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Topic: United Kingdom general election, 1885

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  Election - LoveToKnow 1911
For practical details as to the conduct of political elections in England reference must be made to the various text-books on the subject; the candidate and his election agent require to be on their guard against any false step which might invalidate his return.
The petition may allege that the election was avoided as to the borough or ward on the ground of general bribery, andc., or that the election of the person petitioned against was avoided by corrupt practices, or by personal disqualification, or that he had not the majority of lawful votes.
The expenses connected with elections, such as the renting and preparing of the polling-places, the payment of the clerks and other officers who conduct the elections and count the vote, are borne by the community.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Election   (3289 words)

 United Kingdom - Search View - ninemsn Encarta
The United Kingdom is bordered to the south by the English Channel, which separates it from continental Europe, to the east by the North Sea, and to the west by the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean; the only land border is between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
The climate of the United Kingdom is mild relative to its latitude.
The United Kingdom is one of the most urbanized of the world’s larger nations: about 89 per cent of the population lives in cities and towns.
au.encarta.msn.com /text_761553483__1/United_Kingdom.html   (19613 words)

 United Kingdom general election, 2001 - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The UK general election, 2001 was held on 7 June 2001 and was dubbed "the quiet landslide" by the media.
The elections were also marked by apathy from the voting public, turnout being only 59%, the lowest since 1918.
Throughout the election the Labour party had maintained a significant lead in the opinion polls and the result was deemed to be so certain that some bookmakers paid out for a Labour majority before the election day.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/United_Kingdom_general_election,_2001   (481 words)

 Hawaiian Kingdom - Blount's Report, July 17, 1893
In the election for the legislature of 1880 it is alleged that by the use of gin, chiefly furnished by the King, and by the use of his patronage, it was carried against the reform party; that out of twenty-eight candidates, twenty-six were office-holders—one a tax assessor and one the Queen’s secretary.
The general belief that the king had accepted what is termed the opium bribe and the failure of his efforts to unite the Samoan Islands with his own Kingdom had a depressing influence on his friends, and his opponents used it with all the effect they could.
At the first election held under this Constitution, the nobles shall be elected to serve until the general election to the legislature for the year of our Lord 1890, at which election, and thereafter, the nobles shall be elected at the same time and places as the representatives.
www.hawaiiankingdom.org /blounts-report.shtml   (9161 words)

 United Kingdom general election, 1885 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The 1885 UK general election was from the 24th November - 18th December 1885.
This was the first general election after an extension of the franchise and redistribution of seats.
As the Irish Nationalists held the balance of power between them and the Conservatives, this exacerbated divisions within the Liberals over Irish Home Rule and led to a split and another general election the following year.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/United_Kingdom_general_election,_1885   (168 words)

 Multitext - Home Rule—The Elections of 1885 & 1886.
The Redistribution Act of 1885 had abolished the preference given to the boroughs in the past where only 2% of the population elected 15% of the MPs.
The growth of the National League was slow until the 1885 general election.
On 17 December 1885 Gladstone’s son, Herbert, speaking at Hawarden, announced that his father had been so impressed by the success of the Parnellites in taking 85 of the 103 seats in Ireland, that he was now convinced that Home Rule by orderly secession was possible.
multitext.ucc.ie /d/Home_RuleThe_Elections_of_1885__1886   (5854 words)

 sociology - Victoria of the United Kingdom   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
As well as being queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, she was also the first monarch to use the title Empress of India.
One of the most significant acts of the new ministry was to bring the United Kingdom into the Crimean War in 1854, on the side of the Ottoman Empire and against Russia.
As of 2004, the European monarchs and former monarchs descended from Victoria are: the Queen of the United Kingdom, the King of Norway, the King of Sweden, the Queen of Denmark, the King of Spain, the King of the Hellenes (deposed) and the King of Romania (deposed).
www.aboutsociology.com /sociology/Victoria_of_the_United_Kingdom   (4993 words)

 General Election Results 1885-1979
The figures given here for elections from 1885 to 1945 differ from those in F.W.S. Craig’s “British Electoral Facts” because they are adjusted for votes cast in the two-member seats.
Change % No figures for vote change can be given for the 1922 general election because of the secession of the Irish Free State, and the existence of the Coalition in 1918.
Constitutionalists This label was used by a number of right-wing Liberals in the 1924 general election who wanted to distance themselves from the party’s temporary support for the Labour Government.
www.election.demon.co.uk /geresults.html   (687 words)

 [No title]
After any general election the Parliament shall be summoned to meet not later than thirty days after the day appointed for the return of the writs.
After the first general election, the writs shall be issued within ten days from the expiry of a House of Representatives or from the proclamation of a dissolution thereof.
After the first general election no Minister of State shall hold office for a longer period than three months unless he is or becomes a senator or a member of the House of Representatives.
www.aph.gov.au /senate/general/constitution/constit.doc   (5642 words)

 CrisisCongo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
kingdom, the clan was the governing unit that controls the land.
The kingdom of the Kuba was reorganized in the mid seventeenth century and exercised
The height of the Kingdom was during the mid-19th century.
www.unitedafricaorganization.org /CrisisCongo.html   (17328 words)

 IUB Libraries: Data Pathfinders: Election Statistics
National election data can be broken down by state and spans over 100 years, while time coverage of state assembly elections varies widely by state.
This vast trove of data is generally regarded as the authoritative Internet-based source for British election statistics, even though it is compiled by a private citizen rather than a government agency.
United States presidential elections, 1788-1860 : the official results by county and state.
www.libraries.iub.edu /index.php?pageId=4030   (1418 words)

 Unit Did You Mean unit?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Unit of measurement or physical unit, a fundamental quantity of measurement in science or engineering.
Unit of action, a discrete piece of action (or beat) in a theatrical presentation.
Unit (ring theory), an element that is invertible with respect to ring multiplication.
www.did-you-mean.com /Unit.html   (905 words)

 JURIST - Cohn: Spain, EU and US: War on Terror or War on Liberties?
Three days before the colloquium, United States Education Secretary Roderick R. Paige called the largest teachers union in the U.S. a “terrorist organization.” This characterization alarmed the lawyers at the colloquium, who fear that their own anti-terrorism laws will be used to suppress labor struggles.
A general strike or a large demonstration against the World Trade Organization, where property is damaged and considerable expense is incurred to mobilize a police force, could be punished as terrorism under this definition.
The law professors from the United Kingdom felt that this definition is so broad, it is unworkable, and blurs the line between protest and terrorist groups.
jurist.law.pitt.edu /forum/cohn2.php   (1363 words)

 PC(USA) - Worldwide Ministries: El Salvador - History
Under the federation’s liberal republican constitution of 1824, Manuel Jose Arce won a hotly contested and disputed election to become the first president of the United Provinces of Central America in 1825.
General Maximiliano Hernández Martínez ruled El Salvador as a military dictator from 1931 until 1944.
In the years that followed, military officers continued to control the government, but new political parties and labor unions were allowed to form, giving the urban middle class an opportunity to participate in politics.
www.pcusa.org /worldwide/elsalvador/history.htm   (554 words)

 Story of Ireland
An Irish king (of which there were many each with their own small kingdoms, over which reigned a 'high king') invited a Norman knight to come to his aid in a rivalry with a neighbouring kingdom.
In the December 1918 election, Sinn Féin won the vast majority of seats; most however were uncontested, which makes it difficult to calculate exactly what support base it really had.
A recent academic study, based on by-elections, contested seats and local government votes, suggest Sinn Féin had the support of marginally less than half of all Irish voters; somewhere in the region of 45-48%.
www.generalmichaelcollins.com /Fine_Gael/A_Story_of_Ireland.html   (5507 words)

 This Day In Military History... - Page 48 - Armchair General Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
During the next four decades, Hawaii entered into a number of political and economic treaties with the United States, and in 1887 a U.S. naval base was established at Pearl Harbor as part of a new Hawaiian constitution.
However, in 1891 Liliuokalani, the sister of the late King Kalakaua, ascended to the throne, refusing to recognize the constitution of 1887 and replacing it with a constitution increasing her personal authority.
The 3rd Brigade is disbanded, and its units (primarily the brigade headquarters and 6th Regiment) are withdrawn from Tientsin, China, over the remainder of the month.
www.armchairgeneral.com /forums/showthread.php?p=484053   (5457 words)

During the twenty-two months that the transitional government was to prepare for elections, a United Nations peacekeeping force, called UNAMIR, was to contribute to the security of the capital, protect opposition leaders as well as RPF troops stationed in Kigali, and facilitate the integration of the two armies.
In the 1989 national election, the BJP, with its explicit Hindutva agenda,12 won 15 percent of the popular vote and eighty-eight seats in Parliament.
In general, Palestinians view settlers as usurping Palestinian land and resources, and as a threat to the safety and well-being, if not the very survival, of the Palestinian community on what it considers as its land.
www.hrw.org /reports/1995/General.htm   (18713 words)

 [No title]
Now take a look at the United States of America, and in a lesser way Australia, where it is every citizens' right to do what we- bloody-well-please and bloody-tough-luck for anyone who happens to be standing in the way.
At a cost of $1 million, she was forced to cancel a five-week, 20-city tour of America and a whole generation of her most loyal fans never heard her sing live.
That is why they want their own state after the election - a place where they could enjoy self-determination and where their language and culture would be paramount.
www.nfbnet.org /files/general_info/BRLAPR94   (13949 words)

United Kingdom Election Results all constituency results from '83, summary results from 1885, more stuff on London than you can shake a stick at...
The ABC's election page has some good analysis of aussie politics, including state level analysis.
CBC coverage of the British election- for a Canadian perspective.
www.uselectionatlas.org /FORUM/index.php?topic=17813.0   (690 words)

 United Kingdom General Election results since 1832
UK General Elections since 1832 UK General Elections since 1832
Complete results are available here for those years highlighted in red
Otherwise, links are to summary results on the Spartacus site and Adam Carr's Election Archive
www.psr.keele.ac.uk /area/uk/edates.htm   (100 words)

 WWW-VL History Index
London's Lost Map, from the Museum of London
Political Divisions of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
BUBL Subject Archive: Internet Resources: British archaeology - general
vlib.iue.it /history/europe/uk/uk.html   (768 words)

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