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Topic: Unconscious communication

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Image and Unconscious Communication
Communications may also be misperceived or perceived partly, rather than being missed altogether, which is another way of saying that a message is disguised, rather than completely blocked out.
This is unconscious communication, from the unconscious of A to that of B and C. A and A1 intends B1 and C1 to receive, but not B and C. For example, a company, A (or A/A1) consciously creates a television commercial intended to manipulate the unconscious reactions of the audience (B1, C1).
He is consciously and unconsciously guided by his mental map of norms, in constructing his stories, because he or she must know what kinds of action can and must be credited and discredited, which are in dispute and so on.
www.transparencynow.com /news/uncon.htm   (2452 words)

 New Page 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Robert Lang’s startling clinical discoveries and his theories of unconscious communication serve as basis for this author’s inquiry into a fierce unconscious struggle with the ethical dimensions of treatment as they are reflected in the recurring swings in affects of innate hope and painful guilt.
More precisely, even though communicative psychoanalytic understanding of the patient’s material is much larger and deeper than what is possible by the listening techniques of other schools of therapy, the knowledge we are capable of extracting from the unconscious realm of communication is still, by the very nature of knowledge, limited.
Although he did not develop the complex theories of unconscious communication in therapy to the extent that Robert Langs (1982) did in the seventies and the eighties, Searles was nevertheless able to discover enough concealed meaning, to hear the interpretation and thus benefit from the patient’s work.
www.ejcpsa.com /articles_and_essays/Forbid_Knowedge_Art.htm   (8746 words)

 The Alchemists Garret - Ritual
The major difference between the adept mage and the novice or non-initiate is that the adept has established a two way communication between the conscious and unconscious and the novice and non-initiate are victims of the fact that communication between the two sides of their minds is one way - conscious to unconscious.
The unconscious is a creature that has an inbuilt ability to understand the language that the conscious mind speaks.
This is because the unconscious does not speak using words, as does the conscious mind, instead its language is the language of symbolism and its medium of communication is not the written word or the human voice but the imagination.
www.angelfire.com /nb/alchemy/ritual.htm   (1122 words)

 The Life Sciences Institute of Mind-Body Health: Self-Regulation for Immune System Disorders
Imagery is the spontaneously occurring, "appearing in consciousness" modifier, qualifier, or belief emerging from the unconscious.
On the other hand, spontaneously arising images are messages from the unconscious to the cortex, to consciousness, and, like dreams, carry insights and symbolic meanings.
In starting out with a client, it is necessary to explore whatever conscious and unconscious imagery already exists regarding internal states of health and disease, what they imagine is presently occurring in their own body.
www.cjnetworks.com /~lifesci/immu_8.htm   (356 words)

 Unconscious communication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For example, the unconscious mind sometimes picks up on and relates nonverbal cues about an individual based on how he or she has arranged his or her settings such as his or her home or place of work.
Usually our unconscious communication and unconscious behaviour are influenced or dictated by our culture.
Communication between people of different cultures and subcultures can sometimes cause unexpected suffering and conflicts.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Unconscious_communication   (209 words)

 Scholarship Paper: Psychoanalysis and FIlm
It has the same unconscious structure as slapstick, in which the id’s Eros drive is satisfied, while the superego is pacified in the way in which the desire is mocked, and often separated from consequences (it would not be very funny if the main character contracted HIV).
For, as the unconscious work of film is done in the same manner as dreams, as one that is specifically not conscious, a director could easily make a film filled with unconscious attractions merely because they appealed to his or her unconscious.
By utilizing major forms of unconscious communication in dynamic images, sounds, and music, as well as the conscious communication through plot, film is able to fully speak to all parts of the psyche, a feat that is challenging for most other art forms to boast.
www.dspp.com /papers/kluge.htm   (6567 words)

 About Hypnosis
In a trance state or a sleep state the unconscious mind has the steering wheel while the conscious mind watches everything from the passenger seat or sleeps in the back seat or moves back and forth between those positions.
The unconscious is aware of your biological functions and can have a great deal of influence regarding what happens in the body.
Hypnosis is also about interpersonal communication between both the hypnotherapist and the conscious mind and the hypnotherapist and the unconscious mind.
www.affinitycounselingandhypnosis.com /pages/abouthypnosis.html   (710 words)

 The Art of Communicating, by Hal Warfield
Examining the communication process is like putting your VCR on pause; you look at a frozen snapshot of a dynamic, unending process.
As regards communicating, the choleric gets straight to the point and is not much concerned with the feelings of others.
When we’re grown we continue to “read?non-verbal communication at an unconscious level; not even aware that we are analyzing and critiquing the other person for their non-verbal message.
www.selfgrowth.com /articles/Warfield1.html   (1618 words)

 Interpersonal communication - Psychology Wiki - A Wikia wiki
This kind of communication is subdivided into dyadic communication, public communication, and small-group communication.
Interpersonal communication is the subject of a number of disciplines in the field of psychology, notably Transactional analysis.
The Geometry of Dialogue: A visual way of understanding interpersonal communication and human development by Dennis Rivers, MA, 220 pages, free PDF file, creative commons license.
psychology.wikia.com /wiki/Interpersonal_communication   (284 words)

 psychology of setting associates - Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Setting is a reflection of your unconscious and in direct communication with the mind.
While you may not be able to identify the unconscious thoughts behind the components of a room, they are leaving an impression on the minds of all who enter.
When the unconscious mind and the setting are at odds with one another, the results are witnessed as negative feelings, events, or obstacles.
www.psychologyofsetting.com /wst_page2.html   (1191 words)

 International Federation for Psychoanalytic Education   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Heward Wilkinson (personal communication) related to me his belief that whereas Freud viewed the unconscious from the vantage point of consciousness, Klein did the reverse, i.e., she regarded the objects of consciousness from the vantage point of from within the unconscious.
I further propose that the unconscious is numinous and can be thought of as the immanent domain of what is generally conceived as the "God experience." Put another way, the unconscious may be the prime source from which notions of the deity have emerged before they were projectively identified skyward to create the sky god.
Most commonly the unconscious was conjoined to religion and cosmology, the latter being the older of the two, because individuals from the morning of time have always sought to attribute personal agency, meaningfulness, and coherence to the wild, chaotic unpredictability of nature.
www.ifpe.org /loewald_add_99.html   (8525 words)

My dissertation eventually showed that the unconscious mind is highly consistent in communicating with the conscious mind, whether an individual is awake and making up a story, simply day dreaming, or dreaming during the night.
A person’s unconscious communication is highly symbolic, visual,and appears non-linear and illogical.
When the conscious mind is ready to acknowledge what the deeper, innermost self already knows, communication often occurs in the form of a night dream or a day dream.
www.drgingerblume.com /scripts_dream.htm   (645 words)

 Interview with David John Oates 11/09/98
What he discovered is that there is a whole unconscious communication that is simultaneously taking place as we consciously speak, revealed in the backward sounds of our speech.
And because you cannot control what the unconscious mind thinks, or as you say "what the soul thinks", this could be a very important tool to use in Ufology and for those working with abductees or "experiencers".
I've documented cases like that where the therapist's unconscious belief systems, even though they consciously say they're not influencing their client and not feeding information to them, are feeding information to them through reversals.
www.reversespeech.com /interview1wdjo.htm   (5317 words)

 Habitus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
unconscious and includes things as visceral as body movements and postures, and it also includes the most basic aspects of thought and knowledge about the world, including about the habitus itself.
Many modern philosophers and social scientists either dispute the concept of an unconscious, or argue that it is not an entity that can be scientifically investigated or discussed rationally.
A distinction needs to be made between The Unconscious (or the unconscious mind, or the subconscious), which are concepts in psychoanalysis and related fields, and unconscious or nonconscious events in the mind, which are of great interest in
dks.thing.net /Habitus.html   (4650 words)

 Creating Instant Rapport
It's unconscious communication and the more of it you can match the stronger your rapport will be.
One of the ways to communicate this message of understanding to the unconscious is to communicate outside of your client or subject's conscious awareness.
If their eyes are open, you can use the gesturing and other body movements to unconsciously communicate to them that you understood exactly what they meant.
www.hypnosis101.com /rapport.htm   (694 words)

 ::: Welcome to Life Focus Center :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
The ego develops from the sea of the unconscious and separates from it by approximately the age of two.
As the ego develops more and more autonomy from its unconscious source it imagines that it is in charge and by about the age of eight a wall develops between the conscious mind and the unconscious.
However this does not lead an unconscious predeterminism as proposed by Freud and whereas the latter believed that the unconscious (whether the Id or Superego) was the problem, the former believed with C.G.Jung that the unconscious was the source of the solutions to our daily problems.
www.lifefocuscenter.com /hypfaq.htm   (6475 words)

 Dance Movement Therapy reconnecting mind and body--Pamela Sparkman
DMT takes as its foundation the principle that the realization, reflection and analysis of these unconscious feelings and memories, which are triggered through spontaneous improvisational movement, can prove to be most beneficial to patients.
As a patient moves from unconscious nonverbal communication to both verbal and nonverbal consciousness, the result can be the positive altering of previous negative assumptions about the self and the world.
DMT could be used as a safe means to tap into a youth’s negative tacit physical knowledge and release anger, stress and frustration, while the mirroring responses and analysis of body movements would validate a youth’s personal expression and help him or her to understand the physical implications of emotions.
www.gse.harvard.edu /~t656_web/Spring_2002_students/sparkman_pamela_dance_movement_therapy.htm   (2658 words)

 Between the Lines: Unconscious Meaning in Everyday Conversation
This book is an introduction to the way our unconscious mind creates hidden meaning in everyday conversations and is a new way to uncover these hidden meanings and the unconscious feelings that generate them.
The term subliteral simply indicates word meanings that are unconsciously attached to the conscious and accepted meanings of words, i.e., their literal or standard meanings.
Thus, during highly structured conversations, like business meetings, for example, unconscious material may be difficult to recognize, but just before such meetings or during the first few minutes of "Warming up" where ritual greetings and "small talk" are socially required, there is often a wealth of unconscious meaning being communicated.
faculty.une.edu /cas/rhaskell/subbook_p03.html   (1767 words)

 Dr. Rick Brinkman - Keynotes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Applying Conscious Communication training from the CEO to the mailroom has a stunning impact on motivation and morale, trust and respect, retention and productivity.
Unconscious communication causes business losses, losses that often go uncalculated.
Conscious Communication training for the entire enterprise creates profound change in an organization and its employees.
www.rickbrinkman.com /programs/enterprise.shtml   (289 words)

 What is the Unconscious Mind? - ArticleSphere.com
Scientists have labeled this entity as the “unconscious” or “subconscious”, but this part of the mind is neither of these things.
The unconscious communication between the experimenter and the subject allows the subject to (at least sometimes) “know” what outcome is “desired” by the experimenter.
The conscious mind may be, but the unconscious mind never is. At a hypnosis seminar, many years ago, the speaker expressed this fact to the audience.
www.articlesphere.com /Article/What-is-the-Unconscious-Mind-/27959   (3287 words)

 Peer Review Panel Paper, EPF Conference in Vilamoura 2005
But her ability to express herself to me and to understand my communication was so well developed that the blues title sprang to my mind as an apt metaphor for this form of psychoanalytic work.
When a mother communicates via intrusive projective identifications her verbal and non-verbal messages will diverge, as when a depressed mother projects her sinister world view, smiles faintly but is too absorbed or hostile to contain the distress that her projections evoke[4].
He said the unconscious is structured like a language since it uses linguistic mechanisms to express itself; condensation is analogous to metaphor and displacement to metonymy (1966, p.
www.ijpa.org /athens.htm   (7390 words)

 Reverse Speech: An Overview
Reverse Speech is a newly-discovered form of human communication which promises to turn the world as we know it literally upside-down.
Reverse Speech is the unedited voice of the unconscious.
Generally, in the past, unconscious communication was "heard" only via "reading between the lines, " ESP, or what we know of as intuition.
www.reversespeech.com /stud_karen.htm   (1439 words)

 How to hypnotize your supervisor.
A few employees have learned the subtle communication methods that cause their supervisors to be suggestible and receptive to direction-without waving a watch in front of their eyes.
The subtle communication skills that fast-tracking employees create do not affect their supervisors on the conscious level as much as they affect their supervisors on the unconscious level.
Pacing is the process in which the nature of the communication changes from listening, to agreeing, to leading.
www.employer-employee.com /july2001tips.html   (867 words)

 ChangeWire: The Rose-tinted Glasses of the Soul » 15. Words without a mask or make-up
Lubomir Rosenstein talks for the first time about his journey to the inner resources and how inspired he was by Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP and his work on modelling and changing the mind and giving people more joy, freedom and hope.
The possibilities which communication reveals to us are limitless and I believe that we’ll manage to use them for the better.
Even when the author of the information doesn’t mean theft, he unconsciously transmits and strengthens the belief that theft, “taking” is the same as buying.
changewire.net /?p=19   (1635 words)

 ChangeWire: The Rose-tinted Glasses of the Soul
With the progress of our knowledge about the unconscious, unfortunately (and this is true about every field of knowledge) increases the application of this knowledge for various corrupt goals.
If before communication had been addressed only to the conscious and had been boring, now it attacked the deepest layers of the unconscious.
This is the decision to give up rationality, both conscious and unconscious, and its magic power to turn man from a survivor to a creator of his own environment.
changewire.net   (2365 words)

 Ivy Sea Online: What are the benefits of conscious communication?
Communications are skillful and consistent, which means the recipients of the communications aren’t confused.
Poor communication leads to a slew of problems, from unclear goals and unhappy employees, to legal issues and union rumblings, or to sapped morale and lowered effectiveness.
Similarly, unconscious or unskillful communication can establish dysfunctional communication norms, such as leaders or project managers referring to employees as units or talking about retooling people — examples from real-world scenarios where unconscious communication abounded.
www.ivysea.com /pages/ca0502_1.html   (708 words)

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