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Topic: United Nations Security Council

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

 United Nations Security Council - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The decisions of the Council are known as UN Security Council Resolutions.
Nehru suggested that the United Nations Security Council seat held by Taiwan be offered to Beijing instead.
France has explicitly called for a permanent seat in the UN for Germany: "Germany's engagement, its ranking as a great power, its international influence—France would like to see them recognised with a permanent seat on the Security Council", French president Jacques Chirac said in a speech in Berlin in 2000.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/United_Nations_Security_Council   (3362 words)

 BBC NEWS World Europe Country profiles Profile: United Nations
Potential members are recommended by the Security Council and are admitted by a two-thirds majority vote in the General Assembly.
The United Nations (UN), which emerged in 1945 from the devastation of global conflict, aims to "save succeeding generations from the scourge of war".
The court's 15 judges are elected by the General Assembly and the Security Council.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/europe/country_profiles/3159028.stm   (1369 words)

 UN Security Council - Global Policy Forum
The five permanent members of the Security Council (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States) enjoy the privilege of veto power.
The Security Council is the United Nations' most powerful body.
A short bibliography of printed materials and electronic resources on the Security Council and Council reform, and an amusing photo gallery, showing members in the Council on the job and in other venues.
globalpolicy.igc.org /security   (572 words)

 Angola: United Nations Security Council
Similarly, the Council stated that it intended to review the United Nations role in Angola, should the Secretary-General report that the cooperation from the Angolan parties was substantially delayed or not forthcoming.
The Council intended to review the role of the United Nations in Angola if the cooperation required from the parties was not forthcoming.
The initial mandate of the operation was for six months; then the Council would be in a position to review progress before reviewing the mandate.
www.africaaction.org /docs95/ang9502.10.htm   (1714 words)

 Princeton Students Visit United Nations Security Council - Press Release
Although the Security Council session was cancelled unexpectedly, Danspeckgruber arranged for the students to talk to the UN Ambassadors of the United States, Austria, and Ireland.
Danspeckgruber began making calls in early January to secure a visit to the United Nations Security Council, whose primary responsibility is to maintain international peace and security among its member nations.
Princeton Students Visit United Nations Security Council - Press Release
www.wws.princeton.edu /events/pressreleases/Archive/UNSC.html   (703 words)

 United Nations Security Council Resolution 242
Following the June 1967 Six-Day War, the situation in the Middle East was discussed by the United Nations General Assembly, which referred the issue to the Security Council.
United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 (UNSCR 242) became the cornerstone of Middle East diplomatic efforts in the coming decades.
The United States' UN Ambassador at the time, former Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, has stated that:
palestinefacts.org /pf_1948to1967_un_242.php   (1000 words)

 United Nations Security Council Opening Session
I call to order this first meeting of the United Nations Security Council in the 21st Century.
Now I am pleased to present the distinguished Secretary General of the United Nations, who has given so much to the cause of peace and security, Kofi Annan.
For the past half century, the Security Council has dealt with the classic security agenda – built upon common efforts to resist aggression, and to stop armed conflict.
clinton4.nara.gov /WH/EOP/OVP/speeches/unopen_fp.vtx   (1209 words)

 International Ju-Jitsu: Using United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 to advance nuclear disarmament by Alyn Ware, July 2004
On April 28, 2004, the United Nations Security Council adopted
Ensure strict compliance with existing international law relating to transit, such as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, Article 19 (2) (a)
www.wagingpeace.org /articles/2004/07/00_ware_ju-jitsu.htm   (1740 words)

 Security Council
As long as key regions and contributors to the United Nations system are not adequately represented, the Security Council runs the risk of losing some of its legitimacy and authority.
Website of the United Nations - Information on the Security Council
United for Consensus group, which envisages enlargement of the Security Council to include ten new non-permanent seats, as well as the lifting of the ban on re-election, was submitted to the General Assembly on 21 July 2005.
www.auswaertiges-amt.de /www/en/aussenpolitik/vn/vereinte_nationen/d_im_sicherheitsrat   (1147 words)

 Reforming the United Nations Security Council: Will its Time Ever Come? - Global Policy Forum
The impact was also felt in the Security Council, where Washington’s distemper led the Clinton administration to freeze U.N. peacekeeping missions after the wind-up of the operations in Bosnia and Eastern Slavonia.
If we are going to keep the United States on the U.N. reservation, Security Council reform needs to assure that capable states are at its core.
The awakening of the Security Council from its long Rip-van-Winkle slumber may be dated quite precisely to the Council’s successful flexing of long-atrophied muscles in order to shut down the Iran-Iraq war in 1987-88.
www.globalpolicy.org /security/reform/cluster1/2003/0513reforming.htm   (2359 words)

 United Nations Security Council
Also unlike the assembly, the Security Council in theory functions continuously at the seat of the United Nations.
The Security Council was constructed as an organ with primary responsibility for preserving peace.
By the terms of the Charter, the United Nations was forbidden to intervene in matters "which are essentially.
www.infoplease.com /spot/un2.html   (443 words)

 Address to the United Nations Security Council
Today's meeting is a follow-up to the visit of the United Nations Security Council delegation to South Africa in April this year.
I felt it important and prudent to brief the Security Council in pursuance of the common objective of securing peace and stability in the African continent in general, and in Burundi in particular.
The Security Council delegation that visited South Africa in April discovered what we were dealing with when the CNDD-FDD of Pierre Nkurunziza refused to meet the Council delegation in the same room as the CNDD-FDD of Jean Bosco.
www.anc.org.za /ancdocs/history/zuma/2002/jz1204.html   (1826 words)

A State which is a Member of the United Nations but not of the Security Council may participate, without a vote, in its discussions when the Council considers that that country's interests are affected.
A Member State against which preventive or enforcement action has been taken by the Security Council may be suspended from the exercise of the rights and privileges of membership by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Security Council.
Under the Charter, all Members of the United Nations agree to accept and carry out the decisions of the Security Council.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/news/838185/posts   (2099 words)

 United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441, 8 November 2002
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441, 8 November 2002
During our 3 October 2002 briefing to the Security Council, members of the Council suggested that we prepare a written document on all of the conclusions we reached in Vienna.
As you recall, at the end of our meeting in Vienna we agreed on a statement which listed some of the principal results achieved, particularly Iraq’s acceptance of all the rights of inspection provided for in all of the relevant Security Council resolutions.
www.mtholyoke.edu /acad/intrel/bush/unres.htm   (2014 words)

 Model United Nations Security Council
The Eleventh annual Model United Nations Security Council at Frostburg State University will be held on Wednesday, April 9, 2003 in the Lane Center on the Frostburg State University campus.
The Security Council went through months of bitter debate over the U.S. and British policy of disarming and changing the regime in Iraq with military force.
Many council members are anxious to initiate UN actions to deal with the developing humanitarian/refugee crisis.
www.frostburg.edu /dept/posc/ModelUN2003.htm   (466 words)

 United Nations Security Council Resolution 660 (Condemning the Invasion of Kuwait by Iraq), S.C. res. 660, 45 U.N. SCOR at 19, U.N. Doc. S/RES/660 (1990).
United Nations Security Council Resolution 660 (Condemning the Invasion of Kuwait by Iraq), S.C. res.
Adopted by the Security Council at its 2932nd meeting, on 2 August 1990
Acting under Articles 39 and 40 of the Charter of the United Nations,
www1.umn.edu /humanrts/peace/docs/scres660.html   (179 words)

 Remarks to the United Nations Security Council
Security Council membership carries heavy responsibility, responsibility of the community of nations to take the hard decisions on tough issues such as the one we are facing today.
Now is the time for the Council to tell Saddam Hussein that the clock has not been stopped by his stratagems and his machinations.
Colleagues, now is the time for the Council to send a clear message to Saddam that we have not been taken in by his transparent tactics.
www.state.gov /secretary/former/powell/remarks/2003/18458.htm   (2197 words)

The Security Council is considered the most powerful body in the UN because it is the only one whose decisions are enforceable and binding among the member countries.
In a statement from New York, Ambassador Lauro Baja Jr, Philippine permanent representative to the United Nations, said the country’s elevation to the Security Council presidency on June 1 places the Philippines "on the political radar screen" of the organization’s 191 member states.
Under the UN Charter, the Council is responsible for the maintainance of international peace and security.
www.newsflash.org /2004/02/hl/hl100428.htm   (589 words)

 Yorkshire CND - Remarks by the [US] President on the United Nations Security Council Resolution - 8/11/02
That is the judgment of the United States Congress, that is the judgment of the United Nations Security Council.
With the resolution just passed, the United Nations Security Council has met important responsibilities, upheld its principles and given clear and fair notice that Saddam Hussein must fully disclose and destroy his weapons of mass destruction.
Remarks by the [US] President on the United Nations Security Council Resolution
cndyorks.gn.apc.org /news/articles/bushremarks.htm   (1169 words)

 Colin L. Powell, Remarks to the United Nations Security Council
The special security facility and the decontamination vehicle will be in the area, if not at any one of them or one of the other, it is moving around those four and it moves as needed to move as people are working in the different bunkers.
This Council placed the burden on Iraq to comply and disarm, and not on the inspectors to find that which Iraq has gone out of its way to conceal for so long.
Less than a teaspoonful of dry anthrax in an envelope shut down the United States Senate in the fall of 2001.
www.informationclearinghouse.info /article3710.htm   (9707 words)

 The Avalon Project : United Nations Security Council Resolution 242
The Avalon Project : United Nations Security Council Resolution 242
Requests the Secretary-General to report to the Security Council on the progress of the efforts of the Special Representative as soon as possible.
Emphasizing further that all Member States in their acceptance of the Charter of the United Nations have undertaken a commitment to act in accordance with Article 2 of the Charter,
www.yale.edu /lawweb/avalon/un/un242.htm   (286 words)

 United Nations Security Council
I am fully aware of the confidence placed by the Government of Iraq in the comprehensive review which the Security Council intends to conduct subject to Iraq's resumption of cooperation with UNSCOM and the IAEA in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the Security Council and the Memorandum of Understanding signed on 23 February l998.
This letter is written following the decision by the Government of Iraq, on 14 November, to resume cooperation with the Special Commission and the IAEA and the agreed statement by the President of the Security Council on that decision.
www.fas.org /news/un/iraq/s/981120-s-1998-1106.htm   (4129 words)

 Time for Kids Specials AMERICA AT WAR
The Security Council ordered Iraq to give U.N. inspectors immediate access to any buildings, equipment and documents they wanted to examine, as well as lists of anyone ever associated with the projects.
The U.N Security Council is responsible for maintaining international peace and security.
After the 1991 Persian Gulf War, the U.N. Security Council ordered Iraq to disclose all it had done to build weapons of mass destruction and missiles.
www.timeforkids.com /TFK/specials/iraq/0,8805,425417,00.html   (334 words)

 Macapagal seeks Philippine seat to UN Security Council - Sept. 27, 2003
The Philippines is also actively assisting the work of the UN Security Councils' Counter-Terrorism Committee in fighting the specter of global terrorism, and is in the process of ratifying the important international conventions on terrorism, the President was also quoted as saying in the statement.
PRESIDENT Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo batted for the entry of the Philippines as a non-permanent member of the United Nations (UN) Security Council before the General Assembly and cited the country's commitment in the fight against terrorism.
According to the statement, the Philippines is set to replace Syria in the UN Security Council.
www.inq7.net /brk/2003/sep/27/brkpol_5-1.htm   (383 words)

 Appendices - Global Policy and the United Nations Security Council - Giji Gya
On 24 December 1991 the membership of the Soviet Union in the Security Council and all other UN organs was to be continued by the Russian Federation as presented in a letter to the UN by the Russian President, Boris Yeltsin.
Sergey V.Lavrov, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, at the General Assembly meeting on the question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and related matters, (agenda item 59), Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the UN, November 19, 1998.
Proposed amendments to document A/AC.247/1998/CRP.4, submitted by the Republic of Korea, dated 27 February 1998: relationship between the Security Council, the General Assembly and the general membership of the United Nations
www.sapereaude.org /unsc/thesis99/appendices.htm   (4510 words)

 ReliefWeb » Document Preview » Press statement on Sudan by Security Council President
The members of the Security Council remain firmly committed to the cause of peace in all Sudan, including through the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the resolution of the humanitarian crisis in Darfur.
Following is today’s statement to the press by Security Council President Kenzo Oshima (Japan):
Press statement on Sudan by Security Council President
www.reliefweb.int /rw/RWB.NSF/db900SID/HMYT-6FRPEJ?OpenDocument   (372 words)

 United Nations: Security Council Expresses 'Shock and Dismay' at Bombing
fter weeks on the political periphery of the Kosovo crisis, the United Nations Security Council made a dramatic return to diplomatic center stage early Saturday, as an outraged China denounced the United States and its NATO allies for their bombing of its embassy in Belgrade and demanded an immediate halt to the air strikes.
After a senior United Nations official told the Council that the world body lacked the resources to conduct an independent inquiry into NATO's air strike on the embassy, Qin dropped his demand for such an investigation.
China, which as one of five permanent Council members has a veto over formal actions and statements, usually permits the United States, Britain and France to work out positions with Russia, and accedes to their consensus view.
partners.nytimes.com /library/world/europe/050999kosovo-un-china.html   (845 words)

 UNITED NATIONS: Security Council Reform Not Just a Question of Numbers
Brazil, which has aspired to a seat on the Security Council for years, has built up its case by actively participating in U.N. peacekeeping missions, such as the one it currently heads in Haiti, said former Mexican diplomat Andrés Rozental.
RIO DE JANEIRO, Jul 5 (IPS) - Rather than granting veto power to a greater number of countries, the United Nations Security Council needs ”qualitative” reforms that would strip its five permanent members of that authority, if true multilateralism is to be achieved, say analysts in Latin America.
A committee of experts named by U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan set forth several proposals for Security Council reform, including initiatives for enlargement, but without altering the veto power of the five permanent members.
www.ipsnews.net /news.asp?idnews=29361   (1226 words)

 United Nations Security Council Resolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A United Nations Security Council Resolution is voted on by the fifteen members of the United Nations Security Council, the most powerful organ of the United Nations.
Resolution 678 in 1990: Authorizes member states to use all necessary means to uphold and implement resolution 660 and all subsequent relevant resolutions and to restore international peace and security in the area [Kuwait].
Resolution 1546 in 2004: Endorses the beginning of Iraq’s transition to a democratically elected government, the end of the occupation, and the assumption of full responsibility and authority by a fully sovereign and independent Interim Government of Iraq by 30 June 2004.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/UN_Security_Council_Resolution   (606 words)

 United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 (S/RES/242) was adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council on November 22, 1967 in the aftermath of the Six Day War.
The resolution is the formula proposed by the Security Council for the successful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, in particular, ending the state of belligerency then existing between Israel and Egypt, Jordan and Syria.
Adopted under Chapter VI [1] of the United Nations Charter, it calls for the "withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict" (see semantic dispute) and the "[t]ermination of all claims or states of belligerency".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/UN_Security_Council_Resolution_242   (2966 words)

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