychiatrist uses movie therapy
Ulus is among a handful of therapists who find movies or clips from movies helpful in treating patients.
While Ulus and Wolz say movie therapy is gaining in popularity, no one has concrete numbers on its use.
The melding of movies and therapy was natural for Ulus, 60, a self-described movie buff who estimates he's seen thousands of films.
www.post-gazette.com /healthscience/20030623movietherapyhea3.asp   (800 words)

  Ulus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ulus is also the name of the historical district of Ankara.
An ulus (Russian: улу́с; Sakha: улуус) is a subdivision type of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic of Russia.
Ulus is an ethnic name for a district, used only in Sakha Republic.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ulus   (99 words)

Ulus Pazarı, namı diğer Sosyete Pazarı Arnavutköy sırtlarındaki yeni yerine taşındı.
Ekonomik krize yeni bir yere taşınma telaşının da eklenmesi, satışların azalması Ulus Pazarı sakinlerinin mizah duygusunu azaltmamış.
Ulus Pazarı’nın kozmetik tezgahı büyük mağazaların kozmetik reyonlarını aratmıyor.
www.milliyet.com.tr /2001/08/14/pazar/apaz.html   (689 words)

 Aboriginal Business Case Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Ulus: An extensive study of historical and prehistorical ulus indicates they were made in a number of shapes and regional styles (Rankin and Labreche 1991).
Most ulus consisted of three parts: a blade, a handle, and a stem (or shaft), one end of which was attached to the blade and other end embedded in the handle.
Ulus: Today, ulus are usually made by men for their wives and relatives, and sometimes ulus are made by individuals for sale or trade with community members or tourists.
collections.ic.gc.ca /business/tools.html   (1557 words)

 Working Papers-National Questions and National Answers
Ulus as dynasty involved, rather, the idea that one realm might be divided into warring states, or that one dynasty might rule several separate realms at once.
The result was that ulus, in its primary, non-dynastic usage, continued to carry the undifferentiated signification of "country" (a place with particular geographic features), "nation" (a civic community with a particular ruling class and traditions of governance), and "nationality" (a people with particular customs, religion, dress, script, and language), all rolled up in one.
Meanwhile, ulus came to have the sole connotation of "state" (something formerly rendered by either törü or the binome ulus törü); ulus, which previously meant the country and nation as a whole, was now applied only to the government apparatus.
www.indiana.edu /~easc/resources/working_paper/noframe_5b.htm   (13014 words)

 Radikal-çevrimiçi / Politika / Ulus Pazarı bu hafta, Masis'in katlıçarşısındaki Bitpazarı'na taşındı
Ulus Pazarı bu hafta, Masis'in katlıçarşısındaki Bitpazarı'na taşındı
Ben Levent'in, Etiler'in, Ulus'un kadınları sanıyordum; Ulus Pazarı'nın devamlı müşterilerinden söz ediyorum.
Gelin-kızımdan gayri, bildiklerimden, ben Ulus Pazarı'na gidiyorum diyene pek rastlamadığımı da söyleyeyim.
www.radikal.com.tr /haber.php?haberno=170563   (557 words)

 The Jakarta Post - The Journal of Indonesia Today
Ulus, a second year student at public a junior high school (SLTPN 2) in Waingapu, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), said his father, an elementary school teacher working on a contract basis, asked him to concentrate on his study so he could eventually get a good job to help support the family.
Ulus and about 110 other children are in Jakarta, attending the Children's Gathering 2003, organized by Wahana Visi Indonesia and World Vision, a U.S.-based Christian international relief and development organization, from July 7 through July 12.
Ulus continued, "In NTT, where most of the land is arid and rainfall is among the lowest in the country, family incomes are relatively low.
www.thejakartapost.com /yesterdaydetail.asp?fileid=20030712.C01   (740 words)

 OUR ELDIKAN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Eldikan – settlement in the Ust-Maisky ulus of the Republic Sakha (Yakutia), the centre of similar settlement administration.
It is located on the east bank of the river Aldan, 64 km northeast of the ulus centre of Ust-Maya and 400 km to the southeast of Yakutsk.
AKRA – rural settlement in the territory subordinated to administration of Eldikan of the Ust-Maisky ulus.
www32.brinkster.com /zhomir/eldikan.asp   (230 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Ulus were particularly important for gutting, beheading, and filleting salmon, which were processed in large quantities for winter food.
Ulus first appear in Kodiak's archaeological record about 3,500 years ago and coincide with the development of net fishing.
Ulus are still used for a variety of butchering tasks, although the slate blades of antiquity have been replaced with stainless steel.
www.alutiiqmuseum.com /files/awotw/fishing/ulu.htm   (182 words)

Ulu (pronounced oo' loo) means Women's Knife, and consists of a handle and semicircular blade.
The Ulu is common to many people indigenous to the arctic, not just the Eskimo Tribes, and comes in many different sizes and shapes.
Ulus are very versatile and the Indians used them for skinning, fleshing hides, cutting meat, filleting fish, eating, and sewing.
www.knives.net /ULUPAGE.htm   (543 words)

 Ground-slate knives from Connecticut   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
The remarkable similarity of prehistoric ground-slate semilunar knives to the modern Eskimo ulu (ulo) or woman's knife was the basis for early speculation about the origin of these blades and possible relationships between northern cultures and prehistoric populations in New England (Abbott 1881; Beauchamp 1897; and Willoughby 1973[1935]).
These ulus are used for both cutting and scraping operations.
The ulus or woman's knives of the Ingalik consisted of stone blades ground to the desired size and hafted to a wooden handle, the most common form being a semilunar blade glued into a slot made in a wooden handle (Osgood 1940).
archnet.asu.edu /archives/lithic/ulu/ulus.html   (3029 words)

 Megino-Kangalassky Region
Megino-Kangalassky ulus is one of the most large agricultural ulus of Republic Sakha (Yakutia), produces the meat and milk production, vegetables.
There is branched road net connecting all villages of the ulus, and therefore the main means of transportation are buses, automobiles.
Ulus comes in to the area of the average-taiga deciduous sometimes pine forests.
www.yakutiatravel.com /map/regions/megino.htm   (484 words)

 Title Here
Ulus still had a bit of a glow in his cheeks, and that was always a good sign.
Ulus, he sensed, was about to say something stupid, something dangerous, and the Watchers were close enough to overhear.
Ulus was quietly twitching, his eyes rolling around in their sockets as though they had broken loose.
www.aphelion-webzine.com /shorts/stickboys.htm   (4018 words)

 Alaskan Ulu Knives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
The ulu knife (pronounced ooloo) is the traditional knife of the indigenous peoples of Alaska and has been used for hundreds of years.
For our ulu knives we use surgical stainless steel blades, but we still use the traditional ivory, bone and antler for the handles.
Our Ivory Handled Ulus are made of fossil Walrus ivory which is hundreds if not thousands of years old.
www.scrimshop.com /shopcart/items/ulus.html   (407 words)

 Segmentary Hierarchy of Identity:The Case of Yakuts and Evens in Northern Yakutia
Though this ulus was independent as an autonomous region of the Evens, who are defined as one of the ethnic minorities in the Republic of Sakha, they are still a minority in this ulus.
The researcher, who cannot be free from the official ethnic framework, must inevitably consider the stereotyped ethnic culture as a common one for people who are registered as a given ethnicity on their passport and will overlook the regional peculiarity which was established under particular ecological and socio-cultural conditions.
It is not unnatural that the Yakuts of the Eveno-Bytantaiskii ulus share some common cultural traits and identity consciousness with people of Tungus origin of the same region, and that they distinguish themselves from the linguistic relatives in central Yakutia under recent socio-cultural conditions.
src-h.slav.hokudai.ac.jp /sympo/97summer/sasaki.html   (5417 words)

 The History of the Alaska Eskimo Ulu
Of all the innovative tools that came from the Eskimo culture, one is the foremost: the Alaska ulu knife.
Women used the ulu for preparing walrus hides for use in the construction of the traditional umiak (skin boat).
The ulu is still used traditionally, especially when the salmon are abundant in the summer.
www.theulufactory.com /history_of_the_ulu   (372 words)

 What the heck is an “ULU”?
Traditional ulus were made from bone or slate with a sharp side for cutting or carving.
Ulus came in a variety of sizes and were used for hunting, fishing, skinning and filleting.
In addition to a wonderful variety of ulu knives and cutting boards on display, Ulu Factory employees demonstrate how to hold and use the knives so visitors have an opportunity to “try before they buy.” The new location offers tours in the factory to see how ulus are made firsthand.
www.anchorage.net /865.cfm   (402 words)

 Alutiiq Museum and Archeological Repository - Kodiak, Alaska - Educational Handout - Ulus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Alutiiq women used ulus to gut, behead, and filet salmon, which were stored in large quantities for winter.
The ulu can be rapidly resharpened, with little damage to the tool, and its smooth surface easily cleaned.
Traditionally known as the “Eskimo woman’s knife” ulus are an item of technology used by Eskimo and Aleut peoples from Alaska to Greenland.
www.alutiiqmuseum.com /education/ulus.htm   (272 words)

 Defining Territories and Empires: from Mongol Ulus to Russian Siberia1200-1800(2)
Rather than a nation the Mongols were a ruling caste in the broader ulus.
Juji's ulus, notwithstanding its Islamicization, was less a state with borders than a perpetual standing army, an agglomeration of peoples for whom military and civilian life were not clearly distinguished.
The ulus was "nonbounded." Its rule, although nominally exclusive, did not preclude multiple sovereignty (some peoples levied by the Horde could wind up paying tribute to others).
src-h.slav.hokudai.ac.jp /sympo/Proceed97/Kotkin2.html   (1856 words)

 The Rise and Rule of Tamerlane (Beatrice Forbes Manz)
It is a study of the political milieu within which Temür rose to power — the tribal confederation of the Ulus Chaghatay — and of the ways in which he used and changed it.
Manz briefly describes this background, then turns to the Ulus Chaghatay in the mid fourteenth century, focusing on the power sources and political structures within the confederation and the ways in which individuals used them.
Conquered neighbours of the Ulus Chaghatay were fully incorporated into the army, but more distant ones were kept at arms length.
dannyreviews.com /h/Tamerlane.html   (481 words)

 Ulu knives - The Alakan Ulu
The traditional ULU was an Eskimo cutting tool made of slate and bone, with a sharp edge for cutting or carving.
These larger handle ULUs with the open blade are very popular with the avid ULU user.
The ULU has a rounded blade topped with a handle and is usually grasped between the middle and ring finger of the hand.
www.alaskafurexchange.com /ulus.shtml   (545 words)

 Substance Use and Medication Treatment -- Ulus 52 (9): 1255 -- Psychiatric Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Fuat Ulus, M.D. To the Editor: I commend Kenneth Minkoff, M.D., for his useful
Ulus is team psychiatrist in the Lehigh Valley assertive
Minkoff K: Developing standards of care for individuals with co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders.
ps.psychiatryonline.org /cgi/content/full/52/9/1255-a   (248 words)

 Alaska Birch and Cultured Ivory Ulus
The size of the ULU is generally determined by the job required.
The sewing ULU, as it is referred to, is still used for intricate jobs and often for small hands.
Each ULU is packaged with a convenient stand and a history/instruction booklet.
www.theulufactory.com /5_alaska_birch_cultured_ivoy_handle_uls   (135 words)

 ULUS [X:814a]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
As such, it is found in The secret history of the Mongols, referring to both the Mongol peoples themselves (§ 272) and neighbouring nations who were absorbed by them (§§ 110, 196).
ulus, “the great Mongol nation”, found first on the seal of Güyük in 1246 (ulus here has been translated as “empire” by some scholars, but see I. de Rachelwitz, Qan, qa’an and the seal of Güyüg, in Documenta Barbarorum, ed.
Thus the term ulus can often be translated henceforth as “state” and this meaning remains in modern Mongolian, along with “people”, “empire”, “country” and “dynasty” (F. Lessing, Mongolian-English dictionary, Berkeley 1960, 873).
www.encislam.brill.nl /data/EncIslam/S5/SIM-7705.html   (327 words)

 Defining Territories and Empires: from Mongol Ulus to Russian Siberia1200-1800(3)
Like the Golden Horde in its dealings with Rus, the Russians did not seek to appoint one of their own (Riurikid or Romanov relative) to rule the tribes from whom they collected tribute.
Most commoners were subordinated to their own princelings, who were technically vassals, and occasionally relatives, of the khan.
Beginning with the Chinese eviction of the Mongol Yuan dynasty and the Russian victories of the Golden Horde and its remnants (the Kazan and Siberian khanates), China and Russia together battered and finally subdued the nomads of Eurasia in the geopolitical space carved out by Chingis Khan.
src-h.slav.hokudai.ac.jp /sympo/Proceed97/Kotkin3.html   (2766 words)

 Committee to Protect Imprisoned Journalists and Freedom of Expression   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Where the beating happened -original version was in the ""Ulus office-the second one in the street, in order to draw "witnesses".
It is noteworthy that in an other case, the same judge of the Court of Appeal Shahin Yusifov, in an appeal with regard to the detention of three policemen who were accused of murder; he decided to release them during the period of investigation.
However, in case of the two Ulus journalists who are accused of a much lesser offence, the same judge confirmed the pre-trial detention.
www.juhiaz.org /committee   (1963 words)

 A clinical dilemma: cardiac and pericardiac echinococcosis -- Ulus et al. 68 (4): 1290 -- The Annals of Thoracic Surgery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
A clinical dilemma: cardiac and pericardiac echinococcosis -- Ulus et al.
Articles by Ulus, A. Articles by Yamak, B. Articles citing this Article
Articles by Ulus, A. Articles by Yamak, B. Ann Thorac Surg 1999;68:1290-1294
ats.ctsnetjournals.org /cgi/content/abstract/68/4/1290   (273 words)

 Radikal-çevrimiçi / Dış Haberler / 'Ulus' yeniden tanımlanacak
Radikal-çevrimiçi / Dış Haberler / 'Ulus' yeniden tanımlanacak
RADİKAL - BRÜKSEL - Avrupa, 'ulus' kavramını masaya yatırıyor.
Avrupa'daki farklı yaklaşımlar nedeniyle ortak ulus tanımı yapılmasının zorluğuna dikkat çeken raporda, ulus kavramının modern bir yaklaşımla yeniden düşünülmesi halinde, ulusal azınlık sorunlarına eğilmeye yardımcı olabileceği belirtiliyor.
www.radikal.com.tr /haber.php?haberno=175924   (246 words)

 Delux Collector Ulus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
These exquisite ulus are made from the highest quality whale, caribou, walrus, mammoth, and stellar sea cow bone.
The soft tones and sturdy feel of this matching set make this ulu a pleasure to view and to use.
The walrus oosik is a symbol of strength and potency in Alaskas Native cultures.
www.ulu.com /gnpstore/itmidx4.htm   (147 words)

 [No title]
mongGol ulus olan ulus-un erke _zui-yin neyite-ber kuliyen zobsiyeregsen kem kemziy-e, zarcim-i barimtalazu, engke-yi erkimlegsen GadaGadu bodulG-a yabuGulun-a.
_kumun-u erke, ner-e _toru, aldar _kundu, ulus-i batulan xamaGalxu, _undusun-u ayul ugei bayidal, neyigem-un keb zirum-i xangGaxu zorilG-a-bar zadaraGulzu _ulu bolxu _toru, bayiGululG-a, xubi _kumun-u niGuca-yi xauli-bar toGtaGan xamaGaln-a; 18) ulus-un-iyan nutuG debisger-tu ciluge-tei zorcixu, _tur buyu bayingGu orusin saGuxu Gazar-iyan songGuxu, GadaGadu-Du yabuxu, orusin saGuxu, eke oron-DaGan bucazu ireku erke-tei.
mongGol ulus olan ulus-un ger-e-ber GadaGadu-yin irgen-u erke, egurge-yi todurxayilaxu-DaGan uul irgen-i xariyalaGsan ulus-tai ene tal-a-bar xarilcan adali bayixu zarcim barimtalan-a.
userpage.fu-berlin.de /~corff/im/Gesetze/constitution.mon.nct   (4572 words)

 Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Agonists Increase Release of Soluble Amyloid Precursor Protein Derivatives from Rat ...
Articles by Ulus, I. Articles by Wurtman, R. Vol.
Ulus, I. Buyukuysal, R. and Wurtman, R. N-Methyl-
Articles by Ulus, I. Articles by Wurtman, R.
www.jpet.org /cgi/content/full/281/1/149   (4297 words)

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