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In the News (Thu 22 Aug 19)

  Union Pacific Railroad. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
It was reincorporated (1897) as the Union Pacific Railroad Company in Utah, and under the management of Edward H. Harriman the railroad was expanded, vastly improved, and stabilized.
The Union Pacific acquired the Missouri Pacific and Western Pacific RRs in 1982 and M-K-T RR in 1988.
In 1995 it agreed to purchase the Chicago and North Western RR, and it acquired the ailing Southern Pacific in 1996.
www.bartleby.com /65/un/UnionPac.html   (575 words)

 Union Pacific Historical Society
Founded in 1984, the Union Pacific Historical Society is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of the Union Pacific Railroad from its beginning in 1862 to the operation as it is today.
The Carnegie Museum in Council Bluffs is the new location of the Union Pacific Railroad Museum Collection that was last housed in the Western Heritage Museum (The original Union Station) in Omaha.
The Union Pacific Railroad Museum is located at 200 Pearl St. in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
www.uphs.org   (1020 words)

 RPGnet: Review of Union Pacific
Union Pacific control is a very major factor by the last round, and thus needs to be carefully considered by players.
Union Pacific is a revision of Alan Moon's earlier game, Airlines, which itself featured the card collection of his Get the Goods game and the networking of his Santa Fe game.
Finally, the connection component in Union Pacific is pretty minor, since it's just a method to increase the value of a company, and also a potential restriction.
www.rpg.net /reviews/archive/10/10224.phtml   (2210 words)

 Pacific Railway Act: Primary Documents of American History (Virtual Programs & Services, Library of Congress)
John A. Dix, President of the Union Pacific, requested that Lincoln send a letter to be read at a ground-breaking ceremony to be held in Omaha, Nebraska on December 2, 1863.
The Senate passed the Pacific Railway Act on June, 20, 1862, by a vote of 35 to 5.
Officials and workers of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific railways met on Promontory Summit, in Utah Territory to drive in the Golden Spike on May 10, 1869.
www.loc.gov /rr/program/bib/ourdocs/PacificRail.html   (602 words)

 PNWC-NRHS - Union Pacific Railroad in Oregon
The Union Pacific early presence in Oregon was under the names of the Oregon Short Line (OSL), Oregon Railway and Navigation Company (ORandN) and subsequently the Oregon-Washington Railroad and Navigation OWRandN) As time went on, these names fell into disuse.
There was some reorganization of the Union Pacific lines in Washington as a result of the abandonment of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific in 1980.
In 1996, the Union Pacific railroad took over the operations of the Southern Pacific (SP) lines in Oregon, resulting in that railroad company becoming the largest railroad in the state (as well as the country).
www.pnwc-nrhs.org /hs_union_pacific.html   (844 words)

 Utah History Encyclopedia
The Union Pacific Railroad was the eastern segment of the first transcontinental railroad completed in 1869.
The Union Pacific Railroad Company was authorized to begin construction from Omaha, Nebraska westward, while the Central Pacific, was to commence building at Sacramento, California and cross the Sierra Nevada Mountains heading eastward.
From the time the Union Pacific began serious work in 1865, the company averaged over a mile a day, accomplished largely through the arduous labor of recently arrived Irish emigrants with picks, shovels and mule-drawn scrapers.
www.media.utah.edu /UHE/u/UNIONPACIFICRAIL.html   (812 words)

 Richard Leonard's Steam Locomotive Archive - Union Pacific
The Union Pacific had put the bulk of its remaining steam locomotives into storage, but a surge of traffic in the summer of 1957 taxed the capacity of its diesel and gas turbine power and resulted in the recall of much of its modern, high-horsepower steam fleet.
After being withdrawn from active service, she was stored in the dark confines of the Cheyenne roundhouse for many years, shielded by local Union Pacific personnel from the prying eyes of railroad brass on the prowl for expendable assets.
She was next-to-last of of a class of 40 similar locomotives delivered to the Union Pacific by American Locomotive Company in 1936-37.
www.railarchive.net /rlsteam/up.htm   (1950 words)

 Union Pacific -- the railroad established by Congress and Abraham Lincoln to span the continent
Union Pacific -- the railroad established by Congress and Abraham Lincoln to span the continent - is in the middle of a very tough period.
Union Pacific is testing several different high-tech grade crossing guards in an attempt to stop motorist who insist on driving around, or through, lowered gates and ignoring flashing lights and bells.
Union Pacific and#45;and#45; the railroad established by Congress and Abraham Lincoln to span the continent
www.lakemirabel.com /Railroad/UnionPacific1.html   (2043 words)

 Union Pacific News
Union Pacific Railroad has developed a new preliminary layout design for its planned $90 million intermodal terminal in Southwest Bexar County.
Union Pacific is aggressively hiring new employees of all ages to replace 40% of its workforce expected to retire in the next 10 years.
U.S. railroad Union Pacific Corp. saw freight volumes rise 3 percent in October compared to the previous year, the company's top executive told CNBC on Wednesday, according to this Reuters report.
www.topix.net /com/unp   (750 words)

 CNN.com - Court order averts strike against Union Pacific railroad - January 27, 2001
Edward Dubroski, international president of the union, said the strike was "something we were forced to do," saying that the railroad's imposition of new working conditions defies the Railway Labor Act, which says such changes in working conditions can not be made without notice and providing both sides an opportunity to negotiate.
In a telephone interview with CNN, John Bromley, the railroad's director of public affairs, said Union Pacific was seeking a court order to end the strike.
Union Pacific has 38,654 miles of track nationwide that stretch over 23 states.
www.cnn.com /2001/US/01/27/union.pacific.strike/index.html   (256 words)

 Careers at Union Pacific
Whether you want to work in an office, in the field, or on a 4,400 horsepower diesel locomotive - Union Pacific has a career opportunity that fits you.
Never in Union Pacific's 145-year history have there been as many opportunities for employment and rapid advancement as there are today.
This Web site is designed to help you find challenging and rewarding work at Union Pacific that perfectly fits your needs, talents and ambitions.
www.unionpacific.jobs   (134 words)

 Customer Successes: Union Pacific Railroad
Union Pacific, founded 140 years ago, has become one of the oldest and most recognized corporations in America.
Union Pacific is the largest railroad in North America, moving close to nine million carloads of materials each year, and covering 23 states across the western two-thirds of the United States.
With one click of a mouse, Union Pacific customers can now reserve a freight car, track the status of their order and handle all shipment transactions online, as well as view extensive public information on everything from railroad history to the latest news.
www.mercury.com /us/customers/successes/union-pacific-railroad.html   (957 words)

 Union Pacific Railroad   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
As one of the largest railroads in North America, Union Pacific Railroad moves mass commodities throughout the western two-thirds of the United States, covering more than 36,000 miles of track.
As Union Pacific's data warehousing and information solution needs have developed, changed, and grown, Teradata solutions have kept pace right along with the company.
Response time on processing large amounts of data-just one of Union Pacific's tables is 167 gigabytes, with 900 million rows of data-has been phenomenal, the company says.
www.teradata.com /t/page/87830   (368 words)

 Union Pacific Index Page
Union Pacific Corporate History — A brief narrative of Union Pacific's corporate history, with full company names and dates.
Union Pacific In Utah — A history of the construction and operation of all of Union Pacific's lines in Utah, including descriptions and abandonments of its many branchlines in the state.
Passenger Cars — Information about Union Pacific's steel and Streamliner passenger cars, from 1909 through the last new cars in 1964, and the Heritage Fleet equipment UP uses today for its various excursions and special operations.
utahrails.net /up/uprr-index.php   (306 words)

 American Experience | Transcontinental Railroad | People & Events
Union General Grenville Dodge offered use of Indian prisoners from his winter campaign.
The end of the Civil War brought a change of fortune for the Union Pacific.
Like their Irish counterparts on the Central Pacific, the Union Pacific men had a staple diet of beef, bread, and fl coffee.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/amex/tcrr/peopleevents/p_uprr.html   (681 words)

 UP-The Union Pacific Railroad Museum
The completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869 by Union Pacific and its constituent railroads shaped the landscape and geography of the American West.
The restoration of the historic Carnegie Library and the development of the Union Pacific Railroad Museum create a tourist destination in the heart of the Council Bluffs historic district and preserve an important part of the city's rich heritage.
The Union Pacific Railroad Museum complements other local rail attractions, including the Historic General Dodge House, the RailsWest Museum, the Golden Spike monument and the Durham Western Heritage Museum, and it expands on the story of pioneer migration depicted at the National Western Historic Trails Center.
www.uprr.com /aboutup/history/museum/index.shtml   (612 words)

 Union Pacific News
Union Pacific investigating cause of Monday derailment in Arlington, Kansas.
Union Pacific seeks new "Gen-Set" switchers that reduce emissions and fuel consumption.
Union Pacific and BNSF are relocating railcars and gathering repair supplies.
www.railserve.com /railnews/unionpacific_news.html   (4560 words)

 Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
The first transcontinental railroad was completed when the rails of the Union Pacific, reaching westward from Omaha, Nebraska, and those of the Central Pacific Railroad, reaching eastward from Sacramento, California were joined, completing the coast-to-coast connection.
The crew of the Union Pacific, which was composed largely of Irish immigrants and Civil War veterans, had to contend with Indian attacks and the Rocky Mountains.
Railroad to the Pacific." by Horace Greeley, 1859.
www.cprr.org /Museum/index.html   (4181 words)

 UP: Union Pacific Foundation
The Union Pacific Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Union Pacific Corporation and Union Pacific Railroad.
Union Pacific believes that the quality of life in the communities in which its employees live and work is an integral part of its own success.
Union Pacific Foundation's signature giving program seeks to strengthen education's future by strengthening education's leaders.
www.up.com /found   (83 words)

 Completing the Transcontinental Railroad, 1869
The Union Pacific began laying track from Omaha to the west while the Central Pacific headed east from Sacramento.
Then Stanford tried it again and tapped the spike and the telegraph operators had fixed their instruments so that the tap was reported in all the offices east and west, and set bells to tapping in hundreds of towns and cities...
When the connection was finally made the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific engineers ran their engines up until their pilots touched.
www.eyewitnesstohistory.com /goldenspike.htm   (891 words)

 Nineteenth Century Union Pacific: Variant
If a player controls more than half of the purchased Union Pacific company shares and the Union Pacific company controls more than half the number of purchased shares in a company, the player may expand that railroad instead.
When a train token is placed, remove the top card of the track deck which matches the track type on which the token was placed and place it in a discard pile for this deck.
Then, railroads receive $1 million for each token on the board and $1 million for each its shares which has been purchased, unless more than half of the company's shares are owned by the Union Pacific, in which case the payout goes to the Union Pacific company instead.
spotlightongames.com /variant/up.html   (913 words)

 UP: We Want You...to Help Build America   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Throughout its 140-year history, Union Pacific has consistently supported the military by its efforts to move troops and supplies across the country to major military depots during times of war and peace.
Just as important are the thousands of former and active military personnel who have made careers at Union Pacific when their tour of active duty has been completed.
According to G.I. Jobs, "Union Pacific’s No. 1 ranking is based on the resources and assets it has dedicated exclusively to recruiting members of the military." More.
www.uprr.com /employment/military.shtml   (1073 words)

 All Time UP Diesel Roster, Index
Modern Era Index — An index page to Union Pacific's diesel locomotive fleet during the Modern Era that began in the year 2000, stemming from the December 1999 renumber plan that called for the general renumbering of over 3,700 locomotives to accommodate the arrival of 1,000 SD70Ms beginning in 2000.
Early Merger Era Index — An index page to Union Pacific's diesel locomotive fleet during the 1983-1994 Early Merger Era, including the UP control of MP and WP in 1983, and control of MKT in 1988.
The "Union Pacific Switchers and Slugs" book has 116 pages; 238 fl and white photos; 37 color photos; and full rosters of all of UP's EMD, Alco, Baldwin, and GE switchers, plus its yard slugs and road slugs, and is still available from the publisher.
utahrails.net /all-time/all-time-index.php   (977 words)

 Union Pacific Railroad — Infoplease.com
Union Pacific Railroad, transportation company chartered (1862) by Congress to build part of the nation's first transcontinental railroad line.
It was reincorporated (1897) as the Union Pacific Railroad Company in Utah, and under the management of Edward H. Harriman
) and the Central Pacific to his expanding railroad empire, and his spectacular attempt to control the Northern Pacific led to the formation of the Northern Securities Company, a huge rail monopoly that controlled transportation throughout the Northwest.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/bus/A0850045.html   (600 words)

 Metra / Union Pacific District North Line
The #33 MAG MILE Express bus operates from Metra's Clybourn and Western Avenue stations to North Michigan Ave.
Service is available on the Union Pacific North and Northwest and Milwaukee District train lines.
The commuter rail service listed in this timetable is provided by the Union Pacific Transportation Company under an agreement with Metra.
www.metrarail.com /Sched/cnw_n/cnwn.shtml   (277 words)

 Union Pacific, Stage Coach Holdup, Promontory Utah Territory
Union Pacific Railroad Bill of 1862 granted by the government created Union Pacific with the loans and land grants to build a railroad west from the hundredth meridian.
Union Pacific Railroad Construction was extremely slow with only one mile of track being laid per week.
Union Pacific Railroad fell victim to bankruptcy in 1893.
www.linecamp.com /museums/americanwest/western_clubs/union_pacific_railroad/union_pacific_railroad.html   (1029 words)

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