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Topic: Unicorn

  Unicorn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Though the popular image of the unicorn is that of a white horse differing only in the horn, the traditional unicorn has a billy-goat beard, a lion's tail, and cloven hooves, which distinguish him from a horse.
The unicorn also figured in courtly terms: for some thirteenth-century French authors such as Thibaut of Champagne and Richard of Fournival, the lover is attracted to his lady as the unicorn is to the virgin.
In heraldry, a unicorn is depicted as a horse with a goat's cloven hooves and beard, a lion's tail, and a slender, spiral horn on its forehead.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Unicorn   (3494 words)

 Invisible Pink Unicorn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A popular depiction of the Invisible Pink Unicorn, in the style of a heraldic animal rampant, though the nearest heraldic color to pink is purpure (purple).
The Invisible Pink Unicorn (IPU) is the goddess of a satiric parody religion aimed at theistic beliefs, which takes the form of a unicorn that is paradoxically both invisible and pink.
Similar to the Devil of the Abrahamic religions, the Invisible Pink Unicorn is said to have an "opponent" in the Purple Oyster.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Invisible_pink_unicorn   (1642 words)

Unicorn's music is timeless and perfect and anyone who has yet to appreciate this music is in for a major revelation.
This time Unicorn did go down an absolute storm and were saluted by thousands of cigarette lighters being held aloft in the darkness at the end of their set.
Unicorn was now travelling with only instruments and backline amplification which left them reliant on using the PA systems that were provided by the main act.
www.itsaboutmusic.com /unicorn.html   (5886 words)

 The Cryptid Zoo: Unicorns in Cryptozoology
The unicorn of European myth was smaller than a horse and had characteristics combining a horse, goat and deer.
Unicorn sightings from many areas of the world have caught the attention of explorers and scientists for hundreds of years.
Unicorns always seemed to be just around the corner, and there were many relatively unexplored corners of the world where they presumably might lurk.
www.newanimal.org /unicorn.htm   (677 words)

Perhaps the earliest mention of the Unicorn is by Herodotus, who in the 3rd century BC wrote of the 'horned ass' of Africa.
Pliny's Unicorn is a ferocious beast with the body of a horse, the head of a deer, the feet of an elephant, the tail of a wild boar, and a single fl horn two cubits long, standing out of its forehead.
During the middle ages a fable was told that although the Unicorn was impossible to hunt down, it was so impressed by the presence of a lovely virgin that it would run up to her and submissively lay its head in her lap.
www.unicorncollector.com /legends.htm   (3081 words)

 Unicorn Financial Services -- Patient Financing
With Unicorn’s affordable monthly payments and interest free financing options, there is no reason to delay having that elective surgery you have always wanted.
Unicorn Financial Services is in business to help patients by providing financing for cosmetic and elective surgery through our participating provider network.
Unicorn has a short application and you can apply right from your doctor’s office.
www.unicornfinancial.com /patients   (205 words)

 In myth and reality...
However there is no one "true" version of the unicorn legend - modern conception of unicorn is a result of handed down stories and tales from one generation to another.
This unicorn brought important messages to human beings: K'i-lin was observed in 2697 BC for the first time as it wandered through the palace of the emperor Huang-ti.
But I, personally, was acquainted with unicorns, not from the book - which I read for the first time in June 1999 - and not from the film - which I first saw in 1996.
www.geocities.com /Area51/Shadowlands/1272/unicorn.html   (1486 words)

Masaryk was given a special, heavily insulated costume and code-named the Unicorn because of the head-mounted discharge cone of the weapons system he wore.
The Unicorn confronted Iron Man, the person instrumental in getting Vanko to defect, and coerced him into accompanying him back to the Soviet Union where the secrets of Iron Man's armor could be unlocked.
The Mandarin turned the Unicorn into his "body-slave" and used him in one of his many attacks on Iron Man. Through a mind transference device he had devised, the Mandarin was even trapped in the Unicorn's body for a short time.
www.marveldirectory.com /individuals/u/unicorn.htm   (874 words)

 Ultrasonic test equipment for steel tubes and gas cylinders
Unicorn’s C-MAX electronics fulfils this objective by using state of the art integrated circuit technology to analyse defect profiles.
Unicorn manufacture and supply the widest range of rotary probe systems in the world for ultrasonic pipe inspection / testing, covering tube diameter ranges from 6mm to 700mm.
Unicorn’s objective is to provide both the production and quality assurance managers of steel tube or gas cylinder plants with a turnkey system capable of meeting both of their needs.
www.unicorn-automation.co.uk   (503 words)

 Sirsi Corporation - Solutions - Product Solutions - Unicorn Library Management System
Unicorn is built entirely on library and computer industry standards and protocols that ensure the system’s ability to interoperate and support other leading technologies and systems.
Unicorn's architecture makes it easy to change databases and to implement new functionality and entirely new modules and clients – all without requiring difficult and time-consuming redesign of the Unicorn server.
Unicorn implements industry-standard relational database management system (RDBMS) technology from Oracle, which is scalable enough to meet the database requirements of any library, no matter how large the collection or how demanding the transaction load.
www.sirsi.com /Solutions/Prodserv/Products/integratedsystems.html   (489 words)

A legendary animal generally depicted as having the head and body of a horse, the hind legs of a stag, the tail of a lion, and having a long tapering horn growing from the middle of its forehead.
Born of misunderstood travelers' tales, nurtured by the error of biblical translators and adopted by the alchemists, the legend of the unicorn who combines male and female in one beast is rich in the symbolism of opposites.
The unicorn myth became transformed into a religious allegory, that of the Holy Hunt, which was depicted in countless medieval paintings, sculptures, and tapestries.
www.occultopedia.com /u/unicorn.htm   (1404 words)

The word "unicorn" is based on the Hebrew word re'em ("horn"), in early versions of the Old Testament translated as "monokeros", meaning "one horn", which became "unicorn" in English.
Amongst royalty and nobility in the Middle Ages, it became quite fashionable to own a drinking cup made of the horn of an unicorn, not in the least because it was supposed to detect poison.
In the second story the maiden was Maria, the unicorn Jesus Christ and the horn a representation of the unity of the Father and the Son.
www.pantheon.org /articles/u/unicorn.html   (507 words)

 Unicorns.com - Unicorn Gift/Unicorn Art/Unicorn Jewelry/Unicorn Figurine/Unicorn Gifts/Glass Unicorn
Through legends and myth and various forms of cultural story telling the unicorn and all its beauty, mystery and majesty is alive and well in our hearts and minds.
Almost every culture around the world has some tale or story about unicorns and their magical qualities and so this site is dedicated to keeping the stories safe and accessable to unicorn loving generations to come, and offer a nice selection of beautiful unicorn gifts for yourself or friends.
The Unicorn Legends page will transport you into a timeless magical world through its stories about unicorns and the humans who once frolicked with their mystical brethren.
www.unicorns.com   (387 words)

 Honda Unicorn - Business Standard Motoring   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Unicorn’s engine uses a high torque output, 5-speed gearbox, a CV carburettor and a digital ignition system with multiple maps (similar to Yamaha’s Fazer) to balance high acceleration with steady fuel economy – Honda claims 60 kpl in daily use.
As a package however, while the Unicorn is easy on the eye, it isn’t distinguished by any particular element, apart from the impression of solid build quality and superb finish levels.
In conjunction with a single-downtube frame employing the engine as a stressed member, the Unicorn promises to be supremely stable and possess a very high quality of ride.
www.bsmotoring.com /2004/sep11_1.htm   (551 words)

 The Last Unicorn   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The story follows the Unicorn (she is never given a proper name) who leaves her enchanted forest where she has lived forever, only to find there are no other unicorns left in the world.
Because it is about a unicorn and a quest for magic, most people mistakenly dismiss it as nothing but a children's story (it's amazing how much of the best and deepest of the world's literature gets classified as children's stories, folk tales, and myths so they can be safely ignored).
And there is Paladin's Last Unicorn Page with information about where to buy the book, video, and CD along with info about Beagle's other books, lots of stills from the movie and a link to an interview with Peter S. Beagle.
utd500.utdallas.edu /~hairston/lastunicorn.html   (2532 words)

 unicorn - HighBeam Encyclopedia
UNICORN [unicorn], fabulous equine beast with a long horn jutting from the middle of its forehead.
The unicorn is depicted as a beautiful animal, usually pure white in color.
The hunting of the unicorn was a subject in tapestries of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
www.encylopedia.com /html/u/unicorn.asp   (234 words)

 Unicorns   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Unicorns up for Adoption - These are unicorns I have created for anyone to adopt.
Unicorn Art - These are works of art that contain unicorns.
Unicorn Magic Cards - These are cards I have found that contain pictures of unicorns.
www.geocities.com /Area51/Corridor/5177   (239 words)

 THE INVISIBLE PINK UNICORN (pbuh)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The unicorn is responsible for all the uncertainty in the universe.
Unicorns are special creatures which exist seemingly in the imagination but there isn't any reason they can't exist.
I was thinking if we made a bible about the pink unicorn, and then made pamphlets which supported the philosophical and scientific justification for ipu's existence then we could be using mirror tactics to show xtians exactly what their faith is based on.
www.palmyra.demon.co.uk /humour/ipu.htm   (7657 words)

 Austin Movers, Austin, Movers, Unicorn Moving
Unicorn Moving is a professional moving company located in Austin, Texas.
Unicorn Moving has made a commitment to reliability, professionalism and integrity in every move we make.
Unicorn Moving values each of its costumers as we value ourselves.
www.unicornmoving.com   (178 words)

 The Last Unicorn - Wrought Iron and Stained Glass Architectural Antiques
The Last Unicorn specializes in wrought iron gates and fences, antique stained glass and other unique architectural items for the home and garden.
In the world of The Last Unicorn, anything is possible, even probable.
Steer believes that The Last Unicorn should be a ‘well for ideas’.
www.thelastunicorn.com   (192 words)

 Sirsi Corporation - Products - Unicorn
Unicorn's multi-tiered client server architecture provides your library with the power to handle heavy traffic and the versatility to accommodate changing technologies.
Unicorn's advanced, industry-standard architecture is designed to function efficiently in today's networked computing environments.
Designed exclusively for public libraries, Oasis provides all the sophisticated features of a large-scale automation system through a simple interface that is easy to use and appealing to both library staff and library users.
www.sirsi.com /Sirsiproducts/unicorn.html   (1053 words)

 Unicorn Trails - horse riding holidays world wide
Unicorn Trails is a full service travel agency with personal knowledge of our rides offering friendly independent advice on veterinary approved rides read more...
Unicorn are proud to be associated with Sport Relief, providing the prize for Sara Cox's BBC Radio 1 programme Quizz.....
Whether you are a horse rider or not you can enjoy a horse riding holiday with Unicorn Trails riding all over the world.
www.unicorntrails.com   (350 words)

 Red telephone box, red telephone kiosk, telephone boxes, telephone kiosks
Unicorn Kiosks are the acknowledged experts when it comes to the restoration of red telephone boxes and cast iron street furniture.
Unicorn has a range of lifting equipment and years of experience that will ensure a smooth delivery for your piece of heritage.
Unicorn restored the famous "Tumbling Telephones" sculpture in Kingston upon Thames.
www.unicornkiosks.com   (998 words)

 Unicorn Grocery
Since opening in September 1996 Unicorn Grocery has been offering a stunning range of wholesome and organic foods to its South Manchester customer base.
The annual BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards are designed to “celebrate the people and organisations working to promote good food in Britain”.
Nominations for the awards come from the public, with the producers and businesses receiving the most (and most convincing) nominations going forward to be judged by a panel of national foody types.
www.unicorn-grocery.co.uk   (80 words)

 Unicorn Collector
Those of us who really love unicorns are eager to share our collections with others.
This Unicorn site is designed to share my personal unicorn collection with you and also provide information of and links to other unicorn collectors and enthusiasts.
In addition to showing off my collection, I am pleased to provide a Unicorn Bookstore - the best collection of books on unicorns available on-line and a Unicorn WebStore - with links to sites where you can purchase many of the unicorns shown in my collection.
www.unicorncollector.com   (137 words)

Unicorn is a simple text editor and dictionary program for use with Latin, Hebrew, and ancient Greek.
Think of Unicorn as Notepad or TextEdit for the student of ancient languages.
The latest version of Unicorn is 0.80, as of October 30, 2005.
www.quasillum.com /software/unicorn.htm   (396 words)

 Amazon.com: Unicorn: Music: Tyrannosaurus Rex   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Of course the lyrics produce an atmosphere of mystery and a dragons and dungeons, Camelot, and Nostradomas mystique as well, and that is very much in character with the sonic texture of the songs.
What you won't be able to get away from on 'Unicorn' are the often breathtaking, wonderfully complex and varied melodies the duo produce.
'Unicorn' was originally released with 16 tracks, but this remaster adds three new tracks (#17-19), alternates of each new track, and alternate versions of nine songs from the original sixteen.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0002LU976?v=glance   (1828 words)

 Invisible Pink Unicorn
The Invisible Pink Unicorn (blessed be her holy hooves) is a fictional female deity in the form of a unicorn.
The "believers" famous sayings about faith in the invisible pink unicorn is that, like other religions, it is founded in science and faith.
This is of course a parody of the theological reasoning of other religions.
www.invisiblepinkunicorn.com   (348 words)

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