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Topic: Unincorporated

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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  TIR 97-8: Massachusetts Income Tax Treatment of Limited Liability Companies and Other Unincorporated Business Entities ...
Under the new federal rules ("check-the-box rules"), single-member unincorporated business entities may elect either to be taxed as corporations or to be disregarded as entities separate from their owners, in which case they will be treated as a sole proprietorship, branch, or division of the owner.
Unincorporated business entities with two members or more may elect to be taxed as partnerships or as corporations.
Prior to the revision of Treasury Regulation § 301.7701, all unincorporated business entities were treated for federal income tax purposes either as partnerships or as corporations.
www.mass.gov /?pageID=dorterminal&L=7&L0=Home&L1=Businesses&L2=Help+%26+Resources&L3=Legal+Library&L4=Technical+Information+Releases&L5=TIRs+-+By+Year(s)&L6=(1990-1999)+Releases&sid=Ador&b=terminalcontent&f=dor_rul_reg_tir_tir_97_8&csid=Ador   (727 words)

  Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Assocation Act
Unincorporated associations, not being legal entities, could not be liable in tort, contract, or otherwise for conduct taken in their names.
The unincorporated nonprofit association is now governed by a hodgepodge of common law and state statutes governing some of their legal aspects.
Because an unincorporated nonprofit association was not a legal entity; one purporting to act for it breached this implied warranty.
www.muridae.com /nporegulation/documents/unincorp_assoc_act.html   (11439 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Unincorporated area
Unincorporated, in turn, implies no city and hence no city, town, village, or other municipal government.
Thus, an unincorporated community is usually not subject to or taxed by a city government.
In the United States, unincorporated regions tend to be fairly rare in the densely-populated northeastern and midwestern states, but are very common in the western and southwestern states, like California and Nevada, and in the southeastern states, like Florida, Maryland, and Virginia.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Unincorporated-area   (1816 words)

 Section 72-422 Petition to remain unincorporated--unin
When an unincorporated area proposal has been submitted to the commission, the commission shall, within twenty-one days of receipt of such proposal, publish notice of such proposal and the date of the public hearing thereon in at least one newspaper of general circulation qualified to publish legal notices.
An unincorporated area proposal which has been disapproved by the commission and which is resubmitted with changes to the commission shall be subject to the public hearing requirement of this section, unless the commission determines that a public hearing on the resubmitted proposal is not necessary to achieve the objectives of this section.
After approval by the voters of an unincorporated area proposal, no boundary change affecting any part of such area shall be proposed to the commission until expiration of the area's status as an established unincorporated area, but map plans affecting the area may be filed during the planning period pursuant to section 72.423.
www.moga.state.mo.us /statutes/C000-099/0720000422.HTM   (656 words)

 DRS: Bulletin #7, Unincorporated Business Tax
Yes, while the gross income threshold is subject to proration for unincorporated entities which incorporate or discontinue business during the income year, the threshold is not subject to reduction for unincorporated entities which apportion.
However, any unincorporated entity which has gross income in excess of $50,000 will be required to file an informational return within 105 days of the conclusion of its income year, even if its adjusted net income is $15,000 or less.
The individual is not liable for the Unincorporated Business Tax, if the facts clearly indicate that the services rendered by the individual as an employee were not integrated and interrelated with his activities in connection with his unincorporated business so as to constitute part of a business regularly carried on by the unincorporated entity.
www.ct.gov /drs/cwp/view.asp?a=1468&q=266688   (2399 words)

A unincorporated partnership is shown to exist when it is established that the parties have agreed to the formation of a business organization that has the characteristics of a unincorporated partnership.
A unincorporated partnership may be dissolved in accordance with the terms of the orginal agreement of the parties.
The existence of a unincorporated partnership may be found from the existence of shared control in the running of the business and the fact that the parties share share profits and losses.
www.hukukcu.com /bilimsel/kitaplar/partnership.htm   (2059 words)

 ARTICLE 30 - Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act - Business Law Section - Colorado Bar Association
[H.B. (2) In the case of a deemed unincorporated organization, its articles of incorporation shall be presumed to be its principal governing document for the purposes of this section.
This article shall be applied and construed to effectuate its general purpose to make uniform the law with respect to the subject of this article among states enacting it.
If any provision of this article or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the invalidity does not affect any other provisions or applications of this article which can be given effect without the invalid provision or application, and to this end the provisions of this article are severable.
www.cobar.org /group/display.cfm?GenID=3630   (1921 words)

 HotBot Web Search for unincorporated
Unincorporated means this area is not within the city limits of any city or town...
In law, an unincorporated area is a region of land that is not a part of any municipality.
If you choose to continue with the use of your current browser however, all of our content will continue to be accessible to all versions of every browser.
www.hotbot.com /?query=unincorporated&first=20&page=more   (252 words)

 Caring for Unincorporated Communities
Of course unincorporated area residents are scattered throughout the state, in 57 of the 58 counties (all but the city/county of San Francisco).
Also, unincorporated places are extraordinarily diverse in economic and social characteristics; some are affluent gated communities of estate homes, others are impoverished towns housing farm workers or families formerly dependent on forest-related jobs.
The unincorporated populations vary greatly from county to county in numbers and relative impacts.
www.sanlorenzoexpress.com /unincorp.htm   (1822 words)

 New City Impact on Unincorporated County Diversion Rates
The unincorporated county should use jurisdiction-specific population and taxable sales in the annual report calculation because these factors will adjust base-year generation down to "remove" the new city's waste generation from the unincorporated county's estimated report-year waste generation.
The unincorporated county should adjust for new city incorporation impact with either (1) a base-year revision, or (2) jurisdiction-specific population and taxable sales, but not (1) and (2).
However, if the unincorporated county establishes a new base-year after the new city incorporation, do not adjust for new city incorporation impact because the new city is not included in unincorporated county base-year or report-year values.
www.ciwmb.ca.gov /LGCentral/Reporting/NewCity/Impact.htm   (458 words)

 Unincorporated Nonprofit Associations
Under TUUNAA, an unincorporated nonprofit association is treated as a separate legal entity as opposed to an aggregate of individuals for certain matters.
TUUNAA applies to all unincorporated nonprofit associations, whether or not the entities are tax exempt under the provisions of state or federal law.
An unincorporated nonprofit association is defined as an unincorporated organization consisting of three or more members joined by mutual consent for a common, nonprofit purpose.
www.sos.state.tx.us /corp/forms/filingguide/html/tuna.htm   (1920 words)

 Unincorporated Enterprises Committee Reports
The Unincorporated Enterprises Committee continues to monitor activities regarding legislation affecting unincorporated enterprises, and plans to remain active in receiving comments from members of the Bar with respect to practical issues relating to the Michigan Limited Liability Company Act ("MLLCA").
The Unincorporated Enterprises Committee recently sponsored the 2000 Choice of Entity seminar in conjunction with the Institute of Continuing Legal Education.
The Unincorporated Enterprises Committee continues to monitor activities regarding legislation affecting unincorporated enterprises, and plans to remain active in receiving comments from members of the Bar with respect to practical issues relating to the Michigan Limited Liability Company Act.
www.michbar.org /business/unincorporated_reports.cfm   (5441 words)

 unincorporated - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Catonsville, unincorporated village in Baltimore County, Maryland, and a residential suburb located just southwest of Baltimore.
In North American law, a region of land is unincorporated if it is not a part of any municipality.
To incorporate in this context means to form a municipal corporation, i.e., a city or town with its...
encarta.msn.com /unincorporated.html   (168 words)

 Unincorporated associations | Business Link
Unincorporated association status is usually chosen when a number of individuals agree or "contract" to come together for a common purpose - which may be of a social nature.
Unincorporated associations do not need to register with or be regulated by either Companies House or the Financial Services Authority.
Although an unincorporated association cannot own property, it may be able to set up a trust to legally hold ownership of property and assets for the community they are intended to benefit.
www.businesslink.gov.uk /bdotg/action/detail?type=RESOURCES&itemId=1077475675   (481 words)

The formal document that is prepared to evidence to the contract of the parties is termed a unincorporated partnership agreement.
Without this consent, the assignee is entitled to receive only the assignor’s share of the profits during the continuance of the unincorporated partnership and the assignor’s interest upon the dissolution of the firm.
The partners may agree to dissolve the firm before the lapse of time specified in the articles of unincorporated partnership or before the attainment of the object for which the firm was created.
www.geocities.com /hukukakademisi/Mustafa1.htm   (2052 words)

 Distributions: general: unincorporated associations
The term ‘unincorporated association’ is not defined in the Taxes Acts and since an unincorporated association is not a legal person there is no definition in other statute law.
It is possible for an unincorporated association to make a distribution 'in respect of shares' within ICTA88/S209 (2)(b).
However, the dissolution of an unincorporated association is not normally considered to constitute a winding-up, and distributions out of the assets of an unincorporated association are not normally viewed as 'distributions in respect of share capital'.
www.hmrc.gov.uk /manuals/ctmanual/ctm15540.htm   (336 words)

 Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT) - Who is Exempt?
The New York City Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT) is imposed on every individual or unincorporated entity carrying on a trade, business, or profession – in whole or part – in New York City.
In addition, unincorporated entities that are engaged primarily in qualifying investment activities are partially exempt from UBT on the income from those activities.
Unincorporated associations and publicly traded partnerships that are treated as corporations for federal income tax purposes are subject to the General Corporation Tax, unless they elected on the 1996 returns to remain subject to the UBT.
www.nyc.gov /html/dof/html/business/business_tax_ubt_exempt.shtml   (405 words)

 FDIC: Your Insured Deposits
Corporations, partnerships, and unincorporated associations, including for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, are insured under the same ownership category.
To qualify for coverage under this category, a corporation, partnership, or unincorporated association must be engaged in an “independent activity,” meaning that the entity is operated primarily for some purpose other than to increase insurance coverage.
Unincorporated associations typically insured under this category include churches and other religious organizations, community and civic organizations, and social clubs.
www.fdic.gov /deposit/deposits/insured/ownership7.html   (270 words)

 Unincorporated Territory   (Site not responding. Last check: )
So-called "unincorporated territory," however, is an area over which the Constitution has not been expressly and fully extended by the Congress within the meaning of Article IV, Section 3.
The recognition of the existence of "unincorporated territory" was determined by the US Supreme Court after the Spanish American War.
As the name indicates, unincorporated territory is an overseas territorial status.
www.taiwanadvice.com /uninc_terr.htm   (637 words)

 [No title]
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membres.lycos.fr /thpwpnfbkm/unincorporated.html   (247 words)

 Four Creeks Unincorporated Area Council: Home
The Four Creeks Unincorporated Area Council was created as part of the King County Citizen's Participation Initiative.
Launched in 1994, the CPI's intent was to enhance opportunities for public involvement and to improve citizen access to the information and services provided by King County government.
The head of the Vashon-Maury Island Unincorporated Area Councils is a member of the Commission and the UACs were invited to provide input.
www.fourcreeks.org   (965 words)

 Unincorporated Business Tax - Filing Information
It has an unincorporated business taxable income of more than $15,000 for a partnership or more than $35,000 for any other type of unincorporated business.
Unincorporated businesses that use a calendar year accounting period must file their UBT return by April 15th of the following year.
Unincorporated business that use a fiscal year method are required to file UBT returns by the 15th day of the fourth month after the close of their fiscal year.
www.nyc.gov /html/dof/html/business/business_tax_ubt_filing.shtml   (403 words)

 Information due out soon on unincorporated town issues (printable version)
Organizers in support of the unincorporated town issue for Dayton—which will be the topic of a ballot question on the November General Election ballot—plan to start up efforts again soon informing the public about the idea.
NRS 269.555 authorizes the board to submit the question to voters on whether an unincorporated town should be formed and it allows such a town to assume responsibility for public services.
The Alliance for Self-Government felt the unincorporated town step was a good precursor before possible incorporation of a city for the area.
www.rgj.com /news/printstory.php?id=80599   (766 words)

 Living in the Unincorporated Area of Grayson County
The unincorporated area of the county is that area outside of any city or town.
Fire protection is provided to the unincorporated area of the county by way of contracts with various fire departments throughout the county.
If water is purchased in the unincorporated area, it will likely be purchased from one of the several rural water supply corporations or perhaps in some instances from a city.
www.co.grayson.tx.us /Planning/CPLivingflyer.htm   (1693 words)

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