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Topic: United Kingdom House of Commons

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  British House of Commons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The House of Commons is a democratically elected body, consisting of 646 members, who are known as "Members of Parliament" or "MPs." Members are elected by the first past the post system of election for limited terms, holding office until Parliament is dissolved (a maximum of five years).
The division of Parliament into two houses occurred during the reign of Edward III: the knights and burgesses formed the House of Commons, whilst the clergy and nobility formed the House of Lords.
The King was beheaded, and the monarchy and Upper House abolished, in 1649.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/United_Kingdom_House_of_Commons   (6934 words)

 Irish House of Commons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Irish House of Commons by Francis Wheatley (1780).
The upper house was the House of Lords.
The House of Commons was abolished when the Irish parliament merged with its British counterpart in 1801 under the Act of Union.
www.northmiami.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Irish_House_of_Commons   (355 words)

 United Kingdom - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The United Kingdom is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations (successor organisation to the former British Empire) and NATO.
The Prime Minister is usually the leader of the largest party in the House of Commons and is commissioned by the monarch to form a government based on his or her ability to command the support of the Commons.
Also sometimes associated with the United Kingdom, though not constitutionally part of the United Kingdom itself, are the Crown dependencies (the Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey, and the Isle of Man) as self-governing possessions of the Crown, and a number of overseas territories under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /united_kingdom.htm   (3599 words)

 United Kingdom Encyclopedia Article, Definition, History, Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (usually shortened to United Kingdom or UK) is a country situated off the north-western coast of continental Europe, and is surrounded by the North Sea, the English Channel, the Celtic Sea, the Irish Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean.
The United Kingdom is the union of the Kingdom of England (which already included Wales as a principality) with the Kingdom of Scotland and later the Kingdom of Ireland to form a single state under the Parliament of the United Kingdom.
It is bicameral, composed of the elected House of Commons and the unelected House of Lords, whose members are mostly appointed.
encyclopedia.localcolorart.com /encyclopedia/United_Kingdom   (4979 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The House of Commons elects a Speaker, who controls the day-to-day running of the House and is empowered to call on members to speak during debates.
One important characteristic of the House of Commons is Question Time, in which members of both the party in power and the opposition parties have a weekly opportunity to ask questions of Cabinet ministers including the Prime Minister.
The House of Commons called an election in 1910 and the Liberals were successfully reelected, though not by as large a margin as the previous election.
www.online-encyclopedia.info /encyclopedia/b/br/british_house_of_commons.html   (3789 words)

 Constituency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The most common meaning of constituency occurs in politics and means the group of people or geographical area that a particular elected representative or group of elected representatives represents.
In United Kingdom general elections, the voting in a relatively small number of marginal constituencies usually determines the outcome of the entire election.
In the United States, electoral constituencies for the federal House of Representatives are known as congressional districts, while the constituencies for the variously named state legislatures go by a variety of names.
www.kernersville.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Electoral_division   (833 words)

 Ireland Information Guide , Irish, Counties, Facts, Statistics, Tourism, Culture, How   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The upper House of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, the House of Lords, has historically comprised the Peers of the Realm, who have at the same been excluded from the House of Commons.
The elections for officers of the House were held on the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth of October, while those for peers elected by party were held on the third and fourth of November; the results were proclaimed to the House on the fifth of November.
The influence of peers in the House of Commons was somewhat reduced by the Reform Act of 1832.
www.irelandinformationguide.com /Peers_and_Parliament   (4168 words)

 Elections in the United Kingdom   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The United Kingdom is a country in Western Europe and member of the European Union.
Freedom House rated the country on political rights with a 1 and on civil rights with a 1, both on a scale of 1 to 7 (in which 1 is the most free).
The United Kingdom is a member of the European Union.
www.electionworld.org /unitedkingdom.htm   (353 words)

 Gilder Lehrman Center: Sources: United Kingdom. House of Commons, "Note, February 10, March 1"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
House of Commons, "Note, February 10, March 1," The Journal of the House of Commons.
And the said proposed Amendment and Motion were severally, with leave of the House, withdrawn.
Wilberforce do carry the Bill to the Lords; and acquaint them, that this House hath agreed to the same, with some Amendments; to which Amendments this House doth desire the concurrence of their Lordships.
www.yale.edu /glc/archive/910.htm   (223 words)

 Bambooweb: Impeachment
The House of Lords hears the case, with the Lord Chancellor presiding (or the Lord High Steward if the impeachment relates to a peer accused of high treason.) The hearing resembles an ordinary trial: both sides may call witnesses and present evidence.
The federal procedure in the United States involves a vote for impeachment in the House of Representatives on Articles of Impeachment, as in the United Kingdom.
The investigating house can remove the President if it decides, by at least a two-thirds majority of its members, that she is guilty of the charge of which she stands accused, and that the charge is sufficiently serious as to warrant her removal.
www.bambooweb.com /articles/i/m/Impeachment.html   (1755 words)

 EXPULSION - LoveToKnow Article on EXPULSION
In the United Kingdom the House of Commons can by resolution expel a member.
But expulsion is only resorted to in cases where members are guilty of offences rendering them unfit for a seat in the House, such as being in open rebellion, being guilty of forgery, perjury, fraud or breach of trust, misappropriation of public money, corruption, conduct unbecoming the character of an officer and a gentleman, andc.
In the very exceptional cases in which it was retained in the statute book, expulsion was considered to have fallen into desuetude, but it has been revived by the Aliens Act of 1905 (5 Edw.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /E/EX/EXPULSION.htm   (522 words)

 Devolved English Parliament - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It shared most of the powers typical of representative institutions in medieval and early modern Europe, and was arranged from the fourteenth century in a bicameral manner, with a House of Commons for the knights of the shire and burgesses and a House of Lords for the spiritual and temporal peers.
Following the first elections to the newly created Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly in 1999 England was left as the only nation in the United Kingdom, besides Cornwall, with no separate representative body, although the Northern Ireland Assembly has been subject to periods of suspension.
Alternatively, some would have this parliament take the form of an English Grand Committee in the United Kingdom House of Commons rather than as a new body with separate elections, while some see it as replacing the House of Commons, with a reformed House of Lords being the sole UK chamber.
www.butte-silverbow.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Devolved_English_Parliament   (713 words)

 United Kingdom - Atlapedia Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The United Kingdom is comprised of four constituents, England, Wales and Scotland which alone form Great Britain and combined with Northern Ireland and several island groups, form the United Kingdom.
CLIMATE: The United Kingdom has a mild and temperate climate which is influenced by the North Atlantic Drift and the southwesterly winds.
On July 22, 1993 two "Maastricht" proposals were put to the House of Commons, one by the Labor Party and the other by the Conservative government, both of which were defeated.
www.atlapedia.com /online/countries/unitedki.htm   (2683 words)

 Public Library of Science: House of Commons Committee Endorses Open Access   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
According to the report, "It is not for either publishers or academics to decide who should, and who should not, be allowed to read scientific journals." The report dismisses arguments made by publishers against open-access publishing, and urges the government to take concrete actions in support of open access.
In conjunction with other recent developments in the UK and the United States, this report suggests an international consensus growing in support of the open access movement.
Eisen added, "The report from the House of Commons committee and the bill passed by the US House committee are a call-to-action.
www.publiclibraryofscience.org /news/announce_ukreport.html   (419 words)

 INTL 4640 - The Politics of the European Union
United Kingdom, House of Commons, June 11, 1998
United Kingdom, House of Commons, July 4, 2001
United Kingdom, House of Commons, October 17, 2001
www.arches.uga.edu /~maurits/04F_intl4640   (342 words)

 Edited Evidence * HEAL * Number 041 (Official Version)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
If legislation is referred to us by the House after either first or second reading--and either thing can happen in Canada--we have to drop what we're doing and begin to do the work on that bill, to hear witnesses and undertake that process, which is of course followed by clause-by-clause examination.
Patients living in some parts of the United Kingdom have access to those drugs because the doctor and the health authority allow them to be prescribed, but that's not the case for other parts of the United Kingdom.
The opposition parties are represented based upon the percentage of their numbers in the House, so this is a mini-version of the House, as I predict your committees are as well.
www.parl.gc.ca /InfoComDoc/37/2/HEAL/Meetings/Evidence/healev41-e.htm   (7023 words)

 Members Directories and Guides Parliaments and Legislatures
United Kingdom - House of Commons - Conservative
United Kingdom - House of Commons - Labour
United Kingdom - House of Commons - Liberal Democrat
xmeta.com /web/576381/society/government/.../members   (122 words)

 Parliament Home Page | Houses of Parliament
You can go directly to the House of Commons, the House of Lords, or House of Commons Select Committees and the House of Lords Committees Weekly Bulletin.
Members of the House of Commons and Members of the House of Lords.
The House of Commons and the House of Lords have returned from Summer recess.
www.parliament.uk   (343 words)

 Diwali celebrated in House of Commons
In a momentous occasion for the Indian community in the United Kingdom, the House of Commons celebrated Diwali with Prime Minister Tony Blair lighting the traditional lamp to mark the festivities.
Presiding over the function, attended by more than 100 MPs and 400 guests, Blair said he was "deeply touched by the unity, warmth and joy this festival brings each year and the spirit with which it is celebrated.
"The prime minister's celebration of Diwali in the House of Commons is a unique achievement in the history of the British parliament," India-born MP Keith Vaz, who organised support from other parliamentarians for holding the event, said.
www.rediff.com /news/2003/oct/30uk.htm   (487 words)

 Evil empire   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The term evil empire was applied to the former Soviet Union by U.S. President Ronald Reagan during the latter stages of the Cold War.
Reagan first used the term in his speech to the United Kingdom House of Commons on June 8, 1982.
Some have turned this term against the United States.
mywiseowl.com /articles/Evil_empire   (417 words)

 House of Commons - Defence - Thirteenth Report
House of Commons - Defence - Thirteenth Report
The published report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 26 July 2000.
Strategic importance of the region to the United Kingdom
www.globalsecurity.org /wmd/library/news/iraq/2000/45302.htm   (66 words)

 NORML Home / News Archive / 2002 / U.K. House of Commons Backs Pot Reclassification
London, United Kingdom: Members of Parliament (MP) endorsed plans to make marijuana possession a non-arrestable offense, in a report released yesterday by the House of Commons home affairs committee.
The policy recommendation echoes demands made previously by Home Secretary David Blunkett in October 2001 and Parliament's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) in March.
The committee also said the United Nations should reconsider the appropriateness of global anti-drug treaties, and begin investigating alternative policies, "including the possibility of legalization and regulation to tackle the global drugs dilemma."
www.norml.org /index.cfm?Group_ID=5303   (473 words)

 Legislatures--World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Netherlands: Upper House (in Dutch), Lower House of the Parliament,
United Kingdom: Parliament, House of Commons, House of Lords
United States: House of Representatives, Senate, State Legislatures
www.siena.edu /lombardo/neweb/ampolitics/Congress/worldlegis.htm   (139 words)

In addition to its management responsibility to detect espionage among its employees, the FBI is the lead agency for detecting and investigating espionage committed in the United States.
The Decision to go to War in Iraq: Oral evidence Taken before the Foreign Affairs Committee United Kingdom House of Commons, Foreign Affairs Committee 18 June 2003 -- Witness: DR THOMAS DAVID INCH, OBE, Former Deputy Chief Scientific Officer, MoD at Porton Down and former Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Chemistry, examined.
Intelligence and Security Committee Annual Report 2002—2003 United Kingdom Intelligence and Security Committee June 2003 -- "This Annual Report covers the period May 2002 to April 2003 and is the second Annual Report produced by the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) under the chairmanship of the Rt.
www.globalsecurity.org /intell/library/reports/2003   (846 words)

 Area Studies, UK: politics, elections and government in Britain
House of Commons Agenda and Order of Business.
Hansard (House of Commons debates), and other publications on the Internet.
The Weekly Information Bulletin is produced weekly when the House is in Session and includes recent and forthcoming business of the House of Commons plus some for the House of Lords.
www.psr.keele.ac.uk /area/uk.htm   (1451 words)

 IPEX - Interparliamentary EU Information Exchange: United Kingdom. House of Commons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The House of Commons and the European Union
The European Scrutiny Committee of the House of Commons assesses the legal and/or political importance of each EU document, decides which EU documents are debated, monitors the activities of UK Ministers in the Council, and keeps legal, procedural and institutional developments in the EU under review.
Reports to House of Commons on Council meetings
www.ecprd.org /ipex/uk_commons.asp   (233 words)

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