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Topic: United Auto Workers

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  www.kansascity.com | 11/12/2007 | United Auto Workers at Claycomo approve Ford contract
Workers at Ford Motor Co.’s Claycomo plant approved a new four-year national contract with the automaker by a wide margin.
Workers at General Motors Corp. and Chrysler also agreed to a two-tier wage system, but the lower wage would only affect new employees working in jobs not related to assembling vehicles.
About 54,000 Ford workers are voting on the new contract, a process that is expected to be finished this week.
www.kansascity.com /382/story/357447.html   (340 words)

 Latest Automotive News AutoNews24h.com
United Auto Workers members have ratified a four-year contract with Ford Motor Co. that sets lower pay for some newly hired workers and puts the company's huge retiree health care debt into a UAW-run trust.
United Auto Workers locals in Michigan and Illinois overwhelmingly have approved a new contract with Ford Motor Co., the local union presidents said Friday.
The United Auto Workers union reached a tentative four-year contract agreement with Ford Motor Co. on Saturday, avoiding the threat of a strike against the struggling automaker, the union said.
www.autonews24h.com   (1662 words)

  MySpace.com - United Auto Workers - 72 - Male - DETROIT, MICHIGAN - www.myspace.com/unitedautoworkers
The UAW was one of the first major unions that was willing to organize African-American workers, which increased its ability to garner enough support to win recognition through election — despite the racial prejudice of many workers.
In the 1960s, the UAW used its strategy of negotiating a contract with one major auto maker and applying it to others to secure a number of new benefits for auto workers, including fully paid hospitalization and sick leave benefits at General Motors and profit sharing in American Motors.
During this time, UAW members became one of the best paid groups of industrial workers in the country — many buying second homes in the country, boats, and earning enough to move to the suburbs and send their children to college.
www.myspace.com /unitedautoworkers   (1561 words)

Not only is the UAW involved in labor relations, it was a major factor in fighting Communist control in the United States and the world during World War II, involved in developing affirmative action programs concerning women and African American workers, and influenced national politics.
As you will see, the UAW is a force that grew out of discontent with work issues to become one of the largest and most diverse unions in North America (www.uaw.org).
Approximately 10% of the 47,000 workers in the Flint plants were members of the UAW at the beginning of this conflict, but this work stoppage brought in thousands of new recruits from all of the plants in the city (Zieger 46).
www.stfrancis.edu /ba/ghkickul/stuwebs/btopics/works/uaw.htm   (2252 words)

 Delphi makes temps permanent workers - Boston.com
Most were hired to replace more than 13,000 UAW workers who have taken buyouts or early retirement packages to leave the company.
Temporary workers were hired at $14 per hour, and under a previous pact, are eligible for raises that will boost their pay to a maximum of $18.50 per hour, union officials said.
Jim Hurren, president of a UAW local at a Delphi brake plant in Saginaw, Mich., said the lower wages for temporary workers should help Delphi be more competitive in the global market.
www.boston.com /business/articles/2006/11/22/delphi_makes_temps_permanent_workers   (490 words)

 GM's hard line staggers United Auto Workers officials
As for the talk of better relations with the Canadian Auto Workers union, the very existence of a separate and rival auto union in Canada is the result of the nationalist policies of the Solidarity House bureaucracy, which led to the 1985 split-off of the Canadians from the UAW.
This is why the UAW leadership continually counterposes to the "pig-headed" attitude of GM the "enlightened" labor policies of Ford and Chrysler (who, with the assistance of the union, shed a far greater proportion of jobs and plants in the 1980s than did GM).
The central issue that arises from the struggle of auto workers against the corporate onslaught on jobs and working conditions is the building of a new organization of working class struggle--a political party based on a socialist program and a strategy for the unification of the struggles of the working class internationally.
www.wsws.org /workers/1998/jun1998/gm-j30.shtml   (2931 words)

 eAutoPortal Directory - United Auto Workers (UAW)     (Site not responding. Last check: )
UAW Local 598 This local was born in 1939 in Flint, Michigan to represent workers at one of the Fisher Body plants where UAW members staged the 1937 Great Sit Down Strike and the UAW won its first contract with General Motors.
UAW Local 602 Chartered January 18, 1939, this is the local union that brought the UAW to Lansing, Michigan.
UAW Local 900 This local, to the west of Detroit, represents workers at three Ford plants in Wayne, Michigan.
www.eautoportal.com /links/LinkCategory.asp?showcategory=56000222   (932 words)

 United Auto Workers ratifies Ford contract
The UAW represents about 54,000 Ford workers, and 79 percent of those voted in favor of the pact, the union said.
Workers at General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC already had ratified similar deals, with the contract passing at Chrysler by a small margin.
UAW President Ron Gettelfinger said the union negotiated a contract that protects wages, benefits and seniority rights and provides income and secure health care for retirees.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/07319/834004-185.stm?cmpid=business.xml   (425 words)

 NPR : United Auto Workers Support Chrysler Sale
So, the United Auto Workers' endorsement of the sale of Chrysler to private equity firm Cerberus has come as a surprise to many.
They support it, which is surprising because just a few weeks ago, the head of the biggest union, the United Auto Workers, publicly opposed the sale of Chrysler to a private-equity firm.
UAW chief Ron Gettelfinger said he feared such a firm would "strip and flip" the company to turn a quick profit.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=10184023   (1409 words)

 United Auto Workers 30th constitutional convention Monthly Labor Review - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The problems members and leaders of the United Auto Workers (UAW) are confronting are numerous, but these vexing issues may have served to bolster a sense of labor solidarity at the union's 30th constitutional convention.
Delegates also adopted a resolution calling for organization of the "greenfield" auto plant to be built in South Carolina by German automaker BMW Corp. Focusing on the challenges facing organizers in a "right-to-work" State, Bieber emphasized that the union overcame similar problems in its successful organizing drive at Mack Trucks in Winsboro, sc.
UAW assistance to striking workers at maquiladora plants in Matamoros, Mexico, Bieber said, was a prime example of how the union protests the Mexican Government's collusion with corporate interests to promote economic and political efforts that transform workers into industrial serfs.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1153/is_n9_v115/ai_12800545   (716 words)

 Delphi submits new proposal to United Auto Workers - Boston.com
Bankrupt auto parts supplier Delphi Corp. has submitted new proposed wage and benefit cuts to the United Auto Workers with hopes of reaching an out-of-court agreement, a spokesman said on Monday.
UAW local unit leaders for both GM and Delphi are scheduled to meet Tuesday in Detroit to review details of the special attrition program, he said.
Nearly all of Delphi's U.S. hourly workers are represented by unions, with about 24,000 by the UAW and 8,500 by the industrial division of the Communications Workers of America.
www.boston.com /business/articles/2006/03/27/delphi_submits_new_proposal_to_united_auto_workers?mode=PF   (549 words)

 General Motors - A legacy of problems on carlist.com
The UAW pays 7 percent for their medical benefits while the salaried employees pay 27 percent for the same medical benefits.
UAW Vice President Dick Shoemaker, in charge of the GM relationship said "there is some flexibility within the agreement to do something" while UAW President Ron Gettelfinger stated that GM hasn’t asked the union to reopen the contract.
The UAW countered with a press release that talked about unfair trade practices and said, "U.S. autoworkers are prepared to compete with workers anywhere in the world based on productivity, quality and innovation.
www.carlist.com /autonews/2005/autonews_131.html   (1560 words)

 Online NewsHour: Transportation Archive | PBS
More than 30,000 auto workers at Chrysler went on strike Wednesday morning, but their union reached a settlement with the automaker by the end of the day.
The United Auto Workers union and General Motors reached a tentative agreement on Wednesday that includes a health care trust fund for retirees.
The United Auto Workers union ended its two-day strike on General Motors early Wednesday with a tentative deal that includes a health care plan funded by GM but managed by the union.
www.pbs.org /newshour/topic/transportation   (1630 words)

 UAW Local 2209 Your source for Fort Wayne Assembly and UAW News
Two large UAW locals, in Louisville, Ky., and Wayne, passed the tentative 4-year labor contract with Ford Motor Co. by an overwhelming majority, officials reported Sunday night, lending momentum toward a swift ratification.
UAW Settles With Chrysler, Ratifies GM DETROIT (AP) — It took two short strikes, but the United Auto Workers union has new contracts with General Motors and Chrysler, and now it will move on to struggling Ford.
UAW rank-and-file members began to vote on the union’s tentative contract ith General Motors Corp. on Monday, just a week after they had walked off the job in a nationwide strike that lasted two days.
www.local2209.org   (474 words)

 Latest Automotive and Car News - November 2007 - Carseek.com
November 15, 2007 - With the 2008 Los Angeles International Auto Show set to open on November 16, concept cars from foreign makers and a host of new hybrid are set to dominate the event.
November 14, 2007 - By a generous margin of 4 to 1, members of the United Auto Workers union have approved a new contract with Ford Motor Co. that will be in effect until 2011.
November 05, 2007 - The national leadership of the United Auto Workers union is briefing local presidents and shop chairs preparatory to member voting on the tentative contract reached with the Ford Motor Co.
carseek.com /news   (534 words)

 United Auto Workers (UAW)
The issues at stake, especially GM's drive to shift the burden of healthcare, will affect workers throughout the industrialized economy--to say nothing of Campaign '08.
The cutback at the visionary Saturn plant, where workers and managers once shared decision-making and cooperated as equals, is the latest affront to US autoworkers and American self-esteem.
Delphi's bankruptcy is a marker of a new America in which there is no collective security, no union to make you strong, no government to give you shelter, in which workers stand alone.
www.thenation.com /directory/united_auto_workers_uaw_   (133 words)

 Marines driven out of UAW lot - 03/13/05   (Site not responding. Last check: )
UAW International has said it will no longer allow members of the 1st Battalion 24th Marines to park at Solidarity House if they are driving foreign cars or displaying pro-President Bush bumper stickers.
UAW President Ron Gettelfinger opposed President Bush, accusing him of ignoring calls for labor law reform and failing to combat unfair business practices in China -- a growing threat to U.S. manufacturers.
The dispute arises as the UAW, using laid-off workers for labor, is building a $300,000 home for the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
www.detnews.com /2005/autosinsider/0503/13/C01-115531.htm   (544 words)

 United Auto Workers approved Ford contract in Louisville
United Auto Workers approved Ford contract in Louisville
United Auto Workers at the Ford Motor Co. plants in Louisville overwhelmingly approved a four-year labor agreement on Sunday.
About 80 percent of production workers and 75 percent of skilled trade workers voted yes, UAW Local 862 President Rocky Comito told The Courier-Journal.
www.kentucky.com /471/story/228130.html   (152 words)

 2006 January - Phil Law Weblog
United Auto Workers And Freightliner in Class Action Loom
A federal class-action racketeering lawsuit was filed by five workers against the United Auto Workers and Freightliner, an Oregon-based truck manufacturer, alleging that union officials and company managers agreed to wage and benefit cuts at nonunion plants in North Carolina in 2002 in exchange for valuable company assistance in organizing those workers.
United States District Court Ruled in Favor of Biolase Technology, Inc.
law.taragana.net /archive/2006/01   (714 words)

The UAW was formed in Detroit in 1935.
Now the United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agriculture Implement Workers of America, it is an international union with about 1 million members.
The United Auto Workers at Ford is using MODAPTS to resolve local workload issues.
www.modapts.org /uaw.htm   (83 words)

 UAW: Rethink China - speech by United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger Ward's Auto World - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A Chinese government spokesman denounces allegations by United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger that China mistreats its workers.
And the subversion charges are unrelated to the protest, he says, adding the Chinese government intervened on behalf of the workers who sought back pay and benefits.
While Jin says China is open to unions - most auto workers belong to unions, he claims - Gettelfinger urges auto makers to rethink China.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m3165/is_5_39/ai_101567578   (421 words)

 Free Will: Are the United Auto Workers Really United?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hourly workers at General Motors in Janesville are voting today on an agreement that would require union employees and retirees to pay a greater share of their medical bills.
Hourly workers at General Motors in Janesville overwhelming approved an agreement Wednesday that would require union employees and retirees to pay more for their medical bills.
GM is the largest private provider of health care in the United States, providing coverage for about 750,000 active hourly workers, retirees, spouses and family members.
www.wisopinion.com /blogs/2005/11/are-united-auto-workers-really-united.html   (295 words)

 United Auto Workers News - Inbox Robot
a disaster for this town, for the United Auto Workers, for this state and for...
Auto workers at Chrysler earn an average of...
He became a committee man for UAW Local 652 and eventually was elected education chairman.
www.inboxrobot.com /news/united-auto-workers   (1176 words)

 USATODAY.com - United Auto Workers statement on Ford restructuring   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The following statement was made Monday by United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger and Vice President Gerald Bantom, who directs the UAW National Ford Department, in response to Ford Motor Co.'s restructuring plan:
The impacted hourly and salaried workers find themselves facing uncertain futures because of senior management's failure to halt Ford's sliding market share.
Unfortunately, analyst and media speculation during the last month has made these events even more wrenching for Ford workers, their families and communities.
www.usatoday.com /money/companies/earnings/2006-01-23-ford-uaw-statement_x.htm   (292 words)

 United Automobile Workers News - The New York Times
A shrunken United Auto Workers Union began negotiations in July 2007 with a fading domestic automobile industry for a new labor contract with health care costs as the principal issue.
The United Automobile Workers union wielded its most potent weapon, sending workers to picket lines in its first national strike at G.M. since 1970.
After five days of intense talks, the two sides had resolved most of their differences and were down to “a few key issues,” said one person briefed on the talks.
topics.nytimes.com /top/reference/timestopics/organizations/u/united_automobile_workers   (1145 words)

 UAW Made - 2007 Cars and Trucks
This guide is prepared by the UAW to provide information for consumers who want to purchase vehicles produced by workers who enjoy the benefits and protections of a union contract.
All vehicles on this list are made in the United States or Canada by members of the United Auto Workers (UAW), Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) or the International Union of Electrical Workers-Communication Workers of America (IUE-CWA).
The Toyota Corolla, for example, is made in the United States by UAW members, but the Canadian model is made in a nonunion plant and other models are imported from a third country.
www.uaw.org /uawmade/auto/2007/index.cfm   (294 words)

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