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Topic: Unincorporated community

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In the News (Wed 20 Feb 19)

  Unincorporated area - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thus, an unincorporated community is usually not subject to or taxed by a city government.
In the United States, unincorporated regions tend to be fairly rare in the densely populated northeastern and midwestern states, but are very common in the western and southwestern states, like California and Nevada, and in the southeastern states, like Florida, Maryland, and Virginia.
In United States local government, an unincorporated community is one general term for a geographic area having a common social identity without benefit of municipal organization or official political designation (i.e.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Unincorporated_community   (721 words)

 Village - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Villages have been the normal unit of community living in most areas of the world throughout its history, up until the Industrial revolution and the ongoing process of urbanization.
Unlike cities, they have the option of being either a "statutory village" and running their governments according to state law (with a six-member council serving four-year terms and a mayor who votes only to break ties) or being a "charter village" and writing a charter to run their government as they see fit.
In many states, the term "village" is used to refer to a relatively small unincorporated community, similar to a hamlet in New York state.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Village   (897 words)

 Dearborn County - Town Descriptions
The fastest-growing area of Dearborn County is the unincorporated community of Bright, which lies in Harrison, Logan and Miller townships in the northeastern part of the county.
The community's population is estimated between 5,000 and 6,000, and Bright is the third largest-growing area in Indiana.
The unincorporated town of Logan is in the center of Logan Township in the northeastern part of Dearborn County.
www.dearborncounty.org /datafiles/city1.html   (3456 words)

 2004-130 Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition v. Tillamook County   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
Petitioners argue that the county misconstrued the applicable law in concluding that the proposed South Prairie community was “identified in a county’s acknowledged comprehensive plan as a ‘rural community,’ ‘service center,’ ‘rural center,’ ‘resort community,’ or similar term,” for purposes of OAR 660-022-0010(10)(b).
The Survey of Oregon Unincorporated Communities is a survey conducted by DLCD in 1993, revised in 1997, in which DLCD and the counties identified candidates for recognition as unincorporated communities.
“The community recognized by this decision is unincorporated, consists primarily of industrial (752 acres) and commercial/office (765 acres including the airport and recreation) uses (see page 2 of application document), serves the surrounding rural county and the touring public and includes some permanent residential dwellings established prior to creation of the [Port] industrial park.
luba.state.or.us /pdf/2005/jan05/04130.htm   (4394 words)

 Alaska Division of Community Advocacy
An eligible applicant must be either an incorporated municipality, an unincorporated community within the unorganized borough, or a volunteer fire department within the unorganized borough.
Only unincorporated communities located within the unorganized borough are eligible, and they must have either a non-profit corporation or Native village council that will agree to receive and spend the payment.
Unincorporated communities may spend their payment on any public purpose, while volunteer fire departments must spend their payment on fire protection services (3 AAC 130.052,.053,.054 and.055).
www.dced.state.ak.us /dca/LOGON/srs/srs-srs.htm   (1572 words)

 Iowa Code 1997: Section 15.308
The purpose of the program is to encourage a city, cluster of cities, county, group of counties, unincorporated community or group of unincorporated communities to implement planning efforts for community, business, and economic development.
A city, cluster of cities, county, group of counties, unincorporated community or group of unincorporated communities not yet certified under this section but awarded a grant or initiative from the state shall initiate a process to establish a community builder program within six months of the award.
A city, cluster of cities, county, group of counties, unincorporated community, or group of unincorporated communities shall submit a community builder program to the regional coordinating council for coordination, review, and comment and to the department for certification.
www.legis.state.ia.us /IACODE/1997/15/308.html   (592 words)

 Alaska Statutes: AS 37.06.020. Unincorporated Community Capital Project Matching Grant Program.
An unincorporated community is eligible for an allocation in a fiscal year if the community was eligible to receive state aid under AS during the preceding fiscal year.
Except as provided in (c) of this section, the amount allocated under this subsection to an individual grant account in a fiscal year is determined by dividing the total amount appropriated to the fund during that fiscal year by the number of unincorporated communities eligible for an allocation during that fiscal year.
Money from an allocation to an unincorporated community's individual grant account that has not been drawn out by a designated entity within five years after the effective date of the appropriation from which the allocation is funded lapses into the general fund.
touchngo.com /lglcntr/akstats/Statutes/Title37/Chapter06/Section020.htm   (1174 words)

 EPA: Federal Register: Proposed Flood Elevation Determinations
The base flood elevations are the basis for the floodplain management measures that the community is required either to adopt or to show evidence of being already in effect in order to qualify or remain qualified for participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
They should not be construed to mean that the community must change any existing ordinances that are more stringent in their floodplain management requirements.
Unincorporated Areas of Franklin County (Unincorporated Areas) Maps available for inspection at the Franklin County (Unincorporated Areas) GIS Department, 215 East Nash Street, Louisburg, North Carolina.
www.epa.gov /fedrgstr/EPA-IMPACT/2003/June/Day-02/i13641.htm   (7767 words)

 Dept. of Land Conservation and Development_660_022
The boundaries of unincorporated communities shall be shown on the county comprehensive plan map at a scale sufficient to determine accurately which properties are included.
(5) Site specific unincorporated community boundaries that are shown on an acknowledged plna map on October 28, 1994, are deemed to comply with subsections (2) and (3) of this rule unless the boundary includes land designated for farm or forest use that does not meet the criteria in section (4) of this rule.
A community public facility plan addressing sewer and water is required if the unincorporated community is designated as an urban unincorporated community under OAR 660-022-0010 and 660-022-0020.
arcweb.sos.state.or.us /rules/OARS_600/OAR_660/660_022.html   (3167 words)

 Sectional Analysis for SB 28   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
The department with advice from the Department of Law shall determine whether there is in each unincorporated community an incorporated nonprofit entity or a Native village council that will agree to receive and spend the entitlement.
If there is more than one qualified entity in an unincorporated community, the department shall pay the money under the entitlement to the entity that the department finds most qualified to receive and spend the money.
(b) In this section "unincorporated community" means a place in the unorganized borough that is not incorporated as a city and in which 25 or more persons reside as a social unit.
www.akrepublicans.org /pastlegs/sectsb02802191998.htm   (416 words)

 Welcome to Jackson County Online - White City Urban Unincorporated Community Plan
Phase 1 of the White City Urban Unincorporated Community Plan was adopted by Jackson County on September 2, 1998.
The Urban Lands Element sets forth policies related to urbanization of land in the unincorporated area that lies within urban growth boundaries and urban unincorporated communities such as White City.
Phase 2 of the White City Urban Unincorporated Community Plan is implemented by the new regulations being proposed in Chapter 259.
www.co.jackson.or.us /Page.asp?NavID=1164   (844 words)

 ALTAPOP: Population and Incorporation History of Alberta’s Unincorporated Settlements
An Urban Service Area is a large unincorporated community within a Specialized Municipality that is recognized as an equivalent to a City by the Government of Alberta.
A Townsite is an unincorporated settlement on a Reserve that has its own governing Council and is recognized as an equivalent to a Town by the Government of Alberta.
An Unincorporated Community is a settlement within a Rural Municipality that does not have incorporated municipal status nor does it meet the necessary criteria to be recognized by the Government of Alberta as an Urban Service Area, a Townsite, or a Hamlet.
www.altapop.ca /unincorp.htm   (794 words)

 FFCET - About Us   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
In an effort to improve services and accountability to the residents of the unincorporated community of Florence-Firestone, the County of Los Angeles has initiated steps to identify the needs of the community and formulate strategies to address those needs.
The unincorporated area of Florence-Firestone is an urban community with presence of County departments, a high need for services, and the potential for strong civic identity.
The community action team will serve as the first point of contact for Florence-Firestone community residents and share their insight of the community with the coordinating team.
www.csulb.edu /~pproano/FFCET/about/about_index.htm   (836 words)

 Transportation Operations_734_057
(1) Cities, counties and unincorporated communities as identified in the county comprehensive plan defined in ORS 197.015, are permitted to develop and maintain a landscaped area within the state highway right of way to enhance the aesthetic value along state highways and to welcome motorists to a city, county or unincorporated community.
(4) The request for an unincorporated community to develop a landscaped area must be submitted by the county.
(9) Markers or signs denoting entrances to cities, counties or unincorporated communities that are to be placed outside of highway right-of-way must meet the requirement of ORS Chapter 377 and OAR Chapter 734, Division 60.
www.sos.state.or.us /archives/rules/OARS_700/OAR_734/734_057.html   (1579 words)

 Panel studies special labels for areas - The Californian / North County Times -
The special designation "unincorporated community" is a label that indicates a town is in the process of trying to become a city.
In theory, an area identified as an unincorporated community is given five years to show the progress it has made in becoming a city.
One area that would be effected most by any changes made to the unincorporated community statues is Wildomar, a town of about 20,000 people between Murrieta and Lake Elsinore.
nctimes.com /articles/2003/07/29/news/californian/7_29_036_20_41.txt   (832 words)

 List of cities, villages, and townships in Michigan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
That does not prevent the local residents from determining that they want more than the Road Commission can provide, and in so doing, fund portions of the road work out of the local budget.
There are also many named unincorporated communities in Michigan that may appear on maps or travel information.
These unincorporated communities generally do not have any official governmental status, although residents in newer developments may fall under the control of a homeowners association.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_cities_in_Michigan   (543 words)

 Our Community — Wheaton, Maryland — Montgomery County, Unincorporated Community, Brookside Gardens
Wheaton, Maryland is located 15 miles from the Baltimore-Washington International Airport, eight miles from the University of Maryland, and 15 miles from downtown Washington DC.
It is an unincorporated community in Montgomery County, Maryland.
Wheaton was named in honor of Major General Frank Wheaton, Civil War general in the Union Army, who commanded the defense of Washington from Ft. Stevens against Confederate General Jubal Early's forces.
www.samakowlaw.com /community_wheaton.html   (474 words)

 Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce: Community Profiles
Point Baker is an unincorporated community whose main economy is the commercial troll and gillnet fleets.
Incorporated in 1989, Coffman Cove was founded as a logging community in the early 1950's.
Hollis is an unincorporated community accessible by road, ferry, boat or float plane.
www.princeofwalescoc.org /profiles.html   (1184 words)

 Beulah is an unincorporated community lying in the foothills of the Wet Mountains   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-21)
Beulah is an unincorporated community lying in the foothills of the Wet Mountains
Beulah is an unincorporated community lying in the foothills of the Wet Mountains, 25 miles southwest of Pueblo, Colorado.
Approximately 900 families live in the community year round, and many others have vacation or seasonal homes.
www.fone.net /~pdtelco/beulah2.html   (141 words)

 Sponsor Statement for SB 28
provide a capital project funding system that is equitable to municipal-ities and unincorporated communities throughout the state;
Maintaining local share requirements of 5 percent for unincorporated communities in the unorganized borough but requiring that unincorporated communities within boroughs provide the same local share percentage as their borough; and
Changing the time in which unexpended and unobligated funds are spent from five years to four years.
www.akrepublicans.org /pastlegs/spstsb028020597.htm   (451 words)

 New Home Community in Aurora Colorado
Much of the community is devoted to open space and neighborhood parks, while an Arapahoe Park and Recreation District park is scheduled to open in the next year.
Several nearby shopping malls and the retail communities are also a very short drive from the community.
The average commute time for a resident of this community, in minutes.
www.internest.com /rylandhomesdenver/rylandhomesdenver14814.asp   (814 words)

 Racial/Ethnic Composition by Unincorporated Community
Please email us if you encounter information in this website for which you know there is an update or correction.
* Unincorporated communities are not independent municipalities or jurisdictions.
All local public services are received from the County.
www.laalmanac.com /population/po38a.htm   (49 words)

 hershey - Chocolate Search
Hershey is also the name of a candy company, see: Hershey's.
Hershey is an unincorporated community within Derry Township in Dauphin County in the U.S. commonwealth of Pennsylvania...
A search engine that learns from your community
chocolate-search-swicki.eurekster.com /hershey   (607 words)

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