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Topic: Unified field theory

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  Unified field theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In physics, unified field theory is an attempt to unify all the fundamental forces and the interactions between elementary particles into a single theoretical framework.
This unified theory was governed by the exchange of four particles: the photon for electromagnetic interactions, and a neutral Z particle and two charged W particles for weak interaction.
The theory of longitudinal and transversal rotational momentum A mathematical theory that unites all physical forces and eliminates the wave/particle duality.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Unified_field_theory   (1480 words)

 unified field theory - a definition from Whatis.com
Unified field theory is sometimes called the Theory of Everything (TOE, for short): the long-sought means of tying together all known phenomena to explain the nature and behavior of all matter and energy in existence.
The theory of relativity explains the nature and behavior of all phenomena on the macroscopic level (things that are visible to the naked eye); quantum theory explains the nature and behavior of all phenomena on the microscopic (atomic and subatomic) level.
The current quest for a unified field theory (sometimes called the holy grail of physicists) is largely focused on superstring theory and, in particular, on an adaptation known as M-theory.
whatis.techtarget.com /definition/0,,sid9_gci554508,00.html   (448 words)

 Unified Field Theory From A Different Perspective explains gravity relativity and natural forces
The theory, called the Photon Theory, is an effort to achieve a Unified Field Theory that Einstein and his colleagues pursued, that theory explaining mass and gravity in terms of electromagnetic waves.
The changing electric field E instantaneously created a magnetic field of the same wave shape, except that it was rotated about the line of motion by 90 degrees.
Electric and magnetic fields emitted from a photon on a curved path are asymmetric in that the field on the outside of the curve occupies more area than the field on the inside.
www.photontheory.com /willis.htm   (3987 words)

 Unified Field Theory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Unified field theory, in particle physics, is an attempt to describe all fundamental forces and the relationships between elementary particles in terms of a single theoretical framework.
At subatomic distances, fields are described by quantum field theories, which apply the ideas of quantum mechanics to the fundamental field.
Both electromagnetism and general relativity already involved such symmetries, but the important step was the discovery that a gauge-invariant quantum field theory of the weak force had to include an additional interaction--namely, the electromagnetic interaction.
abyss.uoregon.edu /~js/glossary/unified_field_theory.html   (531 words)

 Unified Field Theory,   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The attempts to develop a unified field theory are grounded in the belief that all physical phenomena should ultimately be explainable by some underlying unity.
One of the first to attempt the development of such a theory was Albert Einstein, whose work in relativity had led him to the hypothesis that it should be possible to find a unifying theory for the electromagnetic and gravitational forces.
The development of quantum theory, which Einstein rejected, and the discovery of many new particles, however, precluded Einstein's success in formulating a unifying theory based on relativity and classical physics alone.
www.levity.com /mavericks/unified.htm   (354 words)

 A Unified Field Theory by N.F.J. Matthews
At the heart of the theory is a set of 24 linear, first-order, gauge-invariant, covariant field equations, eight of which are Maxwell's equations and 16 of which contain the essence of Einstein's second-order equations of general relativity.
If the concept of strength of a field theory is to be of value, then the strength of the theory should be independent of the manner in which the theory is presented.
These results for Maxwell's theory suggest that the concept of strength of a field theory as described here may be useful in obtaining unknown formulations, together with their invariance properties, of established field theories.
www.nofreewill.com /uft   (10618 words)

 [No title]
Patent numbers 5,473,957 and 5,150,626 describe implementations of super- conducting magnetic fields of the quadrupole electromagnetic configuration and the equivalence principle that illustrates the effects of an acceleration field being equal to the effects of a gravitational field.
The development of a theory of gravitation based on the exchange of gravitons and the unification of this theory with the GUT (Grand Unified field Theory) is the task that this generation of inventors like Mr.
The quanta of all the forces are present in the universe, and they are unified, or derived from a common source, the virtual cosmos of bosons that is occupied with billions of galaxies of fermions.
www.supersymmetry.com   (2256 words)

 William Stoertz: Unified Field Theory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Unified Field Theory is considered to be the Holy Grail of nuclear physics, relativity, and quantum theory.
Unified Fields The unified field is in the sung-sang (vertical, invisible) realm.
The unified fields are found in 3 places: in God, in man, and in the objective world.
www.stoertz.org /UFT/UFTpart1.html   (1622 words)

 Unified Theory
Unified Field Theory, in physics, a theory that proposes to unify the four known interactions, or forces—the strong, electromagnetic, weak, and gravitational forces—by a simple set of general laws.
Four distinct forces are known to control all the observed interactions in matter: gravitation, electromagnetism, the strong force (a short-range force that holds atomic nuclei together), and the weak force (the force responsible for slow nuclear processes, such as beta decay).
According to this theory the electromagnetic interaction consists of the exchange of a photon, and the weak interaction of the exchange of W and Z intermediate bosons.
leiwen.tripod.com /unified_theory.htm   (392 words)

 The Unified Field Theory
Although these are two different theories, the UFT will be shown to lead to the UET and the UET to the Theory of "Everything" and also the Theory of "Nothing".
when UFT is referenced, a theory that unifies the very concept of the "Field" is proposed by mentally unifing the concept of "time" and then appling this concept of "time" as the "field" and in fact the essence of mass.
The Field concept as it applied to gravity was circumvented because for such a force to act instantaneously over a distance, it must travel faster than the speed of light "c", which is "theoretically" the upper bound on speed.
www.geocities.com /maatsociety/5summary.html   (574 words)

 Open Directory - Science: Physics: Alternative: Unified Theories   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Theory of Analytical Space-Time - A unified theory of quantum mechanics and relativity.
The Theory of Positivist Mechanics - This theory proposed a framework by which the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics may be derived from classical (general relativistic) principles, thus providing a unification of GR and QM.
Unified Field Theory - A new attempt to establish a unified theory of the classical fields of gravitation and electromagnetism which complies with the geometric paradigm of the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein.
dmoz.org /Science/Physics/Alternative/Unified_Theories   (1068 words)

 Unified Field Theory
The diverging electrostatic field created by the earth causes dipoles in neutrally charged matter to be attracted to the source of the field.
The theory predicts that if you place the cylinder vertically, you will see the negative CL ions be attracted to the bottom and the positive Na ions to the top.
Science currently thinks that the effects of atmospheric magnatisim are small and that the main field comes from the molten core, however, there is no explanation on how the magnetic field got into the core in the first place and what keeps it going.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/frankhu/gravity.htm   (3066 words)

 Gravity Theory -- Introducing Energy-Density Component
This new gravitational theory not only explains how gravity works, but shows how errors can arise in determining the positions of space probes, in determining the mass of the earth and other planets and in determining the value of G, the universal gravitational constant.
This new theory of gravity is part of a more general Unified Field Theory (UFT) that shows how all of the known force fields work together.
Given the new theory, the attraction is a function of the energy-density, which, of course, includes the mass.
www.allanstime.com /UnifiedFieldTheory/gravity.htm   (1715 words)

 The Unified Field Theory
The Unified Field Theory (UFT) presented here is by no means intuitive conjecture, though it provides a more scientific view into Bohm’s intuitive theory (we should also note that Carl Pribram, a psychologist, simultaneously and independently devised the same theory).
This is a mistake because it applies to all "fields" of knowledge as well as "fields" of energy, matter, etc. This book will clearly and concisely dissect the UFT in its most obvious applications: math and physics.
Although the UFT asserts on one hand that anything that is real can be proven, this is one instance where we simply have no way to gather the information required to either prove nor disprove.
barbaria.com /god/math_physics/uft/01.htm   (8907 words)

 Unified Field Theory
Finally Eq 19 shown the proper form of the gravito-static G-field, where Gc is the gravitational constant, and rho_m is the mass-density (in counter-distinction to the charge density of rho)...
Also it follows that if a 'source' of a field is moved or accelerated, assuming that the information of its movements does not travel to the most remote edges of the universe instantaneously, It will produce waves or radiation (eq 26 for E-M).
This M-Field term is the field component that is responsible for the 'Frame dragging' phenomenon in General Relativity.
www-personal.umich.edu /~reginald/uft.html   (1319 words)

 The Tom Bearden Website
The Evans wave equation unifies the four known fields by recognizing that all four sectors must be generally covariant, and non-Abelian in structure.
The electrogravitic equation is the weak field solution of the Evans wave equation, and the electrogravitic equation relates the Newtonian acceleration due to gravity g to the electric field strength E in electrostatics through the Evans potential phi(0) in volts of unified field theory.
In the new unified theory all elementary particles are
www.cheniere.org /correspondence/062503.htm   (2367 words)

 The Unified Field Theory in a General Systems Format
This perspective of the gravitational field is perfectly in accord with Einstein's "Equivalence Principle", which asserts that we cannot tell the difference between the inertial forces of acceleration due (for example) to rocket engines, vs the equivalent gravitational forces experienced as "weight" while standing on the surface of the Earth.
The field vector of electric charge is the photon, the quantum unit of light and the electromagnetic force.
Electric charge, whose field vector is the photon, can perhaps be thought of not only as a debt of light's symmetry, but also as a debt of light's connectivity, the holistic ("holy") character of the primordial energy state.
www.people.cornell.edu /pages/jag8/symtalk.html   (19676 words)

 NOVA | The Elegant Universe | A Theory of Everything? | PBS
String theory adds the new microscopic layer of a vibrating loop to the previously known progression from atoms through protons, neutrons, electrons, and quarks.
String theory proclaims, for instance, that the observed particle properties—that is, the different masses and other properties of both the fundamental particles and the force particles associated with the four forces of nature (the strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism, and gravity)—are a reflection of the various ways in which a string can vibrate.
To whatever extent they and their world can be reduced to a matter of particles or fields and their interactions, they feel diminished by that knowledge....I would not try to answer these critics with a pep talk about the beauties of modern science.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/nova/elegant/everything.html   (1503 words)

 Unified Field Theory with New Model for Gravity
New Theory of Gravity -- A Brief Introduction - New gravity model by David W. Allan introduces an energy density component and diallel gravitational field lines as part of new Unified Field Theory.
Nuclear Blast on Moon Would Also Have Columnar Shape - Atomic explosions are classic model of new unified field theory in which high energy particles and photons travel along diallel gravitational-field lines.
Pending paper (will be titled something to this effect): "New experimental evidence for new unified field theory." To be published in a peer-review journal.
www.allanstime.com /UnifiedFieldTheory/index.html   (350 words)

 Unified Field Theory // Viewzone
In this view, I have developed the following theory with which almost all the phenomena mentioned earlier can be explained in a logical, coherent, and conclusive manner: Aether is a pure form of subtle, active energy, in which all the forces of nature are vested.
Many ideas, theories, concepts, formulae, definitions and units in physics, even of such great men as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, may have to be reviewed, redefined, adjusted, or corrected.
Recently, I successfully concluded fundamental research in the field of aether energy conversion, which has resulted in a new technology for producing engines, generators and batteries, in an economical and technically feasible manner.
www.viewzone.com /unified.field.html   (1490 words)

 Einstein Exhibit -- Science and Philosophy
Several of Einstein's papers on unified field theory.
In his theory of relativity, the force of gravity had become an expression of the geometry of space and time.
The quest for such an explanation -- for a "unified field" theory that would unite electromagnetism and gravity, space and time, all together -- occupied more of Einstein's years than any other activity.
www.aip.org /history/einstein/philos1.htm   (200 words)

 Global Lithuanian Net. Roger Boscowich: Biography. UFO Page. Lithuania.
A theory was developed that life did not evolve on earth and came to earth from space, possibly seeded from comet debris.
The efforts of Einstein in 1919 fitted within a unified theory of physics, which many physicists were working from, based upon extending Newtonian theory along the lines of Roger Boscovich.
After the Quantum revolution, there was no longer a unified theory of physics taught, and Boscovich was written out of the popular version of Establishment physics.
www.nso.lt /history/boscovic.htm   (1504 words)

 UNIFIED FIELD THEORY? ANTIGRAVITY? TIME TRAVEL?    (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
His new exact solution to Einstein's gravitational field equation gives hope to space enthusiasts that it might be possible to accelerate space craft to speeds approaching that of light without crushing the contents of the craft.
On the other hand a part of space may very well be imagined without an electromagnetic field; thus in contrast with the gravitational field, the electromagnetic field seems to be only secondarily linked to the ether, the formal nature of the electromagnetic field being as yet in no way determined by that of gravitational ether.
The A-B Effect showed that an "undetectable global instantaneous field" did permeate all space-time in the form of the scaler or vector potential field that was not necessarily coupled to the dynamic or static electromagnetic field.
www.amazing1.com /cgi-bin/Blah/Blah.pl?b=9,v=display,m=1154334896,s=0   (7886 words)

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