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In the News (Sun 16 Dec 18)

  TypeOff. » Blog Archive » Gaelic and/or Uncial Fonts
Uncial hands were a style of writing used during the late Roman Empire, from ca.
The sub-style of Uncial that seems to have taken hold in Ireland is known as Half-Uncial (it had a rather unique G).
Uncial typefaces on the other hand, are (mostly) intended for display settings, and may or may not have anything to do with Ireland or Irish typesetting requirements.
www.typeoff.de /?p=107   (1118 words)

  Uncial - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Uncial is a majuscule script commonly used from the 3rd to 8th centuries AD by Latin and Greek scribes.
In later uncial scripts, the letters are sometimes drawn haphazardly; for example, double-l runs together at the baseline, bows (for example in b, p, r) do not entirely curve in to touch their stems, and the script is generally not written as cleanly as previously.
French (that is, Merovingian) uncial uses thin descenders (in g, p, etc), an x with lines that cross higher than the middle, and a d with a curled stem (somewhat resembling an apple), and there are many decorations of fish, trees, and birds.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Uncial   (1225 words)

Uncial is a majuscule script commonly used from the 3rd to 8th centuries CE by Latin and Greek scribes.
In the oldest examples of uncial, all of the letters are disconnected from one another, and word breaks are typically not used.
Modern calligraphy usually teach a form of evolved Latin based uncial hand that would probably be best compared to the later, 7th to 10th century examples, though admittedly, the variations in Latin uncial are much wider and less rigid than Greek.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/un/Uncials.html   (300 words)

 Talk:Uncial - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
According to one of my Swedish sources uncial is using a "universalalfabet", meaning an alphabet that makes no distinction between majuscle and miniscule characters.
Uncial is a Majuscule script in it's purest form.
The term "insular half uncial" in itself seem to agree with this along with its softened-up version (d, h, q, p etc being minuscles) of the "classical majuscule script" uncial is generally regarded to be.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Talk:Uncial   (408 words)

 Synoptic Gospels Primer - Glossary: Uncial
Uncial Greek and Latin scripts emerged in the 2nd c.
The shift from papyrus to smoother writing surfaces of parchment and vellum in the 3rd-4th c.
Evolution of Uncial Script: Robert B. Waltz compares the script of 10 uncial mss.
virtualreligion.net /primer/uncial.html   (238 words)

 EyeWire: Magazine: Columns: Robin Williams: What the Heck's an Uncial?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Uncial (pronounced un:shel) is a term applied to a particular calligraphic style based on ancient lettering, and is often considered the most expressive calligraphy.
Apart from their use in the manuscripts of the late Roman Empire and throughout the early Middle Ages, uncials were mostly used in the later centuries only for initials in books.
Because of the strong Celtic use of uncials in the early centuries, as well as its general predominance in the Middle Ages, this type style has become a favorite of those with Celtic or medieval interests.
www.eyewire.com /magazine/columns/robin/uncial   (485 words)

 TypeOff. » Blog Archive » More uncial typefaces!
Aureus Uncial is a light-weight design from Philip Bouwsma, an eminent American calligrapher and maker of display typefaces.
Benedict Uncial also comes from Philip Bouwsma, and appears to almost be a bold counterpart to Aureus Uncial, pictured above.
Uncial is another digitization of Victor Hammer’s American Uncial, but unlike the eponymous and most ubiquitous version, this has both upper and lowercase characters.
www.typeoff.de /?p=183   (586 words)

 Uncial Script
Recall that this manuscript, written in very small, neat uncials, was retraced by a later scribe, resulting in some minor changes in the letterforms and in a much coarser appearance.
Even so, it illustrates well the increasing complexity which by this time was affecting the uncial style -- a complexity which is found in most manuscripts of this era, and which reached its height in the "Slavic" style seen, e.g., in S/028.
Nonetheless it is clear that the Greek alphabet is originally a written (as opposed to a carved or inscribed) alphabet.
www.skypoint.com /~waltzmn/UncialScript.html   (1266 words)

 Fonts - By Category 'Uncial'
Uncial is a majuscule type, all of its letters appearing to be similar to modern Capitals.
It is a strong, stylish titling font based on hand lettering influenced by Celtic uncial styles and Art Nouveau titling fonts.
It is based on Rudolph Koch's interpretation of a squared uncial.
www.lordkyl.net /fonts/fonts.php?category=39   (212 words)

 DragonBear: Uncial Medieval Alphabet Cross-Stitch
Uncials were used in the 4th-9th century as both uppercase and lowercase letters, but continued to be used as capital letters much later into the Middle Ages.
The Uncial letters have a main body of 7 stitches high with 3 more for ascenders and 3 more for descenders.
You are free to download the design and symbol information for personal use, but please keep the copyright information attached.
www.dragonbear.com /uncial.html   (148 words)

 Production First Software Encyclopedia of Typography and Electronic Communication : U
uncial A typeface or calligraphic style having rounded letterforms, letterforms having diagonal strokes, and letterforms with vertical strokes having additional short diagonal strokes attached to the ends.
The term « uncial » is thought to be derived from the term « uncia, » Latin for «; inch » (in height), or from « uncas, » meaning « crooked.
Natural Uncial - A form where the ascenders and descenders equal the length of the minim stroke.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/profirst/u.htm   (2351 words)

 Irish language, alphabet and pronunciation
The Viking invasions of the 9th and 10th centuries lead to the destruction of many early manuscripts, so most surviving manuscripts were written after that time.
The Irish uncial alphabet originated in medieval manuscripts as a variant of the Latin alphabet.
Today Irish is usually written with a version of the Latin alphabet similar to the one used for Scottish Gaelic, though a spelling reform in 1957 eliminated some of the silent letters which are still used in Scottish Gaelic.
www.omniglot.com /writing/irish.htm   (828 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
% % % \subsection{The Uncial script} % % The Uncial hand, which is a minuscule script, was in use for some four % centuries and was the sucessor to the Roman Rustic book-hand.
Apart from declaring Uncial to be the % default font and setting the baselineskips appropriately, it makes no other % alterations.
The Uncial font comes in three sizes and also as a normal % and a bold font.
www.math.utah.edu:8080 /tex-archive/fonts/bookhands/uncial/uncial.dtx   (4587 words)

 Uncial font. Fonts-online.com
Uncial font (Monotype Imaging library) is available in OpenType, TrueType, PostScript (Type1) formats for PC and Mac.
Victor Hammer created many faces based on uncial handwriting of which American Uncial, released commercially by the Stempel foundry in 1952, is the source for this version.
The Uncial font is an ideal choice for historical or church pieces provided copy is brief.
www.fonts-online.com /fonts/Uncial-font/3084.html   (79 words)

 Uncial   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The term "uncial" refers to a rounded form of Greek or Roman majuscule (capital) letters.
Uncial letters were used to write early lectionaries and papyrus manuscripts, but the term "uncial" is often used to refer to those manuscripts of the Old and/or New Testaments written in uncial characters on parchment.
More than 300 uncial manuscripts, most fragmentary, are extant.
rosetta.reltech.org /TC/extras/uncial.html   (113 words)

 History of writing, western civilization, Roman capitals, Uncial, Carolingian, Italic
A number of national lowercase styles were emerging.
Notable among these were Uncials (unchels) used in Ireland around 500 AD.
Charlemagne decreed that a standardized lowercase be developed.
www.dancotton.com /History_of_writing.html   (358 words)

 Definition of uncial - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
: written in the style or size of uncials
Find more about "uncial" instantly with Live Search
See a map of "uncial" in the Visual Thesaurus
www.m-w.com /dictionary/uncial   (58 words)

 Uncial Romana ND font family : MyFonts
Uncial Romana ND is a Neufville Digital font family with 1 style priced from $28.60.
Uncial Romana ND Uncial Romana ND is part of Neufville Digital’s GRAFÍA LATINA Collection.
Uncial Romana ND and it’s companion font Carlomagno ND add a fresh but authentic quality to written texts.
www.myfonts.com /fonts/neufville/uncial-romana-nd   (169 words)

 Uncial Press, eBook publisher for Regency, Romance, Paranormal and NonFiction.
Uncial Press, eBook publisher for Regency, Romance, Paranormal and NonFiction.
When psychic Leah McKenna "sees" the abduction of a small boy, she knows she must help find him, no matter the danger to herself.
Uncial Press is an imprint of GCT, Inc.
www.uncialpress.com   (300 words)

 Why Mark 16:9-20 Belongs in the Bible
Looking first to the Greek witness, we see that it stacks up heavily in favour of the authenticity of these verses.
uncial, generally thought to be Caesarean in Mark 5:31-16:20)
It should also be noted that the four uncial manuscripts given above as containing the shorter, alternative ending after v.
www.studytoanswer.net /bibleversions/markend.html   (4385 words)

 Uncial Font - Fonts.com
Victor Hammer created many faces based on uncial handwriting of which American Uncial, released commercially by the Stempel foundry in 1952, is the source for this version.
The Uncial font is an ideal choice for historical or church pieces provided copy is brief.
About / Contact/Support / Help/FAQ / Be An Affiliate / Link to Us / Submit Fonts / Your Account
www.fonts.com /findfonts/detail.asp?pid=205154   (118 words)

 Agfa-Monotype fonts - Uncial font for Windows and Mac
Uncial is a font from AGFA Monotype library.
Browse for Uncial and other fonts at our Shopping Mall.
This type family is a part of Agfa Monotype Library.
www.paratype.ru /astore/fonts/Uncial.htm   (62 words)

 Uncial book – Le «blog personnel» de Joe Clark
I want to know more about uncial type.
I believe Michael Everson could tell me a lot about it, yet I fear him.
It’s also possible to subscribe to combinations of categories and to search requests, or to exclude categories, all of which you may research yourself.
blog.fawny.org /2005/07/12/uncial   (149 words)

 CTAN: directory: /tex-archive/fonts/bookhands/uncial   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The uncial and alluncl packages provide Meatfont fonts based on the Uncial manuscript book-hand used between the 3rd and 6th century AD.
To typeset the documentation: ============================= o run: latex uncial.dtx o if you want an index then run: makeindex -s gind.ist uncial o run: latex uncial.dtx o Print uncial.dvi for a hardcopy of the package manual Note that the docmfp package is normally required for LaTeXing uncial.dtx.
If you haven't got this and don't want to get it, then there are instructions in the first part of the.dtx file about how to edit it to avoid the use of docmfp.
www.ctan.org /tex-archive/fonts/bookhands/uncial   (342 words)

 Calligraphy Lesson"Calligraphy lesson - learn calligraphy!"
The indistinct image to the left is a "thumbnail" of the first page of a sample lesson which will teach you how to do the "Uncial" alphabet - an alphabet used by the early Christians.
This is the second page of the lesson on the "Uncial" alphabet.
Speed is not a goal; mastery of the letters is. Again, click on the thumbnail to bring up the full-page version.
www.studioarts.net /calligraphy/lesson.htm   (367 words)

 The Oxford American College Dictionary: uncial @ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The Oxford American College Dictionary: uncial @ HighBeam Research
Search for more information on HighBeam Research for.
un·ci·al / ˈən sh əl; -sēəl / • adj.
www.highbeam.com /doc/1O997:uncial/uncial+.html?refid=ip_hf   (114 words)

 uncial greek font   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
An uncial greek font I've created with MetaFont can now be FTPed from bugs.nosc.mil in directory pub/gnt, where the files uncial.mf, uncial.tfm, and uncial.300pk are found.
With a little understanding of MetaFont, you can generate similar fonts at different resolutions/sizes for various printers.
Vincent Broman, code 572 Bayside Phone: +1 619 553 1641 Naval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Center, RDTandE Div.
www.ibiblio.org /bgreek/archives/greek-2/msg00004.html   (107 words)

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