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Topic: United Citizens Party

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

 [No title]
The United Citizens Party was formed out of a desire and a perceived need to extend political power to marginalized citizens throughout the state, who were not being represented in the current two-party political system.
The emergence of the Reform Party contributed to the demise of the Patriot Party.
The United Citizens Party offers the opportunity for all people to affiliate with an alternative political party with a different ideological orientation and a different base of legitimacy based on the support of working people, poor people, environmentalists, who recognize that the other political parties have not served their interests.
www.theunitedcitizensparty.org   (966 words)

  United Citizens Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The United Citizens Party (UCP) was first organized in 1969 in South Carolina in response to the state Democratic Party's opposition to nominating fl candidates.
The party's objective was to elect fls to the legislature and local offices in counties with fl majority populations.
The party ran candidates in 1970 and 1972; as a result in 1970 the first three fl candidates were elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives since Reconstruction.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/United_Citizens_Party   (432 words)

 Nazi Party
The Nazi party was a political party in the Weimar Republic following World War I. Soon after he joined in 1919, Hitler became the leader of the small party.
By 1930, the Nazi Party held 18 percent of the Reichstag.
The party then took on a governmental and administrative role, as well as a political one.
library.advanced.org /15511/data/encyclopedia/naziparty.htm   (294 words)

 Democratic Party - Search Results - MSN Encarta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Democratic Party, one of the two main political parties of the United States.
Political parties are the most representative, inclusive organizations in the United States.
Political Parties in the United States, in general, the two-party system that has usually prevailed in the United States.
encarta.msn.com /Democratic_Party.html   (164 words)

 Labor Party
Party officials hope to reach their goal by Jan. 31, but some folks have been wary of signing the petition.
The party stands for fair wages for all, universal health care and free higher education tuition for all.
The United Steelworkers union has said it will file suit in federal court, alleging the company failed to report the identity and quantity of certain hazardous materials used and stored on the plant property and filed insufficient reports on routine releases of at least 12 toxic chemicals.
www.thelaborparty.org /a_orange.html   (1007 words)

 Constitution Party - dKosopedia
The Constitution Party claimed to be the third-largest political party in the United States in terms of numbers of registered voters.
Most of the Constitution Party's registered voters are in two states: California, in which the affiliate is the American Independent Party, founded in 1967, and Nevada, in which the affiliate is named the Independent American Party.
The party holds that United States law is based on the "moral principles" of Christianity as codified in the Bible, and urges the abolition of the federal income tax.
www.dkosopedia.com /wiki/Constitution_Party   (678 words)

 Is South Carolina ready for a progressive third party?
The UCP ran candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, the legislature and county councils in 1970.
The UCP offers the opportunity to develop a new party with a different ideological orientation and a different base of legitimacy based on the support of working people, poor people, environmentalists, gays and lesbians — people who recognize that the Democrats have not served their interests.
Jim Hendrix, director of the state Election Commission, has told UCP organizers that it is too late to certify their own candidates for this fall, and that candidates from other parties would have to be approved by the chair of the respective party.
www.scpronet.com /point/0006/p04.html   (2444 words)

 Citizens Party (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Citizens Party was a political party in the United States from 1979 until 1984.
As the party's candidate for President in 1980, Commoner achieved ballot status in 29 states (22 and DC under the Citizens Party label, six as an Independent, and in PA with the Consumer Party), although his major activity was centered in CA, IL, MI, NY, and PA.
In 1984, the Citizens Party held it second national convention at Hamline University in St. Paul MN on 8/10–12/1984.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Citizens_Party_(United_States)   (1062 words)

 West Virginia Green Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Although third party candidates have not won national office since the l860 election of Abraham Lincoln, many major issues have required the prodding of third party movements to achieve acceptance.
The Green Party is about children, education, and the health of the environment in which we all live.
The campaign accelerated the party building of the Greens and energized efforts at the local and state level, helping to create new coalitions and awareness of the serious and credible efforts of the Green Party.
www.angelfire.com /zine/WVGreenParty   (1014 words)

 Green Party of the United States | About
The Green Party of the United States is a federation of state Green Parties.
We are partners with the European Federation of Green Parties and the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas.
The Green Party of the United States was formed in 2001 as a reincarnation of the older Association of State Green Parties (1996-2001).
www.gp.org /about.shtml   (325 words)

 3rd Party Players
The Patriots Party on the ballot this year was registered as the New Alliance Party in 1994.
The UCP had fallen dormant, and allowed the New Alliance Party to usurp its ballot status by filing appropriate notices in newspapers.
The party will be on the ballot in all 50 states, and owes its existence to the perseverance and wealth of H. Ross Perot.
www.scpronet.com /point/9608/p06.html   (772 words)

 Miami-Dade Green Party - History
Ordinary citizens, come together with the clear drive to focus attention on important issues not covered at all by media nor dealt with by the mainstream corporate-sponsored parties: millions without healthcare, poverty wages, genetic manipulation of foods without notification, local corruption, and so on.
We are part of a nationwide effor to create a value-based, progressive "movement / party" as an alternative to the Democrats and Republicans, which are institutions that function primarily to preserve the status quo.
We are affiliated with the Florida State Green Party (there are 25 locals in Florida now), and through them, the Green Party of the United States.
www.miamidadegreenparty.org /about/history.html   (278 words)

 Commonwealth Party Main
The Commonwealth Party is a party that favors limited government, regional/local autonomy and opposes government oppressions such as: over taxation, prohibition drug policy, overregulation in business, government waste and mismanagement, the policies of the welfare state and the over use of government.
The Commonwealth Party however entertains the secession of any or all of the current 50 states should it come to a head -- that is all of America should secede from itself and reconfigure into the Commonwealth.
The party at times apparently functions as a front for the objectivist philosophy but there are occasions when some subjectivism is needed for balance.
home.att.net /~CommonwealthParty/main.htm   (3739 words)

 Reform Party of the United States of America > Platform
Agreements to which the United States is a party that obligate the United States to provide military support should be temporary, and for the primary benefit of the United States.
All agreements to which the United States is a party must be reviewed periodically by the Congress to ensure that they remain in the best interests of the United States or else be phased out.
The government of the United States is morally and legally obligated to act in the interests of the American people in the manner prescribed by the Constitution, regardless of the support or opposition of foreign governments, international organizations, or other entities.
www.reformparty.org /platform.htm   (3855 words)

 America First Party of Mississippi Web Site!
Because all human life is precious, the Party calls upon the state legislature to establish by law the personhood of every human being from the moment of conception until natural death, thereby bringing all intentional abortions under the criminal sanction of the present statutes punishing manslaughter and murder.
The right of association being necessary for free political and social organization, the Party calls upon the state legislature to permit political parties to select their nominees for public office in a manner to be determined by the respective parties, removing the requirement for primaries which permit non-party members to interfere with nominee selection.
Because fluent use of the English language is essential to becoming an educated and productive citizen, the Party urges the state legislature to enact legislation outlawing the use of any language other than English in the public schools of the state, except for the limited purposes of teaching the use of a foreign language.
mississippi.americafirstparty.org /content/platform.shtml   (723 words)

 Green Party of Nevada | Green Party History
The "Green" movement, its values, and politics can be traced back to the period of August 10-12, 1984, likely a result of inspiration from Green Parties and movements developing internationally (particularly in Germany) at that time, as well as from remnants of the liberal movements in the United States during the 1960s.
During the period of 1996-2001, both the Greens/GPUSA and ASGP were vying for recognition from the Federal Elections Commission as the official Green Party in the United States.
Today, the Green Party of the United States is the third largest political party in the United States.
www.nevadagreenparty.org /gpushistory.html   (607 words)

 Green Party of the United Kingdom
British citizens must realise that the effects of the pollution created by high consumption of petrol are not limited to autos.
In summation, the Green Party of the United Kingdom is the true progressive political party in the United Kingdom.
The Green Party is the party for the present and the future of the United Kingdom.
www.lsu.edu /faculty/lray2/teaching/4068/green.htm   (1615 words)

 Reform Party USA Founding Principles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The positions of our Party on all issues will be chosen in accordance with the best interests of our country, its people and its future generations without regard for partisan or personal advantage.
The Reform Party will make our candidates, party officials and elected officials accountable to our grassroots members who are their principal support.
We, the members of the Reform Party, celebrate our heritage of individual liberty, recognizing that one of our greatest strengths is our diversity; and we will foster tolerance of the customs, beliefs, and private actions of all persons which do not infringe upon the rights of others.
www.reformpartyusa.org /founding.htm   (870 words)

 Safe Harbor
While the United States and the European Union share the goal of enhancing privacy protection for their citizens, the United States takes a different approach to privacy from that taken by the European Union.
The United States uses a sectoral approach that relies on a mix of legislation, regulation, and self regulation.
Where an organization wishes to transfer information to a third party that is acting as an agent(1), it may do so if it makes sure that the third party subscribes to the safe harbor principles or is subject to the Directive or another adequacy finding.
www.export.gov /safeharbor/sh_overview.html   (1653 words)

 United States Whig Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The Whig Party was founded to oppose the policies of President George W. Bush, in particular supporting the supremacy of Congress over the Executive Branch and favoring a program of modernization and economic development.
The name was chosen to echo the British Whig Party, who in turn were opponents of a strong monarch.
Immigrants would no longer be able to steal jobs from citizens because they would be competing with citizens on an even playing field.
www.geocities.com /brian_bleich/whigparty.html   (481 words)

 World Citizens Party
The World Citizen's Party is a new political party, organized to operate at the local, state/provincial, national and global levels, with branches throughout the world.
The Party calls for the earliest possible establishment of a truly democratic and effective federal world government capable of protecting human rights and addressing the desperate problems currently threatening the future of humanity and the natural environment.
We believe that this global political party is a logical instrument for achieving the political objective of a democratically governed world.
www.worldcitizensparty.org   (318 words)

 iBrattleboro.com - United Citizens Party Aims for Ballot Access   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
With minor party status, the United Citizens Party of Vermont will have a secure ballot line enabling the party to run a host of statewide and local candidates for public office in 2008 who will be committed to representing ethnic minorities, the poor, the working class, youth and other marginalized citizens.
The United Citizens Party of Vermont was founded by Burlington residents Owen Mulligan and Loyal Ploof whom modeled the party after the United Citizens Party of South Carolina which was formed in 1969 out of a desire and a perceived need to extend political power to disenchanted citizens.
The United Citizens Party of Vermont (UCPV) offers the opportunity to develop a new party with a different ideological orientation and a different base of legitimacy based on the support of working people, poor people, environmentalists and youth — people who recognize that the Democrats and the Republicans have not served their interests.
www.ibrattleboro.com /article.php/20070731032729416   (321 words)

 Politics1: Presidency 2000 - Ralph Nader (Green Party - Connecticut)
The American Reform Party -- an anti-Perot splinter party that broke away from the Reform Party USA in 1997 -- has also endorsed (but not "nominated") Nader for President in 2000.
As the NLP nominee in 1996, Hagelin was on the ballot in 48 states and captured 114,000 votes.
Hagelin ended his Green Party bid in May 2000 however, when it became clear that Nader had a lock on the nomination.
www.politics1.com /greens.htm   (2248 words)

 The Official Utah Republican Party Web Site > Party Information > Platform   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
We believe government properly exists by the consent of the governed and must be restrained from intruding into the freedoms of its citizens.
We oppose congressional, judicial, and executive abrogation of the principle that the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
The Republican Party is a party by the people and for the people.
www.utgop.org /party_info/platform.html   (1100 words)

 BuzzFlash > Contributor > The Revised Constitution of God’s United States
The full force of the provisions of these Amendments are effective immediately, and the Judicial Branch of the Government of God’s United States is hereby instructed to interpret any disparity between the original Articles of the Constitution and its original Amendments, and this revised and updated Patriotic Citizen’s Constitution, in favor of the latter.
In any and all cases, including rape, incest, and health emergencies, any persons infringing upon the life of the unborn, whether mothers, relatives, health care providers, or their co-conspirators, shall be subject to the full force of state statutes concerning homicide or attempted homicide.
It is henceforth the duty of all Patriotic Citizens to vote for and provide support to the Party, until such time as the President, in his sole discretion, determines that God’s United States is no longer at war.
www.buzzflash.com /contributors/04/11/con04507.html   (564 words)

 US Marijuana Party Official Website
United we are a potential 12 million vote political machine.
The United States Marijuana Party is here to help citizens take control of our out-of-control government and to return the power to the people as it should be.
We are patriotic citizens who firmly believe in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
www.usmjparty.com   (378 words)

 Mission   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Many of the priciples of both the Green Party and United Citizens Party are just plain common sense and I hope to bring these principle to play in the South Carolina State House.
I hope to be a part of this growing party as a State Legislator.
The UCP has honored me by asking me to represent them as a candidate and I hope to honor them by seeking just solutions to many of the racial and social problems that have been swept under the rug by timid, status quo politicians.
home.earthlink.net /~styer2004/id1.html   (202 words)

 Green Party of the United States
Therefore, we will work to increase public participation at every level of government and to ensure that our public representatives are fully accountable to the people who elect them.
Therefore, we support a restructuring of social, political and economic institutions away from a system which is controlled by and mostly benefits the powerful few, to a democratic, less bureaucratic system.
We recognize it is essential to create a vibrant and sustainable economic system, one that can create jobs and provide a decent standard of living for all people while maintaining a healthy ecological balance.
www.gp.org /tenkey.shtml   (774 words)

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