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Topic: Unique selling proposition

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  Unique selling proposition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Unique Selling Proposition is a marketing concept that was first proposed as a theory to explain a pattern among successful advertising campaigns of the early 1940s.
In the marketing world, the unique selling proposition is usually referred to as the USP, although currently USP is also used to refer to less well defined concepts.
However, Reeves warns against forming a USP based on what he calls "The Deceptive Differential" - a uniqueness that is too small or too technical that customers cannot observe the differences in actual practice.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Unique_selling_proposition   (545 words)

 Technorati Tag: unique selling proposition
A unique selling proposition (USP) is an attempt to express the uniqueness of your business in a single statement.
Discovering your unique selling proposition or USP is the first task that you as an individual entrepreneurial marketer must complete.
Selling to Win in 2003 Make massive sales commissions using the powerful techniques from the acclaimed "Direct Selling Masterclass." Save years of trial and error with this ground-breaking book.
www.technorati.com /tags/unique+selling+proposition   (573 words)

 Jay Abraham: How To Create A Unique Selling Proposition
A USP is that distinct and appealing idea that sets you and your business, or practice, favorably apart from every other generic competitor.
Remember, the USP is the nucleus around which you will build your success, fame, and wealth, so you better be able to state it.
Be sure they can clearly and powerfully express your USP in 60 seconds (the oral equivalent of a written paragraph), and then compellingly state how it benefits the prospect.
abraham.com /articles/How_To_Create_A_Unique_Selling_Proposition.html   (2466 words)

 UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION (USP) - What Makes You Different From Your Competitors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The proposition must be one that the competition either cannot, or does not, offer.
– either a uniqueness of the brand or a claim not otherwise made in that particular field of advertising.
A unique selling proposition (USP) defines your competitive advantage.
www.1000ventures.com /business_guide/marketing_advertising_usp.html   (262 words)

 Unique Selling Proposition - debunked!
USP did help Ted Bates hold on to their clients for years and years and years.
What really happens is that people hear or read your USP then fill in the blanks between what you say and and what they really want, need, think, feel...
The main reason USP doesn't work very well today is that nothing much lasts for years and years and years.
www.burkhardagency.com /msp.htm   (803 words)

 How to Develop and Use Your Unique Selling Proposition
A unique selling proposition is so important because if prospects think you are "just like every other financial planner," you can’t really expect to get their business.
In helping financial advisors develop a USP, I ask, "Why should a high-net-worth individual or family hire you as their financial planner?" Right now, take out a piece of paper and write down five reasons why you deserve to be the financial advisor of choice for high-net-worth families in your area.
In case you’re still doubting the benefits of a unique selling proposition, here’s the story of a person with few credentials who, for a number of years, was one of the most prominent voices in the financial-advice field: Charles Givens.
advisor.morningstar.com /advisor/doc/article/0,8832,2085,00.html   (2810 words)

 Discover Your Unique Selling Proposition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
No matter what you sell online, be it a product or service, it is critical to define what sets you apart from your competition, makes your product/service appealing to your target market, and what benefits your product/service provides your customers.
Being able to communicate the unique benefits of what you have to offer in a specific manner is critically important for achieving a distinguishable difference between you and your competitors.
USP's work best when they are a sentence or two for the most.
www.biztalk4u.com /archives/2002/discover-usp.html   (592 words)

 unique selling proposition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The common error here is building the USP around a feature that, while different, is unimportant to the prospect, and therefore unlikely to move him to try your product or service.
The easiest situation in which to create a strong USP is when your product has a unique feature — one that competitors lack — that delivers a strong benefit.
He said the uniqueness can either stem from a strong brand (already discussed as an option 95% of marketers can’t use) or from "a claim not otherwise made in that particular form of advertising" — that is, other products may have this feature too, but advertisers haven’t told consumers about it.
marketing-ideas.org /unique-selling-proposition-731525.php?I=12345&...   (1065 words)

 MarketingProfs - What is Unique selling proposition
Unique Selling Proposition is a theme developed to inject a personality into a brand.
Another major aspect of a USP (unique selling proposition) is that it is something distinct that gives you a competitive advantage.
You may sell a soft drink which has the benefit of great taste, but if you competitors offer this as well, it's not so unique.
www.marketingprofs.com /ea/qst_question.asp?qstID=10763   (214 words)

 CCH Business Owner's Toolkit | Your Unique Selling Proposition
Rosser Reeves was the author of the phrase, "unique selling proposition," or USP, which is a unique message about itself versus the competition that each business or brand should develop and use consistently in its advertising and promotion.
By USP we don't necessarily mean a slogan or a phrase that will appear in your advertising, although that's one possible use for it.
If you cannot concisely describe the uniqueness of your idea (and create some excitement in potential users), you may not have the basis for a successful business.
www.toolkit.cch.com /text/P03_1012.asp   (660 words)

 Marketing Technique - The Unique Selling Proposition
FedEx had their own planes and rather then using "we have our own planes" as their USP, they promised "When you absolutely, positively have to have it overnight They promised a benefit and capitalized on it, even delivering the package to the customers door".
Regardless of whether the quality of their pizza compared favorably to the well known pizzerias in Chicago and New York, the promise of a pizza being delivered "in 30 minutes or less or it was free" created an easily identifiable image for Domino's, one that they are still known for today.
Your USP should be used continually on all your product information and marketing materials to create your company's identification in the consumers mind.
www.howtoadvice.com /USP   (582 words)

 Unique Selling Proposition | Marketing Positioning
A unique selling proposition (USP) will enable you to position your product or service in a "unique light".
Sell in a vacuum, charge more and literally crush your competition.
No matter what you're selling or what business you're in, start learning how to craft your profit pulling USP today.
www.positioningtactics.com /usp.html   (185 words)

 Natural Net Marketing: Your USP: Unique Selling Position
In the 90's, the successor to Ted Bates is the New York agency, Backer Spielvogel Bates, whose CEO is Kenneth Rogers.
nother prominent practitioner of the USP discipline is Jay Abraham, reputedly America's highest paid consultant ($3,000 per hour).
It may be a single differentiating factor, or it may be a combination.
www.naturalnetmarketing.com /usp.html   (302 words)

 Unique Selling Proposition
We all have competitors, and the more you have, the more important it is that you have a Unique Selling Proposition (at least one).
Although still a minor USP, price alone should not be the only consideration, it's not really that unique...
The real USP in combination with the others was our unique E-mail Reminder System.
www.web-source.net /web_development/unique_selling_proposition.htm   (1642 words)

 Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
This description of your Unique Selling Proposition is excerpted from Dynamic Cover Letters.
There's an advertising term that you should think about when you are composing the body of your cover letter: the Unique Selling Proposition, or USP.
If you can determine your Unique Selling Proposition and build it into a dynamic paragraph, you will have a real advantage in creating a dynamic cover letter.
www.quintcareers.com /USP.html   (245 words)

 Unique Selling Proposition
Your Unique Selling Proposition is that distinct, appealing idea that sets your business apart from every other “me too” competitor.
Still, another firm may offer a product at a reasonable price, but their distinct selling appeal is that they offer service, assistance or installation help.
You gain a unique selling advantage by offering a big, unique and appealing promise that’s not being offered by your competitors.
www.gosmallbiz.com /pplcontent/fulltext.asp?id=641   (634 words)

 Unique Selling Proposition Generator
Businesses without USPs will always be forced to the (less profitable) "cheap" end of the market.
After all, without a USP the only reason why anybody would buy from you rather than your competitors is that you are cheaper.
The USP generator is a powerful tool in helping you to stand your business head and shoulders above its rivals.
www.avnmembers.co.uk /knowledgebase/Business/uspgenerator.htm   (379 words)

 If you want make money, you need a USP !
The Unique Selling Proposition is the brand image of your product or service, and you should always develop your USP.
The USP of one of my companies is, "Don't pay for our copywriting and marketing services, pay for getting results." One of my specialties is to help small business owners and medium-sized companies to sell in another country where they want sell, but still don't do business.
When you think you have found your unique selling proposition, additional take into account that your USP must "sell", by which I mean that it must tell your customers what's in it for them.
noriainternational.com /copywritingsite/article1004.html   (1026 words)

 Unique Selling Proposition | Marketing Positioning | Create a USP
So what you need is a unique spin, an edge, or what is commonly known (in the marketing field) as a unique selling proposition -- USP for short.
A USP is an attempt to express the uniqueness of your business in a single statement.
Create a USP now and instead of fumbling around trying to explain to consumers what you're about, you'll already have your unique message all spelled out.
www.positioningtactics.com   (2626 words)

 MarketingProfs - Unique Selling Proposition
In practice the Core Value Proposition becomes a living force that casts it influence upon all phases of the organization’s activity.
You may have many factors you think are unique, but when you add these qualifiers, it narrows it down.
For many people, the Unique Selling Proposition is a subset of the Unique Value Proposition.
www.marketingprofs.com /ea/qst_question.asp?qstID=8895   (677 words)

 ManagersRealm: Unique Selling Proposition: The Heart of your Success
First of all, you must keep in mind that the USP will be the heart of that which you build your success, reputation, and prosperity.
Whatever type of product or service a customer needs at the time, the USP that you have should be so strong that it brings your company instantaneously into their thoughts.
Get a piece of paper and write down a short paragraph of what your USP is. You may struggle at first articulating it in such a compact manner.
www.managersrealm.com /2006/01/unique_selling_proposition_the.html   (825 words)

 Unique Selling Proposition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The USP process answers the distinct question: “What distinguishes your product or service from similar products or services, even businesses as a whole?” After continually battling my wits using other recommended USP models, I developed my own -- a list of 50 questions -- that gave me the same results, but faster.
If you are a new player, select a player with fewer than two years in business or with the same number of selling products, otherwise, you will be working under “measurement stress.” Measurement stress pleases the inner critic but will challenge your focus, energy, and your commitment.
A good USP process will provide the support you need to gather the information needed to fill your parking lot.
www.abundancecenter.com /articles/USP.htm   (951 words)

 Unique Selling Proposition (USP) / Déjà vu:  Engineers and Customer Metrics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
If you can’t cut through the clutter, grab attention and communicate immediately that you offer value nobody else has, your visitors are gone to someone who can.
Your USP is a strong, concise, simple statement about your business or brand that tells your prospects why you are the only alternative for them.
If a competitor can make the same claim, it's not a "unique" proposition.
www.grokdotcom.com /index12-01-01.htm   (1602 words)

 Hapag-Lloyd Container Line - Unique Selling Proposition
At Hapag-Lloyd even the exception becomes the rule: over-dimensional cargo, heavy items or dangerous or sensitive products are all routinely handled by our experts in our special departments.
We have accumulated a unique expertise relating to the handling and transport of sensitive goods.
Above all, you can rest assured that with us your cargo is in the best hands.
www.hapag-lloyd.com /en/services/value_added.html   (240 words)

 Unique selling proposition
If you don't you should be able to find your USP by the end of this article or at least improve your existing USP.
I quickly found out without a USP I was dead in the water.
I was trying to sell a wholesale source guide I had created.
www.directsalesmarketingonline.com /articles/a/usp.html   (743 words)

 MonsterCommerce | Your Unique Selling Proposition
Often, a USP is defined in terms of establishing better value, benefits or service than one’s competitors.
Most USPs are attached to a logo or used prominently in a site’s design in order to really have a strong impact.
You can purchase and promote a domain that communicates this USP (such as discountwidgets.com, widgetsdirect.com, highqualitywidgets.com, lowestpricewidgets.com, widgetvariety.com etc.) or you may consider launching a marketing campaign that will help position your site as a unique competitor in your market.
www.monstercommerce.com /newsletter/05/july/July05Article1.htm   (568 words)

 Marketing: Unique Selling Proposition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
USP is a venerable advertising concept, standing for
In short, it is the one explanation that you give your customers to buy from you instead of from the other guy.
For many products and services, Internet shoppers can buy just as easily from a company in Australia asd they can from you.
www.datafoundry.com /~square1/mark4c.html   (74 words)

 Eye on B-to-B: Promoting Your Unique Selling Proposition
If your catalog specializes in unique or hard-to-find merchandise, building a market is simply a matter of convincing customers that they need the item and can buy it from you.
In its marketing materials, the $50 million cataloger, which mails nearly 10 million catalogs a year, explains to customers and prospects that buying as much inventory as possible from one vendor — using one purchase order — cuts processing costs and manhours in the long run.
They may sell similar merchandise to similar audiences, but these catalogers demonstrate how easy it can be to distinguish your company from the competition.
multichannelmerchant.com /news/marketing_eye_btob_promoting/index.html   (1096 words)

 Unique Selling Proposition: Undehill & Associates
That is what developing a unique selling proposition is about.
Creating a competitive distinction, not around "trust me", but one that shows the customer your distinction.
Train the Trainer for Developing a Unique Selling Proposition
www.underhill-assoc.com /usp.asp   (392 words)

 Find your Unique Selling Proposition and Stand Out from the Crowd!
To generate a return from promotion you must be offering something unique.
You need to stand out from the crowd and your unique selling proposition must be articulated in your promotion.
However it must be unique, it is useless promoting cheap prices if everyone else is promoting the same.
www.bizpeponline.com /Article6.html   (745 words)

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