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Topic: Umbria

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  In Italy Online - Umbria
That would explain the relative obscurity of this beautiful region, a land whose rolling hills are dotted with castles, fortresses and watchtowers, whose well-preserved hill towns produce world-renowned handmade ceramics, whose many monasteries were founded by a host of local saints, whose valleys are laced with countless gleaming rivers and host Italy's largest lake.
In Umbria, halfway up the slopes of Monte Fumaiolo, a trickle seeps out of the ground and wanders southward, gaining breadth and notoriety to become Rome's mighty Tiber.
Montefalco, also known as the Balcony of Umbria, is a perfect example.
www.initaly.com /regions/umbria/umbria.htm   (682 words)

  Umbria. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Umbria was conquered by the Romans in the 3d cent.
Local autonomy and petty tyrannies prevailed until the 16th cent., when the popes conquered Umbria (except Gubbio); Perugia, the region’s leading city, was the last to fall (1540) under the papacy.
Umbria was held by France from 1798 to 1800 and from 1808 to 1814, when it was restored to the papacy.
www.bartleby.com /65/um/Umbria.html   (371 words)

  CNN.com - Blogosphere Tracking
Umbria collects and analyzes postings from millions of blogs, message boards, chat rooms, etc. to find out what is being discussed and who is engaging in discussions in the blogosphere.
Umbria uses a combination of approaches to understand what is being discussed by blogs.
Umbria uses a three-pronged approach that uses both automated and human inspection to eliminate up to 95% of spam blogs from data prior to analysis.
www.cnn.com /exchange/blogs/umbria/faq.html   (868 words)

  Umbria - LoveToKnow 1911
The name Umbria is derived from the Umbri, one of the chief constituent stocks of the Italian nation.
The origin and ethnic affinities of the Umbrians are still in some degree a matter of dispute, but their language proves them to have been an Aryan people closely allied with the Oscans and in a remoter degree with the Latins.
Umbria and the two provinces of Ancona and Pesaro and Urbino taken together form an area slightly XXVII.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Umbria   (1421 words)

 Umbria   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
One of the primary sectors in economy of Umbria which could give the new places of work is tourism thanks to the fact that the nature and art of this region remained nearly untouched by intervention of men and still conserve its original beauty and value.
In 1923-1927 Umbria lost Sabina in favour of Latium and the province of Terni was established.
Umbria doesn't possess numerous ways of communications and because of geological and landscape factors it was cut from the program of connection between the north and south of the country.
www.italycyberguide.com /Geography/regions/umbria.htm   (1081 words)

 UMBRIA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Umbria’s colours are never too bright or dazzling; they are soft and blend into a warm, welcoming light, into air never harsh, the breath and spirit of the infinite and the indefinite.
It has been said that Tuscany is the land of form, while Umbria represents the glorification of the line: the profile of softly undulating mountains, of olive groves and vineyards silhouetted on the slopes, of rows of poplars, maples and elms along the course of sparkling, meandering rivers.
In 1474, in the geographer Flavio Biondo’s atlas, “Italia Illustrata”, the Perugian territory was excluded from the region of Umbria and inserted in that of Etruria.
www.livingitaly.com /umbria.htm   (6540 words)

 AllRefer.com - Umbria, Italy (Italian Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
Perugia is the capital of the landlocked region, which is divided into the provinces of Perugia and Terni (named for their capitals).
Crossed by the Apennines in the east, Umbria is almost entirely mountainous or hilly.
B.C. Knowledge of them is derived mainly from inscriptions found in Umbria, especially the Iguvine Tables discovered (1444) at Gubbio.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/U/Umbria.html   (430 words)

 Umbria hotels country houses italy Umbria
Umbria Travel wishes you a happy stay in the heart of a region, that is rich in arts and culture, and where nature and flavours are waiting for you to take a holiday under the sign of well being and tradition.
Umbria Travel is the most complete and updated guide, that helps to learn to know, to appreciate and to live in Umbria, its hundred towns and its thousand villages, its history, its folklore, the artists and museums, the food-and-wine products and all what is to see and to know in order to spend unforgettable holidays.
Only with us you can plan your holiday in Umbria in the last detail, relying on our experience in organizing package holidays all inclusive: overnight stays, typical local dinners, subject itineraries and trips for tourists as well as travel agencies.
www.umbriatravel.com   (425 words)

 Egypt Red Sea Shipwrecks - The Umbria
Built by Rieherst Schiffswerks of Hamburg, the Umbria was launched as the Bahia Blanca on 30 December 1911.
She was then shadowed by HMS Grimsby and, on 9th June, when close to Port Sudan, the Grimsby forced the Umbria to anchor close inshore.
The Umbria is found almost exactly as she was on the day she settled onto the seabed - on her port side at Wingate Reef.
www.touregypt.net /vdc/Umbria.htm   (1344 words)

 ITALIA Regions of Italy - Umbria
In Umbria the traces of the Etruscan civilization are remarkable, as visitors can see in Todi, Bettona, Orvieto and Perugia.
In Perugia there is the National Gallery of Umbria, which is one of the most important exhibition of the Gothic painting, with masterpieces by Duccio di Boninsegna, Beato Angelico, Piero della Francesca.
Rich in history and in nature, Umbria offers the Falls of the Marmore, which are the highest in Italy; the sources of the Clitunno and Mount Subasio.
www.italiantourism.com /umbria.html   (355 words)

 Umbria | Blog Analysis for Consumer Insights
Umbria is a marketing intelligence company that mines the blogosphere and other public forums, including social media and message boards, for insights into companies, products, people, and issues.
As consumers increasingly take control of their health and use the Internet to research and discuss healthcare, the companies that serve them must establish a direct dialogue—starting first with listening to what patients are saying.
The remaining bloggers were split at 14% positive and 20% neutral in May 2007, compared to 25% positive and 2% neutral this week.
www.umbrialistens.com   (304 words)

 Rental Umbria - Umbria villa and apartment rental
Please feel free to write me, Willemijn an email with what you are looking for, how many you are and wich dates you would like to visit Umbria.
Umbria holidayfarm with 4 elegant apartments in the heart of Umbria, south of Perugia.
Baldeschi: Umbria apartments; Agriturismo Niccone: apartments in Lisciano Niccone; Castel Ritaldi: apartments in Castel Ritaldi, close to Spoleto; Casa Preci: holiday rental in the centre of Preci
www.villainumbria.com /rental_umbria.htm   (945 words)

 Umbria Accommodation In Italy. Holiday And Vacation Rentals.
Umbria Italy Accommodation; Vacation And Holiday Rental In Italy.
This Country House is situated in the center of Umbria, between Assisi and Perugia, Todi and Montefalco.
Umbria calls to mind images of an ideal land, like a synthesis of the best parts o Italy in terms of history, art and landscape.
www.italy-vacationrental.com /umbria   (1106 words)

 Umbria Delivers Segmentation-Focused Brand Monitoring   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Umbria is unique in its ability to assess both what is being said, and who is doing the speaking in the online world.
Umbria’s patent-pending technology enables the company to classify posts and estimate gender and age of the speaker, as well as rapidly identify and eliminate spam blog posts.
Umbria is a marketing intelligence company that analyzes the unaided opinions, perceptions, attitudes and behaviors of the online world (comprised of blogs, message boards, Usenet, product review sites, etc.) and distills it into actionable insights about companies, brands, products, people and issues.
www.prweb.com /releases/brand-monitoring/blog-analysis/prweb438938.htm   (551 words)

 Umbria Hotels - Hotel in Umbria - ITWG.COM
In the heart of the luxuriant umbria countryside at 6 km from the city centre, the hotel is surrounded by a centuries old park, and is an oasis of tranquillity and rest.
Hotel campiglione is situated in a strategic point for your holidays in umbria; assisi is only 3 kms far, the main centres of artistic and historical interest are few kilometres far.
Located in the heart of umbria along the green slopes of todi, the hotel is near the reneissance temple of santa maria of the consolazione designed by the famous architect donato bramante.
www.itwg.com /rg_umbri.asp   (546 words)

Only recently has dialect poetry in Umbria shown clear signs of deprovincialization, of emancipation from regional localism, proving that it wants to free itself from the fetters of a popular, impressionistic, folkloric tradition and turn to "cultural" modes which are predominantly expressionistic, in order to represent itself as no less refined than poetry in Italian.
In it one reads; "In Umbria there are almost no names, after the autochthonous notaries of the Perugia Academy of the XIV century and after two or three during the Risorgimento." A somewhat hasty conclusion, if truth be told, as it had happened to the critic with other regions not sufficiently researched.
Due to its geographical position, Umbria is subject to the influence both of the central-southern vernaculars and the northern ones, so that it is possible to identify some linguistic areas to which as many literary traditions correspond: 1.
home.att.net /~l.bonaffini/umbria.htm   (1361 words)

 Agriturismo Umbria Farm House, Ferien auf dem Bauernhof Umbrien, Fermes Ombrie Maison de Vacances
Accogliente casa di campagna in umbria, recentemente restaurata e trasformata in 4 appartamenti per vacanza e situata a metà costa di una dolce collina a 1,7 km da Pozzuolo (negozi alimentari, posta, banca, farmacia).
Set between Umbria and Tuscany, it is ideal for visiting these two regions and at the same time for spending relaxing holidays in the green park surrounding the villa.
Positioned on a hillside (500 m a.s.l.) between Tuscany and Umbria, the house is immersed in a 15-ha property of oak trees, meadows and olive groves with pathways that pass through the greenery.
www.affittareintoscana.com /umbria-agriturismo-farm-bauernhof-ferme.htm   (7915 words)

 Lucire Volante - Umbria's sensory buffet - The global fashion magazine
UMBRIA is referred to as ‘the green heart of Italy,’ and it certainly lives up to that motto with an expansive offering of historical sites, earthy dishes and local delicacies that capture the region’s mood and make for a journey that is, literally, a banquet for all five senses.
One place to witness the evolution of one of Umbria’s signature crafts is the town of Deruta, home of Laboratorio di Ceramica ‘L’Antica Deruta’ Moretti.
While Tuscan wine is familiar to most American foodie palates, the Lungarotti sisters (Chiara Lungarotti and Teresa Severini) are working very hard to change that with their emphasis on producing quality reds and whites and bringing them wholeheartedly into the US market.
www.lucire.com /2006a/1025vo0.shtml   (2540 words)

 Umbria | Blog Analysis for Consumer Insights
Umbria Connect™: Identifies engaged bloggers so that you can engage with them for word of mouth campaigns and test marketing.
Sentiment and Satisfaction Analysis Umbria provides insights into the discussion and the context of discussion about brands and whether or not the discussion is positive, negative or neutral.
Demographic Analysis Umbria's demographic analysis into markets provides an understanding of whether or not a target segment is being reached and if there is an opportunity to target additional demographic segments.
www.umbrialistens.com /products/index.php   (254 words)

 Accommodations Umbria Italy Holiday Rentals [Ape Touring - Holiday Accommodations in Italy]
Farmhouse in Umbria with swimming pool, farmhouses for rent Umbria Tuscany, relaxing vacation rentals amongst nature in Umbria, independent villas with swimming pool in Umbria, holidays on a working farm in Italy, accommodation in Umbria....
Umbria vacation in a villa, beautiful stone farmhouse quietly located inside a very large estate of 300 hectares.
Charming castle to rent in Umbria situated in quiet and panoramic position on the green hills.
www.apetouring.com /eng/catalogo.asp?Livello=4&Categoria=ALLOGGI/UMBRIA/UMBRIA   (421 words)

 Umbria, Italy Hotels. Hotel booking / reservation in Umbria, Italy
The 'green heart of Italy', Umbria is a central Italian region flanked by Tuscany and Lazio to the west, Le Marche to the east and Emilia-Romagna to the north.
Must-sees in Umbria include the spectacular hill town of Gubbio; Assisi with its Basilica di San Francesco (St Francis); the Monte Sibillini National Park; the mountain-fringed valley of the Valnerina; the Duomo (cathedral) in Orvieto; the Valle di Spoleto, with the beautiful villages of Montefalco, Bevagna, Spello and Trevi.
The cuisine of Umbria is heavy on roast lamb and pork, salamis and sausages, also truffles, tiny Castelluccio lentils, and excellent olive oil.
www.ahotelinitaly.com /italy/hotels/umbria   (227 words)

 Villas and villa rentals in Umbria Italy, hotels in Umbria
Umbria is truly "Italy's Green Heart," a pastoral blend of lush green hills, enchanting forests and fields of sunflowers.
Villa rentals in Umbria include authentic farmhouses in rural locales restored by their owners and tailored to private vacations for couples, families, or even larger groups.
Umbria rentals allow you to take advantage of the area’s many cultural resources—winemaking in Montefalco, Torgiano and Orvieto, for example, or sightseeing in the great cathedral city of Assisi, or enjoying music at the world-renown Umbria jazz festival in Perugia every July.
www.wimco.com /umbria.asp?vdid=527&vsdid=976&hdid=58&hsdid=0&gds=1&tr=1&gft=1&rst=0&tip=0   (386 words)

 Umbria & the Marches
It's the local scale of Tuscany and Umbria and the accommodation of wild and domestic that intrigues Nabhan.
A colorful, detailed map of Umbria and surrounding areas, at a scale of 1:200,000.
The second of these two Booker Prize-nominated novellas is the beautifully rendered story of an ex-prostitute who settles in Umbria to write romance novels, but whose life is disturbed by local political events.
www.longitudebooks.com /find/d/561/pc/BACKROADS/r/B4/mcms.html   (950 words)

 Umbria   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The hospitality of Umbria’s inhabitants and its natural beauty landscape make this region, in the center of Italy, an ideal destination for nature lovers, food lovers, or anyone who wants to experience the country at its most enchanting.
Like the landscape, the cuisine of Umbria changes with the seasons and is best described as “down-to-earth.” The cooking is refined, but never fancy, based on ingredients that have been flavored by a centuries-long tradition of excellent, light olive oils, almost as green as the countryside.
A good example is the wonderful lenticchie di Castelluccio, lentils of Castelluccio, which are the most sought-after in Italy and in recent years have become famous well beyond the borders of the country.  Small and green, they contain a large amount of protein and mineral salts, and are so tender that they require no soaking.
www.barillaus.com /Umbria.aspx   (444 words)

 Rustico: Umbria
Nicknamed "The Green Heart of Italy," Umbria is nestled next to Tuscany in central Italy.
This delicious flatbread is cooked on a hot testo (a very old sort of pan with a concave lid) in Umbria, hence its name.
In Italy, lentils are standard offerings on New Year’s tables as a symbol of luck and prosperity (their round shape is thought to be reminiscent of coins) as well as the building block for a number of delicious winter soups.
www.rusticocooking.com /umbria.htm   (1601 words)

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