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Topic: Unibus

In the News (Sat 23 Jun 18)

  Unibus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Unibus was the earliest of several bus technologies used with PDP-11 and early VAX systems manufactured by the Digital Equipment Corporation of Maynard, Massachusetts.
The Unibus was composed of 72 wires (2 connectors x 36 lines per connector).
Up to 20 nodes (devices) could be connected to a single Unibus segment; additional segments could be connected via a bus repeater.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Unibus   (331 words)

Unibus supplies bus systems to connect equipment in any number of combinations, including switchgear to switchgear, switchgear to transformers, and generators to auxiliary compartments.
Technical data for Unibus’ standard bar bus configurations is presented for design and layout purposes.
Unibus has developed a “state of the art” epoxy process for insulating bus conductors.
www.normanbragar.com /kerby/unibus.htm   (570 words)

 [No title]
Drivers which use UNIBUS resources only statically or not all all need not be concerned with 2), and drivers can assume that there is only one instance of the supported device on the system, and just not work if more than one such device is really present.
Pattern matching in the tables may be used to take advantage of hardware redundancy: the specifi- cations need not completely constrain device placement, so the system can be built to bootstrap in several dif- ferent configurations, locating the same devices on different interconnects by the fact that their unit numbers have not changes (for example).
The routine which frees UNIBUS resources now takes the address of the variable describing the resources to be freed rather than the value of this variable to eliminate a race condition (where the routine is called, a UNIBUS interrupt occurs causing a UNIBUS reset, and the resources are freed twice, causing a panic).
www.transbay.net /~enf/lore/unix/bsd/4.1-kernel-changes.html   (11323 words)

 C:\BELLBO~1\COMPUT~1\HTMFILES\00000300.HTM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The upper Unibus, Unibus C, was to carry the control and interruption (type C) transactions; the lower Unibus, Unibus B, was reserved exclusively for DMA (type B) data transfers.
The central processor is capable of dealing with only one I/O page, and that is on Unibus C. Therefore, old DMA controllers had to be attached to Unibus C. In fact, all controllers had to attach to Unibus C, because that is the only interruption path.
Unibus B, when connected to Unibus C (with the separate arbitrator module re moved) becomes part of the single Unibus system.
research.microsoft.com /~gbell/Computer_Engineering/00000300.htm   (364 words)

The Unibus is the architectural component that connects together all of the other major components.
Recently it has become clear that the Unibus is adequate for large, high performance systems when a cache structure is used because the cache reduces the traffic between primary memory and the central processor since about one-tenth of the memory references are outside the cache.
Although such a capability was not part of the original design, the Unibus is almost capable of controlling the system components (e.g., processor and memory) during factory checkout.
research.microsoft.com /~gbell/Computer_Structures_Principles_and_Examples/csp0796.htm   (805 words)

 DIGITAL$RESOURCES:[000000.UNIBUS]index.html;1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
For those, who are new to Digital busses (or any busses for that matter): the Unibus is there to provide a way for the CPU (central processor unit, the heart of the computer) to communicate with the memory and different devices (peripheral controllers for example).
The Unibus is an asynchronous interconnect, there's no central timing sequence, the functionality of the system depends on the proper use of request/grant/acknowledge signals (of course there are timeouts to prohibit bus hangs).
Logically, the Unibus is divided into the following parts: transmission lines (for request/grant signals: data and address, system status), arbitrator (which is in the CPU (PDP-11) or in the Unibus adapter (VAX with a different system bus)) and transmitters/receivers (which are on the devices (boards) itself).
hampage.hu /dr/unibus.html   (2884 words)

 Powell Industries, Inc. - 1998 Customer Update - Unibus, Inc.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Unibus, Inc., the nation's leading manufacturer of custom-designed electrical bar and cable bus duct systems, achieved record revenues and earnings for the third consecutive year in 1997, while also completing significant capital improvement projects.
Since Unibus is a premier supplier of medium-voltage, non-segregated phase bus duct, continued expansion in electrification projects worldwide is the main driver behind its growth.
To further expand its international presence, Unibus increased it marketing and sales efforts in Europe and southeast Asia and established distributors for its products in Taiwan and Indonesia during 1997.
www.powl.com /1997_summary_ar/98_ub.htm   (207 words)

 QNIVERTER - Unibus to Qbus conversion for VAX migration   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
QNIVERTER - Unibus to Qbus conversion for VAX migration
Plug in a standard Unibus expansion cable into the connectors in the cutout of the Qniverter and running them to the expansion chassis and plugging the other end into slot A & B of the first slot of the Unibus Backplane.
The unibus cable is installed in the A&B slot of the first position of a backplane.
www.able.com /wizzv.html   (297 words)

 Unofficial Winnipeg Transit Online - 1970 - Metro refuses to alter route of Unibus run   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Councillor Hutton said although the residents of the street have several legitimate complaints, he could not agree to the request that the service on Lindsay be cancelled.
He said it would be impossible to meet the objectives of Unibus if the buses are restricted to Metro streets or regular transit routes.
The Unibus service is an experiment by the University of Manitoba Students Union to alleviate parking problems on the campus.
www.uwto.org /trib/transit_1970metrounibus.html   (434 words)

 Unibus Sketch
Because it is a single key variant of Pluribus, and in fond memory of the PDP-11, we name this protocol Unibus.
Though the Unibus protocol doesn't use VatIDs and SwissNumbers, it accomplishes this goal.
If VatA wants to play MITM, then this MITM is the entity that she intended Bob to speak to, and the one she wished to enable to speak to Carol.
www.erights.org /elib/distrib/captp/unibus.html   (1552 words)

 PIN-OUT: Unibus
The Unibus signals described in the PDP-11 bus handbook on the A and B connectors are used only for "Modified Unibus Devices" such as bus extenders, terminators and repeaters.
This is O.K on the A and B connectors because each bus segment has a bus in connector at one end and a bus out at the other and the type "2" signals are broken up when they run through the C,D,E and F connectors.
Unibus boards that use the C,D,E, and F connectors are called "Small Peripheral Controllers".
www.technick.net /public/code/cp_dpage.php?aiocp_dp=pinconbus_unibus   (243 words)

 Unibus for the University of Derby bus services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Unibus routes link the University of Derby campus, the main Halls of Residence, the Mickleover and Cedars sites through to Derby City Centre and Rail Station.
Unibus is run by Notts and Derby buses and is planned in close association with the University.
Unibus also serves the High Peak Campus near Buxton.
www.unibus.co.uk /unibus   (134 words)

 [No title]
It is also possible for processes to block in * the unibus driver in resource wait (mrwant, bdpwant); these * wait states are also recorded here.
It also contains information * for slaves of unibus controllers as to which device on the slave * this is. A flags field here can also be given in the system specification * and is used to tell which dz lines are hard wired or other device * specific parameters.
* * Each unibus driver defines entries for a set of routines * as well as an array of types which are acceptable to it.
www.utdallas.edu /~cantrell/ee6345/4_4BSD-Lite/usr/src/sys/vax/uba/ubavar.h   (899 words)

 Help collecting gear from west of Chicago
The 11/44 has a 22 bit address bus, which means you don't normally put memory on the Unibus (you put it on special slots in the CPU backplane that carry the 22 address lines, etc).
The unibus is uses only for I/O devices, only accesses to the I/O space go to the Unibus.
I think it's possible to configure the machine so that the top 128Kwords of address space is mapped to the Unibus (so you can put Unibus memory on the machine for special appliactiosn).
www.classiccmp.org /pipermail/cctalk/2005-June/196399.html   (1000 words)

 Qniverter - Q-bus to Unibus converter for VAX 3000s and 4000s   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
ABLE's Qniverter is a bidirectional Q-bus to Unibus software transparent bus converter that requires a single quad-width Q-bus slot in the MicroVAX 3000 or 4000 backplane and allows up to 19 Unibus devices to be connected via a standard Unibus expansion cable.
Unibus DMA devices only have 18 bit addresses and can only address 256Kbytes of memory space, while Q-bus DMA devices have 22 bit addresses for a full 4Mbyte addressing.
When Q-bus and Unibus devices share the same driver and you wish to use the unibus device on a Q-bus platform, you have to force the driver to take the 18 bit device path.
www.able.com /wizzi.html   (412 words)

 Derby Degree Shows 2005
Unibus 6 (for Kedleston Road Campus) stops opposite the Railway Station.
Passengers should cross the road and wait at the bus-stop marked 'Unibus'.
Unibus 6 also stops at Derby Bus Station.
vertigo.derby.ac.uk /degreeshow/2005/visitor.htm   (221 words)

 RK05 interfacing to unibus PDP-11 (was RK05 stuff)
You put an M920 jumper between Unibus out (leftmost A/B) of you existing system and Unibus In (rightmost A/B) of the RK11-D backplane.
The terminator goes in Unibus Out (leftmost A/B) of the RK11-D (OK, you might want to put it nearer the CPU to give it a higher interrupt and NPR priority, but that's not a real problem at the moment).
Oh yes, the remaining connector -- B of the slot that takes the power cable -- is for a KM11 test board, and can be ignored at the moment.
www.classiccmp.org /pipermail/cctalk/2004-July/045813.html   (632 words)

 The PDP-11 FAQ
The only problem was that with the Unibus A and B split, DMA devices on Unibus A could not see the fastbus memory.
Unibus systems could use MASSBUS peripherals, but the controllers (RH11's) spoke over the Unibus and lost most of the speed advantage.
It was mostly UNIBUS, but the first slots were QBUS (so it could use the KDJ11-B boards used in the 11/83), followed by a QBUS-UNIBUS adaptor.
www.village.org /pdp11/faq.pages/11model.html   (3402 words)

 Unofficial Winnipeg Transit Online - 1971 - Unibus compromise reached: Route partly changed   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The residents had urged removal of all three streets from the Unibus route, because they felt the area had adequate Metro bus service, that the Unibus route was depreciating local property values and endangering the safety of children.
In a report to the committee Thursday, Harry Burns said checks of the Unibus route indicated 182 students used the bus daily to travel to and from the university.
The students said about 2,000 Unibus tickets had been sold already this year to University of Manitoba students and staff, and that prospects of a sound financial operation of the Unibus service this year appeared good.
www.uwto.org /trib/transit_1971unibuscompromise.html   (317 words)

 OpenVMS System Management Utilities Reference Manual
On VAX systems, requests UNIBUS device names and issues the set of control and status register (CSR) and vector addresses that AUTOCONFIGURE will use.
Specifies the UNIBUS address of the first addressable location on the controller (usually the status register) for the device.
Specifies the UNIBUS address of the interrupt vector for the device or the lowest vector, if more than one exists.
www.cuis.edu /doc_vms_html/000000/731final/6048/6048pro_063.html   (2124 words)

 Vax 11/750 Frequently Asked Questions By James Lothian
The expansion box should also contain an M7855 unibus exerciser module, which should be configured thus: Address (E125), switches 1 to 8: all on; Vector (E88), switches 1 to 8: on, on, on, on, off, off, on, off.
The unibus map hardware is used to enable devices on Unibus to access the full address space of the machine for DMA.
Unibus is asynchronous, with each transfer being accompanied by a handshaking sequence.
home.iae.nl /users/pb0aia/vax/750faq.html   (7506 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The DEC UDA-50 controller is a UNIBUS interfaced, heavily buffered controller which is the first implementation of a new DEC storage sys- tem architecture, DSA.
The UDA50 is a UNIBUS implementation of a DSA con- troller.
Even though the UDA50 is located on the relatively slow UNIBUS, its performance is similar to controllers located on the faster processor busses.
aurora.rg.iupui.edu /doc/papers/diskperf.ascii   (3514 words)

 OpenVMS I/O User's Reference Manual
The UDA50 UNIBUS Disk Adapter is a microprocessor-based disk controller for mass storage devices that implements the DIGITAL Storage Architecture (DSA); for more information on the DSA, see Section 2.2.3.
With the exception of the first UNIBUS, a maximum of two UDA50 controllers per UNIBUS are supported.
It is connected to either a UNIBUS Disk Adapter (UDA50) or an HSC50 controller.
www.cuis.edu /doc_vms_html/000000/731final/6136/6136pro_005.html   (3034 words)

 OpenVMS ask the wizard - Unibus Boot Support?
I would like to boot from any type of hard drive is there a unibus card that can do this function.
The VAX 8250 series system is a BI-based dual-processor-capable VAX system (known as the VAX 8350 when configured for SMP), and was originally released in 1986.
The easiest approach for a system with a BI or Unibus (such as various members of the VAX 8250 series systems) involves the replacement with or the clustering with a newer MicroVAX 3100 or VAXstation 4000 series system supporting native SCSI access.
h71000.www7.hp.com /wizard/wiz_3967.html   (329 words)

 GCC-INC / Osprey/PC Drop-in Replacement for PDP-11
Real PDP- 11 peripherals are treated as "virtual devices" on the Osprey by a mapping process which equates the PDP-11 console keyboard to the PC keyboard, a PDP-11 hard disk to a PC container file, and so forth.
If your application uses a device not in the Osprey device emulation list, and "real I/O" in the form of PDP-11 backplane signals is needed, consideration must be given to shielding the cables between the Osprey card set and the PDP-11 custom device where local EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) regulations must be met.
The Unibus compatible Rack Mountable Osprey Chassis is shown in Figure 7.
www.gcc-inc.com /strobe/ospreyinfo.html   (1268 words)

 Module Search Results - pdp11.co.uk
UNIBUS to 3 3M cables for 11/74 [More Details]
UNIBUS terminator with space for 512-word ROM bootstrap (slots A & B in hex SPC; addresses: 765000, 773000) [More Details]
M9306 with different resistors to give a minimum UNIBUS level when put in parallel with another terminator.
www.pdp11.co.uk /search/modules.ehtml?&page=13   (813 words)

 UPAD Unibus paddle board
As with the QPAD, I wanted to be able to use the same board for developing peripherals now, and possibly a bus adapter some day, so it needed to be able to terminate the CPU end of the bus if necessary.
My plan however is to make the Unibus VHDL code's interface be compatible with the Q-bus code, so that when I write the VHDL for the rest of the FPGA's duties (register emulation etc.), it can be built against either so that the same core code will work in both versions of the disk controller.
One important difference, though, is that the Unibus version will support DMA with an 18-bit data path.
www.dbit.com /wilson/upad   (430 words)

 [No title]
Thus the Qbus 11/03, /23, /53, /73, and /93 are aimed at OEMs and the UNIBUS 11/04, /24, /54, /7?, and /94 are aimed at the end-user market.
The 11/34 and the later UNIBUS (/24, /44) came in the white single fronts.
Later Unibus 11's had parity registers as part of the memory units, one register for each core block, 8KW or 16KW or 32KW.
www.csci.csusb.edu /dick/doc/pdp.FAQ   (16135 words)

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